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Chapter 68

Ming Yu never doubted that Xi Ze knew what happened with the original owner of this body and Cheng Su.

Just as Ming Yu discovered this man’s information in various ways, Xi Ze must’ve discovered his details early on, probably before their second meeting. In other words, before inviting Ming Yu to become his model, Xi Ze had already known about Ming Yu and Cheng Su.

What type of situation would allow a model to pass over their own opportunities and even take the initiative to recommend the other person?

The matter between the original owner and Cheng Su was a block of transparent glass that didn’t deceive anyone!

Xi Ze didn’t know about it before because the shadow of the original owner didn’t cross his eyes. Even the so-called first-tier Cheng Su couldn’t leave an impression on Xi Ze.

But now, he knew.

In Ming Yu’s heart, there wasn’t anything like ‘Ah, I was caught cheating’ or ‘God Xi knows about the matter between the original owner and Cheng Su.’ He just grabbed another small crab and replied calmly, “Ah, it is him.”

Xi Ze was slightly surprised by the youth’s reaction. After a moment, he whispered, “How do you feel?”

Xi Ze didn’t elaborate, but Ming Yu understood his meaning.

How did he feel?

Was he asking how Ming Yu felt about recording a show with Cheng Su? Or did he have any strange feelings when recording a show with Cheng Su? Was he so sad that he didn’t want to record a show with Cheng Su?

The above feelings, Ming Xiaoyu felt none of them.

He suddenly remembered something and asked, “It doesn’t matter. By the way Xi Ze, as a friend, can you tell me something?”

Xi Ze’s low voice was heard from the phone. “Tell me.”

Ming Yu estimated that this matter wasn’t important to Xi Ze, but Xi Ze would certainly know it. Thus, he asked without hesitation. “Next week, the March world’s supermodel ranking will come out. Can you tell me if Cheng Su is on the list?”

There was a short pause before Xi Ze asked, “Do you think that Cheng Su has now become a supermodel?”

Ming Yu was stunned and replied, “Isn’t he?”

“Wait a moment.”

Next, Ming Yu heard Xi Ze take out another phone and dialled Shen Xiang’s number.

Xi Ze didn’t pay attention to Cheng Su’s news, but Shen Xiang wasn’t the same. Shen Xiang knew the basic information and recent news of every model in Muse.

Xi Ze put the call on loudspeaker and Ming Yu heard Shen Xiang saying, “Zeng Shu has won many good resources for him. He only shot the publicity photos for Rayleigh Cano this month. The set of ads will go online in the next two months. Therefore, the supermodel organization plans to add his name to the list in two months. He isn’t a supermodel yet, but he can be called top of the line. Eh, why are you suddenly asking about this? Are you concerned about Cheng Su because of…”

“It has been hard for you. Rest well, goodnight.”

Xi Ze didn’t give Shen Xiang an opportunity to respond and hurriedly hung up the phone.

On the other side, Ming Yu raised an eyebrow at Xi Ze’s behaviour, but didn’t ask about it. After carefully thinking, he spoke, “Cheng Su needs two more months before he can become a supermodel?”

Xi Ze nodded. “Yes, Shen Xiang shouldn’t be wrong.”

The world’s supermodel rankings listed 100 of the top male and female models, for a total of 200 people.

But how many supermodels were there in the world?

367 people.

Ming Yu thought silently.

A long time ago, the industry selected the best models in the world through a supermodel contest and gave them the title of the best models. This name later became supermodels.

Later, once the fashion industry became more prosperous, many top industry professionals set up a group called the ‘World Supermodels Organization’, publishing the world’s supermodel rankings every three months in order to announce the current fashion trends and status of the models.

The people qualified to become a supermodel were determined by the World Supermodels Organization. They published a supermodel list every month, conducting a complete data analysis on the model’s endorsements, salaries, fashion shows and magazine photos in the past 12 months.

Once Cheng Su became the global spokesperson for the second-tier brand Rayleigh Cano, he was finally qualified to enter the list of 300 people. But before he joined, it was unknown if he would step into the top 100 world’s supermodels list.

Anyway, in the March 2017 world supermodel rankings, Cheng Su didn’t have a chance.

With this in mind, Ming Yu didn’t care about the man any further. He chatted casually with Xi Ze for a few more minutes before seeing Luo Ru and Zhao Rui in the distance. He said, “I’m going to hang up.”

At that moment, Xi Ze calmly asked, “You don’t like him anymore?”

Xi Ze’s tone was very low-key, as if it was a casual question where he didn’t care about the answer.

But Ming Yu stopped short, standing silently on the beat with a small bucket full of crabs in his hands.

The sinking sun set a long shadow over the vast sea. The waves reflected blue purple, reddish orange and white rays of light as it constantly fluctuated.

Ming Yu remained silent and Xi Ze didn’t speak.

As a group of seagulls glided through the sea and the shrill cry of birds broke the silence, Ming Yu opened his mouth and said, “The previous things, they were all the actions of a child. At that time, I was too young and it was easy to become confused. Now… I’ve grown up.”

There was a long pause before low laughter was heard from the phone. Xi Ze softly replied, “Hrmm. I remember that April is your birthday. Then he added, “It is the birthday of an 18 year old adult.”

Ming Yu started walking forward again and nodded, “Yes, it is the birthday of an 18 year old adult.”

“As your friend, I will send you an adult gift so that you can become a mature and calm adult.”

“Xi Ze’s gift? I am looking forward to it…”


The two had a short moment of exchance before Ming Yu hung up the phone. Then he walked up to Zhao Rui and Lu Ruo. Luo Ru and Zhao Rui had been looking for crabs. This time, Ming Yu found a lot so they returned to the hotel.

Neither Zhao Rui or Luo Ru could find any anomalies in Ming Yu, but they didn’t know that he had received a phone call.

It wasn’t until they were eating crabs that night and MIng Yu was still frowning that Zhao Rui asked curiously, “Xiaoyu, what’s wrong with you? I didn’t see you smile after returning from the beach. What are you thinking about?”

At Zhao Rui’s words, Ming Yu raised his lips and revealed an easy smile. “It is nothing Brother Zhao. It is my first time coming here and I haven’t adapted to the sea breeze. I will rest early this evening.”

Zhao Rui heard this explanation and ordered Ming Yu to have a good rest. He would be recording the program the day after tomorrow, so he must be careful. Meanwhile, Luo Ru quietly observed Ming Yu for a long time. She found that the youth had returned to his normal demeanor. Although her heart felt a bit strange, she didn’t say anything more.

Was Ming Xiaoyu worried about Cheng Su?

You are too naive!

In Ming Xiaoyu’s heart, Cheng Su had never been a problem. Ming Xiaoyu believed that Cheng Su was indeed powerful, but could he be counted as an excellent supermodel? For at least half a year, as long as no pie fell from the sky, he would barely be considered a supermodel.

Cheng Su would come to the island tomorrow for the recording?

That wasn’t a problem!

When the two people had met, Cheng Su was the only one who responded badly. Ming Xiaoyu had no feelings. ╮(╯_╰)╭  In the end, what did MIng Xiaoyu have to be worried about?

You don’t like him anymore?

At that time, he was too young. Now he was grown up.

This was the answer that Ming Yu hesitated over before finally giving.

The sentence was really ambiguous and seemed to imply that he had been ignorant and confused. Now, every decision he made was serious and sincere. If he liked someone, this was also heartfelt, true and sincere.

This answer was already the most positive response that Ming Yu gave to Xi Ze in recent months. But Xi Ze didn’t linger on this issue and Ming Yu didn’t say anything other than his answer.

The two people knowingly swept away this type, Xi Ze for a reason that Ming Yu didn’t know. For Ming Yu, he didn’t really understand what he was feeling in the end. He was confused and embarrassed, so he decided to wait and see.

In Ming Yu’s last life, he had only lived until the age of 25. Before the age of 23, he was busy making a living and slowly become the world’s top supermodel. By the time he was 24, he was already suffering from that damn illness and spent the last year in bed.

Ming Yu never really felt love towards anyone in his past life. His eyes were always so high up that a friend once commented, “You aren’t narcissistic like Narcissus, right? You don’t like yourself?”

Of course, Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t narcissist to that extent. Now that he had a good impression of that man?

Ming Yu deeply considered if this was goodwill towards the man or something inexplicable. Well, let’s watch and see.

TL Note: For those who might be confused, there are two lists. One is the top 100 male and top 100 female supermodels which is published every three months. The other one is all the supermodels and this is published every month

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5 years ago

There was a short pause before Xi Ze asked, “Do you think that Cheng Su has now become a supermodel?”

Cheng Su was stunned and replied, “Isn’t he?”

This one here,
Isn’t it supposed to be Ming Yu and not Cheng Su?

5 years ago

Cheng Su was stunned and replied, “Isn’t he?”
Isn’t supposed Ming Xiaoyu?

Zeng Shu has won many good resources for him. He only shot the publicity photos for Rayleigh Cano this month…

Is it supposed to be Cheng Su?

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library rocker
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