RS: Chapter 92

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Chapter 92

Nidelan’s May Fashion show was held in a large venue on the eastern outskirts of London. It started at 6 in the evening, but many media reporters, fashion magazines, photographers and designers came here in the morning. In this crowd, the brightest people were undoubtedly the models and stars invited here.

To receive a Nidelan invitation, they must be well-known supermodels or superstars.

The May weather in London was clear and cloudless. Under the blue sky, numerous beautiful and handsome models and stars dressed in various styles and started the street photography of this London fashion show.

In this case, Ming Yu broke through the encirclement and entered the venue from the back entry.

When the tall young man got down from the car, many people noticed his existence. Today, Ming Yu wore a bright yellow thinly knit sweater with a white vest. The extremely bright colour made his skin like delicate and white, seemingly reflecting the light of the sun.

The crowd uttered a sigh of amazement.

For people interested in the fashion industry, what was the most beautiful place in the world?

Tahiti? Basque Country? Provence? Or the Scottish Highlands?

None of them! The most beautiful place in the world was the venue for fashion shows.

Here, they could see models and stars from all over the world. Here, they could see the moment that time stopped and the world’s most sincere design. It was a fragile beauty that felt like it would be broken as soon as it touched.

They were so beautiful that they felt unreal.

The first stop of a fashion show was naturally the arrival outside the venue.

As the opening model, Ming Yu’s tasks were very heavy. He needed to go backstage earlier than anyone else. Therefore, when the reporters and photographers stopped him to get a photo, Ming Xiaoyu pulled down his sunglasses and let them take a few shots. Then he hurriedly left, leaving Zhao Rui and Luo Ru to handle things.

The handsome and youthful figure moved rapidly through the crowd, his face covered by large sunglasses. The distinctive temperament hat separated him from other people attracted many sights.

Many photographers quietly turned to look at the hurried model and raised their SLRs.

Most of them could only take a photo of Ming Xiaoyu’s thin silhouette, not a frontal photo. But just as Ming Xiaoyu was going to enter the back of the venue, he suddenly heard a voice from the crowd.

“Ming Yu!!!”

The youth’s footsteps stopped and he turned with surprise.




Ming Yu entered the venue and still didn’t understand. In the end, just who suddenly shouted his name? The shout was so piercing that it could frighten someone into giving birth.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know that after he entered the venue, a Huaxia journalist proudly looked at the photos in his SLR. He sighed with deep emotions, “Fortunately, my sister-in-law is bright and made Ming Yu turn around, hehehe…”

At 3 in the afternoon, all 54 Nidelan models arrived at the venue and started getting ready.

Outside, many models and stars were shot in the street before gradually entering.

Dark blue lights illuminated the venue of Nidelan’s May fashion show, creating a mysterious and deep atmosphere. The more famous the people, the later they arrived. Don’t misunderstand them as trying to make a big scene. If they arrived late, it was easy to attract the attention of journalists and not give others an opportunity to shine.

Once it was one hour away from the show, the journalists at the entrance of the venue were eagerly awaiting the new arrivals. It was because most of them would be top supermodels or big name designers. Even if it wasn’t the first two, they were likely to be famous photographers, stylists, etc.

It was at this time that Cheng Su arrived.

As Cheng Su’s car stopped beside the road, more than a dozen reporters waited for him to get off. Who knew that once Cheng Su got off, the reporters who stare at him with dumbfounded expressions and even forgot to take photos.

Who was this person?

That was the thought of some reporters.

There were some reporters who recognized Cheng Su. After all, he was the latest global spokesperson for Rayleigh Cano. They heard some time ago that Rayleigh Cano was unhappy with Cheng Su, but it didn’t cause a big stir in the industry.

Still it didn’t matter if they knew who he was. What the hell was he doing right now?

They wanted to shoot photos of top supermodels, top supermodels you know?

You should at least be on the world’s supermodel rankings.

Well, even if you couldn’t make it on the rankings, you should at least be on the supermodels list.

A first-tier model trying to arrive with supermodels, who was he?

Their hearts were half-depressed by Cheng Su’s incomprehensible act, but these reporters still took a few photos of him. At the same time, several reporters who knew him asked about Rayleigh Cano.

It had to be acknowledged that Cheng Su’s look and temperament was really good. He absolutely had the style of a supermodel. However, in the eyes of these reporters, Cheng Su was just a crooked melon and jujube, wasted their time.

This type of depression turned to grief after the dozens of reporters returned to their original positions.

“Ah, you just went to the west. Five minutes ago, Luo Cheng arrived in the east.”

“Yes, Luo Cheng from Huaxia.”

“Dozens of people surrounded him. I almost couldn’t take a photo!”


The reporters: Taking a photo of the corner of Luo Cheng’s clothes was 10,000 times better than a photo of that guy’s face!  Quickly, delete the photos of the unknown man. It was a waste of camera memory! (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

At this moment, the seats in the venue were almost full. The fashion industry was very big but there were only a few people at the top. Therefore, most of the people in the venue knew each other. At this time, they were chatting and laughing together, patiently waiting for the start of the fashion show.

Xi Ze arrived in the last 10 minutes.

He was very low-key, arriving by himself in a plain black casual suit. But some people were like fireflies in the dark. He wanted to be low-key but that unique aura mercilessly betrayed him.

Therefore, it was only three minutes to the start of the show by the time Xi Ze sat down next to Luo Cheng.

Xi Ze sat down calmly and glanced over the whole catwalk. Beside him, Luo Cheng’s eyes widened in horror and he choked on his water!

“Cough, cough…cough, cough…”

The image of the handsome man was destroyed by the sudden coughing fit, but it was a destructive beauty. Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at Luo Cheng and waited for Luo Cheng to be able to breathe. By the time this happened, Xi Ze was already ignoring him and continuing to look around the venue.

Luo Cheng struggled for a moment before cautiously asking, “Sir… Mr. Xi, what are you doing here?”

His voice trembled.

Xi Ze indifferently glanced at him, “Nidelan sent me an invitation letter.”

Luo Cheng, “…”

After a moment of hesitation, he asked again, “I remember that you haven’t come to Nidelan’s fashion show before…”
If Luo Cheng knew this, he wouldn’t have sneaked out!!!

As if hearing Luo Cheng’s inner voice of grief and fury, Xi Ze silently looked him up and down and casually asked, “You escaped without telling your agent?”

Luo Cheng, “…”

“Find Shen Xiang after going back. He will tell you how to be a qualified model.”

Luo Cheng, “…qaq”

Why was there such a bully?

With this distraught mood, Luo Cheng blinked and turned his head towards the runway.

At this moment, the dark blue light gradually darkened and turned into completely darkness. Only a few blue lights flashed on the runway, creating a quiet atmosphere. The noise in the venue gradually subsided.

Soft music played in a timely manner.

There were no lyrics, only the melody of the violin and horns ensemble quietly playing in the huge venue, creating a quiet and beautiful atmosphere. Coupled with the dark and melancholy blue, a mysterious and elegant atmosphere was created very well. Even Luo Cheng couldn’t help feeling solemn.

There was a dazzling flash of bright light.

Luo Cheng knew that this was to attract everyone’s attention for the fashion show to begin.

At this thought, Luo Cheng’s brain whirled. Was the opening model a great beauty? He heard that Rongrong had come here. Then the opening model must be just as good as Rongrong! Hehe, it had been a long time since he saw Rongrong. Had she grown more…

Luo Cheng’s thoughts suddenly vanished when he saw a tall and thin figure. He stared blankly at the youth who suddenly appeared on the T stage. His brain became blank for a moment, immediately followed by joy and excitement.

What a surprise! This opening model looked really good!

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Oh dear hubby stop that man from oggling your MXY. Thanks for this chapter.

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Thank you for the update and your hard work😄😄. That moment when you think that you’re very important, only to find out you’re not. Cheng, stop face slapping yourself. Luo keep your thoughts to yourself, hubby is next to you and he will destroy you.

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Unique aura : low-key? What low-key? Heed my presence, peasants muahaha

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“What a surprise! This opening model looked really good!”

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Luo Cheng, “…qaq”
Why was there such a bully?

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