RS: Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

Fei Sixin had experienced many ups and downs in the industry for the past three or four years. It was right to create her brand at this time. Talented designers like her generally had two paths. The first was to establish their own brand, while the second was to become the designer of a luxury brand studio.

The first path might seem full of thorns, but it was necessary to climb on their own. In fact, everyone knew that the second path wasn’t simple.

There were many good luxury brands around the world, but there were more talented designers!

There were few top luxury brands, while it wasn’t easy for ordinary designers to enter the first-tier luxury brands. In a situation where there were a group of wolves, competition between them was fierce and cruel.

Those with extraordinary talents like Xi Ze, who chose to design for themselves, were a minority.

Throughout the day, Ming Xiaoyu helped Fei Sixin and Old Fei entertain many guests along with another supermodel. Then he walked in a fashion show wearing an outfit designed by Fei Sixin.

Unexpectedly, Fei Sixin arranged Ming Yu to be the finale model instead of the supermodel. Once the youthful figure appeared in the spotlight, everyone immediately stared at him and the sound of the cameras could be heard.

Fei Sixin’s theme this evening was youth and coolness. Ming Xiaoyu didn’t often wear these types of clothes. But it was precisely because he didn’t wear it often that the reporters, designers and photographers in the audience were amazed.

The youth’s short hair was fixed to the left side of his face with an invisible clip. He wore a black and white hat on his head that was outlined with yellow thread.

The simple and handsome denim suit was very suitable for Ming Yu. The jeans exposed a section of the youth’s feet covered by a pair of black and white sneakers. It was very youthful.

The best thing about this outfit was the irregular fringing on the right sleeve. The light blue fringe hung from the youth’s forearm. It created a beautiful silhouette as his arms moved while walking.

Fei Sixin’s design style had always been meticulous and mellow. It was focused on creativity and small details. Her unique feminine thinking allowed the men’s clothing to have a simple charm, which contrasted with the steady hard lines of male designers.

The applause of the audience was heard the moment Ming Yu stood still.

Amidst the heated applause, the youth turned calmly and walked back down the stage. His footsteps didn’t stop the praise. Staring at his figure, they thought he deserved warmer applause!

The opening ceremony of Fei Sixin’s brand was completed successfully.

That night, Ming Xiaoyu refused Master Fei’s invitation in order to go home and pack. The next day, he would be following the An Li cast to H City to start the month-long filming. Recharging his batteries before going was absolutely necessary.

Ming Xiaoyu might not have any talent in cooking but he did a good job with packing. Every piece of clothing was carefully curled, folded and placed in the suitcase so that it didn’t take too much space.

If a certain man saw the scene in front of him, he would issue one sentimental sentence—

Really very virtuous.

As he was packing, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly stopped his actions as he remembered the man who was still on the other side of the world. He sighed as he put down his clothes. Then he picked up the phone and sent a text message.

The strange thing was that 20 minutes passed after Ming Yu sent the message and he didn’t get a reply.

Ming Yu was very surprised and thought that Xi Ze had something so important that he was unable to send a message back. He put the matterbehind him and continued to pack his things.

Once Ming Yu packed two suitcases, he placed them against the wall and rested for a moment. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ringing.

Ming Yu was astonished and stepped towards the door. Once he saw the man outside the door through the peephole, he didn’t hesitate and quickly opened the door.

“How did you come bac…”

The youth’s voice was drowned out by the man’s embrace.

Ming Xiaoyu only froze for a moment. Then he raised his hand, comfortably touching the man’s back while pulling the door closed. After touching each other for a while, the two people ended the hug. Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow and asked, “You don’t seem like a person who would act like a newlywed. What happened, Xi Ze…what…?”

Ming Xiaoyu’s voice abruptly stopped the moment he saw the man’s face.

Ming Yu had seen Xi Ze’s face countless times. He could imagine the appearance even with his eyes closed. Ming Xiaoyu was a model who pursued beauty. He deeply believed that Xi Ze’s face was the epitome of beauty. Now that perfect face actually had a purple bruise on it!

A purple bruise!

A bruise!


Who was it?

Who dared hurt the face of the world’s first supermodel?

Do you know how many fans were obsessed with this face?

Forget about the fans. Once Ming Xiaoyu saw the purple bruise on Xi Ze’s face, he was angered and thought, ‘Your mother, who would dare destroy his face’ followed by ‘Poor Xi Ze, this is my boyfriend. I’m so distressed…’

The youth’s face changed too quickly. The man’s eyes narrowed as he immediately understood what was going through his small mushroom’s mind. Xi Ze coughed softly and said, “What are you thinking? Are you feeling bad for me or are you wondering who hit me?”

Ming Xiaoyu immediately looked up. “(⊙口⊙)!!!”

How did he know?

Xi Ze’s face suddenly darkened. “…”

After a moment, he gritted his teeth. “You should choose to feel bad for me first.”

Ming Xiaoyu hesitated for a moment before nodded. “Does it hurt?”

“…There is no pain.”

The corners of Ming Yu’s mouth curved downwards as he asked, “Can you tell me now, who exactly gave you the black panda eye? I don’t think anyone in this world would dare hit you, or that a person who hit you can still be living in this world.”

Xi Ze raised his eyebrow with a hint of interest. “Oh? Keep talking.”

Ming Xiaoyu smiled and calmly explained, “According to my analysis, there are only two types of people in this world who would be safe after hitting you. The first one is your parents, my parents-in-law.”

Xi Ze didn’t reply after hearing this.

Ming Xiaoyu continued. “The other person is me.” Ming Xiaoyu clapped his hands and sighed deeply. “Since I didn’t have a chance to hit you, how did you offend my parents-in-law?”

The two men held hands as they walked into the house.

Since Ming Xiaoyu moved into the house, Xi Ze came here to live whenever he had a chance. He forgot about his house that occupied the whole floor above. At first, the extremely jealous Ming Xiaoyu would say, “Why are you going up, Mr. Xi?”

Later on, he acquiesced to the man staying overnight. After all, it was quite cool~

Xi Ze’s right eye might be bruised but it couldn’t cover up his good-looking face. The narrow phoenix eyes stared deeply at the youth. “This wasn’t done by someone else.”

Ming Xiaoyu immediately exclaimed, “You fell yourself?”

While saying this, Ming Xiaoyu had a ‘I can’t see it. You are actually someone who could do such a stupid thing’ and ‘it is quite artistic, like a giant panda’ expression as he looked at the man next to him.

Xi Ze, “…●_?”

The youth burst out laughing. Xi Ze chose to block the young man’s lips in a decisive manner, stopping the laughter. After all, they haven’t seen each other for a long time and should act like newlyweds. A moment passed before Ming Yu held the man’s waist and responded enthusiastically.

They kissed and kissed. Xi Ze chose to follow the previous program and move to the bed.

Who knew that this time, they were only halfway there when Ming Xiaoyu pushed him away, saying breathlessly, “Not today.”

Xi Ze’s eyes narrowed slightly as he controlled the lust in his body. He asked, “Is it because you have to go film tomorrow?”

The youth’s face stiffened and he quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, that is the reason.”

Xi Ze, “…●_?”

But Ming Xiaoyu, your expression was saying that it wasn’t the case…

You seem to be saying, ‘Oh my god, this looks too funny. I can’t bear to look…’

Seeing that Xi Ze seemed to perceive his true thoughts, Ming Yu immediately raised his hand and said sincerely, “I am thinking about you. This time, I originally said I would be above. After seeing that you are hurt…cough, since you are hurt like this, I will let you rest well…”

Another kiss sealed the youth’s words.

This evening, Xi Ze had just returned from France and was probably tired. The two people lay in bed, their ten fingers held tightly together as they talked. For example, Xi Ze should’ve originally come back the day after tomorrow. He deliberately returned two days earlier to meet his small mushroom. Another example was about the role Ming Xioayu was playing this time and how he interpreted it.

Was there a saying?

People in love would drink water until full.

This time, it was really affectionate. They just talked and felt warm in their heart. Apart from…

Xi Ze asked, “Why aren’t you turning your head to look at me when speaking?”

Ming Xiaoyu sneered, “…Cough, today’s horoscope said it is better for me to sleep lying flat down.”

He said this, but at the end of the night, Ming Xiaoyu took the initiative to lean over and plant a good night kiss on Mr. Xi’s lips. It was accompanied by a low whisper and Mr. Xi was finally satisfied after returning to Huaxia.

[It is good to see you before I go.]

Ming Xiaoyu said this rather than saying he would do his best.

The next morning, Ming Yu bid farewell to Xi Ze and carried his suitcases down the stairs. At noon, a large passenger plane flew through the clouds at high speed and landed at H City’s airport after two hours.

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