RS: Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

On this quiet and beautiful New Year’s Eve, the moonlight shone coolly on the earth. Outside the window, it was a rare quiet moment, with almost no traffic because everyone was at home with their family and loved ones.

Although this man really tried to deceive him, Ming Yu wasn’t angry. On the contrary, he thought that the other person was interesting. Finding Ming Yu on a whim to eat dinner together, only to eat his own food after waiting 10 minutes.

—This type of behaviour, he didn’t know from when it began.

But… there was one thing that Ming Yu cared about.

“Xi Ze, since you came to eat with me, does this mean you aren’t going home for the new year?” Ming Yu gently rested his hands on the glass on the coffee table and laughed. “I really appreciate your kindness, but you should be home for the new year. Being with family is really important.”

They might be friends, but Ming Yu thought it was a bit much for the other person to leave his family.

As soon as these words were heard, Xi Ze suddenly made a strange facial expression and sighed. “I was driven out.”

Ming Yu, “…”

After a long moment, Ming Yu’s mouth twitched and he couldn’t help saying, “So, you came to find me after being driven out of your home?” The youth said the last words through gritted teeth. His beautiful face made his expression look very vivid.

Xi Ze saw the youth’s ‘Believe it or not, I will drive you out right now’ and replied indifferently, “Don’t you want to know why I was driven out?”

Ming Yu smiled, “I don’t want to know.”

Xi Ze, “…”

A moment later, Xi Ze calmly said, “Since you want to know, I can tell you. In fact…”

“Hey, I said I don’t want to know!”

“I said to the couple, I have a friend who has no relatives and few friends in the capital. He might be very lonely on Chinese New Year, so I want to invite him home.”

Ming Yu’s voice subsided as he became immersed in the man’s dark and mysterious eyes.

Seeing the handsome and elegant face slightly loosen up, XI Ze showed a touch of a faint smile and continued, “After I said this, even though I rarely return home a few times a year, the young couple directly kicked me out of the door and said to me, ‘Spend the new year with your friend, your parents will be in a romantic couple’s world.’”

Ming Yu couldn’t help laughing as he heard this. He helplessly raised his hands and asked, “Xi Ze, is it really okay to call your parents ‘the couple’?”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow, “Is there a problem?”

Ming Yu helplessly spread open his hands. “It is good if you are happy.”

This New Year’s Eve, Ming Yu never experienced it.

For the first 20 years of his previous life, he struggled alone. Forget New Years, he didn’t rest throughout the whole year. Then he slowly gained fame and had more and more friends. His Chinese New Year was often eating with a friend and then returning to an empty house. He counted down the seconds alone, waiting the arrival of the new year.

This time, by coincidence, he actually spent the new year with Xi Ze. This feeling was really wonderful, making Ming Yu refreshed. Thus, he gradually removed his defenses as he talked to the man sitting across from him.

Their topics ranged from the sky to the recent high-end fashion shows around the world.

There were no more than 15 studios in the world that could host high-end fashion shows. They often scheduled their shows in the same one month period. During this period, even if Xi Ze was busy, he needed to fly around the world to watch different fashion shows.

Xi Ze was talking about a high-end fashion show he just attended last week in Denmark when Ming Yu suddenly remembered, “Are you talking about Sharice’s spring and summer fashion show? I watched the live broadcast on the computer. I really like this year’s Southeast Asian style. It is unfortunate that I couldn’t see it with my own eyes.”

Xi Ze gently nodded, “Yes, it is Sharice. This year, they used a full line of silver and precious gems in the design. The pattern of the clothing and the location arrangement was very important. If you look at it, you might be able to see that for the wedding dress finale, it was inlaid with a large white gem.”

Ming Yu couldn’t help being amazed in this talk with Xi Ze. He didn’t know about anything else, but he knew that this man could talk to him about anything regarding design, whether it was unpopular knowledge or the slightest attention to detail.

Xi Ze was very good at chatting, leading the topics.

In fact, Ming Yu previously asked if Xi Ze checked his information, but he also checked this man’s information through various methods.

When Xi Ze first appeared in the public’s field of view at the age of 15, he was a talented designer. He didn’t think about becoming a model, not to mention the world’s first ranked supermodel.

At the age of 15, Xi Ze won the Noah World Design Competition, with the highest score coming from ‘Yi Ya.’ In the same year, he was signed by ‘Ji and Ya’ and became an assistant designer, receiving the guidance of Ms. Ji Heya.

Known as the mother of Chinese designed, Ms. Ji Heya was a charitable and gentle old lady. She imparted her own experience onto Xi Ze and discovered that he had talent in the field of modelling. When Xi Ze was 16 years old, he participated in his first fashion show under Ms. Ji Heya’s guidance.

It was Ji and Ya’s spring and summer 2007 fashion show, allowing Zi Ze to appear on the catwalk in front of the world.

Since then, Xi Ze’s popularity went out of control and he appeared on the world’s supermodel rankings in a month. A year later, he became the well deserved first supermodel and that continued until today.

Then in 2012, Mrs. Ji Heya died. Xi Ze choose to continue on from his teacher, the 21 year old becoming Ji and Ya’s chief designer.

The first time Ming Yu saw Xi Ze’s life, he really admired it. A 21 year old becoming the chief designer of the world’s top luxury brand, there would certainly be a lot of pressure on Xi Ze. In particular, his first fashion show was bound to be questioned by the world and he might even collapse.

However, Xi Ze endured the pressure on him from all over the world and became the present Xi Ze.

Anyway, it was New Year’s Eve and it didn’t matter if the both of them had already eaten. Ming Yu cooked instant noodles for himself and Xi Ze… which counted as dinner. The two people didn’t turn on the TV to watch the spring festival’s evening show. Recently, the spring festival’s mascot was becoming more and more shocking every year.

The two people used this time to discuss the recent high-end fashion shows around the time. Then once midnight arrived, the sound of the bell and firecrackers was heard from the window. Ming Yu put down his tablet and looked at the man in front of him.

The youth’s facial features slightly curved, becoming a nice crescent shape as Ming Yu smiled and solemnly said, “Happy New Year, XI Ze!” After saying this, the youth spread open his arms without any caution.

Xi Ze was slightly surprised by the sight. Then he smiled and came forward to hug the youth. “Happy New Year, Ming Yu.”

In the quiet and beautiful living room, the halo of the ceiling light imitated the sunset, shining brightly on the two people. The height difference of close to 10cm made Ming Yu feel like a child, but he was held tightly to the man’s body.

After a short hug, Xi Ze asked, “After Chinese New Year, are you 18 years old?”

Ming Yu shook his head. “If I have to calculate my real age, I probably have to wait for my birthday in April to really be 18 years old.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and joked, “So you are still a young child?”

Young child Ming Yu, “…”

That night, the young child pushed an adult out of his own for one reason.
‘There is only one bed in the house, it is inconvenient.  Besides, I am still young and underage. Allowing a wretched adult to stay in my home, I am worried about my own body.”

Wretched adult Xi Ze, “…”

Xi Ze didn’t know this, but Ming Yu was only using an excuse to shut the door on the man for a few minutes. He didn’t really want to drive the other person away. After all, it was past midnight. In order to accompany Ming Yu, Xi Ze had rushed over here. Ming Yu would really have no conscience if he allowed the other person to drive home alone.

But to Ming Yu’s astonishment, Xi Ze’s voice was heard in less than a minute. “Then I’ll be going home. You should sleep early.”

Ming Yu hurriedly opened the door and saw Xi Ze heading towards the elevator. He urgently said, “It is late. You don’t have to go back if it is inconvenient. I remember Ding Bo once saying that your house is in the opposite direction of the Muse apartments. It is quite far away.”

Xi Ze lightly raised an eyebrow and asked, “Are you talking about my house in the second ring?”

The stunned Ming Yu, “Yes.”

Xi Ze replied, “Oh, I am going upstairs to my own apartment.” Xi Ze paused and continued with a light smile. “If you are interested, you can come and see. The top of this building, the entire floor is my apartment.”

MIng Yu with a 50 square area apartment: #$#$#$#$!!!”

Bang! It was the sound of the angry youth directly closing the door, never wanting to see that man again.

Xi Ze smiled and pressed the button to go the top floor.

…Later on, Xi Ze wanted an excuse to stay in this 50 square area apartment, but the youth refuted, “Don’t you have an apartment on the top floor? A whole floor! It is only two steps to the elevator, so can’t you take it?”

Xi Ze, “…”

He enjoyed the teasing, only to regret it like a dog.

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Ri Hikaru
5 years ago

This is hilarious! I love their interactions!
“He enjoyed the teasing, only to regret it like a dog.”

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Poor XZ, maybe next time… Thanks.

Lazy Psychobee
5 years ago

thanks for the chapter ♪ヽ(´▽`)/

5 years ago

“He enjoyed the teasing, only to regret it like a dog.“
Lol poor Xi Ze

4 years ago

lmao these two are adorable 😍 thanks for translating

4 years ago

Lol, he lifted a rock to drop it on his own foot XD

Thanks for the chapter!

3 years ago

“Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and joked, “So you are still a young child?”

Young child Ming Yu, “…”

That night, the young child pushed an adult out of his own for one reason.
‘There is only one bed in the house, it is inconvenient. Besides, I am still young and underage. Allowing a wretched adult to stay in my home, I am worried about my own body.”

Wretched adult Xi Ze, “…””

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