RS: Chapter 139

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Chapter 139

Jiayi was a famous first-tier luxury brand.

Unlike Feilu, which was also a first-tier brand, Jiayi focused on clothing. In particular, its menswear fashion shows were excellent. Every year, it attracted countless people in the fashion industry to watch the shows and had a very high influence in the world.

It was definitely a top resource for Cheng Su to become the finale model of Jiayi’s spring and summer 2017 fashion show.

However, what about Ming Yu who appeared on the supermodels list at the same time and even suppressed Cheng Su?

Many people didn’t understand why Ming Xiaoyu didn’t choose any international big brands as his debut show after becoming a supermodel. At the very least, he should choose a second-tier one! Yet Ming Xiaoyu unexpectedly chose the spring and fashion show of Fei Sixin’s original brand ‘Sixin!’

Fei Sixin’s fame in the industry was very good and she was considered by many to be the most outstanding new designer in recent years. But ‘Sixin’ was still a brand that just started. No one knew the level and no one could evaluate the fashion show.

If this fashion show was successful, ‘Sixin’ might become a popular fashion brand. If it was unanimously denied by the industry, Sixin could only be a small brand and it would be difficult to rise.

This was a big challenge for any model. Ming Yu choosing to be the finale model of Sixin’s first show was undoubtedly a risky gamble.

If it was victorious, both Sixin and Ming Yu would receive endless applause. If it failed, both of them would fall into the dust.

In addition to the media magazines that were passionate about gossip, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were sweating for him.

Some people thought that Ming Xiaoyu should choose a big first-tier or even a top-class brand for his supermodel debut. However, some people believed in Ming Xiaoyu’s strength and also his vision. He must be absolutely certain to choose this.

For example, Ming Yu appeared as the cover of the Huaxia first-tier magazine, Shangxi. First, many fans and magazine readers held the thick magazine and felt that the youth on the cover was really cold and elegant. Then in Ming Xiaoyu’s interview with the magazine, he mentioned—

[I am a person who likes to try things. An unchanging life is too boring. Therefore, I sometimes choose different lifestyles and make some minor changes. For example, drinking soup with chopsticks or eating it with a fork. They are failed attemps but they are also very interesting.  Thus, this time I chose a first show that is different from other supermodels. It isn’t a first or top tier brand. I quite like Sister Xin’s style. She is very bold. I want to wait until the fashion show is out but this will certainly become a successful attempt.]

Using chopsticks to drink soup. Ming Xiaoyu, are you serious?_?

Cough, getting back to the point, Ming Xiaoyu’s interview showed that he wasn’t a person who went the usual way.

In addition, a model who walked the ordinary road would still be struggling. He wouldn’t have achieved countless amazing results in one year. Ming Xiaoyu became a world-famous supermodel with his well-deserved ability.

The fans saw that their mushroom was so confident when choosing Sixin as his first show and didn’t have any fears. The fans naturally had to support their idol. By the way, they should buy more copies of Shangxi!!!

1,000 copies of this magazine issue were purchased by a reader who didn’t want to be named and it kept the house well-sticked.

1000 copies! What a huge number!

However, the reader who didn’t want to be named was very low-key. He bought a special house for his collection and didn’t let others know. But at this time, there was a new high-profile fan who showed off their magazines!

Other people would find some petal or jewelry and open the phone’s filter when taking photos of their magazine in order to make it beautiful. But this fan didn’t take the usual road.

Their photo was overwhelming full of magazines, magazines everywhere!

【What a surprise!!!  How many magazines are there? There is at least 100 copies right?!】  

【 Goddess Xiao Xiao, do you work for the department of items collections? Ths type is like a university~ (doge) 】  

【 Ahhh, Goddess!!! This must be 1,000 copies! It is definitely a visual feast! Oh my, the goddess’ house is so big! 】

Yes, you guessed right.

This new fan called ‘Xiao Xiao Yu Yu’ had already frightened people to death!

The whole room was filled with Shangxi magazines! From the end of the wall to the other end! From the ground to the ceiling!

This was terrible! Absolutely!

As for why she was called a goddess, it was because Xiao Xiao Yu Yu showed her right hand in the photo. The fingers were long, slender and white. It made countless people bow down to the goddess’ hand and was difficult to escape.

【 What a beautiful hand ahhhhh! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu’s hands are more beautiful but Xiao Xiao’s hands are also beautiful!! 】…

Xiao Biqing who saw these comments, “o(*≧▽≦)ツ~!”

Ming Xiaoyu who saw this photo, ““……(⊙口⊙)?!”

Xi Ze who saw this incident, “……(/= _ =)/~┴┴”

Xi Ze was on the other side of the ocean and it was impossible to go back to the capital and show the fans his ‘special room for Small Mushroom.’ Thus, he could only call Ding Bo and tell him to do it.

Once Ding Bo heard Xi Ze’s words, his expression immediately became, “(╬▔皿▔)”
He said in an exasperated manner, “How can you show the magazines you boiught on the Internet? If it okay for you if someone discovers your identity, but what about Ming Yu? You shouldn’t only think of yourself. You should think about Ming Yu too!”

Thanks to Ding Bo’s steadfast refusal, it was impossible for Xi Ze to show his collection and prove who was the true ‘real invincible true love tyrant fan’ of Ming Yu.

The man on the other side of the ocean could only watch the fans and think secretly in his heart, ‘This is called true love? In order to collect Small Mushroom’s things, I deliberately bought a house!’

In the two weeks that Xi Ze stayed in the United States, the discussion sparked by the new supermodels list slowly faded.

The five new supermodels started their own work. Three of them had already completed their supermodel debut show. Now Cheng Su and Ming Yu were about to have their debuts.

Cheng Su’s Jiayi spring and summer fashion show was one day earlier than Ming Xiaoyu’s fashion show.

That evening, Ming Yu received Feilu’s invitation and attended the Jiayu fashion show.

Many editors and reporters were surprised when they saw Ming Yu. Recently, Ming Yu had always been mentioned with Cheng Su. After all, both of them were Huaxia’s new supermodels. It was difficult to avoid comparisons.

A large number of media reporters rushed towards him for questions and photos.

In front of the cameras, the handsome young man dressed in a dark grey suit calmly answered their questions one by one. A thin white tie fell nature, the only bright colour in his outfit.

It was currently September and Ming Xiaoyu’s hair that was cut six months ago had grown to his chin. This time, he didn’t immediately cut his hair. Instead, he fixed his black hair back with hairspray and clipped his hair behind his right ear with an invisible clip, revealing a red diamond earring.

The black mole under the right eye was in perfect harmony with this red stud earring. The overall style was obviously formal but it gave off a handsome charm when worn by this youth.

The young man had a beautiful face and answered the reporters’ questions with clear answers, making his calm and graceful smile more irresitible. Once Ming Yu entered the venue, the reporters discovered that they were all controlled by this young man and his calm aura.

The Jiayi fashion show was naturally very good. In particular, Cheng Su’s outfit of a light silver jacket made even Ming Yu look at him with a touch of appreciation.

But it was just a smile and there were no other feelings.

In Ming Yu’s eyes, Cheng Su was qualified to reach the 80th place on the supermodel rankings. However, it would be hard to climb up from there.

And even if he could enter the supermodel rankings, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t want him there and made plans to block it. There were too many reasons and Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t explain it. But if he had to say one sentence, it would be ‘It isn’t bad for me so why not?’

Under such circumstances, Cheng Su used his outstanding performance to deliver an excellent supermodel debut.

That same evening, many media outlets reported on the fashion show. Some people even used ‘surprisingly brilliant’ to describe Cheng Su’s performance.

In this regard, Ming Xiaoyu just laughed.

The next night, countless designers, photographers, editors and reporters gathered in one of the venues of the capital and waited for Sixin’s first fashion show.

At the same time, they were looking forward to this. The new supermodel who surpassed Cheng Su, what type of attitude would he show in his supermodel debut?

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