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Chapter 192

Within three minutes, Xiao Xiao Yu Yu had deleted this post.

However, Huaxia had an old saying. “Good things won’t go out while bad things are spread for thousands of miles.

This wasn’t a bad thing but who was Xiao Xiao Yu Yu? She was a big fan in Ming Xiaoyu’s fan circle! Goddess Xiao Xiao! Goddess Xiao Xiao might’ve been forced to give the position of first leader fan to dark horse God Z, Goddess Xiao Xiao had attracted the attention of countless fans.

Just Xiao Xiao Yu Yu’ Weibo fans alone were nearly 40,000!

Thus, in the past three minutes, this post had already been seen by a bunch of people. At the same time, some people took a screenshot and said with amazement: 【 Oh my god! What does Goddess Xiao Xiao mean? Why is she tired from filming? Why are her fingers broken? What is the meaning of this, ahhh!!! What does this mean!! 】  

The eyes of the masses were bright and the wisdom of the masses were endless.

Xiao Biqing got off the plan with a face filled with regret! Why didn’t she notice that the account was ‘Xiao Xiao Yu Yu’? How could she see Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo that was forwarded by many people and subconsciously forward it?

Her illustrious name was being destroyed!!

【 Xiao Biqing seems to have hurt her finger while filming… it is Xiao Biqing! Xiao Biqing! Goddess Xiao Xiao must be Xiao Biqing ahhhhh!!! 】

 【 I thought that Goddess Xiao Xiao’s hands were so beautiful and familiar! I actually didn’t recognize the hands of my goddess Xiao, I apologize _(:з」∠)_】

【 My family’s goddess also likes Ming Xiaoyu? The goddess is in a pink fan circle with me? Wait, I am having a reaction! I will go downstairs and run five laps… 】
Various comments came out madly after Xiao Biqing’s post. Soon the #Xiao Xiao Yu Yu# topic topped the first three search rankings and after an hour, it rose to first place!

When Ming Yu first learned that Xiao Biqing had revealed her identity, he felt helpless and funny. In the end, he could only send a text message to comfort Xiao Biqing and let Zhao Rui handle PR matters.

To be honest, a star liking another star was very common.

Stars were also people and liked to worship other stars. Was it impossible?

The problem was: Xiao Biqing was really too high profile!

If Xiao Xiao Yu Yu hadn’t been the top fan among Ming Xiaoyu’s fans, if Xiao Xiao Yu Yu wasn’t a famous pink fan, if Xiao Xiao Yu Yu hadn’t had the big earth-shattering battle with Zyu, perhaps this matter wouldn’t need PR and would naturally pass.

It was precisely because of these things that Ming Yu and Xiao Biqing needed to contact the public relations department.

The evening of the same day, Xiao Biqing admitted her identity and stated that she liked Small Mushroom while they were filming An Li. But she only liked him as an idol and there was no man and woman relationship between them. Ming Yu and his fans shouldn’t think too much.

In addition, Xiao Biqing said that she would continue to use the Xiao Xiao Yu Yu account to be an ordinary Small Mushroom fan. Please don’t pay too much attention to who she was. Just know that she was Ming Xiaoyu’s mushroom fan.

After Xiao Biqing said this, how could anyone listen? This was the three awards winner, the top female actress with the highest value in Huaxia! Xiao Biqing actually liked Ming Xiaoyu?  It was too great!

Ming Yu’s original fans were excited. There was a huge movie queen behind him as a mushroom fan. What did this mean? This showed that the movie queen recognized Ming Yu’s strength! This showed that small Mushroom wouldn’t suffer too much harm from appearing on screen!

Xiao Biqing’s looked at the relevant information regarding Ming Yu. If Xiao Biqing liked him then he was absolutely powerful. How could they not look at what type of model he was?

From this point of view, the number of Ming Xiaoyu fans rose.

After all, Xiao Biqing was an actress and not a model. The popularity of her sentiment towards Ming Yu was basically reflected on the major fan forums like Weibo, Baidu, etc. On Muse’s official website, the number of fans didn’t rise that much.

However, this didn’t prevent Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo fans to explode by nearly 10 million overnight, even surpassing Luo Cheng in three days!

Luo Cheng soon sent a Weibo—

【 Luo Cheng: Hey, the new person is forgetting the old person! Remember me on the shore of Daming Lake! @Ming Yu 】

This seemed to be a predecessor’s accusation against the younger generation but anyone could see by the joking tone that the relationship between Luo Cheng and Ming Yu was really food. As many people thought, the next day Ming Xiaoyu sent a photo of him eating with Luo Cheng. The two handsome men smiled as they looked at the screen of the photo, revealing white teeth.

【 Ming Yu: @Luo Cheng said to have a meal on Daming Lake. He told me to eat with him for a week, do you agree? 】

【 I don’t agree! I also want to eat a meal with my family’s mushroom!! 】  

【 Actually, I want to invite you to have dinner together _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 ⊙﹏⊙ Eat together! Yes! Add me too! I want to sign up!! 】……

After a few incidents, the fans no longer paid attention to Xiao Biqing. However, the Xiao Xiao Yu Yu account gained a few million fans overnight and now broke through 10 million. This showed the impact of the matter on Xiao Biqing.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a bad impact or Xiao Biqing didn’t know how much she would cry.

But in this case, some fans thought of one thing—

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao is the account of Xiao Biqing the God X… my god, I feel like I found something unreasonable! 】

【 No wonder why God Z said he could get the signatures of Goddess Xiao Xiao and Small Mushroom. It turned out that he already knew Goddess Xiao Xiao’s identity! God Z even knows this. Who is God Z ah? 】  

This matter didn’t cause too much of a splash but it entered Ming Yu’s eyes.

After finishing all the advertisements, posters, videos and other activities for the first cycle of promotions for Yizhi, Luo Ru drove the car to send Ming Yu home. Once downstairs, Ming Yu didn’t get off the car as he asked softly, “Sister Luo, the matter I told you to investigate before, have you done it?”

During this time, Ming Yu had been so busy with Yizhi’s endorsement work that he hadn’t asked Luo Ru about the matter of investigating the Muse magazine buyers. However, now so many things added together and reminded him to pay attention to who Zyu was. Ming Yu naturally couldn’t ignore it.

Luo Ru wasn’t flustered and answered like she was fully prepared. “A week ago, I contacted a deputy editor in Muse. After knowing that you wanted to find out about the post-sales information, he gave me some clues. However, I found that the number you told me was too small. In the capital, there is a bookstore who sold 5,000 copies of the current Muse issue at once time. Another bookstore was 3,00 books and another one was 1,000. A newsstand also sold 1,000 issues at once.”

In the end, Luo Ru was very suspicious.

It was a bit strange to buy thousands of magazines at a bookstore. But actually buying 1,000 issues of a fashion magazine at a small newsstand? Do you know how thick Muse was? It was no less than 1cm!

Even if the newsstand was full, it was impossible impossible to contain 1,000 issues of Muse!

“Since these three bookstores and newsstand bough thousands of Muse magazines, I paid special attention to them. Ming Xiaoyu.” Luo Ru hesitated for a moment before saying, “It isn’t just this issue of Muse that they bought so much. The last time they bought so much was also the issue of Muse where you were on the cover.”

Luo Ru stopped here and there was no need to say anymore. She knew that Ming Yu already understood her meaning.

HIs eyebrows rose slightly as Ming Yu thought for a moment. “Have you found out who the buyer is?”

Luo Ru shook her head. “I can’t find it. The other person maintains their secrecy very well, I don’t know who it is. But if I guess right, Xiao Yu, you just need to wait for the next issue of Edith where you are on the cover. I will arrange for people to watch these places and see if they can find out who bought so magazines.

Luo Ru’s ability was very reassuring so Ming Yu left this matter for her to deal with.

His heart already had a vague shadow of an answer but Ming Xiaoyu still felt it was unlikely. His house rules were so strict, his wife actually died to defy the head of the family? Well, it was impossible. That man couldn’t be a wasteful spender…

In fact, these thoughts were a self-consolation. Ming Xiaoyu’s heart really thought: Impossible, it can’t be him. So many magazines, so many watches, so many perfumes, and a house! If it really was him then even if he spent his own money, Ming Yu had to break his leg!

Once back home, Ming Xiaoyu opened the door and smelled the familiar fragrance of food.

After dinner, Ming Yu was deeply satisfied and touched his round belly. He touched it only to suddenly realize. Didn’t he have a bit of meat? As soon as this thought appeared, he stood up with horror and asked, “Am I fat?’

The slightly stunned Xi Ze looked up from his magazine and asked, “A height of 188cm and a weigh of 68kg, is that heavy?”

How was this heavy? In the global modelling industry, this was definitely light!

But Ming Xiaoyu touched the fat at his waist (there was none) and sighed, “No, I can’t be fed by you anymore. You are fattening me up! I have to exercise well after dinner or I will become a pig. What will you do then?”

Ming Yu turned to go to the treadmill. But he had barely taken a step when he was pulled by the wrist into Xi Ze’s arms.

The surprised Ming Yu saw this cold and handsome man smile. “You want to exercise?”

The startled Ming Yu gave a small nod.

Xi Ze nodded meaningfully. “Then let’s exercise together.”

A few minutes later, there was the beautiful harmony of the bed springs.

Mr. Xi personally told a small mushroom what the best sport in the world was.

Time slowly passed in this manner. The next day, the World Supermodels Organization happily published the release date of the next supermodel rankings on their official website, saying that this time they definitely won’t be late. Fashion lovers, please rest assured and don’t freeze their poor server again.

This sentence naturally wasn’t the World Supermodels Organization’s original words. Their original words were: 【 Announcement: The world supermodel rankings will be released one week later at 8 a.m. Please wait patiently. 】

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4 years ago

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“His house rules were so strict, his wife actually died to defy the head of the family?”
A little typo, I think you meant dared.

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Mike pergel
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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The spendthrift god-sama is on the verge of being discover by the wife…

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