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Chapter 102

At the end of May, Huaxia had a strong spring weather and warm winds.

Ming Xiaoyu had just gotten off the plane and experienced the capital’s signature haze when he was caught off guard. This time, Ming Yu and Xi Ze split up after getting off the plane. Xi Ze chose to walk through the VIP path while Ming Xiaoyu headed straight to the ordinary path.

There were two reasons for the separation. First of all, Xi Ze wasn’t really suitable to appear here. It was Huaxia and who knew how many of his fans would be present? Look at his 38.24 million fans on the Muse official website!  The second reason was that they didn’t want to reveal their relationship now. If they went separately, it would avoid suspicion.

However, Ming Xiaoyu had just entered the airport when he saw a group of fans!

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

…Was it too late to go back?

Ming Yu didn’t know how his whereabouts had been leaked. Of course, Luo Ru would sometimes arrange for fans to pick him up at the airport and other activities. But this time, it was impossible for Luo Ru to arrange such a thing. It could only be said that the power of the Internet was endless and his return to Huaxia had been discovered by fans.

However…when did he get so many fans?

The fans saw that Ming Xiaoyu was alone and were surprised for a moment. Under normal circumstances, a public figure would be accompanied by a manager, assistant or bodyguards to prevent any incidents.

Since Ming Xiaoyu had come alone, the fans restrained their feelings of excitement and asked Ming Xiaoyu for a signature. The over-excited fans wanted to get closer, but they were appeased by the rational fans. This allowed Ming Xiaoyu to succeed in breaking through the crowd of fans safely.

Ming Xiaoyu was surprised as he got through. It was rare that his fans were so sensible.

Standing in front of the crowd of fans, the youth bowed down, arousing their excitement. They listened as Ming Yu’s beautiful voice said, “Thank you. I am really happy that you came to meet me. Please pay attention to road safety when returning home.  I am leaving, so you don’t have to send me off anymore. Thank you!”

After that, Ming Xiaoyu turned and left, dragging his suitcase while looking back and waving at the fans.

The excited fans wanted to run after Ming Xiaoyu but were stopped by older fans. Once the enthusiasm slowly subsided, they all excitedly started talking.

“Ahhh, Ming Xiaoyu is becoming more and more beautiful! He smiled at me when giving me a signature!”

“The mushroom also smiled at me! But he didn’t want the gift I have him and asked me not to spend money…”

“Every one of us brought so many things. If Small Mushroom really wants that then we won’t do it!”

“It is true… Ming Xiaoyu is so beautiful! Don’t you think he is more beautiful than before? I feel like his temperament has become fresher and his whole person is tender! I really want to pinch his face!”

“Oh, I also thought Small Mushroom became more beautiful…I thought it was my illusion…”


On the other side, the small mushroom went through many hardships and succeeded in meeting up with the man in the parking lot. Ming Xiaoyu got on the car and sighed with relief. “I can’t believe that my fans found out my flight and came to meet me.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the words. “Zhao Rui isn’t good at maintaining confidentiality?”

Ming Xiaoyu shook his head. “Luo Ru is responsible for these things and I believe in her ability. This time, the mistake should come from somewhere else.” A flash went through Ming Yu’s brain and he asked, “Who did you have change the tickets? We changed our flight itinerary so few people should know about it.”

Xi Ze paused while putting on his seat belt. Then he sighed after a long time. “This is my mistake. Clucas has always been sloppy and I shouldn’t have asked him to do it.”

Then the car pulled out of the parking lot.

Since there was work the next day, Xi Ze sent Ming Yu back to the newly bought house. Then he returned to another house for his work convenience.

Ming Xiaoyu waited until night and was about to go sleep when he realized something. “Eh, this isn’t right. Even if my trip is leaked, why did so many fans come to pick me up? When did I get so many fans?”

…Ming Xiaoyu, Ming Xiaoyu, you are supposed to be smart. How could you be so confused?

The next day, Ming Xiaoyu arrived at the company and learned from Zhao Rui that the total number of fans on his Muse website exceeded 3 million. Of this, only 0.01% were fake fans, so it could be said that almost all of them were true fans. At the same time, Ming Xiaoyu discovered that his Weibo fans had a sudden surge during the time he was in Milan.

What classified as a sudden surge?

Well, it was probably faster than a rocket.

After Luo Ru’s explanation, Ming Xiaoyu knew that there were two incidents after he left Huaxia. The first thing was that New Life broke through one million sales. The second incident was the reality TV show that Ming Xiaoyu took part in previously.

The reality show called Trump Challenge was broadcasting its third season. In each episode, different guests were invited to cooperate with the original guests of the show for a round of challenges. Ming Xiaoyu’s ‘model special’ was the fourth episode in the third season and would be broadcast tomorrow.

The status of ‘Trump’ domestically was beyond doubt. The program might have a script but every challenge was live. If a challenge required going into the mud, they had to go into the mud with no discussion. Therefore, it attracted many viewers and could be called one of the hottest variety shows in Huaxia.

Before the broadcast of every episode, Trump would carry out promotion bombings on their own channel. This time, promos of Ming Xiaoyu’s episode were unveiled nationwide and he got a bunch of fans.

A group of models!

Long legs that seemed to go on forever! Legs that seemed to go up to the neck!

This beautiful group of people were wearing swimming suits to play a water polo game. Just looking at their faces and bodies were good enough!!!

In order to show the program’s explosive point, the team also give Ming Xiaoyu the title of ‘Invincible Challenge King.’ This nickname might seem very arrogant, but the program tried to contrast the invincible state with an image of Ming Xiaoyu as a ‘lonely master sitting at the peak.’

Ming Xiaoyu, “…I’m not lonely at all.”

Luo Ru continued. “In any case, this type of promotion has allowed many people to notice you. According to my estimation, your fan growth this time is probably for three reasons. The first is the MV of New Life and the second is the promotions of ‘Trump’. After tomorrow’s broadcast, your fans will probably surge again. However, I think that the third reason is the most important.”

Ming XIaoyu froze a little bit before asking, “The most important reason?”

Zhao Rui didn’t give Luo Ru a chance to speak as he sighed. “Xiaoyu, couldn’t you take some precautions if you and Xi Ze choose to go out?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Ah?” (⊙口⊙)

Yes, even if his popularity rose from the MV and reality show, it wasn’t easy to achieve more than one million fans on the Muse website within a week. The reason why Zhao Rui knew that there were almost no fake fans among the three million fans was because Shen Xiang deliberately investigated.

The result was that almost all of them were real fans.

Could a reality show and MV cause such good results?

Then all of Muse’s models would run away towards the entertainment industry!

A week ago, a netizen posted a photo with low pixels. This was just a photo of the back, but all fans in Huaxia and the world knew it with once glance.

【What a surprise!!!  God Xi!!! 】

Xi Xe’s height, figure and aura. Even if his face was covered by a mask, all fans could recognize him!

As for the person walking beside Xi Ze, his face was clearly visible. Those who knew Ming Xiaoyu would recognize him instantly.

What was this situation? God Xi and Ming Xiaoyu were friends? They went to Milan together?

With this in mind, everyone recalled that more than half a year ago, an ‘uppity’ teenager went on the Liu Chao’s Super Show’ and said that he wanted to surpass Xi Ze. Unexpectedly, Xi Ze replied on the same day with ‘I will wait for you,’ and followed the youth’s official website account and Weibo!

In the eyes of ordinary fans, God Xi and this small model were friends? Fan fan! Passersby turned to fans!

In the eyes of some fans: wtf!!!  Pink! The sky is pink!!!  Become a fan of that Chinese person!!!

Therefore, at least half of the one million fans that Ming Xiaoyu gained were Xi Ze fans. They were originally members of Muse’s official website, making it simple for them to follow Ming Xiaoyu.

Ming Xiaoyu understood this point and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. He sent the busy man a message: 【 Today, I saw that my Muse official website has unexpectedly gained one million fans in a week. Brother Zhao said that it is because of you. Mr. Xi, am I being sponsored by you? 】

On the other side, Xi Ze was discussing the selection of a fabric with the assistant designer. After seeing this text message, he calmly let the assistant director continue while he walked to the side.

【 Shen Xiang told me this yesterday. This nourishment…Hey, small model that I’ve been raising, how are you going to thank me for this? 】

His phone vibrated and Ming Xiaoyu immediately checked it. He uttered a scornful noise and typed back: 【 The hundreds of thousands of fans, how should I thank you for them? I think a meal should be sufficient. 】

Ming Xiaoyu received an immediate reply from the other person. 【 Oh, then I want to eat mushroom stew, creamy mushroom soup, mushroom fried vegetables…a full mushroom course. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

This beauty who wouldn’t die!!!

As if to prove his own words, despite having a lot of work, Xi Ze crossed the capital and came to Ming Xiaoyu’s house. It was to eat the small mushroom.

In a normal situation, Ming Xiaoyu would be quite happy to do these things. After all, it felt comfortable. But this time, he severely rejected Mr. Xi at the door. Ming Xiaoyu smiled at Xi Ze’s surprised eyes and said, “Mr. Xi, I have to take photos and do an interview with a magazine tomorrow. I have no energy, so you should go.”

Xi Ze frowned at the words. “What magazine is so important?”

Recently, Xi Ze was very busy and hadn’t been paying much attention to Ming Yu’s schedule.

A sly grin appeared on the youth’s face at these words. “You don’t like the magazine?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Push it away. I’ll find you a better one.”

Ming Xiaoyu laughed at the appearance of such a tyrant and said with some disdain, “Better? You want to find a new magazine for me, Mr. Zi? But you should be quite familiar with this one. If I remember correctly…you should own a lot of their shares?”

Xi Ze’s expression swiftly changed.

Ming Xiaoyu gave a low laugh. “This magazine is called Muse.”

Friend is doing better. She’s still in hospital but recovering.

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