RS: Chapter 226

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Chapter 226

『 The world’s male supermodel rankings:

Ming Yu, Xi Ze, Kelson Eddie, Luo Cheng, Harriman Owen… 』

Eight years, a full eight years! How many people looked at the male supermodel rankings and subconsciously started from the second place? After the appearance of Adenes, they started watching from the third place!

It was because first place would never change.

He was the most well-deserved first, no one could shake his throne in the fashion world.

Now the king had finally came down from the throne at the summit and let an equally outstanding young man climb up.

This feeling was really amazing. Once they saw the name ‘Ming Yu’ in first place and the fact that the World Supermodels Organization even changed the background, every fashion lover in the world was stunned and couldn’t recover for a long time.

There were soon many posts and comments on the official website of the World Supermodels Organization.

【 Today is really the end of a legendary era. I never admitted it before but I actually really like Xi Ze. 】

【 I used to say how no one could pull Xi Ze down but now that it actually happened, I feel a bit sad… 】

【 No matter what, Xi Ze is the best supermodel I have ever seen! 】…

It was clear that the day before yesterday, people were saying things like ‘Xi Ze is occupying a latrine but not shitting’ or ‘Xi Ze is neglecting his duties and ignoring his proper occupation.’ But once this actually happened, these people felt a trace of melancholy and loss.

He was a man who blocked the world’s supermodels with irresistible force. He was a beacon of the fashion circle, illuminating the dark sea and letting everyone look up at him with respect and even chasing after him.

Today, that lighthouse was finally replaced by another shining star.

Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were happy for a while. Everyone was so excited that they couldn’t speak. They could only express their ecstasy with ‘ahhhhh’ on the Weibo and fan  forums. But slowly, they also started to feel a type of depression

At this time, Xi Ze’s fans were happily blessing Ming Yu.

They expressed their best wishes to this outstanding latecomer, wishing for him to replace Xi Ze as the global leader of the male supermodels, letting the supermodels shine more in the world. There were even fans who published a long note.

【 From the first moment I saw Xi Ze in a magazine eight years ago, I knew that he wouldn’t be a complete model. The thing that God Xi likes most is designing. I once saw one of his documentaries and in that documentary, there was a type of joyful expression on his face when making an outfit that really can’t fool anyone.

Fashion is inter-connected so God Xi also pursues showing off the beauty of clothing. However, everyone’s goal is different. If he had to choose between ‘showing beautiful clothes’ and ‘creating beautiful clothes’, I believe that God Xi won’t hesitate to choose the latter.

Ming Yu is a good model and he is very dedicated. I can feel it every time he walks in a show. He really likes the industry and enjoys the process of showing off every piece of clothing. Compared with him, God Xi really isn’t a qualified model.

But today, I want to say something: God Xi, pursue what you want! You are human, not a god! I like you for so many years. You must be exhausted every day from having multiple jobs!

No matter what your status, you are my favourite Xi Ze! 】 This note made many of Xi Ze’s fans have a deep understanding. After that, this post was stickied by the moderators of the Muse fan forum and was kept on the first page by the fans. The responses exceeded 30,000 in one day.

However, Xi Ze and Ding Bo didn’t respond to this incident.

December in Huaxia’s capital was cold and snowy. The ground was wrapped in snow and few people walked outdoors due to the cold air. As soon as they left a heated place, people couldn’t wait to speed up and quickly enter a heated place.

Once Xi Ze returned to the apartment, fine snow was already falling outside.

The security measures for this apartment were very good, with a total of three glass doors required to go from the outside to the inside. Every door needed the owner’s fingerprint to pass, otherwise they would have to find the owner of the building to release it.

Xi Ze calmly passed through the first door and then the second. Just as he reached the third door, he suddenly heard faint footsteps behind him.

Xi Ze looked around and was startled when he saw the person who arrived.

In the bright lights, the beautiful face of the young man was more dazzling. The light-coloured eyes were bright and sparkling, while the facial features were extremely delicate. His body seemed harmless, apart from the narrow eyes which revealed a fascinating scent.

Ming Yu’s fans always said: 【 My mushroom is really enchanting! 】 This sentence was never false. A person could lose their soul to this youth, how could he not be enchanting?

In this world, only Xi Ze knew that this young man would be even more beautiful at certain times!

He was enthralling while his eyes and eyebrows were so charming that the most fragrant wine couldn’t compare to him.

Xi Ze was surprised to see his lover at this moment but he soon reacted by raising his eyebrows. “You didn’t go upstairs and was waiting for me?” Xi Ze didn’t wait for Ming Yu’s reaction and smiled. “This scene is a bit familiar.”

Ming Xiaoyu’s lips curved. “Oh? How is it familiar?”

Xi Ze was also interested as he looked down at the youth in front of him. His thin lips slightly twitched as Xi Ze stared at Ming Yu for a while before asking, “Ming Yu? It is a coincidence that I met you here.”

Ming Xiaoyu smiled and nodded at the words. “Oh Mr. Xi, do you live here?”

Xi Ze didn’t seem aware of the ridicule in the youth’s words. Since the other person changed his lines, Xi Ze changed them in the same way, “You originally lived here. There is a good bedroom nearby. Since we met so coincidentally, isn’t it better to sit and talk?”

Ming Yu scoffed at the words and both of them entered the building. Then Ming Yu said, “You changed the lines.”

Xi Ze spread open his hands innocently. “You changed it first.”

Ming Yu couldn’t refute it. “We aren’t still living in the Muse apartment so of course we have to change it.”

Xi Ze also answered righteously. “There is no cafe near here, I also have to change it.”

Since the two of them had been busy lately, there were few opportunities to squabble face to face. This feeling was really strange. After all, the two of them had been in love for more than two years and knew the depths of each other, no matter how experienced.

For example, did Ming Yu really think Xi Ze was a god? Did he have no shortcomings?


It seemed true on the surface. There was nothing to say about his career achievements. This man cooked delicious dishes, and his room was always clean and neat from his obsession with cleanliness.

Did this Xi Ze have shortcomings?

Of course he did.

Ming Yu knew that his lover was fearless. Whenever they argued, Ming Yu would lose nine out of ten times. But! Xi Ze was very afraid of any furry creatures! This ranged from scary lions and tigers and cute and smart puppies and kittens.

As long as they had fur and as long as they moved!

Xi Ze would become completely tense and afraid to breathe.

But this evening, Ming Yu took the initiative to provoke the memories of the two of them, causing strange feelings to return to their hearts. Once the two people got on the elevator, Xi Ze’s desire to role-play didn’t subside. He asked casually, “You are the person I am looking for. Ming Yu, are you willing to be my muse?”

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t touched at all when he heard this. He directly waved it off. “No.”

Xi Ze licked his lips. “No?”

Ming Xiaoyu nodded. “Of course! What does it mean to be your muse. Am I not your muse right now? Since this is the case, you can only choose one option between ‘husband’ and ‘muse.’ Which one do you want me to be?”

Xi Ze laughed at the words. “I want you to be my ‘wife’ and ‘muse’.”

Ming Xiaoyu’s mouth turned down. “Husband!”

Xi Ze solemnly shook his head. “Wife.”

“It is husband!”



“Eh, yes yes, wife.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

After all, one party first provoked the sentimental and fun memory. After entering the house, Xi Ze actively bend down and kissed his youth. The two men took off their clothes from the entrance to the bedroom.

In the end, the two people sat in the bedroom as Mr. Xi said.

His emotions surged during the deepest time and Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t bear it anymore, speaking out the words hidden deep in his heart. “Xi Ze, I defeated you. From now on, I will forever press down on you.”

The youth’s voice was low and s*xy, there was a hint of deep desire it in but he also wanted to remain rational.

The man responded to him by suddenly stopping. As Ming Yu looked up at him with tearful and confused eyes, Xi Ze suddenly turned him over, making the youth let out a suppressed groan.

At this moment, the wicked man smiled and said, “Since you started pressing on me today, then tonight…”

“Hey, person above me, you should move yourself.”

Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t a thick-skinned person. Do you think he would be shy enough to shout ‘shameless rogue’ and then be teased by Mr. Xi? It was absolutely impossible! Mr. Xi never thought that this youth had already suppressed him in the world supermodel rankings and also easily suppressed him in bed!

Moving on his own? It was a piece of cake!

Xi Ze never imagined that he was dropping a stone on his own foot. In the end, he was seduced by this charming and enchanting youth!

After all, didn’t Mr. Xi think his small mushroom was a goblin? ╮(╯_╰)╭

The first time, Xi Ze didn’t make a fuss as Ming Yu moved above him and lost face. Then Xi Ze quickly used his strength to regain control. The youth let out beautiful sounds all night before eventually passing out.

Ah, an old married couple, how could they still be so steamy?

This was the first day that Ming Xiaoyu surpassed Xi Ze in the rankings. The next day, Ming Xiaoyu said very solemnly, “I have pressed you on the world supermodel rankings so can’t I be the top once?”

That evening, Mr. Xi found another reason to push Ming Yu down.

It was the same on the third day and the fourth day!

Once it was the fifth day, Ming Xiaoyu no longer mentioned this matter. The reason was because when he chattered with Luo Cheng, this stupid puppy said in a depressed manner, “Oh, being on top is too tiring! I wanted to attack once but when I tried it, I thought it was too hard! I’m telling you, it is much easier and more fun to lie down and accept it!”

The originally hesitant Ming Yu heard this and never mentioned the matter again.

But Ming Xiaoyu found that he couldn’t ‘lie down and accept it!’

The two of them often liked to play and act while doing papapa, papapa! Who would be satisfied by lying down and pretending to accept it?

Over time, the major change in the world supermodel rankings was slowly accepted by more and more people. After a full week, the media stopped paying attention to this matter and turned their eyes to other things.

However, at this moment, as if not afraid of trouble, Ji and Ya released a message on their official website that instantly set off stormy waves in the global fashion industry.

【 Announcement: The contract with Ji and Ya’s global spokesperson, Xi Ze has expired. We will announce a new global spokesperson this month. 】

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4 years ago

Did Luo Chen tell this just this easily or was there someone coercing him?
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Idle Bones
4 years ago
Reply to  CoriGray333

You’re not alone. I do think Xi Ze made Luo Cheng chatter that to him. Hahahahahaha

And on the other hand, I can’t help but think what if Xi Ze made a reversal and says to Ming Yu, “How was the feeling of warming up my throne?” *laughs crazily in Spanish*

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Ah! Truly made for each other! One wants to make clothes other wants to don them. ^_^

God Xi retired… i knew this was coming yet… *sigh*

4 years ago

In this world, only Xi Ze knew that this young man would be even more beautiful at certain times!
Show-off! >///<

The reason was because when he chattered with Luo Cheng, this stupid puppy said in a depressed manner, “Oh, being on top is too tiring! I wanted to attack once but when I tried it, I thought it was too hard! I’m telling you, it is much easier and more fun to lie down and accept it!”
Okay, either Song editor is a very understanding top & Luo Cheng is 100% bottom material or someone is playing their string again lol

This chapter makes me somehow sentimental.
Thank you for the triple updates Rainbow Turtle 😀

4 years ago

Aww…. The end of an era… This chapter give me that feeling.
…..It’s a fictional world, why am i having such feeling?!?????

Author-san, you are very good! ☑️

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Shameless couple per se. Those two. And poor Lou Cheng, never tasted the true feeling of being a top HAHAHHA
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I have a feeling about our God Xi whispered to other people to tell our mushroom to be a bottom aka wife

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