RS: Chapter 222

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Chapter 222

The formal introduction of Huaxia’s same-sex marriage law caused a certain sensation in the world.

In fact, many countries allowed same-sex marriage fr many years. However, Huaxia hadn’t passed this legislation.

They had been liberated for 200 years but it was really difficult to let the feudal ideas of the first 5,000 years dissipate. Some traditional thinking like ‘men and women working together won’t be tired’ or ‘heterosexuality is attraction, homosexuality is repulsion’ still lasted, rejecting the phenomenon of same-sex love.

Now Huaxia people were more accepting of homosexuality and the legislation passed through the efforts of many people. Decades of hard work with little hope of success were over and same-sex marriage was officially legal from January 1st, 2019.

After the law was established, there was information showing that during the three day holiday at New Year’s, thousands of homosexuals went to the notary office to officially become husband and wife. There were also many celebrities who legally became partners.

After so many people married, the fans of Huaxia’s famous same-sex couples started to wonder when their own CP would marry.

Don’t talk about the famous couples in the entertainment industry, Mr. Xi and Ming Xiaoyu… hey, you abuse single dogs all day, will you get married next time?

The fans were very serious about this matter and discussed it on Weibo and the forums every day. However, Xi Ze and Ming Yu didn’t seem to know about this. They didn’t react much and just focused on their daily life, not evaluating this matter.

The fresh energy of the fans slowly passed.

In any case, the ship would naturally sail. If the two of them really married then who could stop it? The husband and wife could go together while they continued writing stories and drawing images ╮(╯▽╰)╭ .

But the fans didn’t think that they would keep being abused! In New York fashion week, the two of them were bright as they attended fashion shows!

When Ming Yu participated in a show, Xi Ze would watch under the stage and gently clap. When Ming Yu didn’t participate, the two of them would sit together, whispering to each other and laughing.

…Dammit!!  Were they going to fashion week or giving dog food?

At the end of 2018, Ming Yu and Yizhi’s one year contract ended. But the two parties were very happy with each other and Yizhi renewed the contract with Ming Yu. As for how long the contract was renewed for, only the parties involved knew.

At the end of the New York Fashion Week, Ji and Ya held another high-end show in February 2019. This was a female show, with He Chaoman acting as the finale model and Du Ruo acting as the opening model. The two beautiful Huaxia models opened and closed this fashion show, earning global praise.

March arrived and the world supermodel rankings was announced again.

On the men’s list, Xi Ze steadily stayed in first place while Ming Yu was still ranked second. On the female list, Adenes once again got first while Cecilia fell to second. It was difficult to separate these two people, causing a heated discussion in the industry—although Adenes didn’t want her ranking to rise.

In May, a reporter interviewed a member of the World Supermodels Organization and asked him, “The world’s female supermodel rankings is always up and down. This allows us to know that there isn’t much difference in the scores between Cecilia and Adenes. Suppose that Adenes wasn’t transgender, what type of ranking would she get if she was on the male rankings?”

The member of the World Supermodels Organization was an employee of Rosalind. The reporter’s question had nothing to do with the brand he represented so he replied bluntly, “If Adenes returns to the present world male supermodel rankings, she will be forever third.”

The words stirred up a thousand waves!

If Adenes returned to the male rankings, she would be forever third! Third place!

What did this mean? It meant that in the World Supermodels Organization’s calculations, Adenes’ score was definitely worse than Ming Yu. She would be forever third and could go no further!

Once the reporter heard this, he felt that he grabbed big news and continued to solemnly ask, “Can you please tell me more? Is there the possibility of a big change in the top three of the male supermodel rankings?”

This sentence asked about the top three but it was obviously regarding the top two!

According to this member, Adenes would be forever third if she returned to the men’s list. Kelson was in third but he previously had a big gap with Adenes. It was unlikely he would ever become second.

This type of question was a matter of confidentiality but it wasn’t directly about the score. The member thought about it before finally replying, “There is a possibility of a change. The gap between first and second place isn’t small. But considering the speed of progress of the second place, there is the possibility of a change in the coming year. There was a pause before the member added. “OF course, this is taking into account the fact that Xi Ze doesn’t participate in too many activities this year.”

The next day, World Times Entertainment published this interview.

Once fans saw this interview, they could only sigh with regret.

Was Ming Yu really worse than Xi Ze? That wasn’t it. Their performance on the same stage had been seen by people all over the world. Ming Yu wasn’t that inferior to Xi Ze. In the hearts of some people, they felt that Xi Ze’s personal momentum was too aggressive and Ming Yu was the more qualified supermodel.

However, Xi Ze’s talent was too terrible. He was a model and a designer. This was the strength he created himself. Even if people said he was cheating, it was still the fruits of his own success.

The score was there and would always be calculated by the World Supermodels Organization in the rankings. It was why Ming Yu couldn’t exceed Xi Ze for two years. After all, the chief designer and global spokesperson for Ji and Ya was a mountain that couldn’t be surpassed.

Once the article was released, the fans talked about it but their parties involved didn’t comment. It was in April that Muse Magazine suddenly had some news. They would invite the hottest same-sex couple to shoot the cover of the May issue!

These extremely pointed words meant everyone easily guessed who the couple was.

The World Times Interview last month was still vivid. The member interviewed had said ‘as long as Xi Ze didn’t participate in too many activities.’ Now one month later, Xi Ze was appearing on the cover of Muse.

The fans felt helpless and happy at this announcement. It was frustrating if Xi Ze chose to focus on his supermodel career and raised his points even further, making it harder for Ming Yu to surpass him. But it was fortunate that their mushroom pair would be on the cover!!

The public were full of expectations as the new issue of Muse was finally released in mid-May!

The fans received the magazine and there were no words to describe their mood at this moment.

They saw two handsome men that were like gods watching each other silently. The two people were wearing white shirts. The white cloth was wet with water and stuck to the smooth white skin, revealing a hint of a seductive atmosphere.

Their hair was soaked by water, as if they had just emerged from water. Strings of crystal water drops gently stuck their hair together.

Ming Yu’s features were really excellent. In this photo that expressed the beauty of the human body, his light shone even more. He had bright red lips and bright eyes, while his chest was up like he was breathing. This temptation really made people suffocate!

On Ming Yu’s right side, Xi Ze looked down at him.

Xi Ze hadn’t shot a magazine cover for two years but once he appeared on the magazine, people could only sigh and praise him.

The fierce and narrow phoenix eyes could be measured with a millimeters ruler, while his nose were high and his lips slightly thin. The dark eyes looked down at the youth in front of him. It was silent but endless love passed between the eyes, leaving people breathless.

The water soaked their clothes, exposing the beautiful curves of the collarbone and neck.

This cover with a close up of their two people, only revealing from the shoulders upwards. It was obviously a dialogue without language. In this photo, the youth was like an angel about to fly away, beautiful and pure. Meanwhile, the man was a domineering demon pulling the wings of the angel, not letting him escape.

The close-up revealed that there wasn’t too much makeup, only highlighted the faces of the two people.

But this was completely enough!

Just their faces alone was enough to make the group of fans lick the cover! Lick two, lick three copies!

The sales of Muse had the biggest outbreak since its creation! The first day’s sales was 180,000, the second day—


The world’s first and second ranked supermodel were a couple and now they appeared on a magazine cover for the first time. This might be their first cooperation or it might be their only cooperation!

This was really memorable. Whether it was the composition angle or visual angle, everything was a masterpiece! The cover was so beautiful that everyone must buy and buy it!

In the midst of the frenzied buying, June arrived.

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