RS: Chapter 224

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Chapter 224

Rosalin’s September show was one of the most important fashion shows in the whole year.

New York’s Fashion Week begun in September. Rosalind was the first luxury brand to have a show, basically opening the New York Fashion Week.

It could be blamed on the Ji and Ya show at Huaxia’s Fashion Week being too good. If Rosalind didn’t show a good performance at the New York Fashion Week, then it would be liked the Huaxia Fashion Week was better than the other three fashion weeks and Ji and Ya really would be like first in the industry.

For the sake of this fashion show, Raymond personally sent an invitation letter to Xi Ze, asking him to participate in the Rosalind show.

Xi Ze wasn’t stupid. Even if Raymond lowered his attitude, he knew this was a major opportunity for the European and American fashion industries to compete against the Huaxia industry. Therefore, Xi Ze politely refused the invitation and said he would be there to watch.

Raymond was disappointed despite expecting this answer. This time, Raymond invited Ming Yu as a model. Even if he didn’t have Xi Ze, wouldn’t Ming Yu give him face? He would definitely be there!

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t reject Raymond’s invitation when he learned about the matter.

The so-called internal rivalry with the fashion weeks didn’t have any relationship with the models. As the leading figure of the Huaxia fashion industry, Xi Ze had his own scruples. But Ming Xiaoyu was a dedicated model. Since he received an invitation and fashion shows were important to him, he naturally went.

Rosalind naturally had its own uniqueness if it could become the world’s second best luxury brand. Its style was wilder and unrestrained, but there was a delicate style in the details. The entire fashion show won great applause from the audience.

However, the incident happened in the last round of the show.

One of the last five supermodels suddenly stumbled on the way back.

This type of thing was also quite common in fashion shows. The world had many luxury brands and many models. In a year, there were hundreds of large and small fashion shows. There were at least dozens of runway accidents every year!

Most runway accidents occurred in female shows because the female supermodels often wore long skirts and high-heeled shoes. The combined effect of the two meant that even top supermodels such as Cecilia would fall.

A model was also a person and they wouldn’t be ridiculed by people in the industry because of this incident. At most, someone would speak a few sentences when joking.

However, this time it was 50 cm from the edge of the stage! He was wearing flat shoes and wide-legged pants! The supermodel from the United States suddenly stumbled!

On the flat runway, he subconsciously wanted to adjust his balance! But he failed and fell in the direction of the other side. He hadn’t fallen off the stage but the audience were already a bit surprised. Then they were shocked when they found the direction he was now falling in!

The model was heading straight in Ming Yu’s direction!

Everything happened so quickly. The audience didn’t have time to react but they subconsciously exclaimed.

In their astonished field of view, the youth who was about to be hit reached out in just half a second and held the model.

The latter continued to fall but Ming Yu decisively stabilized his body. Once the startled supermodel was still, Ming Yu used his arm to push the other person back.

Everything happened in just a second!

Ming Yu only slightly showed down and continued to move forward without stopping.

His expression was calm as if nothing had happened. He just completed a little thing that was as insignificant as breathing. The falling supermodel also reacted quickly. He didn’t show a panicked expression, just a trace of fear in his eyes as he continued moving forward.

However, the man hadn’t yet taken a step when everyone became astonished.

Ming Yu suddenly reached out and pulled the pendant of the supermodel’s chest decoration back!

The pendant was originally hanging around the supermodel’s neck. Due to the actions of the fall, the pendant naturally slipped down and was hooked around a button.

Ming Yu clearly didn’t glance at this supermodel! Yet he skillfully resolved the problem of the pendant!

It was in the two seconds that they encountered each other.

Just two seconds later, the supermodel continued moving while Ming Yu stepped to the strongest side of the runway. The outfit on his body was carefully designed by Raymond and was adorned with Victorian-style charms. If it had been hit by that supermodel the clothes would’ve been ruined!

Sometimes good things were very fragile. For example, the clear bubbles in the sun were colourful and fascinating. But after they were poked, they ended up disappearing.

This outfit was even more serious.

There was no need to talk about the value of this outfit. It was definitely an astronomical number. Even if the supermodel was willing to compensate for the loss of this outfit, the last finale outfit carefully prepared by Rosalind wasn’t able to be shown to the world before it was suddenly destroyed. This was definitely a painful loss that couldn’t be measured by money.

But no matter the hypothetical consequences, Ming Yu was now standing calmly and showing this gorgeous outfit to fashion lovers all over the world.

From the beginning of this show, his manners and steps were very calm and powerful. Now it was still the same.

Ming Yu didn’t react to the incident just now but the audience present was scared by him. Once Ming Yu was about to turn around, Xi Ze smiled and raised his hand to clap, leading the audience to warmly applaud the youth.

Amidst the thunderous applause, the young and handsome man was still calm and stable when walking.

He seemed to be a proud god sitting high in the sky. He walked through every corner of this world and wasn’t moved or lost in the applause.

It was because his excellent didn’t require agreement!

The next day, newspapers and magazines all over the world reported this incident.

The PR of the Rosalind and the supermodel who made the mistake didn’t focus on the ‘runway error’ in the show. It meant that the focus was on praising Ming Yu’s calm performance.

Raymond himself personally praised, “Ming Yu is a very good supermodel. He is great. In fact, I noticed that he protected his outfit and Richard, but I didn’t know he even helped Richard tidy up his clothing before he left!”

After being questioned by reporters, Raymond kept praising Ming Yu. “I have never seen such a professional model! Richard fell down so abruptly that normal people would subconsciously move backwards, but Ming Yu didn’t. To tell the truth, after the fashion show, Ming Yu immediately went to see a doctor.

Richard’s weight can be found on the World Supermodels Organization’s official website. In order to catch him, Ming Yu’s arm muscles were a big strained. Yet despite the painful situation, he still completed his catwalk excellently. He also helped Richard successfully complete it! He is really great!”

Cough, Raymond’s excessive praise might be ‘shifting the topic so that the reporters don’t pay attention to Rosalind’s mistake’. However, it also allowed the reporters to talk about Ming Yu.

Later, Raymond revealed that Ming Yu’s outfit was worth more than 2 million yuan. This was just the materials fee and the labour cost. If Raymond’s creative ideas were added, he though this outfit was absolutely priceless!

There was something that Raymond didn’t say. Rosalind’s image in the American fashion industry was priceless!

No matter what the reason, Ming Yu’s popularity once again shot up.

This type of popularity wasn’t the same as before. The name ‘Ming Yu’ spread all over the world and almost no fashion lovers didn’t know him. Some of these fashion lovers were his fans, some were passersby and some were sunspots. However, his popularity in the fashion world reached a bottleneck.

This time, Shen Xiang worked with Zhao Rui and the entire Muse PR department to carry out an extensive promotion of this incident. It was thoroughly transmitted to the industry and even spread outwards to people who didn’t care about fashion and the entertainment industry!

These people might not be interested in movies or supermodels but they understood that this youth did an amazing move in just two seconds. After that, his performance was very remarkable!

The end-high outfit that Raymond was so proud of became an accessory that made Ming Yu more impressive.

Under the dazzling spotlight, no matter what type of conflicts and accidents occurred, this young man didn’t even frown. He walked calmly towards the front of the runway.

At this time, the lights of the world seemed to have gathered here!

The beautiful face, the best aura, the gorgeous outfit!

Everything was really amazing. Anyone who saw it wouldn’t forget this scene.

It was precisely because it was contrasted with the previous incident that people discovered the majestic atmosphere of this youth. Just like the quiet emperor jade, he didn’t need to say anything to win everything in the world!

This explosive trend didn’t diminish as Ming Yu’s fame continued to shoot up around the world, countless newspapers and magazines talking about him. It wasn’t until the last day of September that the fashion enthusiasts suddenly woke up and found something strange.

Why hadn’t this issue of the world supermodel rankings come out yet?

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> It [couldn’t] be blamed on the Ji and Ya show at Huaxia’s Fashion Week being too good.

> It was because his [excellence] didn’t require agreement!

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