RS: Chapter 98

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Chapter 98

After a moment, Ming Yu couldn’t help asking, “Who told you this? Brother Zhao? That is impossible, he wouldn’t dare say such things to you. Sister Luo is even more impossible, she knows discretion.”

Xi Ze looked at the youth sitting beside him and said, “It looks like this matter is true.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…#$#$#$!!!”

He was bluffing!

The handsome man in the driver’s seat frowned and said with a sigh, “You made me be laughed at by that old man for a whole day. Until a few days ago, he was always making fun of me, hurting my fragile young mind. I am very hurt, Small Mushroom. What should I do?”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

After all this time, couldn’t Xi Ze forget about this mushroom thing? And calling himself fragile and young? He was actually hurt?

Forget Luo Cheng, not even Zhao Rui would believe it!  (Luo Cheng and Zhao Rui: Hey!)

Ming Yu’s mouth twitched as he looked at the man’s expression of ‘I am very hurt and very sad.’ He tried to maintain his calm expression as he gritted out, “I, don’t, believe, Old, Fei, would, dare, laugh, at, you!”

Xi Ze’s speed slowed down as he entered an urban area. Then he sighed and shook his head, “He did. He said to me, “Xi Ze, you unexpectedly didn’t bring toilet paper with you. This joke, I can laugh about it for a year.’ I still remember his words and can recite them.” Xi Ze acted injured while saying this.

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

If Old Fei really said this then he was a mushroom!!

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t blinded by this man. He made a cold face and his mouth had a hint of a sneer. He said solemnly, “Since you admit that I’m the owner of the house, then Xi Xiaoze, the first rule of the family is: Don’t deceive the owner of the house’.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “Xi Xiaoze?” (TL: Similar to Ming Yu being called Ming Xiaoyu. Xiao=small/young)

Ming Xiaoyu glanced at him. “That isn’t the important point. Today, in this car, the first family rule of this house is born.”

Xi Ze thought for a moment before asking, “You said that I can’t deceive the owner of the house. Does that mean I can take liberties with you?”

Ming Xiaoyu disagreed. “Definitely not! =皿=!!!”

Xi Ze smiled and didn’t answer. Some things, there was no need to come to a conclusion so quickly. He would count slowly with his small mushroom and slowly convince him.

In the tranquil dark night, the lights of London were bustling and lively. A red Ferrari quickly passed through the crowd and disappeared into the cool night, not being seen any longer.

The next day, they were waiting to fly to Milan when Ming Xiaoyu suddenly remembered a crucial question. “Do you have a house in Milan?”

“I have one.”

Ming Xiaoyu nodded before remembering something else. “Are there two bedrooms so I can stay in one?”

Xi Ze’s lips quietly curved and he stared at the youth for a long time, not saying anything.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t feel uncomfortable by this. He just asked again, “I don’t need to sleep with you?”

Xi Ze’s eyes widened and he looked shocked. “How could you sleep with me?”

The small mushroom who couldn’t respond for a moment, “…Ah?”

“In case you are planning something, rest assured, my bedroom is locked.”


A bad soul, a bad man!!!

Even if he regretted it now, the rice had already been cooked. Ming Xiaoyu had to get on a plane with this man and they flew through the clouds for an hour. Then the plane slowly landed at Linate Airport in Milan.

The two people arrived at noon and hadn’t even made it out of the airport yet when Xi Ze’s phone rang. He picked up the phone and an excited voice was heard, “Hey! Xi! Where are you? Did you arrive? Come out here!”

The voice was so excited that it broke through the limits of the phone. Even Ming Yu could get a rough idea of the words.

Do you know what it felt like for two handsome men to suddenly appear at the airport?

It was a visual feast!

The shorter man had exquisite facial features and was a very handsome Asian. The man next to him also attracted countless people’s attention. It was because they already discovered that this was Xi Ze!

Milan, Italy’s second-largest city, was no less famous than the capital of Rome. In this world, one of the four major fashion weeks was held in Milan. The other three were Huaxia, Paris and New York. This city was failed as the ‘fashion capital’ by the world. Almost all citizens had a keen sense of fashion and knew a lot of news about the industry.

Models were the darling of the fashion industry.

And Xi Ze was the world’s first ranked male supermodel!

Not to mention, he was the designer of the top luxury brand, Ji and Ya!

For a time, the curious eyes of the airport’s tourists focused on Xi Ze’s body. This also made them notice the young man standing next to Xi Ze. Who was he? He stood with Xi Ze like they were familiar with each other?

Once the airport calmed down a little bit, Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze found the excited man who made the phone call.

The other party took the initiative to run up and grab Xi Ze’s luggage. Then he observed Ming Xiaoyu with curious eyes before saying happily, “Xi, this is your lover? What a beautiful oriental doll!”

Oriental doll Ming Xiaoyu, “….”
It was better if he was called small mushroom.

To be honest, Ming Yu knew that Xi Ze’s friend was Clucas Vogels the assistant designer of Italy’s top luxury brand Garcia.

Ming Yu recognized Clucas through his golden hair.

This Mr. Clucas had a traditional Western face. He was blond, blue-eyed, had deep facial features and was as handsome as a statue. His height was also good, so he had the qualities to be a model.

Unfortunately, when Clucas shook his tail over Xi Ze, Ming Xiaoyu understood why a man in such good condition didn’t want to be a model.

…His temperament was really not good enough!

By the time Ming Yu reached the car, he knew that Clucas and Xi Ze were like fellow apprentices of a sect. From another point of view, Clucas worshipped Xi Ze as an idol.

A long, long time ago, Xi Ze and Clucas studied designing under the same master. Afterwards, whenever the two people participated in a design competition together, Clucas never won once. Sometimes, he couldn’t even get second place. Xi Ze was always safely in the first position.

If this was the case, shouldn’t he start feeling envy and have nasty thoughts about Xi Ze?

Absolutely not Clucas!

Clucas sighed while driving the car. “Ming, you know, when I heard my old friend say he had a lover, I really couldn’t believe it! This remarkable person, for one hundred years…no, it would be a rare sight in one thousand years! He actually likes someone? But when I saw you, I understood–”

“You are as outstanding as he is!”

The thick-skinned Ming Xiaoyu accepted the praise. “Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Clucas…”

“Oh no no no, you must call me Clucas, Ming. I was stunned when I saw you from a distance! You are really worthy of Xi Ze. I’m honoured to invite you to the studio. I’m so happy today!”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

As Clucas kept talking excitedly, Ming Yu sighed deeply and whispered in XI Ze’s eyes, “Has Mr. Clucas always been so enthusiastic?”

Xi Ze looked at the youth and gave a low laugh. “He is always a little warm to me, but not so enthusiastic. Today, I am covered by your light.”

This type of low-level honeyed words, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t believe it.  The both of them didn’t intend to concede. Ming Xiaoyu wanted to kill this man’s prestige, while Xi Ze wasn’t a gentleman. He simply liked flirting with this small mushroom.

In the quiet car, Clucas found that no one was replying to his words. He looked at them through the rearview mirror and said emotionally, “Their feelings are really too good!”

The black Cadillac drove from Linate Airport for half an hour before parking in front of a two-storey building. The magnificent arched gate was nearly five metres high and immediately attracted Ming Yu’s eyes. Once he looked forward, there were dozens of T-shaped pillars holding the ivory coloured building in place. It was a majestic and extraordinary sight.

Ming Yu had been to many studios of top luxury brands in the past and had seen the creation of high-end clothing. But compared with his previous memories, Garcia had an orderly and harmonious atmosphere. There was a unique vigor in the air that made Ming Yu gradually feel curious.

It was early in the morning, so Clucas chose to bring Xi Ze and Ming Yu to his own studio to temporarily put down the luggage. As soon as Ming Yu entered the studio, he found several graffiti-like designs on the wall and looked at them with interest.

Clucas explained with a smile, “This is something I drew in order to find inspiration. Unfortunately, I failed.”

Ming Xiaoyu shook his head. “Now, it is drawn very well and is creative.”

Ming Xiaoyu spoke the truth. He might not be a designer but he had seen many clothing. Clucas’ designs were slightly rough, but there was a unique style hidden in them that quietly emitted a noble and elegant atmosphere.

Clucas hurriedly shook his head at these words, “I am far worse than Xi.  Oh yes, I’ll show you around Ming.”

That afternoon, Clucas took Ming Yu and Xi Ze around Garcia’s studio. On the tailor’s work table, there were countless glittering gems as well as gold and silver thread. On the designer’s work table, there was a variety of design manuscript paper and strong coffee.

It was clearly a few months away from a high-end fashion show. But everyone was clearly guarding their position, striving every minute to design or sew gorgeous clothing.

Behind every fashion show, there was the sweat and painstaking effort of countless people. Each gemstone had to be sewn on without any difference, while the direction of the brush strokes determined the future of the clothing.

The trio watched for an afternoon. It was mainly Ming Yu carefully observing while Xi Ze and Clucas accompanied him.

Xi Ze smiled as he saw the youth’s serious focus. The next time Clucas had an opportunity to chat with Xi Ze, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Xi, it has been so long since I’ve seen you and you’ve become so gentle. I really can’t believe it.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. “I am gentle?”

Clucas earnestly nodded. “Yes, you have become too gentle… well, I can’t see it. Anyway, you are very gentle.”

Xi Ze made an “Oh,” sound and didn’t say anything else.

The first day of the visit ended Ming Yu’s curiosity. The next day, Xi Ze didn’t take him around. Instead, he was directly lead to a VIP room in Garcia where a beautiful set of clothing could be seen.

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The toilet paper joke! 🤣 XZ does love to tease the Small Mushroom! But he conceded MY is the home owner — so MY is the boss?!

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Forget Luo Cheng, not even Zhao Rui would believe it!
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