RS: Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

The top floor of the Muse building was divided into three areas.

The president’s office, the board meeting room and Xi Ze’s studio.

Once Ming Yu stepped out of the elevator, the staff standing next to the elevator was surprised and wanted to ask what was going on. But when he saw Ming Yu’s face, he suddenly stopped and even showed Ming Yu the path to Xi Ze’s studio.

Ming Yu wasn’t surprised. A long time ago, Xi Ze had said that Ming Yu was always welcome to find him on the top floor. Therefore, Ming Yu guessed that Xi Ze expected him to someday come to this floor and prepared things in advance.

Ming Yu thanked the other person and walked down the glass corridor to the other side of the building.

This floor was very quiet, the transparent glass and steel making the corridor look like it was suspended in the air. People with a fear of heights would probably be frightened. Xi Ze obviously enjoyed it. On the way to his studio, the sound of water flowing over pebbles was heard, giving it a quaint atmosphere.

Ming Yu walked to the mahogany door and gently knocked on it, twisting the door handle after obtaining permission to enter.

At this time, Xi Ze was half leaning down and drawing on the table with a calm expression. After coming in, Xi Ze didn’t give him a chance to speak. He finished a stroke and said calmly, “I don’t care about the things regarding Lou Cheng. Tell Shen Xiang to find him. He has been in the United States for too long. It is time to come back.”

Ming Yu was surprised by the words before understanding. Xi Ze thought he was Ding Bo!

He gently coughed and said, “Xi Ze, it’s me.”

Xi Ze’s hands stopped in the middle of their movements as he looked up in surprise, seeing Ming Yu smiling at him. The two people stared at each other for a moment before Ming Yu asked, “You didn’t expect me to come?”

Xi Ze’s lips curved as he put down the pencil. “Yes, I didn’t expect it to be you.” There was a pause before Xi Ze added meaningful words. “You came later than I imagined.”

Ming Yu asked with surprise when he heard this, “You knew I would be looking for you?”

Xi Ze calmly stood up and arranged his clothes. Then he picked up the paper towel placed on the table and wiped the fingers that were just holding a pencil. “Ah, I knew you would come to me. This time, is it because of the world’s supermodel rankings being released next month?”

Ming Yu smiled and didn’t respond.

Xi Ze shook his head. “It doesn’t look like it. It is because of March’s issue of Character?”

The smile on Ming Yu’s face deepened, but he still didn’t say anything.

After thinking carefully, Xi Ze spoke casually, “It is because of Lu Zhenxi.”

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow. “Why because of him?”

“It looks like it is because of him.” A playful look filled Xi Ze’s deep eyes. He slowly threw the towel in the clean trash bin and walked to Ming Yu’s side. “It is because I told Shen Xiang to pay more attention to him. Ah… the effect is good, you came to me.”

Xi Ze’s studio was empty, but it was at least five times bigger than the lounge room downstairs. This man was apparently an extreme minimalist when it came to architectural design. The room was dark blue with a silver finish, and it was quite straightforward except for the small stream at the other end of the room.

Ming Yu sat down on the lambskin soft and shook his head as he watched Xi Ze. “It really was you. Can you tell me why you decided to suppress him?”

Xi Ze thought for a moment before replying. “Because I don’t like him?”

Ming Yu, “…That is very unfair to Lu Zhenxi. He has a lot less jobs because you don’t like him.”

Xi Ze explained calmly. “He just missed the resources assigned to him by the company. Shen Xiang didn’t have to move at all.” Xi Ze paused and his tone was no longer playful. “I guess that you came here today to owe me a favour.”

The youth heard these words and asked with a smile. “What did you guess?”

Xi Ze replied calmly, “You came to plead for Lu Zhenxi.”


Xi Ze was startled as the youth suddenly laughed. “That isn’t it?”

Ming Yu solemnly shook his head. “No, I don’t want to plead for Lu Zhenxi. I’m here today to ask you to introduce me to Director Shen of the Public Relations department and Director Xu of the Acting department. If I make Zhao Rui do this, he will have to go through a lot of trouble and it will take a long time. It will probably happen very quickly if you do it.”

Xi Ze looked at Ming Yu with surprise for a long time, but didn’t continue the precious topic. He pondered for a moment before saying, “It might be time consuming to let Zhao Rui do this task, but you won’t need to owe me a favour. Ming Yu, it is very troublesome to owe me a favour.”

“For example, Master Fei owed you a favour. You made him shoot thousands of photos for Ji and Ya, and he even had to stay late to do the post-repair work.”

Xi Ze replied, “Old Fei was very pleased to agree after learning of my request.”

The implication was: Master Fei’s way of thinking about human relations was too simple!

However, Xi Ze was surprised to find that even though Ming Yu knew how troublesome it was to owe him a favour, Ming Yu still stuck to his idea.  Therefore, Xi Ze helpless made a phone call and summoned Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu to his studio.

Afterwards, Xi Ze didn’t directly participate. Once Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu hurriedly arrived, he told them why he called and then sat on the single sofa, watching Ming Yu talk to them.

Shen Xiang was aware of the relationship between Ming Yu and Xi Ze, but Xu Wenshu had no idea at all!

Xu Wenshu was in his early 40s this year, a king and handsome middle-aged uncle. Zhou Wei Zhuo came to him regarding ‘Ming Yu’ and he remembered that he had sent Ming Yu to Brother Yuan’s training class. This time, Ming Yu actually looked for Xi Ze?

Xi Ze and Zhou Wei Zhuo were different!

Zhou Wei Zhuo had a good temper and easy to talk to. Ming Yu’s agent was also Zhao Rui, so it was natural for Zhou Wei Zhuo to help Ming Yu.

But since when did Ming Yu have anything to do with Xi Ze?

Xi Ze was black-bellied and his poisonous tongue… cough, his words couldn’t be broadcasted. In short, Xi Ze wasn’t the type to help newcomers. Yet Ming Yu could unexpectedly move Xi Ze?

Xu Wenshu solemnly looked at Ming Yu and secretly thought, ‘There is a problem!’

He would get an explanation later. Ming Yu directly asked them, “Director Shen, Director Xu, I wanted to ask you something. Recently, are there any movie or television jobs for a male number two or three. The role should require good acting, but at the same time, it is very lovable. A role best suited for a new debut.”

Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu looked at each other with surprise at these words. Then they both turned to look at Xi Ze.

Xi Ze just calmly blew on the hot tea in his hands and didn’t respond.

Finally, Shen Xiang spoke directly, “There are a few first-tier resources suitable for newcomers. Recently, there are two TV series and one movie that is good. The latter is for the male number two, with the appearance requirements and acting requirements being quite high.”

Xu Wenshu saw Shen Xiang share insider news and seemed to understand. He hurriedly added. “Yes, the movie is called ‘The Gauntlet’ and it is about a general in the Song Dynasty…”

Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu finished telling all that they knew and Ming Yu gratefully shook hands with them. However, when Shen Xiang asked if he should have people allocate these jobs to Ming Yu, Ming Yu decisively rejected it, leaving Shen Xiang and Xu Wenshu at a loss.

Once the mahogany door closed again with a ‘click’, Xi Ze put down the white porcelain teacup and calmly stated, “You are not suitable for acting.” Xi Ze added, “Especially these three parts just now.”

Ming Yu asked, “How do you know I’m not suitable for acting? I’ve made a lot of progress recently.”

The handsome man looked at Ming Yu for a suspiciously long time and finally spoke sincerely, “For your future’s sake, you should only act in a role that has a short amount of time.”

Ming Yu, “… (/=_=)/~┴┴”

What was this sympathetic stare?

After a moment of silence, Ming Yu decided to forget the other person’s words. “I don’t want to pick a role for me.” Ming Yu didn’t continue, asking instead, “What favour do I owe you?”

Xi Ze’s brow furrowed for a moment. “Be my exclusive model?”

Ming Yu was dumbfounded. “…That joke isn’t funny at all.”

Xi Ze made an innocent expression and replied, “Look, I said it but you don’t agree.”

Ming Yu was silent for a moment, until he couldn’t help saying, “In fact, this ‘╮(╯_╰)╭’ expression doesn’t suit you.”

Xi Ze thought carefully for a moment. “Then what about this? ^_^”

Ming Yu, “…”

This person was broken!!

With a ‘Why is Xi Ze different every time I see him?’ mood, Ming Yu returned to his lounge. Ming Yu didn’t know that after he left, this solemn and elegant man’s smile disappeared and he spoke with some confusion, “This feeling doesn’t work?”

…This thing, it really needed to be cured!!

Xi Ze slightly changed himself every time, trying to find the right appearance to move the youth, letting him voluntarily become Xi Ze’s own person.

But there was one thing he didn’t change from beginning to end.

His poisonous tongue.

If he didn’t have this poisonous tongue, he was afraid that Ming Xiaoyu, this person would just take him as a friend!

When Ding Bo finished his work and returned to the studio, the lying down Xi Ze didn’t complain. Xi Ze suddenly spoke in a solemn tone, “Let’s go eat at Ruoshang Hall tonight.”

Ding Bo, “…Ah?”

After a moment, Ding Bo couldn’t help asking, “What special occasion it is? Did something happen today?”

Xi Ze lightly raised an eyebrow. “I am in a good mood. Why does there need to be a reason? Oh yes, remember to settle the thing with Luo Cheng. If his agent calls during the dinner, you will pay for the meal.”

Ding Bo, “#$#%#$! $$%#$!!!:

You were the one who proposed that we go to dinner together, so why should he pay for it!!

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5 years ago

LOL, Sorry MY even your husband thinks that you can’t act and poo DB. Thanks.

5 years ago

I Never, Ever want to see him act! 😰 I would be traumatized. 😱 I love wonderful acting performances! Seeing that horror show would be… I can’t, just no words would qualify it…🤢
Though it would be fun to watch this story in a drama or something. 😁 I would just have to half-skip certain scenes to protect my sanity. 😉

5 years ago

I love their interaction. Funny!
Great chapter, thank you!

4 years ago

I’m guessing he would give the information to A’Zhou? 🙂
Or maybe Lu Zhenzhi (…as if! hurhur :P)

I actually like a honest and simple main character and eventhough our Xiaoyu was not a white lotus (that’s what it was called, right?), I think he’s not a black bellied character either. He’s just….err quite simple? And realistic.
It made me enjoy seeing his interaction with that poisonous tongue, feels so fresh! haha xD

Thanks for the chapter, Rainbow Turtle -nim!🐢✨

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Thanks for the chapter!

RenTheWitch (@RenTheWitch1)

he should just go with his natural self…unless swapping between personalities is his real self lol

Riya Shah
Riya Shah
3 years ago

I love this MC
He is neither OP nor dumb.
Just realistic and hardworking and smart.

unicorn squad
unicorn squad
2 years ago

Thank you for your hard work. This was a fun chapter to read.

2 years ago

xi ze comedian of the century

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