RS: Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

“In fact, I think it is really hard to show his mentality.”

The youth’s pleasant voice was heard. Zhu Kejia was still slightly shocked and couldn’t respond. Was this why he was squatting in a corner? There was a helpless smile on the handsome and clear face of the mushroom youth. Ming Yu explained, “He has suffered too much damage in the world and his eyes are full of hatred. The ones walking the streets aren’t human, or he thinks there is no different between humans and animals. But he spared the female teacher at his last murder.”

Zhu Kejia thought for a moment before replying, “It is because the female teacher looks very similar to the doctor who helped ease his psychological pressure.”

She had just finished speaking when Ming Yu suddenly raised his eyes and asked, “But for him, wasn’t the female doctor a human? If she is a human then isn’t she a beast?”

Zhu Kejia was suddenly speechless.

“Sister Zhu, the script gave him an antisocial personality disorder, a ruthless personality. He despises all humans and doesn’t even think of himself as a living creature. So why did he let the female teacher go?”

Zhu Kejia’s mouth opened, but looking at the youth’s sincere eyes, she couldn’t come up with rebuttal.

Finally, Ming Yu spread open his hands and summarized, “Then Sister Zhu, he must not have a complete antisocial personality. For example, why does he have to rip off the genitals before he kills?”

Zhu Kejia finally found something to refute. “It is because he was r*ped by his stepfather as a child, so he hates every man in his 40s…” Zhu Kejia’s voice trailed off as she found her own mistake.

Ming Yu helplessly waved his hands. “Sister Zhu, did you also find it?  Since he thinks that everyone is equal, they are all animals, then why pick middle aged men in their 40s? Why rip off their genitals?”

Zhu Kejia, “%#$#$#$!!!”

Her worldview was messed up.

Ming Yu sighed. “Sister Zhu, this bug in the script, it is really misleading me!”

Zhu Kejia was also confused for a long time. Finally, Ming Yu stood up and the two people headed to the parking lot with their respective assistants.

Zhu Kejia had completely accepted the youth’s words and decided to later look in some psychology books in order to expand the role. Suddenly, Ming Yu opened his mouth and called out, “Sister Zhu.”

Zhu Kejia looked at Ming Yu with surprise, causing him to smile. “Just now, I was speaking casually. Sister Zhu, don’t put it in your heart. I don’t have an antisocial personality disorder so I don’t understand why he is thinking. Maybe in his heart, he is thinking ‘this 40 year old man is particularly ugly. Wouldn’t it be interesting to tear off that thing?’”

Zhu Kejia. “… (/=_=)/~┴┴”

Ming Xiaoyu, come over, I promise not to kill you!!!

You little child, why are you like a sesame bun? Truly bad ahh!


Ming Xiaoyu might’ve had a serious discussion with Sister Zhu about the true meaning of the script yesterday, but to be honest, understanding the story didn’t mean that he could really act it out.

Huaxia culture in this world was very open, they were able to accept some more…stimulating things. For example, the script that Ming Yu received for this MV was actually very simple. But if it was studied too deeply, it would make people have a sense of repression.

Why did a young boy commit these serial killings?

Why did he choose men in their 40s and why make them suffer before their deaths?

Why did he let the female teacher go, even risking his arrest?


The boy was born in the slums of the city. This place was dirty and messy. The elderly didn’t go to hospital when they were sick and skinny children were abandoned. The houses here were unlocked before there was nothing worth stealing. Some walls were just wooden boards with cracks that easily allowed a person to freely access the place.

When this boy was seen, it was hard to believe he lived in such a place.

The water was muddy and the thin arms seemed like they were break at any moment.

The youth living here wouldn’t have a good childhood, but how could it be so bad?

Once the female teacher learned about his background from the police, she was silent for some time and didn’t know how to react. She was a teacher and cherished every student. But when this youth was a child, who cherished him?

His mother remarried and frequent beat him. His stepfather got drunk and repeatedly r*ped him.

How many more sad and pitiful people were there in the shadowy places of these glittering cities?

It wasn’t until the mother and stepfather died in a car accident that the youth escaped from their clutches. However, he changed since then. People who didn’t understand would say, “This child is really cold-blooded. He doesn’t have any expression despite his parents’ deaths.” But the psychologist knew: this child was injured.

Thus, the psychologist who looked like the female teacher took the initiative to reach out to the youth and gave him three years of free psychological counseling. The more contact the psychologist had, the more anxious she became. It was because she gradually discovered that this body had antisocial tendencies.

He could indifferently watch a puppy lying in the middle of the road and not rescue it, only watching as it died. He apathetically looked at car accident victims dying and only gave one answer when he was asked. It was, “That person isn’t alive. There is no need to save him.”

Perhaps the psychologist had the chance to pull the boy back from the cliff, but her accidental death closed this last window for the youth. From then on, the sky was only filled with dark clouds and he was flooded with memories of the abuse.

Have you ever seen a kite with a broken line?

Even if you got it back and connected a new line, it was no longer the original one.

It was dirty, broken, contaminated with dust.

Thus, he walked in this land like a zombie until he saw a middle-aged man who wanted to r*pe him. The young man silently stopped, picking up a weapon and inserting the steel rod into the other person’s heart.

It felt like the world abruptly changed the moment that blood flowed out.

Some people’s births were a mistake. Every day, the youth ate grainy rice, dressed in old clothes thrown away by others, immersed himself in the gloomy memories of the past and stared blankly at this group of things called humans.

The teenager had known, since the first time his stepfather rped him. The disgusting man moved on top of him, torturing his body with that hideous, nasty thing. At the time, his mother came and she looked at him being rped by his stepfather in dismay. Her finally choice was… turning away.

She looked at him with disgust and turned away.

Do you know the feeling of a kite that had its line abruptly cut?

He drifted away and never came back.


Zhao Rui and Luo Ru were really lucky that when the female teacher learnt of the youth’s past, it was montage technique, an illusionary flash, so Ming Yu didn’t have to act. Huaxia might be open but they couldn’t blatantly film such a horrible scene!

Zhao Rui and Luo Ru: As long as this difficult part isn’t performed by Ming Yu, it is very good!

However, even though this scene wasn’t performed by Ming Yu, he had to act out another scene with a higher degree of difficulty! It was just one scene, but it made Zhao Rui and Luo Ru very worried. Only Sister Zheng had no experience with his acting, stating, “The image is very close to Ming Yu. Didn’t he also perform well before? I’m sure he can do it.”

Luo Ru couldn’t help covering her face, while Zhao Rui had a blood expression as he said, “Sister Zheng, you are too naive…”

The naive Sister Zheng, “….”

After seeing Ming Yu act in front of the camera, Sister Zheng realized that her past self really was too naive!  She thought that Ming Yu’s previous 10 NGs were really terrible and was perhaps an anomaly. But once Ming Yu continuously NG 19 times, and was able to break into the 20s, Sister Zheng couldn’t help joining Zhao Rui and Luo Ru in covering their faces.

Zhao Rui, Luo Ru and Sister Zheng, “=皿=”

Ming Xiaoyu finally NG for the 20th time! Luo Ru sighed softly and tried to comfort them. “Forget it. At least Xiaoyu’s acting has progressed. His efforts during this period of time weren’t in vain. This scene is really difficult. The director also knows it so he won’t blame Xiaoyu.”

…How could he not blame Ming Yu?

The director was so angry that he didn’t know what to say.

The difficulty of this scene was a little higher but wasn’t it 20 continuous NGs? It was 20!   Not two times, not ten times!

It seemed like it was impossible to shoot this scene today and the time was also late. Therefore, the director arranged for the last three scenes to be shot tomorrow.

Before leaving, the serious Ming Yu found the writer to discuss the plot and wrote a lot of notes. On the way to Ming Yu’s house, he turned on the light in the rear and carefully studied the notes.

Zhao Rui looked at Ming Yu carefully in the rearview mirror and sighed. “Xiaoyu, you’re not part of the entertainment industry. This is a difficult scene so you couldn’t do well, but you can handle some of the simpler scenes. If we pick a movie, we will find something simple.”

Luo Ru nodded in agreement.

But to their surprise, Ming Yu put down the notebook, looked up at Zhao Rui and replied calmly, “Brother Zhao, Sister Luo, when I was in training, Brother Yuan said something that impressed me. He said that even if I am a vase when it comes to acting, I have to be the best vase.  I’m not taking the path of an actor, but as long as I have a script, I will be sorry if I can’t act it out.”

The youth’s words caused Zhao Rui and Luo Ru to stare at Ming Yu for a long time with astonishment.

A moment later, Zhao Rui cried out emotionally. “Xiaoyu, I didn’t expect you to have such great ambition and ideals! You’re right! You must do your best! We have to work hard and not give in!”

“Brother Zhao, you seem a little…too excited?”

The excited Zhao Rui, “No! I am not excited. I thoroughly understand that you are a positive and passionate person! I misunderstood you before! In fact, you are willing to help others and sweat every moment when making an effort!”

Ming Yu, “…”
Wait a minute, why did this seem wrong?

“Xiaoyu! If you need anything in the future, tell me. I will do my best to explain it to you. I will work with you to complete your goal. Later, you can act well…”

Ming Yu, “…”

This wasn’t right!

For the sake of the audience, he really didn’t want to be a serious actor!!

On the way home, Zhao Ri was overly excited, the anime X swirling above his head. Ming Yu didn’t let Zhao Rui be disappointed. Once home, he carefully pondered the plot and even looked at some family ethics… ah, don’t be mistake, it was family ethics movies.

The more Ming Yu thought about it, the more pained he was by the contradictions. His sober mind was becoming dizzy.

The moment he was feeling extremely confused… The doorbell suddenly rang. Ming Yu was surprised for a moment, before getting up and opening the door.

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unicorn squad
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