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Chapter 105

Ren Huaqing was a first-tier stylist of Muse, repeatedly won industry awards and was praised by many people. Zhou Weizhuo had once said that Mr. Ren’s vision was very good. He had unique feelings about beauty and could often design amazing styles.

It wasn’t just talk when he was called a good stylist.

Originally, Ming Yu allowed Zhou Weizhuo to design a short hair style for him because he thought he had grown up. He could try a mature point of view to change to another image. But this didn’t mean that he couldn’t try long hair styles at all.

After obtaining Ming Yu’s consent, Ren Huaqing had his assistant prepare the materials and started to connect the hairs.

Joining hair together with extensions was really a matter of patience. An ordinary hair stylist might only take an hour or two to do this. The time was fast but the quality wasn’t good. The hair looked fluffy and messy, making a person seem like they were wearing a wig.

For a top stylist like Ren Huaqing, his method wasn’t necessarily slower than the ordinary stylists. On the contrary, his actions were quick, smooth, concise and simple but the quality was higher.

Through the reflection in the mirror, Ming Yu saw a small bundle of hair that Ren Huaqing was gluing onto his hair with special glue. The newly joined hair was almost the same as Ming Yu’s hair. After being glued, there was no difference at all. It just looked like his hair had grown.

After a bundle of hair was connected, Ren Huaqing’s movements became faster and faster.

It only took four hours. Once Ming Yu looked up at himself in the mirror, he was slightly stunned. After a moment, he couldn’t help chuckling. “Looking like this, I almost didn’t recognize myself, Brother Ren.”

Ren Huaqing wiped the fine sweat on his head and said, “Come on, let me see. It isn’t bad and there isn’t a big difference from my imagination. I will give you a small haircut to neaten it up. This hair will last for a few days. The appointment time with the photographer is the day after tomorrow so there will be no problems.”

Ming Yu nodded lightly and agreed with Ren Huaqing’s proposal.

After another 30 minutes, under Ren Huaqing’s hands, the dry and fluffy hair feel down firmly and naturally, covering half of the youth’s cheek. The hair was black, shiny, supply and natural. Luo Ru and the assistant stared in amazement, shocked by such a strange and moving beauty.

After a small makeup test, Ren Huaqing confirmed this style.

Due to the hair extensions, the trial styling took all afternoon. By the time Ming Yu and Luo Ru left Muse Magazing, it was already dark and the sun was halfway below the horizon.

Ming Xiaoyu sat in the car and looked through the mail sent by Zhao Rui. Luo Ru couldn’t help secretly looking at him through the rearview mirror.

Luo Ru spent almost all the time on the road sneaking a peek from the driver’s seat. The 23rd time she did this, Ming Xiaoyu finally put down the phone and sighed helplessly. “Sister Luo, do you really have to look at me like this? I will blush if you look at me again.”

Ming Xiaoyu said ‘blush’ but the one who was blushing turned out to be Luo Ru.

Luo Ru listened to Ming Yu and coughed in embarrassment. “Xiaoyu, your style…it is…very unique. I have never seen you look like this. You feel very different but it also looks good.”

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at the words. “Luo Ru, this is the third time you’ve told me this since we left Muse Magazine.”

“…Ah? Is it?”

Ming Xiaoyu nodded. “Yes.”

“…Oh, that’s right.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Ming Yu didn’t understand it even when he got off the car. He had many beautiful and good-looking styles before and Luo Ru didn’t have much reaction. How could she have such a big reaction today compared to her calm past?

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know that Luo Ru felt almost desperate!

Indeed, Ming Yu had many beautiful styles in the past that weren’t worst than this one. However…this was the first time Luo Ru felt her heart rate accelerate and her blood surge! Luo Ruhad been calm and self-restrained since childhood. She wasn’t one to lose control. But when this young man got long hair, she unexpectedly felt that he was too beautiful!

Did this meant that…she actually liked long hair…

qaq. No!!  Was she bent by Xiaoyu?

No, that wasn’t right. Xiaoyu was a man. Whether she was bent or straight…

Today’s Luo Ru was caught in a painful tangle of self-reflection. At this moment, Luo Ru didn’t know it yet. There was a type of people who could be straight or bent. They had a great name. They were called—

Face-obsessed. (People who can love any gender as long as the face was good)

Ming Xiaoyu’s new apartment was located in the capital’s Third Ring. The transportation was very convenient and there were many large shopping malls and supermarkets around. Most importantly, the security of the community was very good. It was said that many entertainers and people in the fashion industry bought their houses here to avoid pervasive paparazzi.

Ming Yu used the access control card and entered the first door. The security personnel at the front desk was looking down at his phone. After hearing a sound, he intended to look up as usual.

After seeing the person, the security guard bowed. Then in the next second, he realized what he saw and hurriedly looked up at Ming Xiaoyu who was pressing the button on the elevator.

After Ming Yu entered the elevator, the security guard excitedly called the old man who was going to change shift with him. “A beauty! There is a beautiful woman in our building!  Old Chen, you won’t be able to believe it. I saw the side of her face right now and it is so beautiful! She is more beautiful than your favourite actress! …Ah? You don’t believe me? If you don’t believe me then take a look when it is your shift. But this beautiful woman is a bit tall. She was around 1 metre and 8…”

Ming Xiaoyu naturally didn’t know about these things. When he got home, he hurriedly took a shower. Then he wiped his wet hair with a towel while irritably trying to get rid of knots.

Ren Huaqing’s standards were quite high. As long as he didn’t wash it with a special solution, it was impossible for the hair to fall out for at least 10 days. At this time, Ming Xiaoyu experienced having long hair for the first time. He finally understood the distress of girls with long hair.

His hair was so long there were always knots!

His hair was so long it took three times longer to shampoo.

His hair was so long that it was hard to blow dry it!


Ah, it wasn’t easy to be a woman.

—Ming Xiaoyu who had a profound (?) experience.

After struggling with his hair for 10 minutes, Ming Xiaoyu stared at it, filled with a desire to cut it off with his scissors. Then his doorbell suddenly rang. He wiped his hair with one hand while going over to open the door for a certain man.

The youth spoke before the door was fully opened. “You finally came. Help me handle this terrible hair.”

Ming Yu turned around and walked back into the house after he finished speaking. However, he couldn’t hear any footsteps behind him. He turned back in surprise only to be caught in a hot embrace.

“How many people have seen you look like this?”

Ming Xiaoyu slightly froze and reflexively replied, “…A lot. What?”

There was a moment of silence before Xi Ze sighed. “Why can’t you really be covered by me?”

The youth sneered at this and pushed the man away. Ming Yu looked the other person up and down before humming lightly. “Chauvinist pigs, male chauvinism, people like you should be cast aside in society.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and closed the door. “I just want to hide you and not let others see you.” He paused and added. “So the unique style you mentioned this afternoon is this?”

The two people entered the room together and Ming Yu nodded. “Yes, this time I was given a style that doesn’t distinguish between male or female. Yes, do you know Ren Huaqing, a first-tier stylist at Muse? His technique is very good and the hairs are stuck on very well. I was just combing through my hair and couldn’t pull any out.”

“It looks like Ren Huaqing is suitable to be a master of hair loss prevention.”


Xi Ze took the sandalwood comb in the youth’s hands, picked up the long and wet hair and started to comb through it gently. The hair that was tangled in Ming Yu’s hands was tamed like a sheep as Xi Ze easily brushed through it.

Once the hair was completely combed, Xi Ze took the hair dryer and helped the youth dry his hair.

The warm air passed over Ming Yu’s cheeks, making him feel a trace of sleepiness. He lazily lay on Xi Ze’s thighs, comfortably enjoying the man’s service. The man unexpectedly didn’t ask for anything in return as he happily dried Ming Yu’s hair.

The moment that the door was opened and Xi Ze saw the youth with long hair, his brain exploded like fireworks. All the brilliant colours were concentrated and his breath stopped.

The youth wore wide and loose white pajamas. His exposed collarbone, delicate white skin, water flowing down his charming neck and the wet hair sticking to his beautiful face. He was like a charming angel who just got out of the bath, s*xy and fascinating.

The youth with long hair wasn’t that feminine. As long as a person looked closely, they could see that he was a man. But it was precisely this androgynous beauty that was deadliest, as it he exceeded the limits of beauty.

The long black hair, white skin and red lips…

The sound of the hair dryer was still buzzing but Xi Ze lowered his head and kissed the youth’s full lips. Ming Xiaoyu was only half awake at this time. He was suddenly kissed while dozing off. He blinked with surprise and responded to the man’s kiss after a moment.

The youth was originally dressed in loose clothes. Once he was kissed, he naturally started feeling shame and shyness. After a moment of struggle, Ming Xiaoyu had a very red face and said with dissatisfaction, “How about we change positions this time?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “I just helped you comb your hair and blow dry it. Shouldn’t you give me something in return?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Xi Ze had been waiting for this!!

The night passed. Even though they knew there was work to be done the next day, the two people didn’t control themselves and did it three times! At the end, Xi Ze thought it was the little too much. But the youth just said sarcastically, “You aren’t doing it? Do you want to swap with me?”

What man could withstand this type of stimulus?

He had to let this little goblin know how good he was!

Thus, late in the night, Ming Xiaoyu bit the man’s hand and cursed, “You really don’t know how to control yourself.”

Xi Ze laughed. “The next time we should record ourselves and see who really lost control.”

…Well, both of them didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘moderation.’

The next day, Luo Ru came to take Ming Yu to the company and saw the youth’s strange walking posture. Luo Ru’s mouth twitched but she didn’t speak. Ming Xiaoyu had work the next day. Therefore, he sternly rejected the man’s invitation to ‘help you blow your hair again’ and prepared himself for a night at home.

Time passed and finally, one of the world’s top photographers flew from the United States to Huaxia, meeting with Ming Yu for the first time in Muse’s studio.

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