RS: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

This time, Character invited a total of four new models. Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian were naturally the best in the last two years, while Zhu Wei’s achievements weren’t bad. Ming Yu was slightly shocked that Character would invite Zhu Wei, but he quickly accepted it.

It was estimated to be a combination of his own strength and the recommendation of others that Character invited Zhu Wei.

After a brief moment of surprise, Ming Yu calmly greeted Zhu Wei as if they never had friction with each other. Ming Yu acted generously, but Zhu Wei didn’t appreciate it. He just gave a cold hum before turning around and ignoring Ming Yu.

This made Zhao Rui furious and he fiercely stared at Zhu Wei. Ming Yu was dumbfounded, causing him to speak a few words to appease his broker. Then he finally said, “Shouldn’t we be going to make-up?”

This morning was spent testing out make-up and styling.

As Huaxia’s first-tier magazine, Character naturally invited more photographers than Brother Luo. For example, this afternoon’s indoor photos was from a long-established master of photography. His sensitivity for colours was very high, so under his guidance, the photos would be colourful and complex.

Zhu Wei ignored Ming Yu, but that didn’t prevent Ming Yu from forming good relations with Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian.

Wu Yuzhen was a really handsome male model. He was only 19 years old, but his height was over 190cm, the tallest among the four of them. He didn’t have an aversion to Ming Yu. After a few conversations, the two of them exchanged contact information as well as their microblogs.

Liu Qian had a feminine appearance. From a certain perspective, he looked more feminine than the original owner of Ming Yu’s body. At first, Liu Qian was a big aloof. However, after shooting for an hour, he became familiar with Ming Yu was well.

Zhu Wei seemed to have found himself on the outside of this circle. He could only watch as Ming Yu and Wu Yuzhen talked cheerfully, with even the relatively cold Liu Qian speaking from time to time.

The more Zhu Wei looked at the scene, the more resentful he felt.

Ming Yu later saw his cold face and once again took the initiative to be friendly. But Zhu Wei showed extreme disdain and didn’t want to integrate into their circle.

Wu Yuzhen looked at Zhu Wei’s back and frowned. “This Zhu Wei… he seems to have a bad temper?”

Liu Qian sneered, “He is loathsome and thinks he is above us.”

Ming Yu smiled and didn’t add anything to the evaluation.

This was a shoot involving four people. The number of shots wasn’t low, but the opportunity for a solo shoot was small. The photographers divided Wu Yuzhen and Ming Yu into one group, Liu Qian and Zhu Wei in the other group, and both shoots took place at the same time. There was even an occasion where Ming Yu, Liu Qian and Zhu Wei shot together. Zhu Wei tried to suppress his temper and successfully completed the shoot. However, he immediately left after it was finished.

Ming Yu wasn’t angry that he left, but Liu Qian’s temper wasn’t small. He exclaimed angrily, “He wants to abandon both of us?”

Ming Yu hesitated for a moment between ‘rubbing salt in the wound’ or ‘rescuing a person from the well’, before eventually deciding to be a good person.

The handsome young man smiled and explained. “It is probably me that he dislikes, not you.”

Liu Qian showed even more disdain at this explanation. “What reason does he have to dislike you? You have the same contract as Wu Yuzhen and I, but his was reduced by 20%. You don’t dislike him, but he dares to dislike you? Geez, there really are weird people every year.”

Ming Yu, “…”

Was it really okay to speak the truth in such a straightforward way…

They might not get along with Zhu Wei, but the first day of the shoot was completed smoothly. The indoor photos were taken properly. However, the weather hadn’t been good recently. Brother Luo was responsible for the outdoor filming and he had high requirements for lighting. Therefore, the outdoor photos could only be taken a few days later.

After spending the day together, Ming Yu had some understanding of his peers. Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian’s strength naturally went without saying. The former was in complete control of his unique style. Meanwhile, the latter still needed to manage his mentality and temper, but his strength was undisputed.

From Ming Yu’s point of view, these two people would inevitably become domestic first-tier models within the next three years.

As for Zhu Wei…

“What is with Zhu Wei today? You didn’t provoke him and even spoke nicely at him. However, he doesn’t appreciate it and always gives you that cold expression! Ming Yu, don’t take care of him the next time you take a photo together! Even if he has the deputy editor of Fashion Entertainment behind him, compared to Muse, she is just a slag!”

Zhao Rui snorted as he said the word ‘slag’ and strongly hit the steering wheel twice.

Ming Yu smiled indifferently and calmly said, “Brother Zhao, you have to drive well. I still cherish my life.”

Zhao Rui didn’t care about Ming Yu’s words as he kept speaking self-righteously. “Ah right, he didn’t show you any face, then Muse won’t give him any face. Even if the company isn’t paying attention to you now, I believe they will certainly value you when this issue of Fashion Entertain is published. If not, they will definitely notice you when Character is published!”

Ming Yu couldn’t help laughing at Zhao Rui’s passionate appearance and agreed. “Yes yes, they will notice me sooner or later. Ming Yu paused and continued, “But Brother Zhao, do you have no confidence in me? Why do we need to wait for the issue of Character?”

Zhao Rui nodded imposingly. “That’s right! You will get noticed as soon as Fashion Entertainment is published! The way the clothing looks on your body and your atmosphere when taking the photos was enough to make you recognized by Master Fei. You can definitely set off a storm!”

Storm… Ming Yu didn’t know what he would set off, but it was clear the next day. Half a day after Fashion Entertainment was published, forget about the readers and fans. Ming Yu looked through the magazine for a long time and only found himself in a remote corner.

Ming Yu, “…”

Zhao Rui: “(╯‵口′)╯︵┻━┻”

“What do they mean by doing this? Why is your photo in this place and why is it so small?”

Zhao Rui was so angry that he wanted to storm towards Fashion Entertainment’s headquarters and bring out the person responsible!

Compared to him, Ming Yu was much calmer. His eyes swept through the full six pages of various photos before finally falling on his own page.

On this page of the magazine, Ming Yu’s image was reduced to a 2-inch photo, and it was also placed in the obscure bottom left corner. Meanwhile, Zhu Wei’s photo directly occupied half a magazine page in the middle of the issue. This was truly ‘having support from the sky.’

The more Zhao Rui saw the magazine, the angrier he became. He couldn’t help standing up and shouting, “No, I am going to Fashion Entertainment to speak to them! When the contract was signed, your status wasn’t worse than Zhu Wei’s. Why can he have such a good position when yours is so small? I have to look for the company’s public relations department to make them give a statement! Denounce Fashion Entertainment!”

Zhao Rui was still rational and didn’t rush to Fashion Entertainment alone. Since he wanted to use the company’s PR department, Ming Yu didn’t stop him. He just waited for the company to give an official statement.

But as Zhao Rui said before, Muse was a supermodel company with hundreds of models under them and this was just ‘Ming Yu.’ It wasn’t enough to make them really oppose Fashion Entertainment. Therefore, after negotiating with Fashion Entertainment, the company got some benefits and promised to give Ming Yu a job that wasn’t inferior to Fashion Entertainment.

This time, Zhao Rui was no longer angry. He just sneered at the words.

The company promised to give him a good job so he was already compensated. He also understood that Ming Yu’s position was no better than a new model entering the company so the company not directly ignoring him was already considered fair. However…

Was Zhu Wei so important that Fashion Entertainment even dared risk offending Muse?

Zhao Rui signed. “Well, this result is already considered good. It is a lot better than I expected.”

Ming Yu slightly narrowed his eyes. “Brother Zhao, do you think so?”

Zhao Rui was surprised by the words and unconsciously asked, “Eh? Ming Yu, the job with the new magazine will be very good. I think it is much better than Fashion Entertainment!”

Under the bright lights, the handsome face looked like it was covered in a layer of silver and he showed off a remarkable calm atmosphere. Ming Yu smiled with slightly darkened eyes. “But I think… this is something that can’t be accepted!”

That afternoon, Ming Yu called several numbers in his contacts and relayed his request in a gentle tone. Zhao Rui looked at him with worshipful eyes. That night, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., many people wrote on their microblogs in a period of just two hours.

Some of these people only had tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. But once they released similar content at the same time, they attracted the attention of many fans of Fashion Entertainment. The most interesting one was Sister Lin’s microblog.

【 Lin Qi Linda: The magazine was published yesterday, so I can finally be reckless! This time, there really were a lot of beautiful men and women that I refined with make-up. Photos show the truth, so I will release the images! [/Love] [/Love] [/Love] 】

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5 chapters at one time and so quickly? Translator-nim, take mercy on us!
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Jace Yuan
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