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Chapter 220

The first confrontation, the second time was Ming Yu’s joke while the third time was the collar clip exchange.

Once the Ji and Ya video came out, the fans were stunned for a long time. A large number of single dogs and even non-single dogs screamed a the show of love. There were also many experienced fans who carefully analyzed the fashion show and gave some comments.

【 Alido Xiao Li: This time I was fortunate enough to attend the Ji and Ya high end show. I have to saw that the two years of preparation made this Ji and Ya menswear show very good. The theme of ‘gentleness of elegance’ was incomprehensible at first. But throughout the show, whether it is the jackets round, the casual collection or the formal clothing, all of them contain Ji and Ya’s unique elegance. Yet they also contain a rare softness. 】

【 Xu Chaoyang manda: I lived @Xi Ze for many years but he has decided to become a photographer. Xi Ze hasn’t walked in any high-end show for two years but he was really amazing this time. Many people who doubted his strength is forced to shut their mouths, including me. I can’t believe that there is a supermodel who can show such amazing strength after two years of nothing. Of course, this is my most respected idol, Xi Ze’s strength. 】

【 Falling VIVIAN: Since Nidelan’s May fashion show, I have become @Ming Yu’s fan. Ming Xiaoyu’s three outfits, the first is an orthodox jacket, the second is a more casual sweater and the third is my favourite outfit. Ming Xiaoyu is very suitable for extreme colours, such as the bright yellow sweater. This is something that many people can’t control but Ming Yu perfectly interpreted it. In this fashion show, I think that Small Mushroom’s performance isn’t inferior to @Xi Ze. Of course, they are originally husband and wife ╮(╯▽╰)╭ . Finally, I want to say: Come on, give me the golden dog food! 】…

In recent years, more fresh blood had been injected into the fashion industry, making this industry have the atmosphere of young people.

The video recorded the scene of the Ji and Ya fashion show, making many people curious about it become greatly shocked.

So many world-class supermodels competing in the same field!

This was really shocking!

Before the video released, most people were worried about Ming Yu and Xi Ze’s situation. The order of the two of them was too close and the world rankings were also close together. One was first, the other was second, and they were a couple!

Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were still modest. After all, Xi Ze’s dominance in the scene was still vivid. Even if he  didn’t appear in a show for two years, wasn’t a thin camel still bigger than a horse? What could they do if compared to Xi Ze, Ming Yu was a little bit worse? Wouldn’t the sunspots start taunting him?

Xi Ze’s fans were also relatively modest. They were active in the supermodel circle and had an attitude of ‘you know nothing about Xi Ze’ when new models wanted to go beyond Xi Ze. However, now Xi Ze hadn’t walked in a show for two years. If he was worse than his wife… how sad would it be!

However, the fans didn’t expect that in this show, the performance of the two people would be equal! One was cold and noble, the other was beautiful and elegant. One had an indifferent atmosphere, while the other was delicate and feminine.

It was clearly two different styles but there was a strange unity.

The fan circle made a careful analysis and came to a conclusion.

『 Reach the pinnacle 』.

There was an old saying that all roads lead to Rome. Then 360 lines going to the top… wait, this amount wasn’t right.

The general meaning was that Xi Ze and Ming Yu’s styles were basically different. After all, every model had their own unique temperament. But they already had the strength to reach a certain level and once they reached this state, they could exchange with each other.

When these two competed on the same stage, both of them were dazzling and brilliant. It didn’t feel like one side lost to the other and they were somewhat similar in one respect: they reached the pinnacle.

The Ji and Ya fashion show was held in the second week of Huaxia Fashion Week. After that many second-tier, first-tier and top fashion brands held their own fashion shows. Ming Yu was invited to participate in a few top brand show as well as some first-tier shows.

Many people were surprised that at this time, Ming Yu unexpected participated in the Sixin fashion show and also served as the finale model.

Sixin was first-tier in the world but it was a relatively new and weaker first-tier brand.

For the first-tier big names, the top 10 models in the world were difficult to get. It was because the price of these models were high and they rarely participated in a first-tier brand.

Although there were more than a dozen high-end studios in the world, twenty or thirty were top brands. In such circumstances, Ming Yu unexpectedly walked in the Sixin show. This was definitely giving face to Fei Sixin but also made many people aware that the strongest newcomer seemed very human.

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t a kind-hearted person in the conventional sense. But once someone was put into the ‘friends’ category, he would treat them relatively honestly.

And in Ming Xiaoyu’s heart, he didn’t think that taking a first-tier brand’s fashion show could lower his ranking. On the contrary, the supermodels worried about lowering their value with first-tier and second-tier brands weren’t stable in the first place.

Of course, Small Mushroom wouldn’t casually agree if other first-tier brands asked him.

He was called Small Mushroom and not a saint. Why would he do something that would violate his principles?

The series of achievements made Ming Yu’s reputation in Huaxia and in the world become higher. By the time it was August, the number of fans on Ming Yu’s Muse website exceeded He Chaoman.

At the end of August, the total number of fans reached a terrible 36 million!

In addition to Ming Yu’s strength, the surge in fans had a certain relationship with Xi Ze. The video of Ji and Ya’s show and the two people’s shameless interactions made a lot of fans switch to becoming CP fans.

The relationship between the two people had been revealed for half a year. Those who were saddened by the situation at the beginning should’ve awakened from their lovelorn grief by now. Moreover, Ming Yu and Xi Ze really matched. Even if they were depressed and wondered why they couldn’t marry God Xi, once they heard someone say that Ming Yu wasn’t worthy, they would immediately roll up their sleeves and take action.

【 If Ming Yu isn’t worthy of God Xi then who is worthy? Didn’t you see their videos, photos and interactions? It is a complete match! (╬▔皿▔) 】

Yes, if they didn’t match well then the fans wouldn’t be paralyzed by so much love. However, it was precisely because the youth chosen by their god was too good that the fans couldn’t let go of their jealousy.

Have you seen someone who looked as good as Ming Xiaoyu?


Was there someone with a better figure that Ming Xiaoyu?

No T^T.

Was Ming Xiaoyu approachable?

Don’t doubt that Small Mushroom could be more patient and gentle than Mr. Xi.

Well, it was still a no _ (: З”∠) _.

No one looked as good as him, no one had a better figure and no one had such a good temper. Other models couldn’t compare to his fame and social relations. It was totally impossible!

Even Ming Xiaoyu’s fans helplessly complained: 【 My mushroom is good. He is so good that I feel like he isn’t real… 】

At this time, someone raised a point: 【 Don’t worry. Think about how he originally made tomato scrambled eggs! Think about how mushroom practiced 800 times to be decent in acting~~~ In fact, mushroom isn’t a god! 】

In this case, the fan would be hit in the face two months later.

In November 2018, Xiao Biqing’s new movie Midnight Singing was globally released.

A story set 200 years ago about a heroine called Ye Xiangchan. On the first day of release, the box office was quite high at 30 million. After all, it was a literary movie and about a sad part of the 17 year war. Many people went to watch it for Xiao Biqing or Ming Yu, not for the movie itself.

In the movie industry, the world’s easiest movie to win an award was a literary movie with deep meaning!

However, if the movie was hypnotizing then could it still be called a literary movie?

The fans kept this in mind as they prepared drinks and snacks at the theatre, while carefully thinking about how to get through these three hours.

However! To their surprise, they were attracted to the movie 10 minutes after it started!

Whether it was the strong girl in the war who held her brother to escape the rain of bullets, the glamorous singer who sang in the big Shanghai hall or the thin boy who lay pale and sick in bed all day.

Ye Xiangchan and Ye Yang.

These two people were like roses who bloomed in the flames of war and who had been baptized with blood.

They were obviously the most ordinary people but they were caught by the enemy and tortured with a terrible punishment! The traitor who betrayed them didn’t fall down but these two people fell in a mess of blood.

The sister was still singing when she died while the brother was still smiling when he died.

There was no intact skin but their tenacious hearts were always beating!

Thump, thump, thump!

At the end of the movie, Ye Yang crawled to the door of the ballroom and cried after seeing the showgirl poster. These cries caused cracks in his lips to form and blood to flow.

This blood invaded every inch of Huaxia’s scorched earth.

In these 17 years of war, countless heroes devoted their precise lives to irrigated the new world with clean water. Most of them didn’t survive the 17 year war and didn’t see a shadow of hope, their names disappearing into the torrents of history.

Ye Xiangchan was lucky that at least her name was mentioned in the revolutionary’s late memoirs.

However, her brother never had his name mentioned. The only thing that the revolutionary said in his memoirs was: 『 Xiangchan had a very beautiful little brother who looked as good as her. Her brother was very shy. He hid behind the door every day and secretly looked at me with big and bright eyes. He didn’t dare speak to me. Despite being 17 years old, he only looked 14 or 15. 』

『 …When I found her brother, I heard that he had been cut by 1,435 knives. The flesh all over his body was gone and his eyelids cut off. In the end, those eyes were still the same… 』

『 Very big and bright. 』

『 I am sorry for many people in my life. However, I am most sorry towards Xiangchan’s brother. 』

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