RS: Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

The author didn’t want to mention it again, but everyone knew that the boundary between the fashion and entertainment industries had always been blurred. It was difficult to completely separate them. Like now, Ming Yu was a model but he starred in a MV. There were also few rare times when a big name in fashion would invite a celebrity to walk on the catwalk.

However, even though the dividing line between the two industries wasn’t clear, there were still some differences in the fan groups on both sides.

Zhu Kejia’s fans were mostly concerned about the entertainment industry. Zhu Kejia was a late bloomer. She was 33 years old now, but she became famous at 28 when she started as female number two in an ancient drama. Her Weibo had more than 7 million fans and she could only be regarded as a second or third-tier actress. However, the effect of the ancient drama was very good and Zhu Kejia liked making funny posts on her Weibo, so her impact on the Internet was still good.

This evening, Zhu Kejia suddenly made a photo microblog and a group of people were suddenly heated up.

…Do you think these entertainment fans didn’t know who Ming Yu was?

It was impossible!

Ming Xiaoyu had appeared on the hot searches several times!

The reason for their excitement was firstly, the ‘Small Mushroom’ nickname! Secondly, Ming Yu and Zhu Kejia took a photo together. Did this mean that Ming Yu was about to enter the entertainment industry and was cooperating with Zhu Kejia?

It was estimated that the production of the CX Entertainment MV would take a month to complete and the album would release in two months. The company temporarily didn’t release too much marketing and the contents of the MV were extremely secretive. Therefore, fans didn’t know that Ming Yu or Zhu Kejia had filmed this MV.

Now on Zhu Kejia’s Weibo, everyone was divinded into two major factions.

【 What is Small Mushroom? I am confused and stupefied! 】

【 I don’t want to tell you how happy I am to eat a small mushroom. Ming Xiaoyu is recently busy and hasn’t posted a selfie in a long time. Let’s lick the small mushroom ~~】

【 Sister Jia is really beautiful! Ming Xiaoyu is also beautiful! But Sister Jia, what does this Small Mushroom mean? Ah, I’m so curious. I won’t be able to sleep tonight if you don’t say it. _(:3∠)_】…

【 Sister Jia and Ming Xiaoyu are cooperating? Is Sister Jia working with Ming XIaoyu?!!! 】

【 In the end, who can tell me? Is Sister Jia shooting a magazine cover or is Ming Xiaoyu filming a movie? Ahhhhh! Sister Jia and Ming Xiaoyu! I have to know! I don’t believe they’re just friends! Say it! Who is crossing into which industry? 】

【 Based on visuals, Sister Jia is sufficient to shoot a magazine cover, xd. I don’t know which magazine… 】……

As the online fans were buzzing with excitement, Ming Yu and Zhu Kejia were eating. The amount… in fact, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t gobble down a lot of food. As a model, although Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t fat, he couldn’t eat a lot. Otherwise, who knew how much exercise would be needed to turn the fat into muscle?

Before seeing Zhu Kejia, Ming Yu really couldn’t believe that a female in the entertainment industry could eat so much!

As a northeastern person, Zhu Kejia ate big pieces of meat and took a large sip of alcohol, leaving Ming Xiaoyu very surprised. When compared to Zhu Kejia, he looked very dignified (?)…

After the meal, some people proposed to go karaoke. However, Ming Yu was a minor (…yes, Ming Xiaoyu used this reason to block numerous attempts at making him drink wine) and decided to return home.

Many people left the hotel first, while Ming Yu put on a coat and prepared to leave. Just as he was about to leave, Zhu Kejia walked over and asked, “Small Mushroom. A lot of people on my Weibo are asking why you are a small mushroom. Is it okay if I directly reply to them?”

Small Mushroom MIng Yu, “…Sister Zhu, you act very freely.”

The beautiful woman laughed and nodded, “Well then, I got your consent Little Mushroom.”

Small Mushroom Ming Yu, “…”

After the day that Ming Yu and Zhu Kejia joked around, Zhu Kejia started calling him ‘Small Mushroom.’ The name wasn’t harsh and wasn’t too intimate. Therefore, Ming Yu didn’t stop it and let Zhu Kejia call him that. Even when Zhu Kejia made the post, he didn’t react and silently gave permission.

Ming Yu sat quietly in his car and turned to look out the window for a long time. Then he suddenly remembered something and picked up his phone, opening up his Weibo. The first thing he did was forward Zhu Kejia’s post with the message: 【 Sister Zhu is a flower [/flower] [/flower] [/flower]. 】

After it was done, MIng Yu opened Zhu Kejia’s Weibo to see how people were commenting. But Ming Yu had just opened Zhu Kejia’s Weibo when he saw that she had made a new post.

【 Zhu Kejia: Some people asked why I called him Small Mushroom? Haha, isn’t this a small mushroom~ [/photo]

Ming Yu, “……(/=_=)/~┴┴”

He shouldn’t have agreed!!! His glorious image was being destroyed by Sister Zhu!

Zhu Kejia’s new post had a ‘small mushroom squatting in the corner’ photo. The photo was very good. The light was properly handle, the angle chosen was appropriate, it had an accurate focal length without any blurs, and the photographed face of Small Mushroom was beautiful!

Ming Yu didn’t know that Zhu Kejia had photographed him, he just thought that she would explain it as ‘Ming Yu likes squatting in a corner when thinking.’ He never imagined that Sister Zhu would candidly photograph him!!

Good trust!

Good love!

Was this how you love your Small Mushroom?

Compared to Ming Yu’s shame, the response of the fans was much warmer.

【 Ahhhhhh cute cute, meng meng! Sister will kiss the small mushroom! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu… No! What is Small Mushroom painting in the corner? It is a curse circle? 】

【 Selling mushrooms in front, selling mushrooms in front, don’t miss out! 】

【 Give me a bunch of mushrooms!! 】


That evening, setting aside the excited fans on Weibo, even the fans on the forums were excited about this ‘Small Mushroom Squatting Corner.’ There were even some sisters who painted Ming Xiaoyu as a pudgy white mushroom, causing the fans to shout out ‘meng’ and ‘cute’!

Ming Xiaoyu never expected this destruction of his manliness. Many fans praised this unexpected image and his colleagues were calling him Small Mushroom. Forget Zhu Kejia, even Zhao Rui said with a smile, “This photo is really good!”

Ming Yu, “…”

How is it good?

With this sad and indignant mentality, Ming Yu wrapped a white scarf around himself whenever he went out, creating an ‘ashamed to see people’ appearance.

…Later on, should he not squat in a corner when thinking about the plot?

Well, it was a pleasant decision.

However, it wasn’t long before Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help squatting like a mushroom in a corner.

The last time Ming Yu came to ‘Character’ to take photos was six months ago. At that time, he had taken photos were Wu Yuzhen, Liu Qian and Zhu Wei, and their section was the most popular one in that issue.

This time, Ming Yu completed the make-up and was ready to shoot the cover when he actually saw a familiar figure.

The two people were surprised when they saw each other. Then Ming Yu nodded gently and Zhu Wei nodded back with a wry smile He didn’t say anything as he entered the dressing room.

In the past half a year, Ming Yu and Zhu Wei’s positions had changed.

When shooting for Fashion Entertainment, Zhu Wei was the main model while Ming Yu just got a two inch photo. Now Ming Yu had been invited to shoot the cover of Character, while Zhu Wei was just a small model.

Competition in the fashion industry was cruel. Without strength or opportunities, you would never climb up.

After waiting until Ming Yu and Sister Zheng left the range of the dressing room and into the studio, Zhu Wei carefully left the dressing room and headed to the public studio with the other models.

Zhu Wei looked at Ming Yu’s back without hatred or jealousy. There was only a trace of envy but before long, it was his turn to take photos.

Unlike the previous shooting, Ming Yu didn’t shoot photos immediately after entering the studio. Instead, he communicated with the photographer for a long time. Character was a rising star among the first-tier magazines, its momentum getting better and better in recent years, even surpassing many veteran first-tier magazines. Therefore, the cover couldn’t be freely shot.

Ming Yu talked with the photographer to exchange views about the theme, as well as to communicate how to express the theme.

Character had invited the famous Chinese fashion magazine photographer, Tao Qin. There were many female photographers in the industry, but compared with male photographers, there were a lot less. Tao Qin was a leader among female photographers. Her photos won several prestigious awards in the industry and she could be described as famous.

Tao Qin had an unusual way of thinking for a photographer. She was young and also creative and unique, so Ming Yu couldn’t help talking to her for a long time. They didn’t take any photos and Sister Zheng had to touch up the makeup.

Tao Qin showed Ming Yu the prepared props and said, “This time, Character wants to go with an orthodox luxury style. Ming Yu, my idea is to take a photo in the aristocratic elegant style, leaning towards Britain. The colours of the photo will be brighter, and you should try and show a proud and disdainful atmosphere.”

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Chibi ~Stalking Since 2009

> His glorious image was being destroyed by Sister Zhu!<
…….. lil mush, your image was destroyed the moment you did that cooking post…..

6 years ago

Thank you for the update and your hard work 😄.

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I don’t I would like to be called a mushroom! 😀
Great chapter, thank you!

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hahaha what an apt nickname..can’t help but recall little mushroom who’s loved by everyone from HDS (heroic death system) 😍

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YDoan Thi Nguyen
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What happened to Cheng Su?

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I can’t grasp what’s inside that silly brain of yours, little fish. You’re unconsciously delivering meng to everyone around you. It’s not because of Sister Zhu Kejia, you’re the family’s cutest model