RS: Chapter 125

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Chapter 125

It took around 10 minutes of driving from H City’s film and television city to the nearest hospital.

Xi Ze didn’t have time to wait for the ambulance and went directly to the parking lot. Ding Bo panted as he ran behind him, intending to drive to the hospital. However, Xi Ze directly grabbed the keys from his hand and ordered solemnly, “The things here, deal with the trouble.”

Ding Bo froze for a moment. He stared at the back of the car and didn’t make a noise.

Ding Bo had known Xi Ze for over 10 times. This was the first time he had seen Xi Ze look so serious and solemn.  His expressionless face was the same as usual, but Xi Ze was furious. His eyes were cold and the atmosphere around him made people shudder.

However, Ding Bo didn’t know that Xi Ze deliberately suppressed some of this pressure.

It was because as he walked out of the small building, the youth in his eyes suddenly pulled at his collar, his eyes struggling to open. Ming Yu spoke in a weak voice, “Xi Ze…I’m fine…”

He was conscious!

This meant the problem wasn’t big!

Xi Ze’s heart was half calmed down but he still couldn’t let go of the feelings after seeing the blood on the youth’s head.

But after driving Ming Yu to the hospital, the result obtained was somewhat surprising. The blood on Ming Xiaoyu’s head wasn’t from his head but his head. There wasn’t anything wrong with the head. There was a slight concussion but there wasn’t even any broken skin.

“The back of the head was covered by the hand during the impact, so it is just a minor concussion.” The doctor said after a careful examination. “However, although the hand isn’t broken or fractured, the bruises are very serious. The blood flow needs to be maintained well. There is also some muscle strain on the legs and he might not be able to walk for a short time.”

The doctor stated that Ming Xiaoyu only had problems with his right hand and legs, as well as a slight concussion. Xi Ze was still uneasy and gave the youth a whole body examination. He learned that there were really no other problems and slowly let go of his feelings.

Xi Ze watched from the sidelines as the doctor disinfected and bandaged Ming Xiaoyu’s right hand.

Previously, Ming Xiaoyu had struggled to say a few words before fainting again. He still hadn’t woken up. Despite iodine being used to clean the back of his bleeding hand, Ming Yu just frowned and didn’t open his eyes.

The doctor spoke with great appreciation that Ming Xiaoyu’s actions were very clever. Both legs slowed down the impact force and then his hand withstood the impact to the brain. The bones of the hand weren’t even fractured so the injuries weren’t serious.

But in Xi Ze’s heart, he looked at the youth’s bruised hand and slowly squeezed his fingers.

The originally slender white hand was full of horrible purple bruises. From the centre of the hand to the back, there were three cuts. The blood might’ve stopped but the dried bloodstain showed a shocking black.

In this world, only the well-informed doctors and nurses would fell that this wound wasn’t much.

Yes, there were just bruises on the back of the hand. There were three small cuts and the bleeding was easily stopped. However, in Xi Ze’s eyes, this was simply putting his heart in an over. It was hot and the pain was intolerable.

He didn’t care how small the wound was. He only knew that his youth was definitely hurt.

At this moment, Ding Bo stayed behind to deal with the follow-up matters and learned about the development of things from Luo Ru and Fang Liangxiu. Jiang Kaiyang made a mistake when acting. As a result, he suffering an injury when hanging from the wires. Ming Yu was injured trying to save him.

Ding Bo frowned when he heard ‘Ming Yu zealously stepped forward and pulled Jiang Kaiyang’ and felt that something was wrong.

He might not have a lot of contact with Ming Yu but his sharp vision had seen that Ming Yu wasn’t a good person. Ming Yu didn’t inherit Zhao Rui’s foolish and sweet nature. He was very intelligent and rational. He wouldn’t be blinded by momentary feelings.

Such a Ming Yu would risk his life and take the initiative to save someone?

Ding Bo detected something wrong. He looked up and met Luo Ru’s eyes.

The two of them looked at each other with tacit agreement and moved to one side. Ding Bo softly asked, “What is going on?”

Luo Ru was still very nervous about Ming Xiaoyu and wanted to see him now. But she knew that Ming Yu wouldn’t have any problems when Xi Ze was with him. Zhao Rui wasn’t present right now. As Ming Yu’s assistant, Luo Ru must assume responsibility.

Luo Ru spoke with a pale face, “We were all standing underneath and didn’t see what was going on. The staff standing above said that Xiaoyu suddenly rushed to save a person. They didn’t know exactly what happened.”

Ding Bo thought about it as he kept listening to Luo Ru. “Mr. Ding, I think that you should be on Xiaoyu’s side and familiar with him. Others wouldn’t know it but you and Mr. Xi must know that Xiaoyu isn’t the type of person who would risk his own life to save others.  Moreover, the person he saved is someone who he has a bad relationship with.”

Ding Bo’s eyes narrowed when he heard this. “What do you mean? He has a bad relationship with Jiang Kaiyang?”

Luo Ru nodded.

Ding Bo thought again before finally say, “This matter, put it in your heart and don’t speak about it. The fact is that Ming Yu saved Jiang Kaiyang and is wounded. If this matter can’t be ignored, remember that you must emphasize ‘Ming Yu’s rescued Jiang Kaiyang.’ At the same time, make it clear that this incident was caused by Jiang Kaiyang’s mistake.”

Luo Ru nodded with great understanding. “Yes, I know.”

Ding Bo and Luo Ru started plotting. They talked about how to handle this matter and prevent the outside media from knowing. Assuming that the outside media knew, how should they control the story and make it flow to their side?

They didn’t notice that the entire crew, except for a few important crew members, went to the hospital. Jiang Kaiyang’s assistant also anxiously went to the hospital and didn’t stay behind to clean up the mess.

By the time Ding Bo and Luo Ru noticed, a Weibo message had been published and created a monstrous wave.

Regardless of the ups and downs of the outside world, the hospital was always the most peaceful place.

Once Ming Yu woke up, the first thing he saw was a clean white ceiling and and a water drip. The unique smell of the hospital stimulated Ming Xiaoyu to wake up. He hadn’t moved yet when he felt a person suddenly feel his wrist.

“How are you, is your head still faint? Does your hand hurt? How do your legs feel? Can you move?”

The series of questions made the youth’s mouth open in surprise, not knowing which once to answer. Ming Yu turned his head and saw the man sitting beside his bed.

Xi Ze’s face was pale and his eyes bloodshot. He looked very haggard. Despite this, he was so handsome that people couldn’t move their eyes from him.

Ming Xiaoyu felt better looking at him. He smiled and asked, “How did you come today? I thought you had to deal with some Ji and Ya things and would come tomorrow.”

Xi Ze’s brow furrowed and he asked in a low voice, “How do you feel now?”

Ming Xiaoyu moved his legs slightly and then his wrist. “I’m okay. My leg muscles are a bit sore but it isn’t a major issue. The back of my hand…did I fracture anything?”

Xi Ze felt anger rising from the bottom of his heart at the youth’s calm tone. He tried to suppress it. “There is no fracture.”

Ming Xiaoyu was immediately relieved. “As long as there is no fracture, it shouldn’t be a big problem. I just need to look after it and it will be fine in a couple of weeks. By the way, you didn’t answer my question., How did you come so suddenly?”

The youth’s words completely irritated Xi Ze. He suddenly released the youth’s wrist and got up. He placed his hands on both sides of the boy’s pillow and leaned over, looking down at the youth. He stared at the handsome face and emphasized, “The, point, now, is, that, you, are, hurt.”

The unique aura of the top supermodel spread out from and covered the injured youth. The weak and vulnerable Ming Xiaoyu was shocked. He could only stare speechless at Xi Ze with big eyes.

In the hearts of Ming Yu and the doctors, this type of injury wasn’t really an injury. It was just a bruise and his bones weren’t even hurt. He just needed to take care of it and there wouldn’t even be a scar.

However, in Xi Ze’s heart, not a single hair on this youth’s head was allowed to be hurt!

Ming Yu had never seen Xi Ze so angry. He was dismayed but he couldn’t help his heart softening. A warm feeling flowed from his heart towards his both. Despite the stinging from the back of his head, he felt very warm.

The youth slightly raised his body and gently kissed the man’s lips. Then he smiled, “In order to not worry you, I was originally going to tell you that I feel good and that there is no problem. But since you are so concerned, I don’t mind telling you that it hurts. It really hurts. When the back of my hand hit the wall, I almost fainted from the pain. I don’t want to see the cause of this pain, Jiang Kaiyang for the rest of my life!”

Xi Ze became angrier when he heard this name.

“Ding Bo said you were hurt saving him. In my eyes, it doesn’t matter if he dies. You went forward to save him, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are worth 10 of him.”

Xi Ze was originally a cold and distant person. His tone was natural when he uttered such words. In his heart, Jiang Kaiyang was just a name. He could be a man or a woman, tall or short and it wouldn’t interest Xi Ze. In his heart, Jiang Kaiyang wasn’t comparable to a single strand of hair on his youth’s head.

Ming Yu sighed helplessly. Then he winked and asked, “Do you think I saved him?”

Xi Ze’s lips narrowed. “No.” Then he said, “But you still moved forward.”

Ming Xiaoyu cried out bitterly, “Where did I want to save him? If I didn’t pull him to me, I would’ve been pulled by him! Then things would be worse than they are now!”

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