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Chapter 148

At 7 p.m. on September 15th, 2017, New York time, countless gorgeous luxury limousines slowly stopped in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The beautiful bodies were reflected in the moonlight.

The red carpet laid on the road was hand-woven from the finest wool and was expensive. It was airlifted from Italy and used exclusively as the carpet for the RAmer Charity Gala.

In general, this type of carpet would only appear in the homes of wealthy people and there would never be such a big piece.

But tonight, Rosalind used this handmade rug extravagantly, allowing countless people to step on it, not paying attention to this gorgeous fabric.

The entire red carpet was filled with the flashing lights of the reporters. Together with the lights that were arranged by the venue, the night shone as brightly as the day.

This was the feast of the entire fashion industry that took place once a year. The red carpet part that took place before the dinner was called the ‘Oscars of fashion’. It was no wonder that such high-end equipment would be used.

The carpet was extremely expensive and the surrounding lighting equipment and decorations were perfect. But in fact, the celebrities walking here were the most attractive thing. The high-end clothing they wore was the focus of countless reporters.

“That is the outfit from Garcia’s high-end show last year!”

“This outfit seems to have been specially made for Karman by Rosalind. Every piece of jewelry on it is worth thousands of dollars!”

“Ah! It is the opening dress from Ji and Ya’s high-end show in July this year! The embroidery seems to be the crane of Huaxia, which is said to be a sign of auspiciousness!”


Since the theme of the RAmer Charity Gala was ‘Huaxia: Millennium Feng Shui, Bright Treasures’, the clothing worn by the guests were bound to have a great connection to Huaxia.

It was probably also for this reason that many high-end dresses worn by many women on the red carpet were specially made by the high-end studios in Huaxia. Many people looked for these studios and borrowed outfits.

After all, this type of clothing could only be worn on important occasions. The high price of these outfits was too much for some ordinary fashion shows. Since it was only once, it would be better to borrow the outfit than to buy it.

Even for the top people in the entertainment and fashion industry, not everyone had the money to spend millions to buy an outfit. Of course, there was one person who spent six days creating an outfit worth millions just because of his exclusive mentality. ╮(╯_╰)╭

For the time being, let’s not talk about Mr. Xi who had a strong jealousy. Although Ming Xiaoyu arrived in the United States with Xi Ze and lived in the same hotel, he didn’t intend to walk the red carpet with Xi Ze.

Xi Ze’s identity as the representative of the fashion industry meant he was the finale.

Generally speaking, most of the people who walked the red carpet at this party were in pairs. Apart from a few same-s*x couples and very good partners, all the guests walking the red carpet were in the form of ‘one man and one woman.’

Of course, there was also the existence of Xi Ze, whose identity was too noble that there was no problem walking the red carpet alone. He could choose to walk alone or with a companion.

However, even if Xi Ze bullied or tried to tempt Ming Xiaoyu to walk down the red carpet with him, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t agree.

“You have three identities when walking on this red carpet. The first is the world’s number one supermodel, the second is the majority shareholder of Muse and third is chief designer of Ji and Ya. So Mr. Xi, what identity do you think is suitable for you to walk with me?” Ming Xiaoyu paused before adding, “But if you wear women’s clothing and are willing to be my female companion, it is quite suitable.”

Xi Ze, “…”

Therefore, they didn’t walk down the red carpet together.

Before coming to the United States, Ming Xiaoyu wanted to invite Xu Rongrong as his female companion through the company relationship. However, it was a pity that Xu Rongrong received the invitation half a year ago and had already found a male partner. She could only regretfully decline Ming Yu’s proposal.

However, there must be a road in front of a mountain. Shen Xiang was responsible for this matter and quickly found an American female celebrity as his female companion.

The female star spent hundreds of thousands of dollars last month and bought an invitation to the charity party.

As mentioned before, it might not be possible to buy an invitation to the RAmer Charity Gala even if you had money. Of course, it was absolutely impossible to buy if you didn’t have money. Being able to enter the party was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people. This evening, the elites of the upper class gathered everywhere, all of them ‘gold’ class.

Even in Huaxia, there was a saying—

[As long as you are not Xi Ze in the fashion industry, a small plum of the entertainment industry, Beckham in the sports world or Bates of Wall Street, you might be mistaken as an ordinary waiter in the RAmer Charity Gala. This party was that famous!]

Thus, in order to enter the party, the female celebrity used numerous relationships and finally bought an invitation letter last month. But after buying the invitation letter, she encountered the same problem as Ming Xiaoyu. No male partner!

As a result, the two people who never met were randomly gathered together.

In fact, Ming Xiaoyu had actually seen the movie of this female star. Mudley Joyce was a popular newcomer in Hollywood in recent years. She played the supporting actress in many Hollywood blockbusters. She was beautiful and tall.

A few months ago, Ming Xiaoyu and Xi Ze were bored at home and watched a movie. It happened to be the one that made this female actress famous.

The two people’s attention were on other things and they didn’t pay much attention to the movie. But Ming Xiaoyu believed that this Mudley’s acting was very good. If she was given a chance, she would soar.

In the early morning of the same day, Mudley drove to the hotel where Ming Yu stayed. The two people were going to walk together on ther ed carpet so it was natural to take the same car.

As Ming Xiaoyu put on his outfit in the next room, Mudley was putting on makeup. Ming Xiaoyu had Sister Zheng help him with a light makeup, Mudley was putting on makeup. Ming Xiaoyu asked Sister Zheng to tidy up his hairstyle, Mudley was putting on makeup. Ming Xiaoyu put on the Feilu watch and walked out the door, Mudley was…

Finally finished her makeup! ≧︿≦!!!

This charity party had too much value for Mudley. After she finished her makeup, she spent hours on her hair. By the time the two people actually entered the venue by car, half of the guests had entered the venue. There were only a few guests who hadn’t arrived yet.

A black Bentley slowly parked in front of the red carpet, attracting the attention of countless reporters.

This was the car that Ming Xiaoyu borrowed from Xi Ze…cough, yes, it was borrowed.

After all, Ming Yu had just become a supermodel and hadn’t yet appeared on the rankings. His reputation was probably worse than that of Mudley. However, his gentlemanly nature meant it was impossible for him to let the lady prepare the vehicle. Thus, Ming Xiaoyu could only seek to impress by feigning his abilities and borrow a car from Xi Ze.

When it came to borrowing a car, Ming Xiaoyu really wanted to wipe his bitter tears.

Xi Ze heard that Ming Yu wanted to borrow a car to go to the party with a female companion and tasted thick vinegar! It would pass halfway across the Earth to Huaxia!

Therefore, Ming Xiaoyu could only sign a variety of ‘sacrifice and humiliation’ agreements before finally borrowing the car.

But even if the car was worth millions, Mudley disregarded it. She had a ‘not very impressed’ face, making Ming Xiaoyu secretly frown.

Yes, they would naturally get more attention if they got down from a Rolls Royce.

But the Bentley was worth more than four million. Even Xi Ze chose to sit in a car that was only three million, lending the more expensive car to his lover.

—Ming Yu wasn’t famous so he had to make up for it with other things.

After becoming aware of Mudley’s arrogance, Ming Yu lost his goodwill for this Hollywood newcomer. He decided that after going down the red carpet and reaching the venue, they would formally part ways.

The moment the youth came down from the car, the flashes gathered on the car seemed to stop.

If it was only Ming Yu, the reporters wouldn’t be so surprised. After all, Ming Yu’s current popularity had already spread to the United States. Even if his appeaance was stunning, the reporters from all over the world wouldn’t be stunned for a moment.

The thing that really shocked everyone was the outfit on Ming Yu.

The pure white high-end suit looked like it was made of cashmere or camel, but even these two top fabrics had different grades. A designer walking before Ming Yu inadvertently glanced over and couldn’t help whispering, “The top rated camel!”

Yes, the fabric of this outfit was made of the softest fluff under the belly of a camel. The gentle and delicate texture could be seen with the naked eye. Even a layman could feel the high quality with a touch.

If this top fabric was an amazing element, what made the reporters even more amazing was the gorgeous cut of the outfit. There was the dazzling embroidery and graceful gemstone pattern set in the neckline that was in the shape of a dragon and a phoenix.

Hidden under the white cloth was sparkling silver wire. This craftsmanship reached the world’s top level. Otherwise, it would be impossible to evenly divide so many silver wires into the camel hair to achieve such a bright effect.

This unique tailoring design had never been seen by these reporters.

At least half of the hundreds of guests were men. However, the reporters didn’t feel so amazed at their outfits. Instead, they felt that the outfits were completely inferior to the one on Ming Yu.

The exquisite gem setting technique and the unique design style was enough to make people marvel.

However, many reporters were shocked to find that under such a top grade high-end suit, the youth wasn’t the slightest bit inferior. He actually made this outfit his foil!

The slightly long hair hung down the face line, the black hair on the right side tucked behind the ear, revealing a brilliant black diamond!

The black diamond was especially precious because of its scarce quantity.

The black diamond was always a favourite with men because it was elegant and wise, deep and expensive. For example, the well-known ‘Black Orlov’ was a famous representative of the black diamond. The diamond had been exhibited numerous times in the world, the name even taken from a Russian princess.

In the dark and silent night, the young man in a white suit was tall and handsome. There was a bright and gentle smile on the uniquely soft face of a Huaxia person, the black diamond shining on his earlobe. The air seemed to stagnate for a while, causing people to feel admiration.

The appearance and temperament of Ming Yu was naturally recognized by the fashion industry.

Now, as everyone was focused on him, he took the initiative to walk to the side of the car, bend down and held a woman’s slender wrist.

Everyone couldn’t help wondering. Who was it who could stand with such a dazzling youth and become the focus of the audience?

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