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Chapter 107

First of all, there was the world’s supermodel rankings. This time, the top five of both lists had undergone amazing changes!

He Chaoman, who was originally in 2nd place, was pushed down to 3rd place by Du Ruo. This meant that Du Ruo suddenly became the focus of a lot of attention. Many insiders realized that Muse’s female supermodel was finally suppressed by Lanka.

On the other hand, the 5th ranked Luo Cheng unexpectedly surpassed the 4th rank Harriman Owen to become the new 4th place.

It was a seemingly simple change, but everyone knew that it was very difficult to make the rankings change for top supermodels. This happened because He Chaoman didn’t take a lot of jobs in the past six months while Du Ruo picked up an endorsement for a top luxury brand.

The dramatic changes that took place at the top of the rankings naturally attracted everyone’s attention. This time, the changes in the lower ranks were rather small and there were no dark horses.

Everyone was watching to see if He Chaoman would return to working in the upcoming days.

Ming Xiaoyu saw the article title “The Loss of Enthusiasm, He Chaoman’s Suspected Retreat from the Fashion Industry’ and couldn’t help chuckling. He poked the man next to him and asked, “Does your aunt really want to retire?”

Xi Ze was currently looking at the design on his tablet computer. He turned his head with surprise at the youth’s sudden poke. After reading the news article, Xi Ze sighed and said, “It is full of lies. Those children are wrong.”

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow at the words. “Then why hasn’t He Chaoman participated in any activities in the past six months? I really thought she was going to gradually retire.”

Xi Ze put down the tablet computer and hugged the youth’s shoulder. Then he sighed. “She is just at home. She spent one month playing a game.”

Ming Xiaoyu, “…”

The two people didn’t continue this topic. Ming Xiaoyu carefully read the 200 names on the two lists. After looking at the last name, he suddenly remembered. “By the way, how far is Cheng Su from getting on the list?”

Xi Ze’s fingers sliding across the screen paused. After a moment, his lips slightly thinned as he asked calmly, “Aren’t you very concerned about him?”

Ming Xiaoyu looked at the man with raised eyebrows and asked, “Are you jealous?”

Xi Ze licked his lips. “No.”

Ming Xiaoyu was in a rare good mood as he saw this man’s cold expression. “You really are jealous. It isn’t easy! It isn’t easy! Come on, let me see your jealousy. No, I have to take a photo of you and look back on it every day…”

Xi Ze stopped the youth’s words with a direct kiss. He placed his tablet on the coffee table while pressing Ming Yu into the sofa to continue this sudden kiss.

The man’s dexterous tongue grabbed at the fluids in the youth’s mouth. This action wasn’t gentle. It was wild behaviour that made Ming Yu useless. He didn’t bother to struggle as he held the man’s waist and responded warmly.

In the quiet living room, the exchange of saliva was heard. No one thought about going back to the bedroom, they just did it directly on the couch.

Originally, Ming Xiaoyu thought that it was his turn. But Xi Ze directly blocked it by saying he was jealous. Before Ming Xiaoyu could react, Xi Ze had taken the upper hand.

It was very comfortable and he could still have control despite being underneath. Ming Xiaoyu’s brain vaguely whispered ‘It is very comfortable and it is tiring to be on top.’ After that, the pleasure hit his brain and he couldn’t think of anything else.

The shameless days continued. The two men who were full of energy didn’t pay attention to the affairs of the outside world.

As they were acting selfishly, the official video of the May Nidelan fashion show was released on the website. Fashion people around the world noticed this long video and clicked to watch it.

The theme of the ‘deep blue sea mystery’ was announced before the May fashion show. But knowing the theme was one thing. Actually seeing it in the fashion show was different.

Tan Yunqing was the person in charge of the photographer. Her shots were very ingenious. She first focused the audience’s attention on the clothes and then suddenly switched to a panoramic view, allowing everyone to appreciate the overall appearance of the clothing.

The most important thing was the selection of angles and colours. Tang Yunqing gave a lot of opinions on this fashion show. The lightning design gave the dark blue colour a mysterious and elegant atmosphere, making the viewers feel immerse.

In particular, once the lights turned on and the opening model appeared, everyone was surprised. The sudden music made their feel that the blood in their veins was slowly boiling.

The handsome young man faced the camera and steadily moved forward. His pace was steady and natural, while his expression was calm. Every arm movement was extremely beautiful, an elegant and noble prince who captured the attention of the audience.

The white pants and beautiful leg lines! Once the camera zoomed into the youth’s face, there were lines from the corner of his eyes that resembled a blooming flower. It was gorgeous and his temperament was outstanding!

Everyone had to admit that the most outstanding models in the fashion show were Ming Yu and Xu Rongrong. These two people attracted the audience’s eyes and their aura was awe-inspiring. They made the pressure from the other nine supermodels seem ordinary!

After watching the entire video, Ming Xiaoyu’s fans couldn’t help murmuring to themselves, “Is this really Ming Xiaoyu?”


This was a higher stage that could make a top model show more outstanding charms!

The opening model and finale model were the most important people in a fashion show. Under these circumstances, Ming Yu didn’t need to hide his own strength and showed a charm that was comparable to Xu Rongrong.

“Ahhhhh, my small mushroom is too beautiful. What type of water is poured? It is too watery! Lick lick lick! 】

【 That’s right! My son is become more beautiful and his temperament is wonderful! 】

【 I like Ming Xiaoyu’s last leather look! I think that the small mushroom is particularly suitable for such tight clothes! His figure is great! In particular, the zipper of the leather jacket isn’t pulled down and his collarbone is simply beautiful! 】

【 …It said this was a good waterproof phone, Bad feedback, bad feedback! 】

【 Red hot and bright, lick the mushroom 10,0086 times!!! 】……

In just three hours, the video on the Nidelan official website had been played more than 300,000 times. By the end of the evening, the video had been uploaded to youtube, Weibo and other major global websites for viewing.

Once the morning light passed through the thick clouds and shone on the silence land of Huaxia the next morning, the total number of views for the Nidelan May fashion show was over 3 million. This broke the record from previous years and the views were still climbing.

The name ‘Ming Yu’ spread all over the world with this video.

After the release of the video, it was followed up with hundreds of photos from the fashion show. The netizens opened the official website and couldn’t respond for a moment as they found the photos of the Huaxia models.

This time, Nidelan actually shot a couple photo!

They openly combined the opening model and finale model in the same shot!

The handsome and prettiness effect overlapped, giving the result of “11=2.”

Countless Xu Rongrong fans opened the Nidelan official website just to look at the photos of their goddess. But once they saw the youth standing next to Xu Rongrong, they were surprised to realized that —

The youth’s sense of existence was no weaker than Xu Rongrong!

It was even faintly stronger!

If Xu Rongrong was a warm and gentle spring breeze, Ming Yu was the cold winter wind. If Xu Rongrong was the quiet and peaceful lake, Ming Yu was the endlessly rushing river!

The beauty they embodied was different, but it was subtly merged by the photographer.

In these photos, Xu Rongrong was like a small bird. Her feminine beauty was more pronounced when compared to Ming Yu.

Once Xu Rongrong’s fans recovered, they found that they had unconsciously followed the youth’s official Muse website. They also followed his Weibo!


Since they had already done this, there was no problem looking up the information of the youth!

Thus, Ming Xiaoyu didn’t know it but his popularity experienced a crazy climb. It was really irresistible as the fan numbers on his Muse official website broke through the 3.5 million mark! It was steadily progressing to 4 million!

At this time, what was Ming Xiaoyu doing?

Ming Yu had just woken up from a dream and he lay in bed for a while, enjoying the experience of lazing around. As he enjoyed it, Ming Xiaoyu couldn’t help looking at the man beside him. His eyes carefully swept over the grim eyebrows, the high nose and finally slowly stopped on the lips.

“If you keep looking then I will kiss you.”

The man’s low and magnetic voice was suddenly heard. Ming Yu made an expression of surprise before speaking, “You didn’t speak despite being awake. It seems like you are enjoying yourself.”

Xi Ze slowly opened his dark and deep eyes and stared at the youth in his arms. He hugged the youth tightly and his lips curved. “Today, you don’t have any jobs. We should sleep for a while.”

Ming Yu immediately asked, “Are you looking at my itinerary again? Isn’t this an abuse of private rights, Mr. Xi?”

Xi Ze didn’t deny it. Instead, he bluntly replied, “You have an endorsement tomorrow. You should have a good rest today.”

While talking, the man held the youth and didn’t intend to let him move again. However, Ming Xiaoyu wasn’t that obedient. He gently pushed at the man’s chest and asked, “Yes, you didn’t finish what we were talking about last night. How far away is Cheng Su from getting on the list?”

Xi Ze, “…”

“Don’t be jealous. I am asking you seriously.”

“I’m jealous.”

“Oh, you are actually admitting it?”


“Admitting it is useless. Just tell me how far he is from the list.’

Ming Yu really clung to this point, making Xi Ze feel angry and helpless. In the end, he directly kissed the youth without saying anything. After kissing Ming Yu, he laughed and said, “I will tell you when I am satisfied, small model that I am keeping.”

Then the man raised his body and pressed the youth underneath him. Immediately afterwards, the bed springs started creaking. It was as if they were ashamed of the actions between the two men.

Indulging in lewd behaviour during the day!

Their image was gone.

In this room, the old virgins weren’t shy as they disregarded their image. In the meantime, Muse Magazine started their weekly editorial meeting. This meeting was different from previous ones. It was because while deciding on a certain section of the next issue, different opinions appeared and a dispute began.

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Xi Ze stopped the youth’s words with a direct kiss. He placed his table (tablet) on the coffee table while pressing Ming Yu into the sofa to continue this sudden kiss.

The man’s dexterous tongue grabbed at the fluids in the youth’s mouth. This action wasn’t gently. (gentle)

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