RS: Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

It had been more than a month since he came to this world. It wasn’t the first time he heard Cheng Su’s name, but he had never seen the other person. There was no intersection between them except for that time on the phone.
In the meantime, there was an interesting anecdote where Ming Yu was excited to find out if Cheng Su had really blocked his number. He randomly dialled the number and was unable to get through.

The original owner and Cheng Su didn’t talk about their affairs in the company, but there were many smart people who could figure out some of it. If there was no special relationship, who would hand over their resources? Why did Ming Yu always take the initiative to find Cheng Su if there wasn’t a special relationship?

Li Xin dropped such a remark and then left for make-up. She exchanged a few words with Ming Yu, advising him not to be too persistent and left. When Zhao Rui arrived, he saw that Ming Yu had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Zhao Rui looked pale and he hesitated for a long time before finally speaking. “Ming Yu, there is one thing you don’t know…”

All around them, staff were carrying equipment while the bright spotlights shone through the entire backstage area. Zhao Rui and Ming Yu were currently standing in front of a large dressing room, where more than a dozen models were having their make-up done. Of course, there were many people in other make-up rooms.

When he heard Zhao Rui’s words, Ming Yu asked directly, “Brother Zhao, do you want to say that Cheng Su will appear in this show?”

Zhao Rui was shocked. “How did you know?” He didn’t wait for Ming Yu’s repy as he spoke again, “You didn’t know about it from the beginning right?” Zhao Rui’s face suddenly sunk. He looked seriously at Ming Yu and spoke earnestly. “Little Yu, I might’ve handled Cheng Su for a long time but to be honest, I still like you more. I don’t want you to be angry at me but I have to say it. Cheng Su, it is impossible for that person to like you.”

Ming Yu narrowed his eyes meaningfully and didn’t say anything.

He just listened as Zhao Rui continued, “Bisexuality is common in this circle but Cheng Su isn’t homosexual. He had a girlfriend before entering the fashion industry and he later told me that he wasn’t gay. When I first became your agent, I thought it was strange for Cheng Su to be with your during your interviews, but you looked happy. I later realized that Cheng Su was doing some private things, but it was too late.”

“Little Yu, you are only 17 years old. I think you are much more mature than before. Even if you work hard to get along with him, he will never like you. Your future is bright. Don’t hang yourself on his crooked tree!”

Zhao Rui wasn’t a person who liked to preach, but his remarks slightly moved Ming Yu’s heart.
Obviously, Zhao Rui knew for a long time that Cheng Su would be in this show. That’s why he was acting like this.

Ming Yu reluctantly smiled as he looked at his agent who showed an ‘I’m obviously very worried but hiding it’ expression. He took advantage of his tall height to lightly hit Zhao Rui’s forehead. When the latter didn’t respond, Ming Yu spoke bluntly. “Brother Zhao, don’t worry. I really don’t feel anything.”

Zhao Rui was stunned for a moment and hurriedly asked, “Are you sure?”
Ming Yu raised his hand and promised, “I am sure.”

Zhao Rui suspiciously looked Ming Yu up and down for five seconds before giving a pleased nod. The two people started chatting about today’s test make-up when Zhao Rui suddenly thought of something. He quickly covered his forehead and scolded fiercely. “Little Yu! You must be tired of living! Actually daring to hit your Brother Zhao!”

Ming Yu, “…”

It had been five minutes but he only reacted now…
Zhao Rui, “Three days without a beating and a child will scale the roof to rip out the tiles!” (Idiom meaning that not hitting the child will spoil them) No, quickly let me flick you back!!”

Ming Yu, “…”

So childish!

After a long exchange of words, Ming Yu helplessly bowed his head and let Zhao Rui be satisfied. However, it wasn’t long before it was time for Ming Yu’s make-up. The contract signing gave him second-tier treatment, but Ming Yu didn’t receive special treatment at Zhao Rui’s suggestion. Therefore, his make-up was done in a large dressing room with many third-tier makeup.

There were too many models so for the fashion show with the theme of ‘Grey Blue Underground River’, the make-up artists didn’t individually design each mode’s make-up. They did a generic smoky make-up. However, a male make-up artist looked at Ming Yu and made a difficult decision.

The corner of the youth’s eyes were long and slightly hooked. However, the eyes were a clear light amber colour. The face was small with exquisite facial features, very three dimensional. In addition, the skin was smooth and delicate, white and soft. No matter who saw it, this was a face that was very good for make-up. However…

The make-up artist, Xiao Chen looked at Ming Yu’s face for a long time before sighing. “Are you Ming Yu? Using smoky make-up on your face will be a little… Do you want me to give you a more neutral look?”

Yes, this face was originally very neutral. It might not be as feminine as Liu Qian’s, but it was still exquisitely beautiful. Xiao Chen saw that if he gave the neutral model the smoky make-up, in addition to the very good temperament, most people would get the impression of a sinister female ghost!

In Xiao Chen’s opinion, this small model wouldn’t be able to control his neutral feeling if he was given smoky make-up. He might as well give the model more elegant and lighter make-up.
Ming Yu only had to think for a moment before understanding Xiao Chen’s words. He gently shook his head and said in a calm tone, “No thank you. I should look like the other models to maintain integrity.”

Since the other party said so, Xiao Chen had to accept his opinion.
The light black rabbit hair brush gently moved over the youth’s eyebrows. The thin black line softened the corner of his eyes, gradually changing the shape of his eyes.
Ming Yu originally had a type of peach blossom eyes, but now his eyes became larger and the corners more narrow.

Many people thought that the foundation of the make-up determined if it would pass or not. Eye make-up often decided whether this make-up could get high scores, or even full marks.
Xiao Chen who Pei Feng invited today was just an ordinary make-up artist, his standards weren’t high. But this time, he actually felt something from a make-up!

Originally, the enchanting hook at the corner of the eye should give off a seductive feeling. However, the youth’s calm aura made this disappear. Obviously, the youth had plump and seductive lips that tempted people, but his calmness suppressed it. He gave off an overall air of indifference.

‘Grey Blue Underground River.’ The theme looked complicated but it was actually very simple.
‘Grey Blue’ referred to the main colours of the fashion show, while ‘Underground River’ referred to the fashion show’s overall sense.

A river flowing alone in the underworld. They had a lofty pride and was dark and cold. They walked in the shadows of the world. The world might not understand, but they always maintained their own unique and elegant style! Under the calm river was a rough passion. This was Pei Feng’s unique connotation of the clothing, and defined the real meaning of ‘Grey Blue!’

After finishing Ming Yu’s make-up up, Xiao Chen spoke seriously. “Ming Yu, this theme is perfect for you. I think you will be very good!”

Ming Yu’s eyes flashed at the words and he nodded with a smile. “You worked hard, Brother Chen. Thank you for the compliment. Then I will go and change clothes first.”

After exchanging a few words, Ming Yu followed Zhao Rui out of the dressing room. Behind him, Xiao Chen started on the next model. He was familiar with it, so he able to show the ‘Underground River’ feeling more easily, prompting many models to ask for Xiao Chen to do their make-up.

However, Xiao Chen was still too young. He touched up a few things, but his understanding was the completely opposite.

A top supermodel didn’t pick a theme that suited them, but became suitable for any theme!
Even if today’s theme was ‘Hot Summer’, Ming Yu would be able to make Xiao Chen feel like it was fated. This was because the clothes never adapted to the model, the model adapted to the clothes!

When Ming Yu came to receive his clothes, the assistant designer Wu Mei was distributing clothes to other models. She looked at him with surprise before finally asking, “Are you Ming Yu? You feel great. You really fit the special feeling of ‘Grey Blue Underground River’!”

Ming Yu just smiled modestly at such appreciation. “Thank you for the compliment.”
It was rare to see such a beautiful and gently model. Wu Mei, chairman of the Outward Appearance Association, couldn’t help smiling as she spoke with Ming Yu. She even let her assistant help the other models with their assigned clothing as she kept talking to Ming Yu about fashion show related matters.

Zhao Rui was very pleased to see his model being taken care of, so he patiently listened to the side as Ming Yu and Wu Mei spoke.

Wu Mei wasn’t 30 years old yet, but she was already the first assistant designer for Pei Feng’s chief designer, Lu Chong. She was said to be extremely talented and was most likely to be Pei Feng’s next chief designer. There were only benefits and no harm from Ming Yu receiving Wu Mei’s advice.

Zhao Rui was in a good mood when he read this and he couldn’t help humming. However, when he saw a tall and handsome man walking this way, the humming sound choked in Zhao Rui’s throat and his smile became completely stiff.

He reflexively turned his head and said quickly, “Ming Yu, we should go.”
Wu Mei and Ming Yu were surprised at the sudden interruption. Wu Mei asked with surprise, “Mr. Zhao, what is so urgent? I am chatting very well with Little Yu. He has a good view on the style of clothing and has unique insights about this theme.”

Wu Mei was 11 years older than Ming Yu so she took the initiative to act as the leader of the conversation. Ming Yu remained as the listened, expressing his own opinions from time to time.
Zhao Rui didn’t know how to explain so he hesitated for a half minute. During this time, the tall and handsome man walked into the room and say Ming Yu!


As a newcomer in Huaxia’s top eight magazines, Character had a wide viewership, even if it wasn’t deep. Whenever a new issue of Character was published, it would be sold out within a very short period of time.

Han Xiaozhao was one of the loyal readers of Character, and a fashionista passionate about fashion. Character’s style tended to be for young people aged 18-30 and was more energetic, so it had always been Han Xiaozhao’s favourite fashion magazine.

Han Xiaozhao bought the new issue of Character as always and looked at the handsome British model on the cover. She raised a hand to carefully touch the muscles and spoke emotionally, “This body, it is enough for me to lick for a month…”

Then she turned the page and saw the female model inside. After the various news about the fashion circle, Han Xiaozhao indulged in looking at the photos, giving terrible remarks like “I will lick this for a week”, “I will lick this for three days” and “I will lick this for two weeks.”

Please… think about modesty…
Huaxia’s beautiful and traditional values…
Han Xiaozhao: Who can be reserved in front of such handsome and beautiful photos! What, let me eat!!

Han Xiaozhao was slowly flipping through the thick magazine. She turned the page, saw a female actress and couldn’t help sighing. “So thin. 10 pounds of meat, I want…”

Han Xiaozhao’s words hadn’t finished when she turned the page and the last ‘to’ couldn’t pop out of her mouth. Han Xiaozhao stared at the page of four male models with shining eyes, and saliva almost even flowed out of her mouth!

“This is enough for me to lick for a year ahhhhh!!!”

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