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Chapter 100

In the quiet entrance, the lights hadn’t yet been turned on. Only the silent moonlight cast shadows, brightening the youth’s face. Under the dim light, the youth’s beauty was like a painter had drawn him. But the dangerous aura around him made him seem fearsome and powerful.

After Ming Yu’s words, Xi Ze’s eyes widened with surprise and he couldn’t open his mouth.

For a time, silence spread out over the narrow entrance.

At the same time, it was early morning in Huaxia, which was half a globe away. A new record appeared in this country.

Ignore the fact that the author stopped at such an evil part. Looking back before the official release of the New Life album, no one would’ve thought that it would be the first album of 2017 to break one million sales in Huaxia.

Yes, it already broke one million sales.

When CX Entertainment planned this album, they expected 60~800,000 sales. But today, it exceeded the one million mark with overwhelming momentum in just four and a half weeks!

This speed was simple shocking!

Once one million sales were officially reached, CX Entertainment posted a congratulatory banner on the official website and the singer himself thanked his fans on his Weibo. At the same time, CX Entertainment launched an activity: Share your New Life.

At the beginning of the event, countless fans immediately shared the albums they bought.

【 This is really pleasant to hear! Very nice! Buy, buy, buy!! 】

【 The song is very good and Ming Xiaoyu is really beautiful…but how can he be so poor. qaq 】

【 Who wrote this script? Making my small mushroom so miserable. I will kill the writer!!! 】…

After the official release of the album, numerous fans bought the album for the first time. Then they finally understood why in the previous promotional video, Ming Yu was covered in blood and pale.

【 This is like killing with a thousand knives. Actually doing such a thing to a small child!!!  Hey hey hey, my small mushroom, don’t cry, don’t cry…Ah, you are still crying. Then older sister will give you something =3= 】

【…Saying that is too much. This is just a storyline orz. 】

【 Do you really think there are no such perverts in the world? So disgusting, so nasty, so heinous! I think this album isn’t just about ‘new life.’ He hopes that we can notice the darkness hidden in society. We must resist the scum of this society! 】

【 I think that the girl above is a little excited but…she is right!!! 】

【 The pale face of my family’s small mushroom, I don’t dare think there are such people in reality! Resist!! 】……

Some of the fans’ views of the plot were a bit too extreme, but their words weren’t wrong. Of course, this could also be seen from another angle. The MV shooting quality was so good that viewers got into the mood and entered the protagonist’s state of mind.

【 ZhaoZiyangmango: The music composition is excellent, the MV is exquisite, it is natural that this album will have one million sales. However, I am more focused on the MV content of the song New Life. This MV has a dark theme. The actor should have an antisocial personality, that is, a ruthless personality. Many people think that this role should be easy, but they are wrong. This personality that doesn’t treat people as people, he is too cold-blooded that he doesn’t know how the human heart beats. Ming Yu is very good. In particular, the scene where he stabbed the man in the heart with a knife was so cruel that I was shocked. Stamp: The acting progress is very big, a lot better than the lemonade ads. 】

【 Orange Cheng: From the perspective of a professional writer, I think this MV script still has some gaps. The plot development is too fast and when dealing with the plot, the conflict isn’t enough. I think that the most successful part of this MV is the people. Zhu Kejia’s acting has always been good. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Ming Yu. I saw the lemonade ad and really thought he had no acting skills. But in this MV, Ming Yu successfully played the role of a murderous, cold-blooded, anti-social killer. You should pay attention to his eyes. The look that he is above all of us, it seems to say that we are all animals…cough, that’s what it feels like anyway. 】

…In fact, from a certain point of view, Miss Orange guessed right.

Why was that? Spicy chicken, I mean, everyone at the scene was a spicy chicken.

Well, that’s it.

Once one million sales were reached, CX Entertainment’s PR director personally called Zhao Rui and thanked him for the free publicity for the album. He said that if there was a good opportunity for cooperation in the future, CX would definitely think about this friendship.

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Rui expressed emotionally, “I didn’t expect Xiaoyu to be so good. He bought the album not just to contribute to the sales, but to send it to people. This album could be used as a gift as well as have a promotional effect. It is really killing two birds with one stone.”

Luo Ru was arranging some information on the side. When she heard this, she smiled and said, “Yes Brother Zhao. The fashion and entertainment industries might have overlapping fans, but there are a lot of people who don’t cross over. Xiaoyu has fans in the fashion industry and got an enthusiastic response.”

Zhao Rui nodded in agreement. After a moment, he suddenly had a thought. “Oh yes, of all the people Xiaoyu sent the album to, Duo Ru seems to be the most popular? Duo Ru posted the album on her Weibo and made many of her fans curious enough to buy it.”

Luo Ru paused in the middle of organizing the information. Then she turned to Zhao Rui and smiled. “Brother Zhao, I’m afraid that you are wrong. Everyone who received the album posted it on their Weibos, the official forums or even the public forums. There is one person…you know him. Not only did he post it on his Weibo, he also promoted it on his own Muse official fan forum.”

A name flashed through Zhao Rui’s mind at these words. However, he was still somewhat uncertain. When New Life was released, Zhao Rui was busy dealing with the situation on the Nidelan side and didn’t follow up on the event. He really didn’t know who Ming Yu gave the albums to.

Zhao Rui gulped and asked, “The Muse’s fan forums…? There shouldn’t be a lot of fans. Who is it?”

Luo Ru gave a heavy sigh. “At present, he has 38 million fans. It is Xi Ze.”

Zhao Rui, “!!!!”

The quality of the Muse official website was much better than Weibo and other forums. First of all, 100 terrible questions must be answered in the beginning. Those who passed were either true fans of Muse or their hand speed was extremely fast as they searched Baidu. Secondly, after joining Muse, they had to pay membership fees every year. The fee was divided equally every day and didn’t seem like much, but it was still a lump sum.

Zhao Rui sucked in a breath at these words. “Xiaoyu…he actually moved Xi Ze?”

Luo Ru stared quietly at Zhao Rui and nodded.

At this moment, even Zhao Rui couldn’t help having a strange feeling.

—Didn’t the relationship between these two people seem a bit too good?

They didn’t know that at this moment, the two people whose relationship seemed too good were standing in a dimly lit hallway and looking at each other silently.

The height difference of nearly 10cm meant that Ming Yu had to look up at the man in front of him. However, height didn’t determine momentum. At least for Xi Ze, the young man in front of him was using a powerful aura to silence and dominate him. This made Xi Ze become solemn.

Sure enough, this was his muse.

The sentence flashed through Xi Ze’s mind.

At the time, it was a bit of fun. But once he saw that his small mushroom was really angry, Xi Ze couldn’t help feeling distressed. He ignored the stinging sensation from being bitten on the lips and slowly spoke, “You say…who am I?”

The man’s low voice was magnetic and his lips curved slightly with a hint of teasing. At the same time, Xi Ze gradually started to control the atmosphere, no longer letting the youth blindly dominate him.

Ming Yu let out a low hum. “Who do you want to be?”

This low hum was like a fuse. Xi Ze pressed his fingers together and tried to control the heat rushing downwards. However, his dark eyes became even darker. He suppressed the agitation in his voice and whispered, “You are still young.”

Ming Yu only slightly heard it. “What?”

Xi Ze looked into the youth’s eyes. “You are still too young. I intended to wait for a longer period of time.”

How could Ming Yu not understand this?

He finally knew why this man would stop every time they were kissing.

His age was too young?”

The young man’s eyes narrowed and he spoke provocatively, “I am still young, but Xi Ze…you are 26 years old.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ming Yu raised his head and kissed the man’s lips. This time, Xi Ze didn’t give Ming Yu a chance to seize the power. Instead, he seized it by grabbing the young man’s waist and pressing him firmly against the wall. Xi Ze leaned down and kissed him hard.

The kiss was violent and crazy. Xi Ze’s tongue raged through every corner of the mouth, sucking the sweet body fluid. Bright and ambiguous silver strings slid down from the corner of the lips of the two people kissing, sliding down and drawing a line of temptation on the youth’s jaw.

The kiss was overbearing. Ming Yu might’ve been well prepared from the beginning, but he couldn’t help feeling dizzy from the man’s kiss. At the beginning, he was still thinking of control. By the end, he was already immersed in the kiss and unable to extricate himself. The other person’s lips and tongue stirred him, causing sweet words to be hissed out.

Once the kiss was over, the two of them touched their foreheads together and gasped.

Xi Ze’s dark eyes were full of endless desires. He spoke in a dumb voice, “I don’t have any other relationship with Chaoman.”

Ming Yu smiled as he calmed his breathing. “I know that you and she can’t have a relationship.”

Xi Ze’s words of explanation were temporarily swallowed down after hearing this.

With one hand against the wall and the other around his lover’s waist, Xi Ze stared at the youth in front of him. The latter had red cheeks, bright eyes and a touch of moisture on his lips. He looked like an elf from a fairy tale.

After carefully watching for a long time, Xi Ze’s eyes became deeper and darker, a terrible storm brewing in them. Finally, the moment that lust overcame reason, Xi Ze leaned over and lightly touched the youth’s lips, whispering, “Ming Yu, this is what you forced me to do.”

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