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Chapter 130

Yu Yizong was only in his early 50s this year and his qualifications in the industry weren’t as profound as Elder Qi. However, every movie directed by Xu Yizhong caused an explosion at the box office, making his reputation not any worse than his seniors in the industry.

As mentioned before, Xu Yizhong had a habit. He didn’t like to disclose the movie stills in advance.

Thus, there were no photos released to the outside world despite An Li shooting for almost a month already. Most of the fans outside the industry didn’t even know if An Li was a costume movie or a modern movie.

Now this type of thing happened and the producer and assistant director’s opinion was to directly show the video taken at that time. Then the truth would be revealed to those with discerning eyes.

But Director Xu hesitated!

What if he released this video? The second male lead and the fourth male lead’s appearance would come out! At the same time, everyone would know that this was definitely a martial arts movie. Moreover, Bai Xiu was a key figure and Director Xu’s special favourite. He intended to make Bai Xiu public only in the final round of publicity!

Xu Yizong had felt such hesitations until Jiang Kaiyang’s second Weibo post. In this situation, he didn’t wait. Instead, Jiang Kaiyang directed the fans’ firepower at the crew. How could Director Xu not be angry? Making an urgent inquiry of Director Xu?

Now people dared act wildly. CX Entertainment might’ve invested in this movie but Jiang Kaiyang was just a small, new star in CX Entertainment. Even CX Entertainment didn’t dare do anything to Director Xu. This Jiang Kaiyang, he was really a dog who wanted to die.

If Director Xu hesitated again, no one knew how things would develop.

Xu Yizong didn’t hesitate again. He sneered and waved his hand at the assistant director. “Sort out the video and make it public. Only the filming process for the 17th should be good. In addition, the text should be written by Xiao Li. He knows what to say.”

The assistant director heard this and nodded. He asked with some curiosity, “Director Xu, Jiang Kaiyang is injured and I heard he must rest for at least two or three months. Should we shoot other scenes and wait for him or…”

“Are you dreaming? Wait for him? Before this, I was wondering if I should change the actor or not. Now he is fu*king using his fans to threaten me, does he think I am an herbivore? Go handle things quickly for me. I don’t want to see this group of fans again!”

10 minutes later, Guan Bo of the An Li crew released a message, briefly explaining the ins and outs of the matter. He clearly expressed it and attached a short video.

In the video, a tall and handsome youth in red was carrying a long sword and moving across the building like a red butterfly.

On the other side, the white-clad Jiang Kaiyang was moving awkwardly. His handsome face contrasted with the youth and made him look ordinary. In particular, the consecutive mistakes made him look funny in the air, like a clown.

On Weibo, the An Li crew solemnly emphasized that the prop team hadn’t made any mistakes and the safety of the wires was guaranteed. The unexpected reason was that Jiang Kaiyang was distracted during acting and there was a great error. There was even risk to Ming Yu.

In the end, Ming Yu rescued Jiang Kaiyang despite the danger to his life. At the same time, Ming Yu was seriously injured. So far, the crew hadn’t been able to contact him. All they knew was that in the position where Ming Yu’s head hit the wall, there was a lot of blood.

In addition, the cast revealed terrible news.

While being sent to hospital, Ming Yu was really unconscious while Jiang Kaiyang was screaming from the pain. His spirit was particularly good!

Jiang Kaiyang, you want to drag the crew down and let the crew be pressured by public opinion so that your contract wouldn’t be terminated?

You really don’t know Xu Yizhong!

Xu Yizong was the type to be good to you if you were good to him. But if you dared calculate against he, he would bankrupt you and come at you with an inescapable net! Xu Yizong would never be threatened. Daring to negotiate with him in this way was suicide!

Once the fans saw An Li’s message, Jaing Kaiyang’s fans were silent on the sidelines. They wanted to see what happened when Ming Xiaoyu’s fans exploded!

【 Oh no!  What do you mean Ming Xiaoyu is unconscious?  What does that mean? Didn’t Jiang Kaiyang say he was the only one injured? Why didn’t he mention that Xiaoyu was injured ahhhhh! 】  

【 I saw it ittttt! On the video, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly hit the wall! What is going on? @Ming Yu, what happened to Small Mushroom? @Jiang Kaiyang, give an explanation! What about the agent and assistant? What about the company? What about Muse? @Muse Modelling Agency @Zhao Rui! What happened to Ming Xiaoyu?!!! 】

 【 Damn! Before they said that my Small Mushroom was unscathed. Now my Small Mushroom is unconscious from saving people! Some self-proclaimed unconscious person only broke a leg? Damn it! Has there ever been such a splash of dirty water? I haven’t said so many curse words in years. Now I really want to unload on Jiang! 】

【 What about Jiang? Where is the so-called million Jiang army? Do you think Small Mushroom has no one? Do you think we can be bullied? I will borrow your words. If my small mushroom isn’t fine then we will fight endlessly!!! 】……

On Jiang Kaiyang’s side, most of his fans were no longer talking. Only a handful of fanboys/fangirls still said, “The cast is spreading rumours, this is slander.” “My family’s Jiang Mingming can act very well, he wouldn’t make such a mistake etc.

But most of Jiang Kaiyang’s fans silently closed their mouths and didn’t speak again.

The cameras used by the An Li crew were all ultra-high definition. It made all the details clear and it was impossible for anyone to deny it. It was too difficult to fake a video in a short amount of time. This could only mean two things:

First, the video was true. The so-called suddenly accident was purely from Jiang Kaiyang’s error. He even implicated Ming Yu, who saved him and might’ve been seriously injured as a result.

Second, it was true that Jiang Kaiyang deceived his fans. Someone had previously photographed him happily browsing through Weibo. Now there was a crew member corroborating it. Anyone who thought it was false evidence could only have a free heart.

Jiang Kaiyang used his fans.

Jiang Kaiyang cheated his fans.

The handsome youth with a bright personality would show a proud smile when looking through Weibo.

How much they liked him before was now how much they hated him!

It was because once extreme love was betrayed, it would lead to extreme hatred!

For a time, countless Jiang Kaiyang fans made a statement on their Weibo.

【 National Jiang Fan Club: This is representative of 18 people. Last time, I used this number to make a statement. The 18 people under me have decided unanimously to change from fans to passersby. I’m sorry, I have loved Jiang Kaiyang for so long and watched him step by step. It is impossible to become a sunspot. Now this account is abandoned and no messages will be posted. 】

【 Officially Don’t like to Eat Ginger: I paid attention to my 3W fans. My sister fans turned into sunspots, hehe. 】

【 Jiang’s Life Push: Turning fans into sunspots. After watching the video, I feel like my face is 10cm thick. From now on, no one will be allowed to shoot me! I was a fan of a cheerful and handsome boy, not a sinister star who only uses hi fans. I have more than 8W fans and they are turning black. 】

【 An Lili Only Loves Jiang: Oh, the passersby are black. Live broadcast, click to enter → [/Web link] 】…

Jiang Kaiyang’s fans were buzzing as many of them turned into sunspots. Some of the crazy fans who was still insisting it was fake were swept away by the large wind and stopped being fans.

Half an hour after the An Li crew made their Weibo post, Jiang Kaiyang’s fans dropped from 15 million to 11 million! Wait another five minutes! The number of fans fell directly below the 10 million mark!

Jiang Kaiyang might be in this position but how could Ming Xiaoyu’s fans give up so easily?

Previously, Jiang Kaiyang made a post that hinted Ming Xiaoyu was the one who caused him to be injured. Ming Xiaoyu’s fans didn’t dare say anything because Ming Xiaoyu and the An Li cast hadn’t spoken. They were unclear of the truth and were afraid to jump on a conclusion.

But now things were completely the opposite!

Their Small Mushroom was unconscious in order to save Jiang Kaiyang. Now he threw dirty water on him?

Damn it! There was no villain more disgusting than Jiang Kaiyang!

What was the use of his fans turning away? Jiang Kaiyang didn’t publicly apologize and would just enter the entertainment industry again.

In this half an hour, a large group of Ming Xiaoyu’s fans kept mentioning @Muse Modelling Agency, @Zhao Rui and even @Du Ruo, Wu Yuzhen, Liu Qian…Even Xi Ze’s Weibo appeared a lot.

At the same time, they quarreled with Jiang Kaiyang. They soon opened up the topic of kicking Jiang Kaiyang out of the entertainment industry. After seeing the hot topics, many people hurriedly entered and saw it. They took one glance and immediately accused Jiang Kaiyang.

Ming Xiaoyu saw his fans wanting justice. He slightly bowed his head and didn’t respond.

Xi Ze looked down at him and asked, “I thought you would immediately tell them that you are fine.”

Ming Yu looked the handsome and elegant man next to him and gently sighed. “Your starting point is too high. You haven’t experienced the distress of small models. Previously, Jiang Kaiyang’s fans constantly insulted me and my fans. This caused my fans to suffer insults and they could only swallow their bitterness. Now it is time for my fans to get rid of their shame.”

Ming Xiaoyu paused before earnestly saying, “If I respond immediately, it would seem I was too rushed and the still struggling fangirls would catch the slip and bite at my fans. I need to find an appropriate time and not allow Jiang Kaiyang’s fans to catch any flaws. But I also need to wait until my fans completely occupy the upper hand.”

Xi Ze raised his eyebrows with interest at this analysis and asked, “When is the right time?”

Ming Xiaoyu answered. “Originally, I thought it would be almost an hour. But…” Ming Yu suddenly paused and looked down at his phone screen, sighing heavily. “It is now.”

35 minutes was enough to let Ming Yu see that many fans were worrying about his health. They were very worried about him and also hated those who splashed dirty water on him.

Ming Yu wasn’t Jiang Kaiyang. He couldn’t watch his fans worrying about himself and still remain indifferent. His heart wasn’t yet that ruthless and he felt very distressed towards his fans.

Thus, after 35 minutes, Ming Xiaoyu opened his Weibo and Muse forum and sent a message.

【 Ming Yu: Everybody doesn’t have to worry. My body is very good. The worst thing is probably…my hand [/Smile] [/Picture] 】

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4 years ago

Dear translator….you are awesome man…my waiting just got rewarded😍

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wow!! welcome back and thank you for a lot of chapters 😁

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Our Xiaoyu also knows how to sheme! 😀
Thank you!

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
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the affection between MY and his fans makes me tear up!! so heartwarming! letting them be on the top but also not letting them stew in worry!
usually he’s only friendly and polite to them, this sort of consideration for their feelings/standings is touching!

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Ming Yu’s fans is not the typical fan base who
directly accuse the other party to protect their other. It’s a good example of “Before you start a war, you better know what you’re fighting for”. They willl enter the stage without a proper argument. And their relationship with their idol is so good that they know when to act and don’t so that the idol’s name wouldn’t be tarnished. Fandoms should be like this.

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