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Chapter 209

The premiere was held the night before and the movie was officially released at 12 midnight the next morning.

The release of An Li was no different from the other Huaxia movies. At most, they would be released domestically one day earlier, then released simultaneously all over the world. This was a convenience for the Huaxia people. Everyone expected it but even at the midnight session, An Li’s sessions were full!

Many people booked movie tickets  and at the cinema early. Before the movie began, they saw that many famous film critics and journalist editors were constantly recommending it. These audiences were already waiting and now they hurried to see the movie.

After watching the movie, most people left the cinema with tears in their eyes and memorable moments.

Some people were shocked by the reversal of the movie’s plot. Some people were saddened by the helplessness of the protagonists’ fate. Some people were shocked by the beautiful and fine video effects. Some people thought this movie had a large impact on the meaning of their lives.

All in all, after the release of the movie at midnight, An Li’s score on Huaxia’s biggest movie review site, Douban, reached a high score of 9.7! This was after tens of thousands of people left a review!

Many of them said that they reason why they gave a 9 instead of a perfect score was because the beauty in this movie was too terrible. Look at the leads Fang Liangxiu and Xiao Biqing, their beauty was ruined! Look at Bai Xiu played by Ming Yu. He died early yet he looked old when dying!

It could be called beauty past one’s prime but they exposed the truth so clearly!

It was also with the beautiful male god Fang, movie queen Xiao and Ming Xiaoyu!

In just one day of release in Huaxia’s major theatres, An Li won an excellent audience score! After one day, the national box office was as high as 600 million! It suddenly broke through the 400 million that was Xi Yizong’s best movie result and far exceeded it!

On the second day, An Li was released in more than 30 countries including the United States, Britain, France, Japan, South Korea and Canada! The box office swiftly increased as an unimaginable speed. Even Xu Yizong couldn’t help his eyes widening once the statistics of the global box office came out.

1.4 billion!

This number was naturally in yuan. But in just two days, the global box office was as high as 2 billion. This really surpassed all his movies in the past!

As you know, the entertainment industry was quite prosperous in this world. Many people liked to go out to watch movies, especially in Huaxia and the United States. The bustling entertainment industry made these countries have a leisurely life. Watching movies was the first choice for many people.

However, even if the entertainment industry was so prosperous, the record of ‘2 billion global box office in two days’ was something that no one could believe. This was after only one day of global release. What if it was a few days?

Sure enough, An Li’s box office reached 3.5 billion in three days.

5.5. billion for four days!

8 billion for seven days!


Once it was the end of February, this Huaxia costume martial arts movie had a total of 12 billion global office after less than two weeks of release!

This number was still climbing because the high praise made many viewers watch it two or three times. The fans who originally didn’t care about An Li were now curious to see what type of movie it was.

Once March 3rd arrived, An Li had a total global box office of 15 billion, officially becoming 10th on the world’s highest box office list!

It must be mentioned here that among the top 10, Xu Yizong’s commercial action movie was ranked fourth and there were five Huaxia movies on the list. Now An Li had squeezed out an American moving, making it six Huaxia movies in the top 10!

And among these top 10, only An Li was an ancient costume movie!

What did this mean? This meant that An Li was making a record!

As we all knew, modern movies and future movies were always the most popular among the audience, regardless of country. It was because every country in the world had different cultural traditions. Even Huaxia itself had differences in cultures between regions.

In the case of cultural differences, it was really hard to let other countries accept the history and culture of a certain country.

For new countries like the United States, which only had 200 years of history, they naturally didn’t have any so-called ancient movies. Huaxia had a ~5000 year history and would release a lot of ancient movies every year, proclaiming their martial arts, history, traditional crafts and other culture aspects.

Generally speaking, these movies did very well at the box office in Huaxia. But once out of Huaxia, the box office would experience a great dive because foreigners didn’t understand the Huaxia history and culture!

The situation had somewhat improved in recent decades. More and more foreigners started to study Huaxia’s traditional culture. The more they studied, the more they felt that Huaxia was a great country and that what they knew was a drop in the bucket.

This was obvious. Even the Huaxia people couldn’t study all of their rich and splendid cultural history. It was because there was too much ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In any case, movies were a good way to research some of Huaxia’s cultural elements. Just as scholars spread the Huaxia culture they studied in the West, many foreigners were curious about this mysterious and ancient country. Therefore, there was a rise in popularity of ancient Huaxia movies at the end of the last century.

However, the blowup of An Li was really unique!

First, it was because An Li was really very sincere. Whether it was the beautiful images or the elegant music, it was enough to attract the attention of these foreigners, making it a beautiful treasure that highlighted the culture of Huaxia.

Second, there were the popular bonuses of Xu Yizong, Fang Liangxiu, Xiao Biqing and Ming Yu.

Xu Yizong’s name had long been known to many Westerners. Fang Liangxiu had been nominated for a foreign movie award at the end of last year and attracted the attention of many people. Xiao Biqing was the youngest Asian actress to win an Oscar!

As for Ming Xiaoyu…

The incident with Mudley and Andrew made Westerners familiar with the name ‘Ming Yu!’

After all these reason, there was another very important factor that affected Westerners’ perceptions of An Li.

Director Xu insisted that dubbing wasn’t allowed! They must use the original Huaxia sound! No clips were allowed!

If the people were speaking English, French, Japanese, Korean… could this be called a Huaxia martial arts movie?

He didn’t insist for many poems and songs that couldn’t be understood. However, the charm of the people speaking couldn’t be expression in any language.

Even if you didn’t understand, feel this type of mood! The beauty of language lay in the fact that just listening to it could have an unforgettable feeling.

The trend of An Li was crazily sweeping the world! The movie was originally scheduled to be released in the Spring Festival in February. But this time, Director Xu deliberately released it early by a few days in order to make it in time for the Golden Bear Awards nominations!

Ming Xiaoyu didn’t expect to receive a nomination for Best Newcomer.

This incident really surprised Ming Yu because he knew that in the movie, his acting was only ordinary and wasn’t very good. If there were any scenes that were good, it was the scenes shot after Jiang Kaiyang departed.

Then how did he get nominated for Best Newcomer at the Golden Bear Awards?

For this question, Director Xu answered it. “Ming Xiaoyu, your luck is really good! In the movies released in the same period, An Li’s box office and word of mouth are the highest. Therefore, the organizing committee looked at this and gave a bit more face to our crew. At the same time, the new supporting roles in the movies… there are no more than 10. It is obvious that out of 8 or 9 people, you would get one of the five nominations.

This was probably the so-called dog poop…

Of course, a nomination was a nomination. Ming Xiaoyu believed that it was impossible for him to win the award. It was because the strength of the other four nominees really surpassed him! He was still quite good compared to the other four people who weren’t nominated.

This time, Ming Yu appeared as a supporting role in a high box office movie and even got the nomination for the Golden Bear Award!

Who should be the happiest? Was it Ming Xiaoyu or Xi Ze? No, it must be the fans!!

Before the release of An Li, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans made up their minds. No matter what the movie was like, they must do their best to support their small mushroom’s first movie!

Ming Yu’s acting… cough, they all knew. Jiang Kaiyang said that Ming Yu NG 16 times and this incident was acknowledged by the cast.

Therefore, the mushroom fans in the cinema were in a sad mood as they prepared to see a miserable mushroom. However, once they saw Bai Xiu’s appearance, they were so amazed that their mouths dropped open and they couldn’t speak!

【 Ahhhhhh!  This is my mushroom? Is this really my mushroom?!! 】

【 I thought that mushroom’s best acting was shown in the trailer! Bai Xiu is so handsome ahhhh! Mushroom is simply too beautiful!!!  I was sitting in the front row and every time Mushroom appeared, I almost couldn’t hold back from licking the screen! 】

【 Bai Xiu is really poor QAQ. Mushroom, Bai Xiu, the beginning is so hot and then later he is so pitiful, oh… 】

【 Beautiful ahhhh!!! 】


How many supermodels appeared in the top 10 global box office movie?

Only one, his name was Ming Yu.

How many supermodels were currently endorsing one of the top five global luxury brands in the world?

Naturally, there were only five and one of them was Ming Yu!

When the first world supermodel rankings for 2018 was released, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans were confident as they opened the World Supermodels Organization’s website.


They might’ve been prepared but once they saw this list, they were still stunned and wide-eyed. They couldn’t recover their souls for a long time!

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4 years ago

*suspenseful background music*
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It’s really hilarious that he got nominated for the best Newcomer actor but maybe he’s the most hardworking. (So many NG’s.)
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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Dancing dolphins Yo!
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I, too, believe that dubbing takes out the emotions and feel potrayed in a video. Subbed version of animes and movies are , therefore, very much preferred. And these idiot mushroom fans 😂, maybe I would’ve acted like them, had I known the small mushroom. Anyway , enough with my rant , I wannna know mushrooms ranking as well . Thanks for the chapter. Off to the next one 😉

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Ming Xiaoyu didn’t expect to receive a nomination for Best Newcomer. (Hahahaha when I reminisce on how many NG’s SM had, the so call “being the best flower vase” and this movie also the origin of Small Mushroom nickname, lol he is nominated for BEST NEWCOMER!! No matter if it is giving face or so called dog poop, SM is our pride!!)

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