RS: Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

The typesetting incident caused Fashion Entertainment to adopt a cold attitude policy towards Ming Yu. However, Ming Yu didn’t care about the ban from Fashion Entertainment.

Huaxia had a total of 16 second-tier magazines and Fashion Entertainment was only a rookie. It wouldn’t cause too much waves. This typesetting incident brought him unexpected attention, but it also launched his reputation.

It was definitely a high starting point for any small model. It was probably because the name ‘Ming Yu’ was really popular on the Internet, so a small company wanted to use Ming Yu as a spokesman to help promote them. Zhao Rui didn’t speak to Ming Yu abut this matter and decisively refused it.

It was true that the endorsement of this small company could make Ming Yu some quick money in a short period of time, but it would be a limitation in Ming Yu’s path later on. Top supermodels always endorsed international big names. After Ming Yu became famous, people would ask him “What brand do you endorse?”

Supermodel A would say “I endorse Aisen.”

Supermodel B, “I endorse Estee Lance.”

Ming Yu would say, “I endorse Disdain for the World”……

Come on! It wasn’t good!

In Zhao Rui’s heart, he always believed that his small model could sooner or later become a top supermodel.

His small model had an upright appearance, was tall, had an excellent temperate, first-class sense for the lens and… oh right! He was also tactful, good with people, had a gentle nature and was kind! Becoming a top supermodel was just a problem of time and opportunities!

Gentle temperament…
Good nature…
He would make Zhu Wei cry first!

Having said that, Zhao Rui still sought out Ming Yu when he rejected the endorsement. Zhao Rui explained his decision, “This endorsement is the fastest way to make money, but I don’t think it will help with your future development.”

After all, whether it was in fashion or entertainment, many small models and celebrities would take any endorsement. After they became bigger and this became known, their image as a spokesperson would take a hit because their standards was too low.

Wearing a costume and make-up while saying non-stop “After playing Disdain for the World”, “I can’t help touching the computer every day”, “I play Disdain for the World every day, “Today I caught the purple mount! It is only 899, 899!”
….. How could his small model say that?

In addition, this might become a viral video that continued to play on the major video sites, causing the person involved to become more upset and depressed. If Ming Yu really became the spokesperson, it would be the worst 60 seconds of his life! Really!

After listening to Zhao Rui’s explanation, Ming Yu nodded lightly and agreed. “I also feel that such an endorsement really undermines my image. In consideration of my long-term future, it is better not to accept.”

Zhao Rui was relieved by this remark. His small model also had some sense. Then Ming Yu laughed and ask, “But Brother Zhao, Character will be published next week and I’ve already had two days off… Are there any better activities?”

Zhao Rui was surprised for a moment by these words. He was wide-eyed and shocked as he cried out, “It has only been two days. Are you thinking about work again?”

Many models gave themselves a few days of rest after a job. It was to adjust back to their life and to relax. Secondly, it was to help ease them from their previous emotional state.

Zhao Rui looked surprised and Ming Yu naturally knew what he was thinking. He laughed, “Brother Zhao, you don’t have to worry about my emotions and my body. I have been paying attention to them in the past two days and they have recovered well.”

Zhao Rui’s tight body slowly relaxed at the youth’s warm smile. He looked at his model’s clear eyes for a moment before saying. Then Zhao Rui said, “Well, I think you are in good shape so you can’t continue working again. Recently, there are a few good jobs and we can fight for it…”

It was probably because he was too young, but Zhao Rui was still lacking a bit of calm when dealing with people. However, his earnest attitude was absolutely first-class. In fact, Zhao Rui had been concerns about some of the information he got about jobs recently. Muse had an independent resources department, but there were too many Muse models. If the agents didn’t fight for them, these jobs wouldn’t fall into their hands.

The jobs that Zhao Rui noticed this time was a fashion show and appearing in the pages of a third-tier magazine.
The former would only be held next month, which was two weeks from now. Meanwhile, the latter would be published next week. However, it wasn’t a cover shoot and the people on the inside pages wouldn’t be shot properly.

After careful consideration, Ming Yu said, “The fashion show job, it is very difficult to get?”

Zhao Rui nodded without hiding anything. “Yes, this is Pei Feng’s end of year autumn and winter fashion show. Pei Feng and Muse have a long-term relationship, and it is regarded as a leader of the domestic second-tier fashion brands. Many models will be invited to this fashion show, but the probability of you getting it is very low.”

After this discussion, Ming Yu and Zhao Rui determined that they would go to the third-tier magazine to negotiate. If they saw his strength, maybe it would change from an inside shot.
However, the next day, Zhao Rui didn’t have time to call the magazine’s editorial department. It was because he received news from Muse’s Resources Department—

In three days, Ming Yu should arrive at Pei Feng’s trial venue for test make-up and the tailoring of clothes!!

This job was really allocated to them?
It was a big event. Zhao Rui was too excited and couldn’t wait to convey the message to Ming Yu. Ming Yu slightly frowned as he thought about it for a long time, then he sighed. “Brother Zhao, this is probably the compensation that the company gave us for the Fashion Entertainment typesetting incident.”

Indeed, Pei Feng’s autumn and winter fashion show was a good opportunity for a second or third-tier model. As a big name domestic second-tier brand, Pei Feng’s long-term cooperation with Muse was a normal thing. It was a personal opportunity for anyone Muse gave the job to.
Of course, high quality and high status models were free to choose their jobs. But third-tier models would break their heads for a chance at a catwalk.

A fashion show with spotlights was a model’s stage. Pei Feng’s autumn and winter fashion show, this opportunity wouldn’t come often!

Zhao Rui was surprised by Ming Yu’s words. He pondered for a while before also agreeing. “The original compensation was actually this! Indeed, too many people in the company want this opportunity and I never would’ve been able to obtain it.”

Ming Yu’s exquisite eyebrows raised as he declaed, “Yes Brother Zhao. This is a rare opportunity!”
A small model in the second-tier magazine Fashion Entertainment or a catwalk model in the second-tier Pei Feng’s autumn and window fashion show. The difference in status between these two was clearly obvious!

However, Ming Yu never thought that Muse would really give him an excellent resource this time.

Pei Feng invited a total of 40 models, almost all of them from Muse. It included 20 third-tier models, 10 second-tier models and four first-tier models. But when Zhao Rui signed the contract, he was surprised to find that Ming Yu’s treatment was higher than the 10 second-tier models. It was located between the first and second-tier models!!

This meant that apart from the four first-tier models, Ming Yu’s status in the show was the highest!  The status determined the location on the catwalk, the clothing, the appearance order and so on.

It meant that Muse had started to pay attention to Ming Yu! Of course, a small model used his own power to gain attention. Whether it was a conspiracy or good luck, Muse noticed that he deserved it.

Zhao Rui sending copies of all of Pei Feng’s fashion shows over the past three years to Ming Yu was no longer a waste of time. After watching more than a dozen of Pei Feng’s fashion shows, Ming Yu was surprised to find that this ‘Pei Feng’ actually resembled a first-tier brand in his previous life.

Pei Feng had a lively and youthful spirit, so its main targets were young people between 18-25. As a representative of handsome and cool fashion, Pei Feng’s colour palette was black, white and light grey based. the style was on trend, full of personality but not too independent. Its slogan was ‘Lightweight Luxurious Elegance.’

Ming Yu spend three days studying Pei Feng and understood the relevant information, despite Zhao Rui’s expression that asked why he was looking at this. Then the two people drove to the stage of Pei Feng’s fashion show in order to prepare for the show that would take place next week.

At this time, the stage was still being built. In order to adapt to this show’s theme, Pei Feng naturally wanted to redesign the style of the stage. When Ming Yu arrived backstage, he discovered a few well known models, as well as small models he met at Fashion Entertainment.

Li Xin had shot for Fashion Entertainment and came to an understanding with Ming Yu. She was two years older than Ming Yu and had been in the fashion industry for several years. She could now be regarded as a second-tier model. She came over after seeing Ming Yu, talking to him like a little brother. She rubbed Ming Yu’s soft hair and cried out, “Small Yu, Sister Xin really wants to die after not seeing you for a long time!”

Ming Yu’s expression at his hair being ruffled: “^_^#”

After rubbing his head for a while, Li Xin finally put down her hands. She helped tidy Ming Yu’s hair while saying, “But why did you come here? I thought you would refuse this fashion show.”
Ming Yu’s brows furrowed at this remark. He asked, “Sister Xin, why should I refuse this fashion show?”
Li Xin spoke like it was obvious. “Of course, it is because Cheng Su is participating!”

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Relapse o' Hikari
Relapse o' Hikari
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