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Chapter 232 –  Extra Story One (2)

The ancient people said that when peony flowers died, ghosts were romantic.

When it came to Xi Ze, small mushroom was under the umbrella of death and also resigned to his skin being peeled.

Their phones was in the living room and Xi Ze and Ming Yu naturally didn’t have the habit of taking their phones with them when they slept. While the phone rang all night in the living room, both of them were moving fiercely in the upstairs bedroom.

This sudden movement didn’t give others time to prepare!

Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s address was naturally told to their agents and assistants. However, the two of them didn’t answer their phones all night so neither Ding Bo or Zhao Rui dared to act rashly. In the morning, Xi Ze went downstairs first to prepare something for breakfast when he received a call from Zhao Rui.

When the phone was connected, Zhao Rui assumed that the other person was Ming Yu. Therefore, he opened his mouth and said, “You finally answered the phone, you finally answered the phone! Xiaoyu QAQ, what did Xi Ze do last night? Why don’t you look at him? What happened last night? How did you get jealous and let Xi Ze post that Weibo? Why is Xi Ze so stupid? Xiaoyu, last night…”

“Zhao Rui.” The man’s cold and low voice interrupted Zhao Rui’s chatter.

Zhao Rui was stunned and his body froze as he heard Xi Ze ask calmly, “Am I very stupid?”

A chill rushed from Zhao Rui’s brain to the soles of his feet, causing him to shiver. He could only stammer as he replied, “No no… you aren’t stupid. You aren’t stupid at all.”

Xi Ze hummed gently, making Zhao Rui feel tense. Then he looked at his phone and slowly frowned. The slender fingers slid gently on the keyboard. The more he looked, the more he frowned.

After a long time, Zhao Rui thought he couldn’t hear the other party’s reply when he heard Xi Ze asked, “Was anything done?”

Zhao Rui was surprised before he understood the other person’s meaning. Zhao Rui thought ‘Xi Ze’s reaction is so fast’ before answering, “No. We didn’t know what happened to you so we didn’t dare do anything.”

Xi Ze carefully thought about it before calmly giving an order. “It isn’t a big deal. We will reveal it to the public.”

He spoke ‘reveal it to the public’ casually, like it was nothing.

But a night passed, a full 11 hours! Fans all over the world were shocked!!!

After Zyu posted on his Weibo, the initial reactions were this:

【 25 years old? What? God Z is only 25 years old? I really didn’t expect it. I thought that God Z was a 30 year old, portly upstart (joking 23333)! Hello, rich and handsome 25 year old man~ 】

【 Oh, God Z actually confessed to our mushroom! @I want to break my wife’s leg, quickly look. Your husband is cheating on you! XDDD 】

【 Why do I feel like this is so funny? God Z gave us a clear confession on Weibo and he isn’t afraid of his wife’s jealousy. This time @I want to break my wife’s leg will really break God Z’s legs~ 】

【 LS,which leg will be broken ~~~~~~ 】


A hot atmosphere spread through Zyu’s Weibo.

God Z always liked to show love with his wife. This high-profile dog food sucked in a lot of fans. Therefore, Zyu’s number of fans reached the hundreds of thousands a long time ago. Due to his influence, Ming Yu’s fans also broke through 200,000.

Thus, even if he posted something in the middle of the night, it would be instantly discovered by fans. Even if it was deleted in seconds, there might be screenshots as evidence of Xi Ze’s guilt.

Fans were like water. They could carry a boat but they could also sink it.

The atmosphere at the beginning was still harmonious. People keep going to Ming Xiaoyu’s side account, telling him that his God Z was cheating! He bluntly confessed to Ming Yu! But slowly, someone found something wrong with this post.

【 Wait, why does God Z think Ming Xiaoyu is jealous? He also says that Xiaoyu is very cute? Has he seen Ming Xiaoyu act jealous? Oh, why do I feel dizzy? God Z’s words are obviously problematic! This is so strange… 】

Once someone pointed out the strange point, many people found several things.

【 Yes! How could God Z have seen Ming Xiaoyu’s jealousy? Has he been around Ming Xiaoyu? 】

【 Is God Z actually Ming Xiaoyu’s friend, assistant or agent? 】

【 How can that be? God Z said, ‘You are my only first love’ and then ‘kiss you!’ It’s obviously a confession! This is wrong! If you say that God Z has seen Ming Xiaoyu’s jealous look… I don’t believe that with his nature, God Xi will let other men see Ming Xiaoyu’s jealous look. Even if this is true, God Z is sure to know Ming Xiaoyu! Why is God Z blatantly confessing his love to Ming Xiaoyu when he clearly has a wife? 】

【 LS’s analysis is right! Based on the word ‘jealousy’, God Z probably knows Ming Xiaoyu. In fact, I have discovered it before. When God Z and Goddess Xiao competed to be leader of the mushroom fans, it appeared like he knew Xiao Biqing and Ming Xiaoyu. Now he confessed to Ming Xiaoyu… 】

【 My family’s mushroom is bent. He said that he only likes God Xi in this life so he is completely homosexual. Under such circumstances, God Z dares to ignore God Xi and confess?  He isn’t afraid of God Xi coming for him? 】


The mysterious truth was slowly revealed by the masses stripping off the cocoon.

The eyes of the masses were bright and the wisdom of the masses was endless.

Numerous guesses emerged on Weibo and the fan forum. Then someone asked, “Isn’t the biggest possibility that Zyu is actually God Xi?”
The entire fan group became quiet for a moment before an endless—

【 Ahhhhhh?!!!    God Z is actually God Xi?  This must be April Fool’s Day ahhh! 】

After gaining the right direction, everyone would follow the result to find the process. All of a sudden, they found a variety of evidence!

For example, there was a time when God Z accidentally exposed his shoes when taking a photo of the magazines! Xi Ze’s dead loyal fans hurriedly checked their computers for Xi Ze’s photos. A full one hour later, an emperor found it! A photo with the same shoes!

Another example was when God Z’s wife took a photo of his meal and accidentally photographed his little finger. Many people praised Good Legs’ appearance but now that they compared it to Ming Yu’s finger…

WTF!!!   Why couldn’t they recognize their husband/son god’s fingernails?

Obviously, they should recognize their husband/son/god, even if it was a strand of hair!

After a night of hard work and finding all the evidence, the fans already believed that God Z was definitely one of the mushroom husbands!

On the other side, Muse didn’t conduct any public relations. They just contacted the marketing companies and media, asking them to temporarily not pay attention to this matter.

But don’t underestimate the power of the fans.

This group of diehard CP fans didn’t sleep for most of the night and frantically poured over Ming Yu and Xi Ze’s side accounted, wondering what type of dog food their gods had sprinkled.

【 Zyu: I haven’t seen you for one day but it is like not seeing you for three autumns. When I see the snow outside the window, I think of you and your white, beautiful skin. @I want to break my wife’s leg 】

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: Oh, don’t think that I won’t be jealous if you speak  words of love. Go home and kneel on the washboard //@Zyu: I haven’t seen you for one day… 】

The God Xi fans watching: …Oh my god, this shameless literary youth is really my god?

The mushroom fans watching: …Oh my god, my mushroom is actually such a violent and beautiful person!

The CP fans watching: …Clamor clamor!!   I will eat this dog food!

【 Zyu: It is so cold outside, let me enter the bedroom @I want to break my wife’s leg 】

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: There is heating outside the door. Don’t lie! //@Zyu: It is so cold outside… 】

The God Xi fans watching: …Oh my god, how could God Xi be so shameless to say it was cold!

The mushroom fans watching: …Oh my god, how could such a black-hearted and smart mushroom be so cute?

The CP fans watching: …Clamor clamor!!   Into the bedroom!! This should be here!!!

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: Today’s dishes are delicious @Zyu’s cooking is really good. This guy might always look like a god and you always say I should be proud of my husband. I’m not very proud but I would like to say one truth. @Zyu has many shortcomings but if there is one thing to make up for all his shortcomings, it is that his cooking is really delicious!!   [/Picture] [/Picture] [/Picture] 】

【 Zyu: Dear, in fact, you are also delicious in bed //@I want to break my wife’s leg: Today’s dishes are delicious… 】

The God Xi fans watching: ….Oh my god! My good can cook! These dishes were cooked by my god!

The mushroom fans watching: …Mushroom is so sweet. His words might be hard but he really loves God Xi!

The CP fans watching: …Clamor clamor!!   Eat well in bed! Play!


The above Weibo was really very ordinary and there wasn’t any explosion. Looking again, these two husbands had no moral integrity and openly flirted with each other on Weibo! What type of dirty jokes were said? Even the CP fans felt it was too much!

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: I want to break your legs! Dammit!! 】

【 Zyu: Is it okay to grab it? Be good, use force. 】

Everyone: ….Pretends not to understand ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄!!

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: I am very busy recently but someone is being annoying! 】

【 Zyu: It is my mistake. You were too tired last night but your little tail was really cute. 】

Everyone: ….Pretends not to understand ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄!!

【 Zyu: I wrote a script today. Maybe I should switch to being a screenwriter. 】

【 Zyu: I practiced it last night. @I want to break my wife’s leg also thinks that the script was very good [/Laughs] 】

Everyone: ….Pretends not to understand ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄!!

Dammit! They couldn’t read!!!   Why was their husband/son/god so lewd?

He was dirty, lewd and had no moral integrity!!

This was really their husband/son/god!!!

Many fans watched these Weibos. They looked again at the photos of their gods—Ming Yu and Xi Ze— then contrasted it with their words…

Ahhhhhhhhh!!    My god is dirty, he is a dirty god!

This dirty world! This was their god ahhhh!!

Diehard fans: What was lewd and dirty? This was cute and shouldn’t be suppressed~~~

All the fans were forcibly stuffed with dog food this evening. Many big masters in the fan circle felt itchy. They never expected that the stalks of these mushroom husbands had long been smashed as they opened side accounts to reveal such dirty behavior!

The next day’s headlines on major social websites:

#Ming Yu Xi Ze#

#Zyu I want to break my wife’s leg#

#Dirty mushroom husbands#

#Dirty mushroom#

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