RS: Chapter 71

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Chapter 71

When Ming Yu uttered the name ‘Rayleigh Cano’, many people (including Cheng Su) present at the scene immediately understood why the host responded with surprise.

The people who knew the situation couldn’t help turning their gazes towards Cheng Su. Cheng Su’s face was red and white, and there was a very ugly expression on it. The eyes of everyone present was making him very uncomfortable, because they seemed to be saying—

“As a global spokesperson for Rayleigh Cano, don’t you care about the brand?”

To be fair, Cheng Su wasn’t the global spokesperson for Rayleigh Cano’s perfumes. He was the endorsement model for their series of watches. But don’t look at the objective reasons. As the spokesperson, shouldn’t he know more about his own brand than an outsider (Ming Yu)? Wasn’t this correct?

Setting aside Du Ruo, who had a lot of experience with the twists and turns of the industry, even Liu Qian was staring at Cheng Su with amazement. He didn’t understand how the other person could poke such a big basket.

If this type of thing was handled well, the endorser would merely think he was negligent. Not knowing the relevant circumstances of the brand was understandable since this happened three years ago. However, if it wasn’t handled well when the endorsers asked for an explanation, it was something that couldn’t be resolved with an apology.

However, this matter wasn’t something for Cheng Su to worry about now. He just lowered his head and didn’t answer another question. He pretended that he didn’t understand what was happening and that it had nothing to do with him.

Ming Yu had no intention of making things difficult for him at the moment. He knew that even if Zeng Shu and the program talked about cutting this part out, Zeng Shu would still fiercely scold Cheng Su. He would probably even punish him for a short period of time.

Would you like to know why Cheng Su didn’t know much about Rayleigh Cano, despite being their global spokesperson, but Ming Xiaoyu knew so clearly?

It was because Ming Xiaoyu spend six months studying!

He drank the medicinal soup and exercised every day. Then he spent a lot of time studying this world’s fashion industry.

Ming Yu didn’t know why, perhaps because of his rebirth, but he found that his memory was much better than before. He could remember some distant information quite clearly. For example, with some of the questions he answered, Du Ruo personally experienced them. However, even she didn’t remember it so clearly.

Once the penultimate question was over, only the last question remained. Ming Xiaoyu abstained from competing since his first position was already determined.

Once they had a lunch break at noon, Liu Qian walked over to Ming Yu’s side with a shy expression. Although his mouth said, “Ming Xiaoyu, can I sit with you?”, his eyes were actually aimed at Du Ruo sitting opposite Ming Yu.

Liu Qian didn’t want to talk about anything bad in front of the goddess. Once half his meal was eaten, Liu Qian curiously whispered to Ming Yu, “Ming Xiaoyu, you didn’t give Cheng Su any face today. Won’t there be a problem?”

Ming Yu was surprised by the words and put down the chopsticks in his hands. He asked, “Did I do something wrong today?”

Liu Qian thought carefully and shook his head. “No.” Every time Ming Yu pressed the answer button, the reply he gave was correct. He didn’t say anything that shouldn’t have been said.

Ming Xiaoyu’s lips curved to reveal a harmless and pure smile. “I just honestly played the game and answered the question. The things that happened to other people, what does that have to do with me? ^_^”

Liu Qian replied, “…That seems to be true.”

But why did he feel so strange?

Du Ruo saw the youth’s pure and simple appearance and couldn’t help laughing lightly, secretly thinking in her heart that this youth was really a bad child.

Ming Yu spoke these words and really thought that he had done nothing wrong. But in the afternoon games, Cheng Su repeatedly targeted him.

This didn’t mean they went against each other face to face. In this game, due to the issue of successive appearances, Cheng Su took the lead and had the opportunity to punish other team members three times.

Among the three punishments, Cheng Su chose one of the original guests and Ming Xiaoyu. For the last one, he said, “Sister Du, you should also participate in out game!”

Cheng Su wasn’t afraid to offend Du Ruo. They weren’t in the same company and DU Ruo’s hand wasn’t long enough to reach him (Or so Cheng Su thought). It was natural to invite Du Ruo to participate in the game! This would also give Du Ruo more broadcasting opportunities.

However, the opportunity was to accept a punishment.

As Du Ruo’s partner, Ming Yu naturally couldn’t see a woman accept the ‘Violent Waterfall’ punishment. Thus, of Cheng Su’s three punishments, Ming Yu accepted it twice.

In the second acceptance of the punishment, Ming Xiaoyu smiled and looked at Cheng Su standing on the challenge stage. Then he asked, “Brother Cheng, Sister Du is a woman after all. Is it okay for me to accept her punishment? What do you think?”

Ming Yu was reminded Cheng Su, ‘Du Ruo is a girl. Shouldn’t you punish someone else?’

Cheng Su just sneered slightly and replied, “Ming Xiaoyu, it is really a pity. So be it. I will pay attention to this issue next time.”

The implication was that he didn’t intend to change.

In a place that the camera couldn’t see, Ming Yu sneered. Then he resolutely jumped off the penalty pool accepting the ‘Violent Waterfall’ punishment once again.

After Ming Yu emerged, he took the dry towel that the staff handed him and wiped the water on his hair and body. Du Ruo even grabbed a towel to help him.

Fortunately, this island was located in the tropics, where every day the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius. If this was late February in Huaxia, he would definitely be overwhelmed by the continuous waterfall punishments.

Once Ming Yu squeezed the water from his shirt, Cheng Su got off the challenge table. It was finally the turn for Ming Yu’s group. Ming Yu made Du Ruo wait under the stage in a gentlemanly manner and climbed onto the challenge table.

The first thing Ming Yu did after standing on the challenge table was to look at Cheng Su. Then he said in a warm tone, “I will challenge Brother Cheng who just won three times in a row.”

Cheng Su raised his eyebrows, looking at Ming Yu without any worry.

There was a strong smoke between the two people. Liu Qian looked at them with worry, while Du Ruo found it interesting and chuckled. Do you know who was most happy about the cold gazes?

It was naturally the program staff!

How could they be afraid of smoke?

The smoke pointed to an explosion, which would lead to a burst in the show’s ratings!

What did the audience say?

—This reality show was too fake! Everyone is too kind, who would believe that? It is all a script, a script!

You see, aren’t we competitive enough? We are the most reliable reality show!

What about Zeng Shu’s intentions?

The director thought, ‘I tried my best, but the result has nothing to do with our relationship. ╮(╯▽╰)╭’

The most important reason was that he didn’t think Cheng Su would lose to Ming Yu.

In terms of appearance, Cheng Su was a few centimetres taller and his muscles clearly more developed compared to Ming Yu’s think frame. In addition, Cheng Su was familiar with the game. He had just played it three times, so wouldn’t he be better than the novice Ming Xiaoyu?


Imagination was just imagination!

This was just what Cheng Su thought.

Other people might say that Ming Xiaoyu had poor cooking abilities, ugly handwriting and was miserable at acting (Ming Xiaoyu: Can you shut up? ?_?), but in terms of entertainment programs, Ming Xiaoyu was the best. No one else could beat him!

In his past life, Ming Xiaoyu only participated in two such entertainment games. After that, his reputation was so high that no game programs wanted to invite him. It was because as long as Ming Xiaoyu participated, he would be the champion!

There was no special skills or experience. Even Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know why he could balance so well in balancing games, maintain his strength in endurance games and answer all the questions in intelligence games!

This miracle had an abbreviation that could be summed up as—mother’s shining light.

…The above couldn’t be broadcasted.

Even Du Ruo didn’t think that the incident of ‘Ming Yu vs Cheng Su’ would end up so disappointing.

Cheng Su had only just challenged the third level—jumping up and using his mouth to bite a cracker— when Ming Xiaoyu passed seven levels and calmly pulled out the red flag on top.

Ming Xiaoyu’s overwhelming bearing as he swept away the world compared to Cheng Su, who was struggling to bite the cracker.

Well, the picture was so beautiful they didn’t dare look at it.

Once the host announced that Ming Yu had won the first game, the director was so surprised that his mouth dropped open.

The even more surprising thing was that once it came to punishing a guest, Ming Yu didn’t choose to punish Cheng Su. Instead, he smiled at the host and said, “I have received two punishments and experienced the impact of the waterfall. The force is really great, so I will give up the opportunity to punish someone.”

What great sentiment!

Ming Xiaoyu won, so he wanted to slap Cheng Su in public?

Oh, in fact, Ming Xiaoyu’s eyes weren’t even looking at him.

At the same time, due to the time difference, Nidelan’s counters and official website in Huaxia were all replaced with a new set of advertising posters.

On the poster, a handsome youth looked out of the screen with indifferent eyes, showing a deep and noble grace.

It suddenly caused a crazy discussion!

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