RS: Chapter 165

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Chapter 165

Starting from the first day of September, fashion lovers around the world were waiting for the World Supermodels Organization to announce the supermodel rankings. They waited until their eyes were watering, waiting from the 1st to today, the 29th of September!

In the early parts of the month, the fashion lovers were still waiting patiently. By the middle of the month, many people were anxiously asking questions on the official website of the World Supermodels Organization. These doubts turned into questions in late September!

However! You couldn’t find an organization more like a dead body than the World Supermodels Organization!

Go and question them!

They will ignore you!

Go to the place!

They won’t see you!

In any case, there were no replies.

This situation hadn’t happened before. The World Supermodels Organization had announced the supermodels ranking list for the current period in late August. In any case, let’s wait and see. September was September. Wasn’t it impossible to postpone it until October?

—Haha, your sister!!

Wasn’t this too insane? It was postponed to October?

Look at the sincerity of the postponement announcement from the World Supermodels Organization. Forget the majority of fashion lovers, these supermodel fans could tear them apart!

Do you know who was most concerned about the global supermodel rankings?

Do you think it was the fashion industry? The designers, photographers or the luxury brands?

None of them!

Even the supermodels weren’t as concerned about their rankings as their fans.

The world supermodel rankings was a comprehensive list of factors that combined a supermodel’s recent achievements, recent body data and recent performance. The World Supermodels Organization didn’t publicly release the calculated figures but it was enough for the fans to worry about this list.

For example, He Chaoman was pulled down by Du Ruo in the last rankings and became third.

Then He Chaoman’s fans were anxious. ‘Will my family’s female geek defeat Du Ruo this time?’

Du Ruo’s fans were even more anxious. ‘My god! This is the first time the goddess is runner up on the list. She must stabilize her position!’

For the world supermodel rankings, the fans of the top 10 were naturally very concerned. The fans of models who became supermodels in the last period were particularly concerned. There were some fans of models who just became supermodels who paid attention to this list. For example, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans.

They had waited for a whole month and now there was another extension!

Who could they bite? Who could they scold?

This time, the World Supermodels Organization really aroused public anger. The world’s fashion fans and supermodel fans besieged the World Supermodels Organization’s major social networking sites, requiring the World Supermodels Organization to give an explanation!

At first, the World Supermodels Organization acted a dead as before. But the public’s grievances became too terrible, making the World Supermodels Organization stand up and say something—

【 There are still some doubts about the rankings. The members of the organization are negotiating. 】

Fans: That is equal to saying nothing! (/= _ =)/~┴┴ !!!

As the supermodel fans and fashion lovers confronted the World Supermodels Organization, a hot and boring September passed.

Ming Xiaoyu naturally heard about the World Supermodels Organization’s behaviour. He might seem to not care about the list on the surface. But in fact, there were only two people who wouldn’t care. The first was a saint and the second was a chuuni.

The former was indifferent to fame and fortune, with sharp senses—
This had nothing to do with our Small Mushroom ╮(╯_╰)╭.

The latter was heaven and earth, self-conceited— Small Mushroom wouldn’t be so stupid…

Beneath the calm surface, once Ming Yu learnt about the delay in the list, he sighed softly and said nothing. But his heart never forgot it.

After consulting the relevant materials, Luo Ru said, “In the past, the World Supermodels Organization was late several times. But it never showed the behaviour that it has this month. Xiaoyu, what do you think happened this time to delay the list?”

When Luo Ru asked this question, the makeup artist for Dusha was applying makeup on Ming Yu. Recently, Sister Zheng’s child was sick. Duska also wanted to let their makeup artist and stylist do the work. Therefore, Ming YU let Sister Zheng stay behind to look after his child, while he and Luo Ru came to Hong Kong.

At this time, the eye makeup was being applied. Ming Yu slightly squinted at the ground and quietly replied, “Sister Luo, there must be a reason for the World Supermodels Organization delaying the list. Perhaps the members of the organization have objections to the rankings of some supermodels and aren’t unified.”

Once the makeup artist left and any outsiders in the dressing room disappeared, Ming Xiaoyu smiled and winked at Luo Ru. “Sister Luo, I think the World Supermodels Organization probably has some disagreement about my ranking.”

Luo Ru, “…Xiaoyu, I feel like you have a lot of powder on your face. Why do I feel like it is a bit thick ?_?”

It had been more than a year. The relationship between Luo Ru and Ming Yu had become very close. This type of joke wasn’t a big deal. Ming Xiaoyu, who was ridiculed by the other person for having a ‘thick skin’, helplessly spread out his hand. “Perhaps it is the truth?”

Luo Ru made a ‘I have never seen such a brazen person’ expression.

Once the lighting was ready, Ming Yu left the dressing room and officially prepared to film the TV advertisement. Ming Yu and the director of the advertisement had become quite familiar with each other after cooperating for the last few days. The two of them talked about the details of the shooting. Then Ming Yu moved to the middle of four lenses and waited for the filming.

“Good! Begin!”

A brilliant light shone as a handsome young man stepped towards the huge floor to ceiling glass windows, looking down at the magnificent night view of Hong Kong from a high altitude. Numerous lights turned the city into a sea of light. The pupils of the youth’s eyes reflected a few glittering and translucent stars, as if they were a clear pool of water, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

In the lens, it was like the whole world was quiet.

There was an endless prosperity of the world outside the windows, but a lonely figure was standing at the windows.

For most people, their left and right faces were slightly different. This was the basic symmetry and details difference given by nature. That’s why many people found that they looked better from their left/ right when taking photos.

The difference was inevitable even with Ming Yu.

However, unlike other people, Muse’s chief stylist Zhou Weizhuo once said that the boy’s left side was softer and the lines more supple. Meanwhile, his right side was slightly fiercer and had a more arrogant temperament.

This type of subtle difference could only by discovered with Zhou Weizhuo’s eyesight.

Now Ming Yu was showing his left side to the lens as he looked out the window.

In order to match this pure harmless atmosphere, the makeup artist deliberately gave Ming Yu a downward facing eyeliner. Originally, the youth’s eyelashes were quite thick, as if he was born with eyeliner. Now that a line was deliberately drawn, he had a simple and pure atmosphere that caused people’s hearts to shake.

After filming An Li, Ming Yu’s acting had really improved.

It wasn’t possible for him to shoot a big movie with no NGs. But he wouldn’t NG when shooting this type of artistic advertisement.

Ming Yu cleverly captured the lens as he calmly stretched out his left hand, gently drawing on the bright and clean glass.

The youth’s nails were full and round, with a touch of pink. The thin, slender fingers drew a curve on the window. Once everything was done, his lips suddenly curved and a smile bloomed.

This smile caused the loneliness and helplessness to break.

The screen suddenly lit up, as if it was a dark flower that received a new hope!


“Good! Stop!”

Dusha hadn’t invested much in the TV advertisements. After all, it was jewelry and the ‘Life with You’ series. The price was expensive and most people couldn’t buy it. Therefore, they didn’t focus on the TV advertisement.

Once the advertisement shoot was finished, Luo Ru greeted him and handed a bottle of water to Ming Yu.

Ming Yu drank the water while approaching the director. He wasn’t even close when he heard the director excitedly saying, “Good! There are no problems at all! Finished!”

Ming Yu paused when he heard these sentences. Then he continued to walk forward. “Director Wang, it is over…”

That evening, the entire advertisement crew of Dusha had a meal together. At the dinner table, Dusha’s chief jewelry designer Luo Wei specifically came to thank Ming Yu for the posters and TV advertisements. He also gave 10 mushroom bracelets to Ming Yu.

These mushroom bracelets were designed by Ming Xiaoyu in the past few days. But he didn’t expect Luo Wei to be the one who personally designed the bracelets for him. Originally, Ming Yu thought that he should thank the other person and give a reward. But Luo Wei firmly refused.

According to Luo Wei, the cost of these crystal bracelets weren’t very high and he also felt the task was very interesting. Moreover, Ming Yu had advertised Dusha on his Weibo and official website.

Luo Wei was very insistent so Ming Yu didn’t ask any more.

On the plane to Huaxia’s capital, Luo Ru helped Ming Yu download all the entries to the ‘Give you a Small Mushroom’ event so he could watch it on the plane. Of course, this flight was only two hours. Ming Xiaoyu only saw one-fifth of the entries on the plane.

It was noon when they returned to the capital. Luo Ru sent Ming Yu back home and said that he had a break for the next three days. She made him promise to have a good rest and to not work hard.

Of course, his mouth spoke these promises. But in fact, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t put Luo Ru’s words in his heart. He only thought about using these three days to communicate with his fans.

As he had this thought, he arrived at his door.

Once Ming Yu opened the door and entered the house, he didn’t hear it first… cough, he smelt it!

There was the rich scent of vegetables, causing Ming Yu to rush in the direction of the dining room!

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“he didn’t hear it first… cough, he smelt it!” Σ(・口・)
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maryam amirah
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