RS: Chapter 234

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Chapter 234 – Extra Story Two (1)

The fashion industry, this complicated circle was like a rushing wave. As a big wave scoured over the sand, numerous designers, models and photographers were eliminated, with history remembering only a few people. Most of them silently became the foundations of this big body of water. They didn’t cause a splash but their existences lingered.

For Xi Ze to reach where he was today, it could be said that talent, strength and luck were indispensable.

Although Ji and Ya meant he encountered a very strong resistance when he officially entered the fashion industry, but this difficulty was a type of shelter for him. He just had to follow the path that his teacher already took and it would be fine.

Xi Ze obviously wasn’t a greenhouse flower that liked to grow under the blessing of others. Therefore, when he was 29 years old, Xi Ze started his own independent brand called Zeyu.

Many designers create brands that would be named after themselves, such as Ji and Ya, Rosalind, Garcia and Otilla. Of course, the big names in the Huaxia fashion industry might not fully comply with this rule. Yizhi was one exception.

Now there was one more exception: Zeyu.

Many people expected things from the brand that Xi Ze created. Like Raymond, the chief designer of Rosalind founded his own brand called Raymond 20 years ago. This brand was a first-tier brand in the United States. It might be worse than Raymond but it was still very powerful.

Once Xi Ze’s brand was officially released, many people experienced a different taste.

According to the official statement, Zeyu meant ‘Xi Ze’s encounter.’

But everyone knew that this name was a homonym, Ze Yu.

This way of expressing love was common from ancient times to the present. It was to let the name of his lover by forever bound to his brand, letting his lover’s name be eternal. Xi Ze’s choice was really great and allowed his fans to eat a mouthful of dog food.

When Zeyu was created, the main staff were only Xi Ze and some of his friends.

It was absolutely impossible for Master Chen and the others of the Ji and Ya studio to quit and move to Zeyu. As for Kruka, he really worshipped Xi Ze and wanted to help Zeyu. However, his teacher, who was the chief designer of Garcia, didn’t give him this opportunity.

The beginning of everything was difficult. The first six months after Zeyu was established was the busiest time.

On the one hand, Xi Ze had to take care of Ji and Ya’s affairs. On the other hand, he had to explore innovation and recruit talent. He didn’t have to leave his original brand when starting his own brand. There was no conflict between the two but it was quite tiring.

Fortunately, Xi Ze’s reputation in the fashion industry was too high. Zeyu was just a newly emerging brand but many top designers and senior tailors volunteered to join it. Even Alice, the famous senior tailor of Ji and Ya decided to resign and specifically join Xi Ze at Zeyu.

Alice wasn’t Xi Ze. As the leader of the tailoring team, she didn’t have the skill to take care of two high-end studios. Therefore, her determination to join Xi Ze was quite surprising.

However, Alice said very honestly, “I was just an ordinary tailor when I entered Ji and Ya. It was Mr. Xi who gave me the opportunity. You recognized my strength and allowed me to rise to my current position so quickly. I want to follow you and help you.”

Alice might be a bit silly and imply but she had a really good heart.

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t at all jealous of the ‘girl so dedicated to Xi Ze that she quit a stable high-paying job to help him start a business.’ Ming Yu was very clear about what type of person Alice was and he believed in Alice. Most importantly… cough, Alice got married last month ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Since Xi Ze withdrew from the modelling circles, Ming Yu had been the world’s number one male model for three consecutive years. His position in the fashion world was unshakable. As Ji and Ya’s global spokesperson and the winner of the fashion industry’s top Muse Award, he had reached the pinnacle of this life.

But at this time, he left it for three months to help his lover start a business.

Xi Ze’s experience and excellent talent, combined with the prestige and connections that he accumulated over the years meant Zeyu’s creation was very smooth. Just four months after it was created, Zeyu was ready to launch its first high-end show.

At this time, Xi Ze had to take care of the high-end shows for Ji and Ya and Zeyu. Both were very important and there couldn’t be any mistakes. Therefore, Xi Ze was very busy these days and there was no room to stop.

He rested in the studio for half a month and didn’t go back home. At night, he went to sleep with the dark and sleep city. When he blinked in the morning, it wasn’t bright.

Ji and Ya’s work was quite easy since they had been working together for many years. But on Zeyu’s side, the studio was newly established and many things still needed to be worked out, taking a lot of Xi Ze’s time.

One day when Ming Yu finished his work in the evening, Alice took him to the office and asked him to persuade Xi Ze to rest because he hadn’t slept for three days and three nights.

This caused Ming Yu’s heart to tighten and fill with distress.

He had left for three days because of a job and this man actually dared to not close his eyes for three days, it was too much.

Ming Yu was in this distressed and angry mood when he softly opened the mahogany door. Surprisingly, the room was silent as bright sunlight shone through the glass windows.

The room layout was similar to Xi Ze’s offices in Muse and the Ji and Ya studio, but it was also a bit different. Aesthetics and preferences would change with time and experience. After spending a long time with Ming Yu, Xi Ze’s taste was no longer so cold and elegant.

Ming Xiaoyu looked around the room and found a man lying on the couch.

He didn’t wake up this man. Ming Xiaoyu smiled helplessly and covered him with a blanket, his fingers gently touched the handsome face. His fingers slid from the man’s narrow eyes to his high nose and then his tight lips as Ming Yu was filled with a gentle love and pity.

Xi Ze’s brow was furrowed, as if he was having an uncomfortable dream.

Ming Yu didn’t have the heart to wake him. Even after Ding Bo and Alice came to find Xi Ze, Ming Yu decided to let them wait for now and allow Xi Ze a good rest.

Three days of sleeplessness would cause even an iron man to collapse. Xi Ze couldn’t casually squander his life like this.

But when Xi Ze slept for 12 hours without waking up, Ming Yu finally felt that something was wrong. He already determined that Xi Ze didn’t have a fever and his temperature was normal. He didn’t know what the problem was.

The group nervously sent the unconscious patient to the hospital where they received the following answer, “Mr. Xi’s temperature is very low and according to your words, it might be because of too much fatigue. The problem isn’t very serious and he only needs to rest. With a bit of warmth and medicine, there should be no problem. But this is the first time I’ve ever observed a low-temperature unconscious person.

Despite being observed for three days, Xi Ze showed no signs of waking up. His body temperature was always around 35 degrees and didn’t rise. This temperature was extremely dangerous, making Ming Yu very anxious. However, the expert doctors were helpless.

The medicine showed no signs of improving Xi Ze.  Ding Bo took a week of sick leave for Xi Ze and temporarily blocked the media. The fans didn’t notice any abnormality with their god. After all, Xi Ze wasn’t a model and rarely communicated with fans.

In the past few days, Ming Yu also delayed all jobs as he anxiously stayed by Xi Ze’s side.

This strange problem really made Ming Yu worried but he also had a feeling that this man was certain to wake up.

Zeyu’s high-end show will be in three days. If you don’t wake up, how can you see me wear the outfit you designed for me?”

Ming Yu’s voice slightly trembled when he spoke but the tone was very strong.

He didn’t know that at this moment, Xi Ze seemed to be trapped in a long dream. This dream was too long, as if he was crossing a river of time from the end of ones star to the end of another star.

At the end of this place, there was a beautiful blue planet. Once Xi Ze woke up, he found himself in this world as an invisible man.

He was a spectator. Other people couldn’t see him and he couldn’t change anything around him.

Everything seemed strange. Xi Ze was calm and silent for a few days before beginning to accept this dream. He was in a strange dream, even through this dream world was too perfect.

Whether it was celebrities who he didn’t recall in his memories or still existing celebrities, their existences were very orderly. There was also a lot of designs, writing and music that made Xi Ze marvel.

This dream sometimes went very fast and sometimes very slow.

There was no Huaxia in his dream but there was China. There wasn’t the familiar 17 year war in the 19th century but there were two world wars in the 20th century. In this dream, some things he knew while others he had never heard of. All the strange things seemed like magic kaleidoscopes, a parallel world that existed.

Xi Ze didn’t take these things to heart. He had a hunch that he would sooner or later escape from the dream. Therefore, he observed the world’s top designers and some high-end shows with appreciation. He got many ideas and became more inspired.

These days seemed to have no end until one day, he saw a familiar figure on the cover of a fashion magazine.

The beautiful face, the deep and charming temperament, the soft and firm eyes, the tenacious expression, the black hair and the light coloured eyes. There might be only 70 or 80% points of similarity but at the sight of this person, Xi Ze’s heart was shocked and he became stunned.

In the upper right corner of the magazine, written in a white square:

『 The shining star of the East: Ming Yu 』.

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Beloved Mel
5 years ago

Is he seeing Ming Yu’s original world?!!!!!

Beloved Mel
5 years ago
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Eh? 1st?

Sophia Margarita Noxx
Sophia Margarita Noxx
5 years ago

I’ve been waiting for this! I’ve been wondering when and how would Xi Ze know about Ming Yu being “not” Ming Yu.

5 years ago

Whaaaat! Oh my god my heart is trembling!!!! Aaaahhh I cannot!!!!!
Thanks for the chapter!!!!! Ah I’m clicking the next chapter!!!!!!

5 years ago

ahhhh he dreamed of MY’s original life/world. they’re such soul mates, their bond surpasses space and time 😍

5 years ago

Ahhh he is seeing MingYu before transmigration!! >///< Will it be his Zeyu theme: "The Shining Star of the East"

5 years ago

Dream transmigration?!

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OH! I can’t handle this!! I can’t believe this was actually created. Thank you thank you for translating this tidbit I’m so excited.

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Rereading this for the fourth time, because this just happens to be my favorite part of this story 😍😍😍 I don’t ever get tired of this~ ❤

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2 years ago

Oh my! He travelled to the parallel universe! He’ll know Ming Yu from there!
This is why his temperature is so low! This novel just surprised me. I didn’t think this will happen here ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

2 years ago

> It might be worse than [Rosalind] but it was still very powerful.

> It was to let the name of his lover [be] forever bound to his brand, letting his lover’s name be eternal.

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