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Chapter 77

The sound of fabric rubbing against each other was heard in the quiet room.

Presumably because of the fever, the youth’s slightly dry lips were very hot. Once the lips rubbed over his cheeks, the temperature was so hot that Xi Ze froze, allowing Ming Yu to drag him into his arms.

…Don’t ask why Ming Xiaoyu suddenly had so much strength after not exercising for a few days.

At this moment, Xi Ze’s entire upper body was dragged down by the youth and he lay parallel on the bed in the youth’s arms, making him slightly… at a loss.

Ming Yu’s left hand was gently resting on his waist, while the right hand was sliding over his shoulder. It moved upwards and upwards, until it finally rested on Xi Ze’s hair and gently…kneaded?

Yes, it was rubbing it twice!

The action was like comforting a small animal!

It was a type of gently rubbing, kneading twice, then rubbing again repetition.

Xi Ze, “…”

Xi Ze was silent and felt flustered by the youth’s strange actions, but he didn’t struggle. His face was pressed tightly against the boy’s hot cheeks, the warm breath from the other’s mouth blowing out gently against his ears.

This ambiguous distance made Xi Ze’s heartbeat accelerate. He vaguely felt blood rushing towards the lower part of his body, especially when the youth twitched and turned slightly, rubbing his lips against Xi Ze’s face.

The dark eyes became deeper. In a way that Ming Yu couldn’t see (Ming Xiaoyu didn’t have his eyes open), Xi Ze closed his eyes helplessly. Then he slowly reached out and hugged the young man beneath him. He embraced the other person’s waist tightly and slowly raised his head. He looked at the youth’s closed eyes and gradually leaned over.

Due to the overheated body, the youth’s hot breath blew on Xi Ze’s face as the distance between the two people got closer. Xi Ze was just about to kiss the lips when he suddenly heard Ming Yu say, “Darling, don’t play…uh…”

Xi Ze, “!!!!”

While talking, Ming Xiaoyu rubbed his hair again and said, “Don’t do it. Itchy…”

Xi Ze, “!!!!!!!”

Who was his Darling? Say it!

“Well…I will give you a bone in the evening. Don’t move… throw the frisbee tomorrow…”

Xi Ze, “….”

A long time ago, it was mentioned that Ming Xiaoyu raised a silly husky in his last life. The husky’s biggest hobby was licking his owner and his goal in life was to wake up the small mushroom in bed every day.

The name of the stupid husky—


Don’t laugh! Weren’t names like ‘Caesar the Great’, ‘Napoleon’ and ‘Monroe’ stupid?

Xi Ze didn’t understand when ‘Darling’ had a relationship with a dog, but it didn’t stop him from knowing that he wouldn’t chew on a bone, let alone play with a frisbee!

It was probably a dog that Ming Yu had preciously… cough cough, raised and then mistook him for the dog.

Xi Ze couldn’t admit that he already guessed why Ming Yu misunderstood. How could he be like a dog?

Don’t talk about appearance, even the species was different!

However, after being disturbed by ‘bones’, the atmosphere was broken. The boy’s pale face and hot breathing made him feel distressed. He lay in the youth’s arms until Ming Yu took the initiative to change his posture 10 minutes later. Then Xi Ze got up.

After some light exercises to relieve his muscle soreness, Xi Ze looked at the youth’s face for a long time with a complicated expression. Then he sighed deeply and headed to the kitchen.

On the other hand, Xi Ze didn’t know that after he closed the bedroom door, the eyes of the youth unexpectedly opened!

Due to the fever, Ming Yu’s eyes were moist and not as clear as before. He could just barely open them. His blurred eyes stared at the ceiling without any focus. After a long pause, he coughed twice and closed his eyes to sleep again.

In such a situation, Xi Ze didn’t know it but the youth was completely awake!

When Xi Ze sat beside his bed and stroked his lips, Ming Yu thought it was a dream and pulled the other person into his arms, simply intending to hold him as a pillow and sleep well.

But once he actually embraced the other person, he was clearly awakened by the high temperature and sobered up. Ming Yu realized that he unexpectedly did such a thing in his daze.

Ming Yu’s subconscious response was to pretend to be sleeping.

Right now, his mind was very dizzy!

He felt like Xi Ze was going to do something. Thus, Ming Yu could only shout the name of his dog… Keke, it was the name of a dog and the strange atmosphere was quickly broken.

His eyes might not be open, but Ming Yu knew that his lips might only be half a centimetre away from the man’s lips.

Did he not want to kiss Xi Ze?

That wasn’t it.

Ming Yu just felt that today was definitely not a good time. He was currently suffering from a bit of mental confusion from his illness. No matter what choice was made, it was impossible to determine if it really came from his heart.

The most important reason was that Ming Xiaoyu always liked to take the initiative~

This man pressing him down and kissing him?


This pose was completely wrong!!

The unknowing Xi Ze, “(/=_=)/~┴┴”

With these strange thoughts, Ming Xiaoyu once again fell asleep. Once he woke up again, the sky was dark and the street lamps were all light up. Faint light could be seen through the gap in the bedroom door.

Ming Yu touched his forehead and found that it wasn’t so hot. His body also had some strength restored.

At this time, Xi Ze finished cooking dinner and lightly pushed the door open. He was slightly startled when he saw that Ming Yu had awakened. Then he set the dinner plate on the beside table, directly disinfected the thermometer and placed it in front of Ming Xiaoyu.

The small mushroom shivered and blinked. “?”

What was this?

The handsome and elegant man rolled up his cuffs, revealing his thin wrists. Then Xi Ze spoke like it was natural. “Measure your temperature.”

The small mushroom obediently placed the thermometer in his mouth and bit it.

Xi Ze was very patient and picked up the bowl of red bean and glutinous rice porridge. He kept stirring the porridge with a small spoon to help it cool down. The glutinous rice porridge was really thick and delicate. Every grain of glutinous rice was like tiny broken pearls. They rolled round and round in the porridge soup.

The red beams were thoroughly boiled and seemed to have become red bean paste. The red bean paste mixed with the milky white glutinous rice looked sweet and savoury. It was particularly attractive.

Ming Xiaoyu, “(⊙口⊙)!!!”

Xi Ze calmly put down the glutinous rice porridge, causing Ming Yu to stare with surprise.

The porridge was cooked very well. Then look at the side dishes, which were light, refreshing and beautifully placed. There was even a carved flower radish next to the pickles! A carved flower radish!

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

Your take-out delivery was too obvious…

Xi Ze choose not to notice the youth’s expression. Once the time was up, he looked at the thermometer carefully. Finally, he said, “Your temperature has dropped and you no longer have a fever.”

Xi Ze turned to look at Ming Yu when he finished talking. However, he suddenly became startled.

The youth had just woken up and there was a layer of translucent water on his throat. He was no longer burning up, but his cheeks were still red and his lips were bright and shiny.

Xi Ze fixed his mind and said quietly, “I cooked some porridge and side dishes for you. You haven’t eaten all day so something light will be good for your body.”

Ming Yu received the bowl from Xi Ze and couldn’t help asking, “You personally made this?”

Xi Ze calmly nodded. “Yes, I did it.”

As he spoke, Xi Ze placed a small table on the bed and put the dishes on it one by one for Ming Yu.

The side dishes were more exquisite than the red bean glutinous rice porridge! Forget the carved radish, there was shredded lotus root and fresh tofu. Every dish was first-class and also carefully decorated with a variety of carved objects.

Well, okay, if you said that you did it personally than you did it personally ╮(╯_╰)╭.
Ming Yu was taking small mouthfuls of the glutinous rice porridge when Xi Ze sudednly asked, “Is this cold because of the filming on the island?”

Ming Yu jerked and looked at at Xi Ze. The latter was looking down at him with a mysterious expression. There wasn’t much to be seen on the cold and elegant face, but he seemed a bit unhappy.

Ming Yu instantly smiled, “It is part of the reason. I’m sorry that you had to take care of me today. I didn’t realize that you would come to my house. It was really hard for you. When did you come?”

“I came in the morning.”

The other person was about to return to the original topic. Then Ming Yu suddenly asked, “Xi Ze, there is something I want to confirm with you. This time, did you interfere in the marketing promoting for the Nidelan Smoke perfumes?”

TL Note: For those of you who missed the translator’s note that I added later and were confused by the anti-aircraft g*n thing, go back to chapter 75 and read the translator’s note that I added.

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Little Fluffy Ninja Sheep
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