RS: Chapter 54

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Chapter 54

The invited guests to Ji and Ya’s fashion show were celebrities in the industry, so the catwalk models were naturally the world’s best supermodels.

With the top supermodels and first-class site layout, Ji and Ya’s fashion show made 2017 open with an exciting night, as applause was repeatedly heard.

The opening was the world’s 18th ranked supermodel, the American model Bernice Terre. She wore a nude gold tassel dress and walked with a graceful posture. The tight fishtail skirt moved behind her, shining like mermaid scales as the light shone on it, revealing the tiny precious stones on the dress.

After that, it was the appearance of models that everyone present knew.

Diliya Tongen, the world’s 83rd ranked female supermodel. Zhong Yingxuan, the world’s 60th ranked supermodel. Han Xiujing, the world’s 96th ranked supermodel. Donna Doris, the world’s 53rd ranked female spermodel….

Their graceful posture, elegant manner and their fresh makeup made them look simple yet luxurious.

If these supermodels were as ethereal as the moonlight, attracting everyone’s sight, then the high-end clothing were the sun, dazzling and tempting everyone present.

Ming Yu had seen many high-end fashion shows in his previous life. A design master and friend had once rated a woman’s dress: “Once you see that piece of clothing, you can’t help getting drunk on it. The curves that are as beautiful as the female body, it is nature’s most beautiful creation! High-end clothing releases all of this feminine charm. Dear Ming Yu, don’t shy away from the beautiful female body. They are the source of my creativity, my soul!”

The fashion show arranged the appearance of the models on various things, whether it was the hip skirt, the long dressed, one or two simple pieces with high-quality fabric that showed off the beauty of clothing or the small gems inlaid on the skirts.

There were times when gems could make people look vulgar. In particular, designers who simply piled on large gems were an insult to clothes and gems. However, in Xi Ze’s designs, the small gems reminded them of little stars, making the skirts seem more beautiful and dignified.

Why was it possible to sell high-end clothing at expensive prices?

First, it was because of the clothing material. Even ordinary people could see that these precious fabrics were first-class.

The second was the superb workmanship of the senior tailors. They placed the jewellery and silver threads carefully, allowing not a single mistake.

Finally, the most important thing was the designer’s effort. The designer was the most important part of high-end clothing.

After seeing these dresses, Ming Yu couldn’t imagine that the designer of such beautiful dresses was the man sitting at the coffee table with him on New Year’s Eve.

Ming Yu finally understood what the name ‘Xi Ze’ represented.

Such an outstanding fashion show, whether it was in this life or the last, it could be regarded as one of the best he had ever seen.

A fashion show that wasn’t just about the catwalk models, but more about the clothes.

Ming Yu didn’t understand designing very well, but when he looked at the tall models moving in front of him in these clothing, he finally understood the meaning of his friend’s words—

This was nature’s best creation!


It was unknown who stipulated it, but a wedding dress would always be displayed at the end of a high-end fashion show.

The thick and complex wedding dresses made almost every model bend over, so the experienced supermodels had to walk slowly on the T stage, or they wouldn’t be able to walk.

This time, when the audience’s light turned off, Ming Yu heard Fei Sixin whispering happily, “The wedding dress, it is finally the wedding dress. My favourite God Zi’s designs are always his wedding dresses. I can’t describe them in words! I don’t know who is going to be in the finale tonight…”

Fei Sixin’s excited voice echoed in Ming Yu’s ears as he looked curiously at the end of the catwalk.

The audient was silent, with only faint discussions occurring in different places. It was clear that everyone was holding their breath, waiting for the last gorgeous dress to appear.

Right now! The sound of a stream gurgling was heard.

Ming Yu immediately concentrated and looked seriously at the end of the runway. A moment later, a tall… well, a figure that could be considered tall appeared in the middle of the catwalk. Then the lights suddenly turned one, revealing a pure white wedding dress!

It was normal for the person to not look tall. After all, this wedding dress was too big.

Any female model in the world would become the most dazzling existence when wearing such a complex and large wedding dress.

The very thin waist and large skirt made the model appear tall and straight, the crystals and jewellery on the wedding dress showing off their patterns. The exquisite hand embroidery and diamonds made this wedding dress shine in the spotlight.

The three metres long veil was enough to make any model cautious. The veil covered the beautiful face of the model, but everyone could see who the final model was. For example, this was Cecilia Cote…

Wait a minute!!

Cecilia Cote? The world’s top female supermodel, Cecilia Cote?

“Cecilia wearing a dress designed by God Xi… this is killing me…” Fei Sixin muttered dully.

Ming Yu wasn’t much better than her. As the angel-like female model wearing this flawless wedding dress appeared on the stage, he was instantly suffocated and captivated by the beauty!

Cecilia’s temperament was simple and clean. Her angelic face looked indifferently in front of her, but every step contained a powerful momentum, causing the surroundings to fall quiet.

Then the audience burst out into thunderous applause!

It was almost impossible for this to happen in high-end fashion shows. As a general rule, everyone always clapped lightly and the applause never continued until the model exited.

But Cecilia Cote deserved such applause!

Xi Ze was worthy of such applause!

At this point, the full range had been displayed. The models all emerged again to let the audience appreciate it once more. At the end, as everyone expected, a handsome man lifted up Cecilia’s left hand and calmly stepped out from backstage onto the catwalk.

Cecilia was tall, but she was like a beautiful little woman next to Xi Ze. She hadn’t lost her typhoon like momentum from before, but in front of this man, her aura was somewhat eclipsed.

The audience clapped warmly, while Ming Yu smiled at this man and also clapped.

It was impossible to say that he didn’t feel astonished or shocked. However, before seeing the fashion show, Ming Yu didn’t know why but, in his heart, he always believed in Xi Ze’s strength and believed that his designs were absolutely first-class.

Xi Ze didn’t speak on the catwalk. He just waved towards everyone before turning away with Cecilia.

Just as he turned around, Xi Ze’s eyes wandered in a certain direction for a moment. Most people didn’t notice, only the youth man clapping was startled.

After a long time, Fei Sixin excitedly said to the dumbfounded Ming Yu, “Was he just looking at me?”

Naturally, no one answered the question.

After the fashion show, Ming Yu sent Fei Sixin home before returning to his apartment. When he entered the elevator, he hesitated for a moment before finally pressing the top button. Ming Yu rang Xi Ze’s doorbell but no one responded. It was likely that XI Ze wasn’t returning to this apartment.

He rarely called Xi Ze, so Ming Yu took the initiative to sent a text message first. 【 Today’s collection was very beautiful. really, it is very good. 】

After a long time, Xi Ze replied. 【 Thank you. I have something on right now so I will contact you later. 】 Ming Yu’s heart was filled with a sense of loss when he saw this message. However, this feeling quickly disappeared.

Xi Ze must be busy. His fashion show just ended and he must have a lot of things to deal with. Since there was work the next day, Ming Yu didn’t think too much. He quickly washed and fell asleep before 10 o’clock.

The next day, Ming Yu woke up early in the morning. He picked up his phone and saw eight text messages and two phone calls.

Ming Yu, “…”

Why didn’t the text messages wake Ming Xiaoyu up? It was because Ming Xiaoyu placed it on silent. It might be muted, but Ming Xiaoyu didn’t even wake up when the screen flashed?

That’s right!

Ming Yu looked through the texts and hurriedly made a call. The phone connected and it sounded like Xi Ze was in a meeting. Thus, Ming Yu waited a moment before asking, “Sorry Xi Ze, am I disturbing your meeting? I went to sleep early last night. This morning, I saw that you sent me a few text messages. Is there an urgent matter?”

The man’s low and magnetic voice was heard over the phone. “It is nothing. I said I would contact you again later, but I didn’t expect you to sleep so early.

Ming Yu didn’t think too much of the words. He said with a smile, “Oh, that’s right. Your fashion show last night was very good.”

Xi Ze whispered, “Ah.”

After a short conversation, the call ended.

The other person (Xi Ze) was busy, so how could he be idle? Ming Yu was in this mood as he headed downstairs to Zhao Rui’s car.  Luo Ru handed Ming Yu breakfast and started talking about today’s itinerary.

The February sun shone brightly, the spring festival was past, everything was back on track.

On this meaningful day, Ji and Ya’s fashion show sparked hot news in the fashion industry. Major media magazines wrote about it. At the same time, the new period of television ads for Shu Yue Lemonade was officially released on major TV, detonating a ‘lemonade craze’ for a while.

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