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Chapter 143

Suyi was one of the top two magazines in Huaxia. It might focus on female fashion but that didn’t mean it would only invite female models and celebrities. For example, this April Suyi invited Luo Cheng to be the cover person and shot a large block.

Working with magazines was something Ming Xiaoyu was quite good at.

He wasn’t the slightest bit nervous as he accepted the interview from Suyi’s editor. Later, he negotiated with the stylist and they finally reached a consensus on a wild style. The beast wild style would be the cover style of Suyi next month.

Ming Yu had never tried the beast wild style since his debut. If this style wasn’t good that it would make people feel dirty and even awkward. But once it was performed well, it would make people feel wild and comfortable, an uninhibited feeling.

After designing the style, it was close to evening. The two parties agreed to take all the photos the day after tomorrow and to end today’s schedule. As they were leaving Suyi, the editors and reporters drank the tea that Zhao Rui specifically bough and greeted Ming Xiaoyu.

Earlier, Ming Xiaoyu gave a lot of signatures when he came to Suyi. Now that he was leaving, the editors couldn’t help but ask if he could give them a special signature for them and Ming Xiaoyu agreed one by one.

After opening the door of Suyi magazine, Ming Yu’s gaze was overwhelmed by the two pink carved characters ‘Suyi’ on the door.

He walked away and sighed, “The atmosphere of Suyi really isn’t as good as Muse.”

When he said this, Ming Yu and Zhao Rui had already walked towards the elevator and gone down. Zhao Rui asked in a strange manner, “Xiaoyu, do you think the atmosphere of Suyi isn’t as good as Muse?” After carefully thinking for a while, Zhao Rui said, “You have a point. I feel that Suyi is more lifeless, as if everything has a set of procedures. Muse is more active and there is more room for innovation.”

Zhao Rui’s analysis was quite good. Muse and Suyi might be the top fashion magazines in Huaxia, but the former had only been established for decades while the latter had been established for almost a hundred years.

Judging by the historical background of the two, Suyi was quite good. However, it often lost instead of winning. In today’s fast changing Internet era, the deeper the foundation, the harder it was to change yourself. This was why after the introduction of Suyi into the 21st century, its sales were always a bit worse than Muse.

But these things weren’t related to Ming Xiaoyu.

The elevator dinged as it opened on both sides and dazzling sunlight illuminated the crack in the door.

When the elevator opened, Ming Yu was still turning to talk to Zhao Rui and took a random step. He hadn’t stepped out of the elevator when he heard a surprised shout, “Ming Yu!”

Ming Xiaoyu was startled and turned to look at the person outside the elevator. He took a look before suddenly stopping.

After a moment, the young man’s delicate face showed a smile. Ming Xiaoyu gently nodded and said, “Long time no see, Mr. Luo.”

Luo Cheng immediately waved. “It is fine to call me Luo Cheng. What is Mr. Luo? I’m not that old!”

As he spoke, Luo Cheng reached out and grabbed Ming Xiaoyu’s hand. As the latter looked on in surprise, Luo Cheng glanced at the equally astonished Zhao Rui and said, “You are Ming Xiaoyu’s agent, Zhao Rui right? I am looking for Ming Xiaoyu for something. I am sorry to trouble you but can you have a cup of coffee and wait? I will walk around with Ming Xiaoyu!”

After hearing this, Zhao Rui immediately looked at Ming Yu. He originally wanted to say something but at Ming Yu’s look, he helplessly nodded and agreed to Luo Cheng’s words.

After all, Ming Yu and Luo Cheng were celebrities. It would be too bad if they walked around naturally. Therefore, they headed directly to the middle of the 14th floor.

This floor was a complete scenic spot. Ming Yu was slightly surprised when he first entered. But after hearing Luo Cheng’s explanation, he realized that the designer of this building wasted a whole floor for a rest floor used by company personnel throughout the building.

But it time to work so not many people were here. Thus, only Ming Xiaoyu and Luo Cheng walked slowly around the whole floor.

Almost all of the 14th floor was surrounded by greenery. The coconut trees and palm trees transplanted from the tropics added lushness to this green ocean. The green colour alone would make people feel refreshed, not to mentioned all the glass windows giving people a 360 degree view of the scenery around them.

Looking at it, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help sighed. “It is really a good place to rest. By the way Luo Cheng, you seem to be familiar with this place. Do you come here often?”

As soon as he heard this, the proud Luo Cheng covered his mouth before laughing, “Yes yes, I come here often to take photos and do interviews. The headquarters of Muse and Suyi are here so of course I come often, haha…”

Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t find anything wrong but he couldn’t help thinking about it.

He looked at Luo Cheng for a long time, who could only sweat and laugh hollowly. Ming Xiaoyu sighed softly at the sight He didn’t want to inquire about the private matter of others. Thus, he changed the subject. “You brought me here today to show me this?”

Don’t think that Ming Xiaoyu was stupid. He thought that as long as it was this husky…cough, as long as it was Luo Cheng, he would be foolish enough to actually do so.

It was as if Luo Cheng woke up from a dream. “Yes! I would’ve forgotten it if you hadn’t mentioned it. I came looking for you for something. You should know Rosalind right?”

Ming Yu frowned slightly. “The top fashion brand in the United States, Rosalind?” He paused before adding with a smile. “I think everyone in the industry should know Rosalind. Even outsiders have heard its name.”

Luo Cheng smiled widely, revealing his white teeth. “Yes, that’s right.”

“I also know that you are the global spokesperson for Rosalind in the upcoming year, endorsing its male clothing.”

Luo Cheng was stunned hearing this and he asked with wide eyes, “Eh? How can you know this? I only settled this matter in the middle of last month. I was waiting until next week to announce it.”

Seeing Luo Cheng’s shocked expression, Ming Xiaoyu laughed and didn’t say anything.

He had no desire to inquire about Luo Cheng. Xi Ze just accidentally mentioned Luo Cheng in a conversation. At that time, XI Ze said that Luo Cheng was in the United States and signing a global contract with Rosalind.

Then the next second, Luo Cheng opened his hands and said, “Mr. Xi must’ve told you? Sure enough, both of you are lovers so it is normal.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…?_?”

Wait, this type of intelligence wasn’t suitable for Luo Cheng…

Luo Cheng added. “Speaking of which. Ming Yu, you must be below when you are with Mr. Xi?” This time, he didn’t wait for Ming Xiaoyu to answer. Luo Cheng’s shoulders shrank back with understanding. “Not that it is bad. It isn’t bad not to be above! This is too much!”

Ming Yu’s mouth slightly shook before he reluctantly said, “In fact, I am on top.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Luo Cheng looked at Ming Xiaoyu with an expression that said, ‘What husky would believe that?’

Ming Xiaoyu, “Let’s go back to the original topic.” (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻

After that, Ming Yu realized that Luo Cheng met him in order to invite him to the charity party held by Rosalind.

This year’s RAmer Charity Gala would be hosted by Rosalind. Since Luo Cheng was their global spokesperson, it was natural to invite famous Huaxia models to participate.

Rosalind called Luo Cheng’s agent a few days ago, hoping to invite the newest supermodel in Huaxia, Ming Yu. After all, they were both models of Muse and must have some connection. Luo Cheng happily accepted this task.

After learning the whole story, Ming Yu only thought about it for a moment before accepted Luo Cheng’s invitation with a smile.

Luo Cheng was pleased, stating that his assistant would send Rosalind’s invitation letter to Ming Xiaoyu’s lounge the next day.

The two people talked for a while. Then before leaving, Luo Cheng said with a sigh of relief. “In fact, Ming Yu, it is good that you are together with Xi Ze. He is a very stingy person but he looks after his people.”

Then Luo Cheng sighed, “Mr. Xi, in that regard, might not be the same as his appearance. He is quite gentle. Ming Yu, you are so blessed! Once he finished, he whispered in a voice so low that only he could hear. “In any case, he must be gentler than that guy.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…Hehe.”

Before formally parting, Ming Yu smiled and said, “Luo Cheng, thank you for your invitation today. By the way, you seem to be quite familiar with this building and even know there is a rest area. Hey, what is that thing on your neck?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ming Xiaoyu looked at Luo Cheng’s neck with an expression of surprise.

Luo Cheng was shocked and quickly covered his neck. “What?” What is it?”

Seeing him, Ming Xiaoyu said thoughtfully, “Nothing. I just suddenly realized that Luo Cheng’s girlfriend is really fierce.”

Luo Cheng, “…”

After that, Luo Cheng went to Muse magazine and in a certain editorial office, some turmoil occurred that Ming XIaoyu was naturally unaware of. He just smiled and headed home like nothing happened.

When it came to matters of sowing discord, he was really an expert at hiding himself.

Once he arrived at his apartment, Ming Xiaoyu told Zhao Rui to pay attention to the invitation that Luo Cheng would send tomorrow. Zhao Rui told Ming Xiaoyu to have a good rest tomorrow. After all, he would be going to Suyi the day after tomorrow.

After the two said goodbye, Ming Yu used his card to go upstairs and soon arrived at his door.

As usual, he opened the door with the key. After a clear unlocking sound was heard, Ming Yu stepped into the room and intended to close the door. However, this time he couldn’t do anything as his mouth and nose was suddenly covered by a person’s hand!

The horrified Ming Xiaoyu was planning to resist when his hands were unexpectedly grabbed.

Ming Yu’s mouth and nose were tightly held so he could only let out a squeaking whisper. His hands were tightly held by the person as he was dragged back to the elevator.

However, after the two people went out the door, Ming Xiaoyu gave up direct resistance and calmly allowed the other person to move him.

Once the man got on the elevator, he didn’t press the button to go down. Rather, he pressed the button for the top floor.  As the appearance of ‘you are holding my mouth and my hands, I’m not resisting’, the elevator gradually went up.

The man seemed to realize that the youth in his arms was too cooperative. The tall man slightly bowed and whispered in the youth’s ear, “Shall we negotiate over who is the bully and who is the good woman? This seems to fit.”

Upon hearing the voice behind him, Ming Xiaoyu suddenly sneered, raised his foot and stepped on the foot of the bully behind him.


The bully in the back hadn’t expected the youth to do this and grunted. The elevator door opened and he continued holding onto Ming Xiaoyu to his own door. The door turned out to have a fingerprint password which was extremely fast. It opened automatically in half a second.

This time, the bully pushed the youth inside very rudely. Ming Xiaoyu hadn’t expected to be pushed into the house.

This type of play carried silently out in the darkness made him very curious as a faint anticipation ignited in his heart. Ming Yu didn’t know the anticipation in his eyes. He coughed and leaned against the wall, saying, “I am the bully, you are the good woman…”

Bang. The sound caused Ming Xiaoyu’s next words to be completely submerged in his throat.

In the dark room, the man’s deep eyes were illuminated by the moonlight outside the window as he stared at the youth in front of him. One hand was pressed against the wall while the youth was trapped in his arms. Strong male hormones suddenly spread out, making the youth unable to resist his rapidly increased heartbeat. He even felt a trace of heat.

After slowly adapting to the dim light in the house, Ming Yu saw the man’s thin lips curved as he raised a hand and pinched Ming Yu’s chin. Xi Ze smiled and said, “My good woman, how do you want me to bully you today?”

Hey guys, all good now! The antibiotics that the doctors prescribed me didn’t work on what I had. However, the hospital antibiotics were extremely effective and I was feeling like a new person after just one day.

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