RS: Chapter 93

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Chapter 93

Luo Cheng’s ‘good’ didn’t just refer to the superficial meaning of Ming Yu’s face being good-looking.

As one of the world’s top models, Luo Cheng’s vision was very high. He scrutinized Ming Yu carefully when he first appeared. Whether it was appearance, body, temperament or aura, Luo Cheng thought—

“Really not bad…”

Luo Cheng’s words seemed to be completely drowned out by the loud background music, but the man sitting beside him narrowed his eyes and looked at Luo Cheng.

At this point, Luo Cheng didn’t notice anything strange. His eyes were tightly locked on Ming Xiaoyu, not paying attention to anything else.

As the opening model of the fashion show, Ming Yu was wearing dark blue clothing. The fine silver embroidery embellished the left sleeve and the asymmetrical design made the whole piece look unique and distinctive.

Luo Cheng rarely wore white trousers. His body might be widely recognized around the world, but Luo Cheng always believed that the proportion of his legs hadn’t reached the best yet. Now when he saw the youth’s slender legs wrapped tightly in white trousers, Luo Cheng’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help gulping.

…White, tight-fitting temptation…

Oh my god, this model was really good!

The legs were straight, long and thin. They also curved beautifully when every step he took. How many times had this small model practiced his walk? Looking at this runway walk, Luo Cheng didn’t feel like he was necessarily better than this youth!

Luo Cheng felt like this because the young man exuded a fascinating aura.

The combination of dark blue and white was very common in fashion shows. To tell the truth, the clothes that Luo Cheng saw could only be regarded as a medium quality, whether it was the texture of the fabric or the design.

However, Luo Cheng felt that the clothes seemed different when worn by the young man!

How to put this?

It was a type of ‘if you don’t look at him, you will be missing out’ feeling.

There were 54 models, every person showing three different sets of clothing. The timing was very compact. Luo Cheng was still savouring the beautiful legs of the youth when Ming Xiaoyu turned and disappeared to the other side of the catwalk.

Luo Cheng, “╮(╯▽╰)╭”
He would wait for the next round~

Xi Ze next to him, “…”

The theme of Nidelan’s fashion show was ‘deep blue sea enigma.’ The entire show opened with dark blue casual clothing. Once the first round of catwalk ended, the dark blue became lighter and ended up as normal blue.

On his second appearance, Ming Yu was wearing a short blue coat. Inside was just a simple white vest, but it looked fresh and beautiful, like a moist sea breeze was blowing. Everyone could smell the salty taste.

Once Ming Yu appeared, Luo Cheng’s gaze was entirely fixed on him.

A quick glance at the beginning let Luo Cheng become aware that this model was growing well.

Now that he paid careful to the youth, he felt like the youth was becoming more and more beautiful. His stunned feeling from the beginning gradually changed to joy in this beauty.

The young man’s eyes were bright and clear, and the bridge of his nose was very delicate. His face was originally very beautiful. Today, the use of colour and powder make it look particularly three-dimensional, not to mention the makeup artist’s ingenuity with black eyeliner, as a small pattern was drawn at the end of the eyes.

Ming Yu’s eyes weren’t very big, but they were slanted and very long. This type of eye was suitable for drawing eyeliner. In particular, when he raised his eyes to look at someone, the beauty couldn’t help making their hearts skip a beat.

This appearance was definitely one of the best that Luo Cheng had ever seen.

Luo Cheng knew that he was partial to this type of warm handsome style, with three-dimensional features and moderately hard lines. The European people’s features were sharp as a sculpture, unlike Huaxia people.

Luo Cheng was originally a mixed-race person. He might be mixed race, but Luo Cheng had always preferred the soft looks of Huaxia people. Especially…

That’s it!

The second time Ming Xiaoyu appeared, Luo Cheng was so eager that he wanted to directly jump on the stage, pulling the small model (at this time, Luo Cheng didn’t know Ming Yu’s name) over to look closely at him! If it wasn’t for his scruples about his image and the fact that so many people were here, Luo Cheng would definitely introduce himself with the aim of becoming friends!

Yes, all good-looking people should be his friend!

—from vice president and lifelong honorary member of the Outward Appearance Association Luo Cheng.

Who was the president? Wasn’t it the person sitting beside him feeling murderous? What was that saying? His aura was a knife aimed at the head!

Luo Cheng had long forgotten about the person sitting next to him. On the surface, Luo Cheng still maintained the calmness of the top supermodels. But his thoughts had long drifted backstage as he pondered what to do after the show was over.

Of the 54 models, Luo Cheng knew a dozen of them. He might not know the others, but he had seen them in magazines and fashion shows. The opening model was the only one he hadn’t seen and who also made him ‘lose his soul.’ How could Luo Cheng not be excited?

He was so excited that he forgot to pay attention to his old friend Xu Rongrong, only waiting for Ming Xiaoyu to appear again.

Ming Yu’s last appearance didn’t disappoint Luo Cheng. It even made him so shocked that he froze in place, losing himself for a few seconds!

The black leather jacket and leather pants wrapped around the youth’s good body! The tightly wrapped hips and the slim waist were emphasized as the youth walked onto the runway in black leather boots, causing the whole audience to calm down.

This calm was as deep as the sea!

But beneath this calm, there was a deep cold that penetrated to the bone marrow! Looking at this youth wearing leather, Luo Cheng felt like he had fallen into the depths of the sea and was looking at boundless darkness. This death-like momentum gripped him tightly, not allowing him to escape!



Every step of the young man trampled on his heart.

At the same time, the soothing background music became short and tense. The cello played a melancholy melody that made everyone understand. The third set of clothing was finally revealing the deep sea part of the theme!

The opening model wearing the third outfit used his powerful and oppressive aura to allow all of them to directly enter the bottomless abyss of the deep sea, surrounded by a silent depression. This coldness was a dangerous and stunning beauty.

Everyone couldn’t help thinking, ‘This clothing is really beautiful!’

Xi Ze’s eyes slightly narrowed and his lips curved. “You are really…” beautiful.

“So beautiful!!!”

Xi Ze, “…”

Luo Cheng couldn’t help clapping and expressing his love. The audience were driven by him and started clapping. The applause became more and more enthusiastic, not stopping until the youth finally disappeared off the runway. Then the appluase gradually subsided.

The sound round of applause occurred at Xu Rongrong’s finale. The female supermodel always had a sweet and soft image. Yet this time, she was wearing a tight, bare-backed fishtail dress that skirted the ground. This made the fascinated people feel like this wasn’t the sweet Xu Rongrong, but the charming and sexy Du Ruo.

After the designers appeared and thanked everyone for their support, the Nidelan May 2017 fashion show came to an end.

The moment the lights turned on, Luo Cheng immediately got up and turned away without saying anything.

Next to him, the handsome Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed and he said, “You…”

“Mr. Xi, what do you think about the high-end fashion show held by Ji and Ya earlier this year?”

“Mr. Xi, why did you come to the Nidelan May fashion show? Are you interested in collaborating with Nidelan?”

“Mr. Xi, next month will be the mid-year high-end show of ‘Boss Lade.’ Do you intend to attend?”


He came late and now he was caught?

The calm Xi Ze was surrounded by so many people and couldn’t escape. He could only make a cold expression, indifferently answering their questions one by one. Then the reporters would leave.

However, how could these reporters leave so easily! For their cause, they wouldn’t give up, even if they were frozen into penguins!

Thus, the surrounded Xi Ze could only watch helpless as Luo Cheng unexpectedly headed in the direction of the backstage!

Xi Ze thought of Luo Cheng’s words and frowned.

On the other hand, Ming Xiaoyu had finished changing his clothes and was ready to remove the makeup.

This time, the makeup artist had deliberately painted a few facial patterns for him and Xu Rongrong. It made them look beautiful like a demon, but the makeup removal process became more complex. The eyeliner was made of special ingredients and the eye patterns weren’t removed.

The assistant makeup artist in charge of removing the makeup said anxiously, “Mr. Ming, can you wait a little bit? I will go next door and get the things required to remove it.”

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t mind. He nodded gently and said, “Yes, I will wait here for you.”

After hearing this, the assistant makeup artist left to find the special makeup remover.

Ming Yu curiously leaned towards the mirror and carefully looked at the patterns around his eyes.

The black eyeliner spread out from the corner of his eyes in several arcs that resembled petals. Each stroke was drawn very well. Ming Xiaoyu looked at the wicked and beautiful young man in the mirror and thought it was completely inconsistent with his kind personality.

Ming Xiaoyu stared for a while before looking away, waiting patiently for the assistant makeup artist to come back. Suddenly he heard a knock on the door. Ming Yu wondered why the person would knock, but he spoke a soft “Please come in.”

Ming Yu deliberately didn’t look at the other person when the door opened. He just bowed his head and organized his things.

But the strange thing was that the other person didn’t speak, making Ming Xiaoyu feel surprised. He was about to look up when he heard a hesitant voice. “Ming Yu… it is me.”

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