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Chapter 157

The Sun really didn’t expect this. They just wanted to slightly smear Ming Yu. They completely didn’t expect an outcome like this. The Western media united in order to resist the Huaxia public opinion. Thus, when the Sun wrote this report, the Western media didn’t say anything or even helped them.

Now all of the Western media were being forced to make a statement by the Huaxia netizens.

Don’t think that the netizens were just talking. After putting forward the slogan of ‘we won’t end this if you don’t give a statement’, the netizens immediately went to the official Twitter, Facebook and website of the major media organizations.

Was this a crime?

Of course not!

The comment area was for readers all over the world!

The Huaxia netizens were bringing them attention so there was no need to be thankful~ After all, they were polite and doing the newspapers a favour by increasing the website views.

As for the comments on the official websites of these Western media groups, do you think they were sweet?

Many Western netizens came to Muse’s forum or Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo and carried out a variety of abus! The author didn’t write it out but it was conceivable that these words weren’t good. They were all types of swear words, mainly ‘fuk’ and ‘sht.’

It was called indecent assault in Huaxia!

At least follow etiquette!

They wanted to flood the forums? They thought they bought a water army? Huaxia didn’t need a water army! One person could drown them!

At the same time, the power of netizens and fans couldn’t be underestimated. The Huaxia netizens also spoke up and condemned their international friends in official posts. They didn’t send out a news report. They simple wrote posts, stating that it was a moral issue in the industry and less of a competition issue.

【 Imperial City Daily: As a news media person, we have firmly adhered to telling the truth since the day we entered the market. I hope the Sun can follow the basic principles of being a journalist and show your attitude to the public. 】

【 Huaxia fashion magazine: If even a global magazine is reversing black and white, who can control the future of journalism? We must insist on reporting the truth! Combat injustice in this industry! 】 In this respect, the attitude of Muse magazine was quite strict—

【 Muse Magazine: As a global magazine, the Sun’s report is really distressing. At the same time, it is a pity that people of the same industry will do such a thing. If we let this type of character spread in the industry, it won’t last! 】……

If the power of the netizens was a huge stone that hit the door of the Western media, then the condemnation of the Huaxia media was like swords that stabbed and drew blood!

In fact, there was a reason why the Huaxia media unified this time to speak up for Ming YU. In addition to the PR department of Muse, they wanted to use this opportunity to strike against the ‘self-righteous’ Western media trying to compete with Huaxia.

There was a saying that if you don’t dare to move, we won’t take you in our hearts.

But since you were so annoying and kept committing crimes, then we will use a bit of effort to slap you in the face.

Don’t underestimate the power of Huaxia media in the global public opinion circle. This superpower had one-fifth of the world’s population. The total amount of news generated every day was almost one-third of Western media. The circulation was even half of Western media.

This was why the Western media had to tremble and try to cling obstinately to their property.

Let us mourn for them for one second.

Okay, the silence ended. Don’t waste even a millisecond.

Now the most troublesome thing in the entire media world was the Sun and the newspapers associated with them. As for the Western entertainment industry, Mudley was repeatedly rebuked by the Huaxia fans. Many European and American netizens who had a conscience also asked her to stand up and apologize.

However, Mudley was completely silent after the Sun published their first article.

Until now, Mudley was pretending to be dead! The latest update on her Twitter was three days ago. She was supposed to be on a talk show today but she called off sick and didn’t appear in public.

This type of evasive behaviour made the netizens even more furious! Do you know the art of swearing? Do you know the art of ‘pushing into a fire pit and still not receiving anything’?

Since she isn’t saying anything, good! Then don’t blame us for doing too much!

For a time, the netizens bombarded Mudley’s social networks asking her to apologize. Many netizens also moved to the official website of the movie Mudley would be participating in and urged the crew to give a statement.

We have given you a chance but you don’t want to face us! Since you are showing no face, we won’t be polite!

Do you know where the world’s largest movie market was?

It was Huaxia.

Hollywood movies were the only ones that could compete in Huaxia. It was because Huaxia still ate up the superhero movies. In the case of watching movies, it was no problem to occasionally adjust their own taste.

Now that the Hollywood actress had turned against their Huaxia model, let’s see who would watch the movie?

Did you think you are a master?

Look at the global movie box office, six of the top ten were Huaxia movies!

Under such strong public pressure, Mudley’s movie released an official statement half a day later: 【 There is some discrepancy between Mudley Joyce’s appearance and Super Rescue. The crew has decided to temporarily dismiss Mudley Joyce and once again recruit a new actress from around the world. 】

Seeing this result, those who were calling to boycott Super Rescue could only bitterly forget. Everyone secretly thought, ‘Hey, you are smart. You understand the good and bad. We reluctantly won’t resist you but are too lazy to watch you.’

Poor Super Rescue. Simply because they didn’t declare their position fast enough, they lost a lot of box office in Huaxia. But for these fans originally only wanted to casually watch a foreign movie along with their domestic movies. It didn’t matter if they don’t watch it. Therefore, who knew if Super Rescue would be eligible to enter the Huaxia market.

This type of public pressure was really strong.

Many netizens didn’t understand why Mudley was acting like she was invincible. To pour oil on the fire, they were stunned when refreshing Mudley’s social media page. It was because these words appeared:

[The account has been cancelled.]

…What a surprise!

What was this?

Forget about giving an apology or a statement?

She craftily escaped, thinking she could escape death?

This shameless behaviour really made the Huaxia netizens furious and the European and American netizens paralyzed. Apart from some of Mudley’s brainless fans, the others couldn’t comment at all.

Wasn’t this too unreasonable? She pretended she was dead and now she cancelled her accounts?

This time, the angry netizens didn’t give Mudley a way out. They directly went to the studio that Mudley was signed to, insisting that the other party give a statement. At the same time, some Huaxia entertainment media slammed Mudley’s behaviour of escaping, accusing her of ‘having a guilty conscience and fleeing.’

The studio Mudley was contracted to hadn’t yet responded. The entertainment company affiliated to the studio immediately spoke, stating that Mudley wasn’t in a good physical condition. She would temporarily suspend all activities and asked the fans to patiently wait.

Did this scene look familiar?

Wasn’t this statement a bit familiar?

This was the official rhetoric of CX Entertainment after Jiang Kaiyang shamelessly used his fans to slander Ming Yu!

Upon seeing this, the angry Huaxia netizens slightly had their fire put out. After all, they understood that there were no more traces of the previous ‘bad’ Jiang Kaiyang. Even the reality that he already shot removed all his clips and said that Jiang Kaiyang was too busy for the recording.

Mudley’s ending could already be imagined but no one felt sorry for the actress. That’s why everyone was caught off guard when Mudley’s black materials were released. They overwhelmed fans all over the world. The black material were too much to imagine! Even the people who hated Mudley were stunned stupid, taking a moment to understand what happened.

It was said that Mudley combined with the Sun’s slander against Ming Xiaoyu was a 1000000 point crit, making the Huaxia netizens and Ming Xiaoyu’s fans furious. Now these black materials were like a super-ultra crit of 10000000……00000! Don’t mention those who hated Mudley, even the fans who liked her were completely stunned.

Climbing Director XX’s be to get a character.

Bullying a new person in the cast and making them suffer from depression. In order to get an award, buying off a media reporter to pour dirty water on her competitors. There was also drugs and the most terrible thing that everyone couldn’t accept—

A s*x party!!!!!

A beautiful actress on the screen would participate in such a terrible s*x party! Along with this piece of news, there were many photos released. The other people had mosaics on their faces but Mudley’s face was clear! This expression of lust and ecstasy was really disgusting!

Then a netizen observing the photo suddenly found: 【 Eh?  I know this old man! His face has a mosaic but he has a tattoo on his arm! He is Director XXX who died last year due to AIDS!!! 】  This was a super big news that caused waves around the world.

Meanwhile, in Muse’s PR department, Zhao Rui looked at Shen Xiang in surprised and asked, “Shen Xiang, you still have this power? I couldn’t see it at all. How could you find such rotten black material?”

Shen Xiang smoked a cigarette. “This matter has nothing to do with me! It is the explosive tip of an enthusiastic netizen.”

Zhao Rui had a disbelieving expression on his face.

But Ming Xiaoyu carefully looked at these black materials and had a thought. He smiled and left the Muse PR department. He went to the balcony next door and started to call a certain man.

However, Ming Xiaoyu was surprised that when he called, the phone was turned off.

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know that some things couldn’t be stopped so easily.

Xi Ze had a very small tolerance and he was always serious with his protection. How could he just stop?

It was a fantasy!

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4 years ago

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