RS: Chapter 151

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Chapter 151

Ming Yu and Xi Ze’s photos were naturally announced to the outside world.

Everyone was surprised and wondered, ‘Is the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze so good?’ But almost no one thought that the relationship between these two people wasn’t normal.

It was because as long as Xi Ze was willing, he could walk alone or with someone else on the red carpet. Just like Beckham liked to go on the red carpet with one of his own people, Mr. Xi would go with a friend who happened to be there.

In addition, if there was really something between the two, would they be so obvious under the watchful eyes of the whole world?

It was absolutely impossible!

Ming Yu’s fame was currently a lot worse than Xi Ze. If there was a relationship between the two of them, it must be hidden, not displayed so boldly.

Once some of Ming Yu and Xi Ze’s fans saw these photos, they went crazy.

【 Ahhh, how can my mushroom be so beautiful?!!!  This outfit is so beautiful!!! Small Mushroom is so beautiful it can’t be denied! 】

【 Last time, Small Mushroom participated in the fashion show with platinum tassel earrings. I thought this was the best earrings for him! I didn’t think! This time, the black diamond stud earring is so beautiful!!  The white and tender earlobe, the black earrings, ah…my nose is a little hot and wet. 】

【 Mushroom is as beautiful as a painting! The black diamond earring is picturesque! My husband is as beautiful as a painting =3= 】……

This was the ordinary fans but once we got to the CP fans—

【 Damnnnnn!!  Why do I feel like while God Xi and Ming Xiaoyu are walking, the sky is full of pink! Is there a problem with my vision? 】

 【 Your eyesight is completely wrong! Mushroom and God Xi in the same frame, it is completely pink! Pink bubbles are everywhere 23333 】

【 I feel like God Xi is looking down at Small Mushroom with special eyes, especially… 】

【 LS you aren’t alone! 】 (TL Note: LS= above comment)

【 LS, there is a group of people! 】

【 LS, we are a large group of people!! 】…

But now it was the beginning of the charity party. Most of the media hadn’t released a report, only a few photos were published for these fans to praise.

On the other side, as the opening time of the charity gala approached, there were more and more people sitting at Ming Xiaoyu’s long time. From the top photographers of Muse, top stylist Zhou Weizhuo and other models of Muse, this long table contained almost all the top of Muse.

These people sat together at a table. When Du Ruo walked by, she smiled and laughed at a tall female model. “Chaoman, are you here to attend the RAmer Charity Gala or to attend a Muse dinner?”

Under the crystal chandelier, He Chaoman’s lips curved but she didn’t answer.

He Chaoman was seated on Ming Yu’s left side. Ming Xiaoyu smiled at her before turning to look at his other side—

To his left was his Muse sister, He Chaoman. To his right was ‘far more than a Muse brother’ Xi Ze.

This position was simply a golden throne! It was no wonder that some of the other Muse supermodels were watching him for a long time. They must be so jealous that their eyes were going to fall out.

The RAmer Charity Gala could also be called the RAmer charity dinner. Since it was a dinner, the most important course was naturally eating.

Don’t underestimate this meal. Huaxia was very particular about ‘table knowledge’ and Westerners were also very particular about table manners. At such a dinner party, everyone could enjoy eating while also enjoying the singing and dancing performances.

But if this was really just an ordinary dinner, Mudley wouldn’t have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy an invitation.

Most of the people here had ulterior motives.

For some people, the ability to come to this dinner was a status symbol. For others, as long as they could grasp the opportunities that existed everywhere at this dinner, it wasn’t impossible to make a big comeback.

With this thought, the dinner officially started. Luo Cheng spoke a few words as co-chairman. He arranged a wonderful performance for the guests to watch and then sneaked to the Muse table and sat down.

Luo Cheng said, “Hey~ all of you are eating and not watching? Where else will you get to see Eliane?”

Eliane Chloe was a famous American sweet song queen currently performing on the stage. She looked sweet and beautiful while Luo Cheng was handsome.

At Luo Cheng’s words, everyone’s eyes resentfully returned to the stage. Only He Chaoman didn’t pay attention to Luo Cheng. She kept cutting the steak on her plate carefully. Xi Ze was talking softly with a design master and didn’t notice Luo Cheng’s arrival.

Ming Xiaoyu smiled from where he sat on the opposite side of Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng couldn’t help shrinking back as he asked, “Ming Xiaoyu, looking at me like this…what are you doing?”

Ming Xiaoyu carefully looked at Luo Cheng for a long time before sighing. “It looks like your girlfriend isn’t so fierce today.”.”

Luo Cheng, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

You and Xi Ze are broken! You must break up with Xi Ze!!!

Xiaoyu just seemed to be casually ridiculing him but it made Luo Cheng sorrowful and indignant as he cursed someone 10,000 times in his heart. But Luo Cheng didn’t know that Ming Yu was watching him because he suddenly realized something, not because he wanted to tease Luo Cheng.

Ming Yu’s position really could be described as a golden throne.

The tables at the RAmer Charity Gala were face to face long tables. There were only a dozen long tables in this great hall, one of which was occupied by the people of Muse. On this table, Ming Xiaoyu was really in the best position.

Xi Ze was on his right, He Chaoman to his left and Luo Cheng opposite him.

Putting aside the models, even Zhou Weizhuo looked at Ming Yu with a questioning gaze, making the latter shake his head helplessly.

Since the publication of the world’s supermodels list, Ming Yu was famous throughout Huaxia and even the world. In this venue, there were naturally many jealous red eyes. For example, the supermodels of the same company on this table had a bit of envy as they carefully looked at Ming Yu.

But in order to get an invitation to this charity party, these people must have their own means.

Many of them already knew about the incident outside the venue. They knew that Mudley was unhappy with Ming Yu but was later hit in the face. This meant that even if they felt dissatisfied, they could only hide it deep in their hearts. Some people started to think about how to have a good relationship with Ming Xiaoyu.

Therefore, by the time half the dinner had passed, this table was the strangest.

The people on this table didn’t move around like people from other tables. They had a very internal liveliness as they chatted with each other.

In such a scene, one person came up with a glass of champagne.

At this time, Xi Ze had been called by an old friend in the fashion industry and he ordered his little aunt to take care of Ming Yu. However, He Chaoman didn’t like these types of occasions. She simply spoke a few times before bowing her head and struggling with a fresh and fat abalone.

When Ming Yu heard his name, he subconsciously turned to look and saw Mudley.

The glamorous Hollywood actress had a pale very. Her lipstick was very bright so her face looked paler. She tucked her hair behind her ear. Then she looked at Ming Yu in good faith and smiled. “This time, it is really great that I could walk on the red carpet with you. Ming Yu, you are a gentleman. If you have a chance to come to the United States in the future, you must tell me. I would like to get together with you.”

Mudley’s tone was mild and intimate, as if they were friends for many years.

Since a woman personally came over to give him a drink, it was impossible for Ming Yu to sit and let the other person stand. Don’t think that Ming Xiaoyu pitied her. He just didn’t want others to say that he wasn’t a gentleman.

“Yes, if I remember then I will definitely contact you.”

The youth raised his glass to Mudley’s and then sipped the champagne. He didn’t drink much.

Ming Yu’s words were very profound. He completely ignored Mudleys’s red carpet topic but by saying ‘as long as I remember’, Ming Xiaoyu was making it clear to everyone that he wouldn’t remember.

Mudley’s smile slipped and then she blinked again. Her beautiful eyes seemed to be like spring water. Her voice was deliberately depressed and she spoke very softly. “Ming Yu, I was wrong before. I really didn’t do it intentionally. I hope you don’t put it in your heart. If you are really angry, I will compensate you here. I’m sorry, it is my fault.”

The other person suddenly leaned close, making Ming Yu feel uncomfortable. He retreated a bit. He really didn’t like this rich perfume scent.

When she saw that Ming Yu unexpectedly moved backwards, Mudley became anxious and hurriedly moved closer. “Ming Yu, are you really angry? Don’t put it in your heart. I really didn’t…”

“This lady.”

A soft and calm voice suddenly interrupted Mudley’s next words.

Mudley looked down in surprise. The woman who spoke didn’t turn her head to look at Mudley. Instead, she wiped her fingers with a napkin and said calmly, “Your perfume is too strong. It is disturbing my meal.”

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