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Chapter 230

The bright crystal chandeliers shone on the venue’s exhibition hall, while a red carpet extended from the walkway to the end of the big exhibition hall. The light shone on the crystal pendants, reflecting a crystal clear light.

Reports from all over the world gathered on both sides of the red carpet. At this moment, they held SLRs in their hands and carefully took photos of every designer, model and celebrity.

This large venue was specifically rebuilt by Ji and Ya in the last century. There were two large exhibition halls and five small exhibition halls. Each exhibition hall was arranged in different fashion styles, whether it was Huaxia classical or Europe retro.

But this time, the fashion show was held in a unique exhibition hall.

Once everyone entered, they discovered that there was no specific style in this exhibition hall. The intricately carved pillars and the elegant and simple postmodernism style, this was the only exhibition hall in the Ji and Ya venue that could pass off as any style and it was also the place where Ji and Ya often held their high-end shows.

20 minutes before the start of the high-end show, all the audience members were basically seated.

This was a womenswear show so there were lots of male supermodels in the audience. For example, there was the world’s second ranked Kelson Eddie and the third ranked Harriman Owen.

Luo Cheng naturally came to the scene. This time, he deliberately didn’t put his position with Song Chuci so he sat alone.

He had barely sat down when a familiar figure appeared to Lou Cheng’s right.

He instinctively glanced over and exclaimed, “How is it you again?”

The glamorous blonde looked Luo Cheng up and down and then scoffed. “Did you deliberately sit next to me? At the high-end show last year, you looked at me with fascination. Luo Cheng, you are a pervert.”

Luo Cheng made a dark expression as he cried out, “Don’t flatter yourself!”

Adenes dismissed him. “I don’t want to be familiar with you.”

This made Luo Cheng feel aggrieved for a long time. When he saw a large print in the hall with Ji and Ya on it, there was a flash of light in his mind. He smiled and said, “Adenes, do you know what company I belong to? I’m a Muse model! I’m telling you, I know Sister He for many years…”

Adenes’ expression changed. “What did you say?”

“Ah, if I meet Sister He when I go to the company in two days, what should I say?”

“…In fact, you are really handsome.”


“Luo Cheng, I really admire you in particular.”


“Luo Cheng, you are the most handsome supermodel I’ve ever seen.”

“Hey hey! You are a really good talker! Don’t try and seduce me! I feel afraid when I look at you!”


By the time the high-end show was about to start, Luo Cheng was a bit dizzy and said that he would help this foreign friend and saw a few good words to Sister He. Once the lights completely turned dark, Luo Cheng suddenly had a thought, “Hey? Why are you here? You aren’t wearing Ji and Ya’s wedding dress this time?”

Adenes turned to look at him. “I walked for Xi Ze last time, this is giving him enough face.”

Luo Cheng whispered, “…In fact, you weren’t invited…”

Adenes, “!!!!  What are you talking about? You bastard…”

“Sister He…”

“You are right. He didn’t invite me _ (: З”∠) _ “

It really wasn’t good for these two people to be together. The other viewers waited patiently for the fashion show to start after the lights went dark, while these two people were whispering. It wasn’t until the first spotlight hit the T-stage that they looked up at the person who appeared under the light.

Du Ruo’s charm was different from the top three on the world female supermodel rankings.

If Adenes had a neutral beautiful, Cecilia was like a sacred angel and He Chaoman was noble and elegant, then Du Ruo had a wild and charming glamour.

The opening of this high end-show was a red dress with a strapless long skirt that revealed white slender thighs. Du Ruo was like a fairy as she walked down the catwalk, attracting every man’s attention.

As she walked, the jewels on her dress swayed under the light. The pearls swaying were extremely luxurious.

The skirt of this dress was very long. It was around half a metre in length but the most important part of this dress was the hem! In addition to the intricate jewels and hand embroidery on the skirt, this dress was around 6 cm wide at the bandeau and a white part was removed.

The red and white contrast created a simple beauty. The dress was adorned with luxury jewels that made this seemingly simple dress seem more gorgeous.

When Du Ruo walked to the centre of the catwalk, the audience clapped for the first time.

The Ji and Ya high-end shows often received applause three times throughout the show. It was often the opening outfit, the finale outfit and the wedding dress.

Du Ruo calmly walked down the catwalk through the thunderous applause, turned and soon disappeared into the shadow of backstage. After her, more world supermodels appeared one by one, causing the atmosphere to gradually reach the peak.

By this time, Luo Cheng no longer cared about Adenes.

Lou Cheng’s love of beautiful people had never ended. He became friendly with Ming Yu because he wanted to meet such a beauty. These days, most of the beauties were his friends but now the beauties had changed outfits!

Luo Cheng didn’t have the talent of a designer and couldn’t see where these dressed were beautiful. However, he knew that these outfits made the supermodels more beautiful.

For example, the 35th ranked supermodel was just walking. Originally, Luo Cheng always felt that her appearance was quite ordinary and could even be called ugly. Now that the female model was wearing a nude gold dress, Luo Cheng thought that he had the wrong person!

“Hey, Xi Ze’s high-end outfits are really beautiful this time…”

He might not understand design, people in the fashion world would have the basic sense of aesthetics, especially those at the top like Luo Cheng. Even if he had a bad aesthetic at first, after so many years in this environment, he would naturally develop his sense of aesthetics.

Luo Cheng participated in many Ji and Ya high-end shows but it was the first time he felt such a breathtaking beauty. This beauty seemed to have surpassed general high-end shows so that Luo Cheng couldn’t help feeling admiration despite his lack of artistic sense.

Luo Cheng didn’t know about design but he found that this time he ignored the supermodels on the catwalk and was noticing the outfit itself.

This was huge! Luo Cheng used to watch the shows for the beauty. How could he see the clothes?

It was no wonder that Luo Cheng noticed this time. A very good supermodel could let their brilliance shine through the clothes. But these beautiful outfits were so strong that they made ordinary supermodels a hangar for the clothes.

By the end of the first round, the audience had already clapped three times.

It was only one-third of the show!

One was for Du Ruo, another was for an ordinary supermodel whose dress was quite outstanding and the third was for He Chaoman.

There was a small episode where Adenes started to clap as soon as He Chaoman appeared. Everyone hadn’t even seen clearly what the outfit looked like as they subconsciously followed Adenes in clapping.

The applause had stopped and He Chaoman disappeared off the runway but Adenes kept clapping.

Luo Cheng silently pulled at Adenes’ sleeves, only for the latter to unexpectedly snap at him. “Why are you pulling me and interfering with my applause?!”

Luo Cheng, ““(╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸!”

You are an idiot!!!!!

Once He Chaoman disappeared, Du Ruo soon appeared again on stage. The gorgeous dress immediately attracted the eyes of the audience, causing Raymond to sigh. During the second applause, he said to his assistant designer, “You will never exceed Xi Ze in this life.”

The young designer was unconvinced. “Teacher, I don’t want to exceed him every time but is it impossible for me to never go beyond him? I have a long life and believe I can surpass him once.”

Raymond shook his head. “Do you remember the theme of this high-end show?”

The designer thought for a moment before saying, “It is the Light of the Muse.”

“Now that he has found his muse, how can you fight him? Before he found his muse, you were far worse than him. Now that he has found it, there is no way for you to compare.”

Raymond spoke very casually but the designer had no courage to argue about his words. Not far away, Garcia’s assistant designer Kruka was being told the same words by his teacher.

However, Kruka felt very proud when he heard his teacher praise Xi Ze. “Teacher, I told you that Xi Ze is the best! My brother has been particularly good since childhood. He is my life idol!”

Garcia’s chief designer, “…”

Damn, he raised a pure child!

The great theme of the Light of the Muse made many audience members confused. However, it was one thing to understand it. It was another matter to appreciate this high-end show. By the time it was halfway through the fashion show, many people probably understood—

The Light of the Muse didn’t refer to a particular element or style, it was this whole fashion show.

In this fashion show, Xi Ze expressed his talent and inspiration at 110%, bringing all the elements together in a vivid manner! This extreme aesthetic broke through the psychological boundaries of the viewers, showing there was no limit on style and elements. This fashion show only had one word left:


‘Beauty’ was a symbol and also a word.

As a word, it represented the highest dream that all designers in the fashion industry pursued throughout their lives. The way they looked might be different and the beauty that each of them showed might be different. But in the face of true beauty, all styles and elements were just forms. The beauty stood above everything else.

Next was Du Ruo’s third opening and then He Chaoman’s last appearance.

Wearing a wide dress in magpie grey, He Chaoman took her first step in the last round of this show.

Grey was a colour that many designers didn’t like. This colour was difficulty to show so even if there was a good grey cloth, the designers wouldn’t choose it.

In a fashion show, very few people would see grey clothes.

Grey was easy to feel dirty and it was difficult to express a sense of elegance. Therefore, people didn’t like to use grey in high-end clothing.

However, was grey really that hard to control?

Before seeing He Chaoman’s dress, many people would reply positively to this question. But after seeing her, their mouths dropped open and their eyes widened.

They had never seen such an elegant grey!

The light seemed to gently dance on this delicate and soft cloth, causing what seemed to be a metallic colour! Beyond that, long strips of cloth flowed from He Chaoman’s shoulders and swayed in the air.

The grey cloth slid from He Chaoman’s shoulder to below the waist. The whole dress didn’t have any jewel fragments or embroidery. It was pure and silky, but it was enough to attract the attention of everyone present, making them applaud in surprise!

The smooth and beautiful tailored curves made it the deserved focus of the audience!

Once He Chaoman left the stage, the lights slowly darkened and everyone gradually calmed down.

The finale dress was so beautiful than what about the wedding dress?

It wasn’t just one person who thought this. The lights weren’t turned on but people’s eyes were constantly directed at the end of the catwalk. It was still dark and the entire venue was silent, allowing the sound of a needle dropping to be heard.

The music originally playing for the high-end show had long stopped.

It could’ve been a year or it couldn’t been just a moment. Once the music started again, it was unknown who was more surprised. They all noticed that a bright light instantly turned on the entire catwalk, illuminating the person at the end.

The supermodel wearing the snow-white wedding dress hadn’t walked but everyone’s attention was already attracted.

This was a rare wedding dress that wasn’t very large. It didn’t have the same terrible skirt as many other high-end shows. Instead, it gently outlined the supermodel’s beautiful curves.

The slender waist, the straight and white long legs, the fixed shape of the dress so that the skirt wasn’t exaggerated, the unique and elegant charm.

The supermodel slowly but smoothly walked forward on the runway to low music.

Her ankles were extremely beautiful and every line of her legs seemed curved and perfect to the point of being breathtaking. The dress wasn’t long but it wasn’t too short. When this supermodel moved, the curves of her legs were shown.

Every inch of the dress was lined with clear pearls and beads. The complex hand embroidery and the embossing techniques caused some wonderful lines on the dress.

The pattern wasn’t clear to the audience but they felt that it was beautiful and smooth, creating a beauty that wanted to stop.

The supermodel had slender and thin hands.

Once a strong light hit the hands, the skin seemed transparent.

Her face was obscured by  a veil. It couldn’t completely obscure her appearance but it was enough to make people wonder who this person was.

Luo Cheng exclaimed, “It isn’t Cecilia!”

The supermodel’s hair wasn’t long. It fell only to the shoulders but the stylist ingeniously tied it up, leaving only a few strands loose. The strands of hair swung gracefully around her cheek, lining the beautiful face.

The narrow and slender eyes, the high nose and the cinnabar coloured eyeline stretched from the supermodel’s eyes to the hairline. There was a mole below the right eye, showing off an ultimate beauty under the light!

The best people in the fashion industry were gathered in the audience.

However! No one present recognized this supermodel!

The clear and beautiful eyes seemed immersed in starlight and the slender earrings falling from the earlobes swayed gently as the supermodel walked. Her eyes only looked at the front but when she walked past them…

No! When she appeared on the runway!

They were shocked by her amazing beautiful and powerful aura!

There had never been such a female supermodel in the world!

Her momentum was tough and overbearing. Every step was like pressure on their heart, so that the blood in their bodies boiled. Their brains were dizzy because they subconsciously held their breaths. It was even more surprising when she approached and they could see her face.

The ingenious hand of the makeup artist made this face gorgeous and dazzling.

As if unaware of the crowd’s suffocation and horror, the supermodel walked calmly across the catwalk then turned to the other side of the stage. The long veil and skirt swayed behind her. She was like a phoenix, so strong that it was impossible to remove their gazes from her body.

Once the supermodel turned around, the shocked audience finally remembered to clap.

There was no stopping it once the applause began!

Even the cold and fastidious chief editor of Muse, Song Chuci smiled as he clapped. At the same time, his eyes narrowed as the supermodel walked past him. After staring for a bit, his eyes widened before he nodded.

One step, two steps, another step.

The loud applause from behind seemed to call the supermodel back.

However, she didn’t hesitate as her footsteps headed straight to the end of the runway, only to suddenly pause.

Her stop surprised the people who couldn’t see the situation and thought there was something wrong with the runway. However, all these people were surprised when they saw a handsome man appear from backstage.

Shouldn’t the designer appear to thank the crowd after the model left the scene?

Why did Xi Ze suddenly appear?

The supermodel obviously hadn’t expected Xi Ze to suddenly appear. But after a moment, she continued to walk forward like she wanted to pass Xi Ze to go backstage. She didn’t think that this man would suddenly grasp her wrist as she reached his side!

Then to the audience’s surprise, Xi Ze took the stunned super and headed to the centre of the catwalk.

He just held the other model’s hand and started to bow in thanks. The supermodel was shocked for a moment before beginning to bow in thanks like Xi Ze. The audience was also stunned but this type of unexpected event wasn’t a big deal. In the past, there were scenes where the designer and models thanked…

What? Wasn’t it at Ji and Ya’s ‘the gentleness of elegance’ high-end menswear show last year?

At that time, Xi Ze appeared before the show ended and grabbed Ming Yu’s hand, not letting him go. Ming Yu was forced to helplessly follow him in thanking the audience.

Why was this so familiar?

The suspicious eyes of the audience turned to the supermodel who was still veiled.

At this time, someone discovered a supermodel wearing a pair of 7 cm high heels, making his height almost the same as Xi Ze. It meant that the supermodel had to be at least 188 cm tall.

The applause slowly died down.

In front of everyone’s doubtful eyes, the cold and elegant man slowly smiled. “Thank you for your presence at Ji and Ya’s March 2020 high-end fashion show—the Light of the Muse.”

The bewildered crowd clapped before looking silently at Xi Ze.

They didn’t expect Xi Ze to continue, “The wedding dress has always been the tradition of high-end shows. I am honoured to design a wedding dress for my muse and to let him wear it.”

“Beauty has never been divided into gender or age.”

“I think the light of this muse will surely satisfy you.”

The moment Xi Ze finished speaking, they saw him raise a hand to the stunned supermodel next to him pulled back the veil covering his face.

A beautiful face suddenly appeared in front of everyone!

The veil no longer obscured the beautiful face, revealing it to everyone. The beautiful facial features made everyone once again stunned. They were startled to find that they knew this person!

All puzzles were answered at this moment.

No female model in the world had such a strong aura, but Ming Yu did!

No female model could make Xi Ze hold hands like she was a treasure but Ming Yu could!

The youth’s narrow eyes slightly widened as he was exposed to the people, making him unable to respond. Then his waist was held and his lips suddenly kissed.

Applause rang out!

It was for the greatest designer in the world and the greatest model in the world.

The crowd was still clapping when a shout of surprise was suddenly heard. “Eh? There is a ring on Ming Yu’s ring finger?!”

The gorgeous ring shone under the light, as if it was the most beautiful gem in the world, highlighting eternal love.

Time froze as the kiss of the century was remembered.

TL: This is officially the end of the main story. There are seven more extra chapters of Ming Yu and Xi Ze, which I will be translating.

There are also a few chapters of a story side regarding Luo Cheng and Song Chuci. At the moment, I’m not sure if I want to translate this because there is drama and angst, which I’m not up for translating right now. I like fluff =)

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