RS: Chapter 223

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Chapter 223

The super sales of Muse’s May issue broke the global record maintained by all fashion magazines in history. After the one month sales period, this record had doubled!

In mid-June, Muse publishes the sales of this issue on their official website and fashion enthusiasts all over the world boiled over.

2.06 million volumes! The global sales of 2.06 million!

In Huaxia alone, it was a full 1.22 million sold!

Before Muse had set a new record, the top global sales was maintained by Edith.

10 years ago, Edith interviewed a top actress who just won an Oscar and just her photo as the cover. Who would’ve expected that three days after the publication of this magazine, the actress would be found at home after dying peacefully in her sleep.

Fashion magazines rarely used elderly people as a cover but it wasn’t impossible. It was because beauty never cared about age. At that time, the actress’ last smile on the cover of Edith became the hope of many of her fans. This created a terrible sales record of 1.01 million 10 years ago.

Now someone had doubled the sales!

There might be 10 years of inflation but this far exceeded the rate of inflation!

On the same day that Muse announced their total sales, the World Supermodels Organization also released the supermodel rankings on their official website. There were no changes. Xi Ze was still first and Ming Yu was still second.

In addition, Cecilia was once again first on the female rankings. He Chaoman also surpassed Adenes to become second! The once second ranked male supermodel was now the third ranked female supermodel… it was a bit awkward but in any case, Adenes was the world’s third ranked female model!

When a reporter interview Adenes about this big drop in the rankings, Adenes unexpectedly wasn’t angry at all. Instead, she sighed with great emotion. “I think that next time, I can continue to tangle together with He Chaoman ╰(°▽°)╯.”

The reporter, “(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻”

Couldn’t she have a bit more ambition?

Let’s not mention the female rankings for the time being. Since Adenes could drop two rankings at once, this showed that the top three of the female rankings was really close to each other. However, the men’s rankings seemed to be fixed. Regardless of the performance of others, the top five would never change.

In July, Ming Yu and Du Ruo shot the cover for the 50th anniversary of Lanka.

The woman on the cover was beautiful and dazzling, her erotic red lips and eyes showing a unique beauty. The youth standing beside her was as elegant and clean as a lily.

Ming Yu’s makeup was very light and his eye colour was light as amber. The tall and handsome man stood next to a beautiful and enchanting woman. He wasn’t as mature and s*xy as the latter but he had a strange sense of coldness.

There seemed to be nothing that could melt him. His indifference wasn’t only the difference between the cover photo and reality.

Du Ruo was fire while Ming Yu was ice.

Du Ruo was a thorny rose while Ming Yu was a prideful white plum.

The last time the two people cooperated was the end of the year before. At that time, Du Ruo was still the global spokesperson of Yizhi and she handed a green jewel to the young man. Ming Yu was just a glamorous newcomer, unable to be compared to Du Ruo. Now he became one of the top people in the fashion industry.

This was the image on the cover but the big poster that came with the magazine was obviously more exciting!

Du Ruo wore a man’s white shirt with the buttons at the neckline loosened, revealing a touch of curves. Ming Yu stood behind her, holding her slender waist with one hand.

The youth’s naked arm gently curved around Du Ruo’s slim waist, his fingers casually placed. Due to the hooking motion, the fragile finger bones were slightly raising, drawing a beautiful line.

His black hair was stained with a bit of water and the corners of his eyes painted with a bright colour. The long and narrow tips curved upwards, like a demon in the dark night charming people.

The wild eyes looked directly at the camera, teasing it! The colour of the eyes obviously wasn’t deep but people felt that the pupils were very quiet and endless, while his face contained the slight hint of a mocking smile.

One was a seemingly simple but strange beautiful young man, while the other was a s*xy and pure woman.

This was huge! The group of people were so surprised that they were like scared fish. Once they recovered, they found that they were already holding and licking this poster!

【 It is the first time I’ve seen such a s*xy mushroom! This looks is really teasing! 】

【 Ah, my phantom limb is heard… 】

【 Ahhh, why can’t I receive a one-handed hug from mushroom!!  I want to be hugged by mushroom!! 】

【 _(:з」∠)_ Don’t you think this poster of Ming Xiaoyu is quite big…? 】

But a few minutes later, a few people replied: 【 It is quite big? No! Isn’t this scale small in the industry? The clothes worn by the two people were still intact and it was just a one-handed hug. How is this a big scale? 】

Yes, the cooperation between Ming Yu and Du Ruo didn’t have too many big things despite being between a man and a woman.

The clothes of the two people were complete. At most, a few buttons were undone and the hug was above the shirt. Could this be called a big scale? Then the sxy magazines that had the model wear sxy underwear or to be naked (the important parts obstructed) simply had no scale!

The small fan who raised the question really felt bitter and couldn’t say anything.

Didn’t people feel that Ming Xiaoyu was really very s*xy this time?

He wasn’t as s*xy as Goddess Du Ruo but when he looked at them casually, their hearts beat faster and their blood boiled!!  They wanted to give Ming Xiaoyu a small mushroom, make a big circle of small mushrooms √!!!

The fans were full of satisfaction as they took the magazines home, leaving them on the bed and watching them in their sleep. They didn’t know that one of the parties involved, Du Ruo was suffering so much these days that she didn’t want to say anything.

“I have been friends with you for eight years… Hello, my relationship with your Ming Yu is innocent and cleaner than water. It is a requirement for ?the photo, please understand. Mr. Xi, when I walked on the catwalk yesterday, I could feel the air-conditioning that you exude…”

Should this vinegar be eaten? It must be eaten?

Two months ago, Xi Ze took a photo with his wife and was satisfied with showing his love. Now he took a photo with others and the scale was also bigger! ← This was the point.

Wasn’t it natural to eat a table of jealousy? It was just right!

It happened to coincide with the Milan Fashion Week. Therefore, there were many big names who invited Du Ruo to walk in their shows. Did Xi Ze attend the fashion shows that Du Ruo walked in? Of course he did! These days, whenever Du Ruo walked in a show, she could feel a cold gaze staring at her, making her scalp numb.

Of course, Du Ruo didn’t know that while she was feeling depressed and helpless, Ming Xiaoyu also wasn’t good.

After Milan Fashion Week, Ming Xiaoyu finally got a few days of rest. He intended to spend this time at home with his husband, eating good food and sleeping well to restore his body. Who knew that a month passed yet a certain man still didn’t forget the cover of Lanka!

The consequence of this meant that Ming Xiaoyu ate vinegar meals for a full three days.

On the first day, Ming Yu could still tease with a few words of “Are you jealous?” Then he would calmly eat everything. Xi Ze might’ve cooked a whole vinegar feast but it was a delicious vinegar dinner. Eating it was a pleasure!

However, this continued the next day and then the third day…

On the third day of dinner, Ming Xiaoyu was sullen and grieving. He could smell the sourness before he even entered the dining room.

Ming Yu was thoroughly listless and dinner had a unsatisfactory taste. That night, he used the most terrible trick— his beauty! He immediately pushed Xi Ze down!

Then on the fourth day, his normal diet was restored.

After solving this small problem, Ming Xiaoyu had a satisfactory holiday and started his own work in late August.

This time, no one expected that there would be a serious incident with the Rosalind high-end menswear show!

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Alex Baine
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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> It is a requirement for [the] photo, please understand.

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