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Chapter 169

In the last century, Ji and Ya became one of the top four high-end studios in the world under the leadership of Mrs. Ji Heya. However, Ji and Ya was still very young. It might be the most outstanding high-end studio in Huaxia but compared to the other three high-end studios in the world, the advantages were no longer so obvious.

Under such circumstances, Mrs. Ji Heya died from illness. The burden of the studio suddenly fell on Xi Ze four years ago.

At the time, Xi Ze was only 21 years old. He was well known in the global fashion world but it was quite difficult to suddenly take on a large studio. There were many voices around the world that weren’t optimistic. Even Ming Yu thought that the Xi Ze of the time must’ve withstood considerable pressure.

Garcia and Otilla both extended their help to Xi Ze. They accepted the invitation to Ji and Ya’s first high-end show and said that their chief designer would be present in person.

Only Rosalind, old opponents of Ji and Ya, didn’t accept the invitation letter.

One night a month later, Rosalind’s chief designer, Raymond flew from the US to Huaxia and handed an invitation directly to Xi Ze. Raymond smiled when he handed over the invitation but the provocative meaning was evident.

“It hasn’t yet been announced but Rosalind has decided to release a high-end show on June 29th, 2013. I hope that Mr. Xi from Ji and Ya will be present. Rosalind will welcome it.”

June 29th, 2013!

This was the date of Ji and Ya’s high-end show!

Raymond unexpectedly chose this day to have the fashion show! Everyone in Ji and Ya were really caught off guard.

At that time, Elder Chen and Elder Lao were very angry. This type of behavior was undoubtedly a slap on Xi Ze’s face. Raymond was mocking his junior who wasn’t qualified to lead Ji and Ya and compete against Rosalind! It was advising Xi Ze to surrender and admit defeat.

Elder Chen knew Xi Ze’s temper. No one had dared speak to him in this tone. The genius designer who became famous as a boy hadn’t experienced such insults. As long as Xi Ze was willing, he could ask the Xi family to come forward and force Rosalind to change the date of the high-end show.

However! Xi Ze didn’t do so.

Elder Chen spoke emotionally as he recalled the memories of this time. “Xiaozi actually knew it at the time. If he really used an outside power to change this date, he would fall for Raymond’s trick. On the surface, Ji and Ya might win but in fact, Rosalind would be the real winner. We would always be lower than them and would no longer be able to stand up to them in the fashion industry.

Raymond had taken over Rosalind for more than 30 years. He came to Huaxia in an imposing manner. However, he didn’t expect Xi Ze to unexpectedly take his invitation. Xi Ze’s posture was humble and his expression was calm.

Elder Chen’s group in Ji and Ya were really distressed at seeing this Xi Ze.

Xi Ze, along with Kruka of Garcia, were students together under the late Italian famous design master, Hornby. Xi Ze had started designing from when he was six years old. By the time he was 14 years old, he had won the world’s best award for design with an unprecedented perfect score. Xi Ze had never bowed to anyone in his life until today.

This Raymond was really hateful!

Bullying a young man, bullying a child (compared to Raymond, Xi Ze really was just a child). How could this be a design master? He was a bully!

If Mrs. Ji Heya was still alive, would Raymond dare come here?

Don’t tell about Ji and Ya. He wouldn’t even dare come to the capital in Huaxia!

Elder Chen’s face was really red with anger when he saw Xi Ze accept Raymond’s invitation letter. But! Just as Elder Chen was determined to ask Raymond for an invitation, even if it would tear his cheek, Xi Ze grasped the invitation between his fingers and—

He tore the invitation to pieces!

Everyone was stunned!

Raymond’s expression changed as he cried out, “Xi Ze, you are provoking Rosalind! Do you think that I will personally send an invitation to a junior, even one with a high reputation? I sent an invitation to Ji and Ya’s chief designer. Are you planning to split the relationship between Ji and Ya and Rosalind?”

Upon hearing this, Elder Chen was shocked. He might be angry at Raymond but he didn’t dare tear up the invitation. Despite Raymond deliberately setting the date of the fashion show to be o n the same day as Ji and Ya’s show, Elder Chen only wanted to ask for a statement. He didn’t intend to return the evil in the same way.

In fact, this was an aspect of Huaxia people being bound by their own concept of respect.

Even if the other person slapped you on the face, you must first hold back and clearly ask the other person for their reasons. If you don’t, you will lose your reason. Then everyone would think that you were in the wrong and aren’t so innocent.

“At the time, I thought Xiaoxi was in a rush because of anger. But now that I think about it, only one word can describe what we felt at the time.” Elder Chen looked at Ming Yu and spoke clearly, “Cool!”

Raymond had already bullied people to this degree. How can he not receive the same heavy blow back? There was no need to be respectful to the wicked who were guilty of misconduct. Otherwise, your manners and virtues would just be a sword for the wicked to attack you.

Do you think that Raymond personally giving the invitation to Xi Ze was an honour?


In order to send an invitation letter, Xi Ze flew all the way to the US a month ago. When the whole studio was busy day and night, he dragged his tired body and personally went to visit Raymond to get him to accept this invitation.

In ancient times Li Bei visited a thatched cottage three times in order to recruit someone, but the distance was only from Xinye, he didn’t even leave Nanyang!

Then what about Xi Ze? Five consecutive times! He flew from Huaxia to the United States five times, only for the door to be closed!

Raymond’s reasons were really strange. He had ‘something in the family, not going to the studio today,’ he was ‘busy and unable to see guests’, ‘flying so some places to see a fashion show,’ etc…

The fifth time, Xi Ze hadn’t closed his eyes for three days and three nights because he was busy with tailoring a few outfits. However, he had a hard time making an appointment with Raymond. This time, he found out the other person was present, so Xi Ze insisted on flying to the United States and sending an invitation again.

This time it was a successful submission.

Ding Bo accompanied Xi Ze to send the invitation to Raymond. The old man had just started talking to them when he suddenly said, “Oh, I just remembered that I have something to do. You sit here, I will go to a meeting.” Then Raymond disappeared all day.

Raymond might be the chief designer of a world’s top luxury brand but Ding Bo couldn’t endure his attitude. But Xi Ze accepted it all so even Ding Bo couldn’t at rashly.

At this time, Ding Bo was already so angry that he was itching to do something to Rosalind. But Xi Ze closed his eyes and sighed., “If we use a power outside Ji and Ya, even Raymond will have to bow. But he won’t recognize my status. Rosalind must go to this high-end show. It is teacher’s last wish. I want to let Ji and Ya stand in the top position of this world.

When Xi Ze said this, he was tired. His eyes were bloodshot and his voice was very tired.

After waiting a day, Raymond didn’t come out to see them. There was no need to wait, so Xi Ze and Ding Bo got up to leave Rosalind. They intended to return to Huaxia and continue to work on the high-end show.

They left Raymond’s office and passed the table of Raymond’s secretary. Ding Bo continued to move forward but Xi Ze suddenly stopped.

He looked at the trash can next to the secretary’s feet in silence. He looked for a long time, not saying anything.

Ding Bo looked in his direction and saw it! In his anger, he directly cursed. “This fu*king Raymond!”

Who would be able to endure it when they saw Ji and Ya’s invitation in the trash can?

At the time, Xi Ze stopped the violently furious Ding Bo from getting revenge. He just sneered and left a message with the secretary. “It seems there is no need to be friendly with Rosalind.” Then he directly returned to Huaxia to prepare for the fashion show.

As for Raymond?

He wasn’t in Xi Ze’s eyes at all. Even if Rosalind was currently the top of the fashion industry, in Xi Ze’s eyes, it was just a fashion brand. There were no fashion brands that were forever, only the designers!

The core of any brand was their designers.

Let the rain and wind hit, let the cold eyes ignore him. As long as Xi Ze had strength, he wouldn’t be knocked down.

And Xi Ze always believed in his own strength.

Ming Yu never heard of this before. He couldn’t imagine that the proud man who was sometimes arrogant would’ve experienced such a thing. Xi Ze being oppressed and insulted by someone shouldn’t exist at all.

The act of Xi Ze tearing up the invitation in front of Raymond was really great!

Don’t mention Xi Ze. If Ming Yu was present at the time, he would never allow the other person to repeatedly insult his lover!

Elder Chen looked at Ming Yu’s distressed and indignant expression and smiled with appreciation. “This happened four years ago. You can probably guess the outcome based on the present. Raymond no longer dares to shout in front of Xi Ze. He is afraid of Xi Ze. If you look at them now, they seem to be very normal friends. In fact, Raymond still trembles a bit when he sees Xi Ze.”

Ming Yu naturally knew Xi Ze and Raymond’s current relationship since he accompanied Xi Ze at the RAmer Charity Gala and met Raymond. Ming Yu had a slightly good impression of the old man but now…

He never wanted to see that old face again!

“At the time, Raymond was very angry after Xi Ze tore the invitation. He even said that he would warn the industry about Ji and Ya. But after he said these words, Xi Ze looked at him calmly and began to talk.”

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What do we learn? Never anger a god unless you’re the small mushroom.
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Kaguya Magami
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Elder, im sorry! I misunderstood you, you’re truly a good white Gandalf! Tehe ʕ≧ω≦ʔ
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Kaguya Magami
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maryam amirah
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Wow. Never thought that ‘humble’ and ‘nice’ old man from the party was like this shitty. I like it when the mighty and powerful gong has a bitter-sweet backstory like this. It makes them feel more human. What a breath of fresh air ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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