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Chapter 115

The capital in July was like a large stove. The hot sunlight shone down from a cloudless sky and the asphalt road was baked as if melted. A white commercial car soon entered the large movie and television city in the suburbs, coming to a steady stop in the parking lot.

An Li might claim to still be in the casting phase, but it was said that negotiations came to an end. Most of the sets and buildings had already been built, waiting for the movie to start shooting.

As Ming Yu and Luo Ru were escorted by a staff member through a darkened building that had a bleak atmosphere, both of them realized that this was the tone of An Li.

The staff member didn’t bring Ming Xiaoyu to meet Director Xu first. Instead, he was taken to the dressing room and asked to put on makeup and clothes.

Ming Yu didn’t bring Sister Zheng. The reason was that Sister Zheng didn’t understand the style of the movie. The makeup artists in the crew were already skill. When it came to just understanding, Sister Zheng would definitely fall below them.

It seemed that the makeup for this character had been designed a long time ago. After waiting for Ming Yu to change clothes, a skilled makeup artist helped him wear the long hair wig, while another makeup artist held a brush and lightly applied makeup.

The two people had a tacit cooperation between them. In just 20 minutes, the youth had been completely reborn and was another person.

Once Ming Yu stood up, Luo Ru was once again caught in the tangled emotions of ‘I’m not bent.’

There was no reason for it but when Sister Luo saw Ming Xiaoyu with long hair, her heart kept thumping. His short hair was clearly not as good!

The character was dressed in red silk. The waist was fastened with a wide gold belt inlaid with several glittering gems. In Ming Yu’s eyes, he could tell that these gems were geniune high-end goods.

The robe was a bit like the one he wore when shooting for Muse Magazine, but it wasn’t exactly the same. Muse’s clothing was relatively loose. According to Master Hill’s instructions, Ming Xiaoyu would occasionally show half his clavicle or even his shoulders when taking the photos. But this robe was very tight. On the other hand, it completely outlined the youth’s good waist line.

The collar had gold threading and the sleeves had a pattern of vines. His long black hair fell like a waterfall and the red mole at the corner of the youth’s eyes attracted everyone’s attention.

Luo Ru and Ming Xiaoyu had been in contact with each other for a long time and was spared some of the result. However, the staff members were paralyzed for a long time. Whispers of ‘It truly looks like him’ and ‘Won’t Director Xu and Elder Qi be satisfied?’ were heard.

The clothes were beautiful but were naturally quite heavy. Fortunately, Ming Xiaoyu was a model and was quite confident in walking and wearing clothes. Therefore, he walked steadily towards the audition room that the staff led him to.

Many movies and dramas didn’t require changing clothes when auditioning. Since Direction Xu gave him this request, there must be a reason. Ming Yu didn’t think much of it as he gently knocked on the door.

After hearing someone tell him to enter, Ming Yu opened the door.

Two cameras were already prepared and aimed at the centre of the room for filming. In the back half of the room, a table and four chairs were placed. Director Xu sat on the second position from the left and looked at Ming Xiaoyu with a serious expression.

Ming Xiaoyu walked to the centre of the room and calmed his nerves. He looked at the four chairs…where three judges were sitting. Yes, a seat next to Director Xu was still empty. Maybe the person was late.

Director Xu was stunned when he saw Ming Yu. Then he said, “Sure enough, your appearance and temperament are very suitable. I have worked with you before on four advertisements and know your acting skills. It isn’t bad but it isn’t sufficient for the role. We have known each other for so long. I hope you can give me a surprise today and not make me delete this role.”

Ming Yu smiled and nodded. “Yes.”

Due to the powerful stars and directing team, this ‘An Li’ was destined to be at least a 2 billion yuan box office movie before it even started shooting. However, even if this movie was too good, these factors weren’t important to Ming Xiaoyu.

His main business was as a model. Many models might cross industries but they wouldn’t say they were actors.

However, Ming Xiaoyu was a person who liked a challenge. He had challenged it several times in his past life and hadn’t developed acting skills. But in this life, his ambitions weren’t completely extinguished. He always thought, ‘Even if I am not an actor, I want to be a person who can act.’

Then after Ming Xiaoyu saw the outline of the movie, he became very interested in it. He knew that the character he was auditioning for could really be deleted. But once it was deleted, it would give the movie one less layer of content. The movie that could be circulated for decades would be reduced to only 10 years.

To summarize, whether it was out of his professionalism or love for the movie, Ming Xiaoyu made the maximum efforts and was desperate to do his best.

Under the bright and dazzling spotlight, a delicate young man in red clothing sat casually on a bench, looking at the leaves in his hands. The green leaves were fresh in his hands, contrasting with the red colour.

There was just a spotlight but they could imagine the scene around the youth.

This must be a lush and dense forest with a gurgling stream in the background. The air would be filled with the scent of flowers. Although this youth was playing with the leaves, he didn’t have any expression in his face. He just looked at the leaves in his hand indifferently, as if he didn’t understand what they were.

A moment passed and he seemed to hear something. He jerked and his hands clenched, crushing the leaves. Then he turned his head. There were no ups and downs on his handsome face that was cold and noble. He said quietly, “Shixiong, Shijie, you have come.” (TL: Senior male fellow student and senior female fellow student)

At this point, the audition was over.

Ming Yu rose from the chair and looked at the three men in front of him.

The atmosphere of the forest that filled the air disappeared in an instant. The noble indifference of the youth who despised everything because a youth who was easy to get close to, making the assistant director and screenwriter stunned and temporarily unable to respond.

Only Director Xu looked at Ming Yu with a complicated expression for a long time before sighing. “Ming Yu, you have worked hard. Your acting is improved since I last saw you. However, you still haven’t placed the essence of the role in your acting. Thank you for the audition. I think I already know the result.”

Ming Yu squeezed his fingers slightly at the result. Then he patiently asked, “Director Xu, can you tell me the parts that aren’t good? I want to correct and hone my acting.”

Xu Yizong looked at the young man in front of him. “Your image is fully in line with this role and your temperament is also consistent. But the moment you open your mouth, you destroy the momentum you have just created and it makes me feel that you aren’t good enough. This type of shortcoming is difficult to see with the naked eye. But once on the big screen, it will be magnified by a few times. Ming Yu, you are a very good model but you aren’t a good actor.”

Director Xu’s words made Ming Yu silent for a moment.

He also knew that if he stood and take a photo of this role, he would be able to score perfect points. But once he was actually moving, there were a few flaws and he couldn’t think of every detail.

Ming Yu couldn’t refute Director Xu’s words. He could only grit his teeth and be determined to work harder.

Ming Xiaoyu bowed deeply and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Director Xu.”

Xu Yizong nodded and signaled that the audition was over.

Ming Yu was turning towards the door when he heard the whispers of the assistant director and screenwriter behind him.

“Director Xu, aren’t your requirements too high? I think Ming Yu passed the audition just now.”

“The role doesn’t have many scenes. We can use montages and some illusory techniques. The thing we need most is an actor who conforms to the image. Acting isn’t our biggest consideration.”

Director Xu shook his heads at the words. “You speak a bit of truth, but…”

“Aren’t we looking for a beautiful vase?”

A loud and clear voice was heard from behind Ming Xiaoyu. The voice was too familiar, making Ming Xiaoyu turn around to look. Then he was surprised when he saw the person that arrived.

The small white-haired old man waved his hand and smiled. He walked over from the other small door towards Ming Xiaoyu instead of sitting down. He pulled Ming Xiaoyu who was about to leave back to the centre of the room.

The old man raised an eyebrow and cried out, “Look at this face, look at this temperament, look at this figure! How is he not Bai Xiu? There is no doubt that Ming Yu is Bai Xiu! Old Xu, don’t defy me. I ask you, how is he not Bai Xiu?”

In front of Qi Deming, Director Xu unexpected twitched and said unwillingly. “He is…”

Elder Qi laughed and said, “That’s okay. Since he is Bai Xiu, it wasn’t a waste of time auditioning him.”

Director Xu immediately retorted. “Elder Qi, your words aren’t right. What does it matter if his image fits? His acting…”

“I talked to you about the acting? What do you want? I watched the video of the audition. It isn’t good but it is passable.  As a director, why do you have to do so much for a supporting role with only 20 scenes? Bai Xiu also only has a few lines. The main thing is his posing and acting as a memory. Isn’t your imagination rich enough?”

“Elder Qi, there are a few scenes…”

“I will shoot it. I guarantee that I can make him Bai Xiu. Is this okay?”

Director Xu suddenly wilted. “Yes.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(⊙口⊙)!!!”

Director Xu? Do you remember how you criticized Tan Jingming a few months ago?

You are the director! The director has the final say in the cast! Didn’t you say you would drive anyone who talked back out of the crew?

How can your temper be so good after encountering Elder Qi?

Being bullied and so afraid…was this the real person? ORZ.

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