RS: Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

The number of times he met with this man was really too much. Therefore, when Ming Yu opened the door, his first reaction wasn’t ‘What are you doing here?’
It was “Xi Ze, aren’t you busy recently?”

The man calmly standing outside the door, who would it be except for Xi Ze?

Ming Yu let Xi Ze into the house. The two people entered the living room and sat down, with Ming Yu preparing a cup of boiled water. This time, he knew not to prepare paper towels. As expected, the man pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the glass.

Ming Yu was dumbfounded and quipped, “If you come to my house a lot, I think that all the cups in my house will be wiped by you.”

In the face of this ridicule, Xi Ze was silent, still carefully wiping the cup. Then he threw the handkerchief into the bin and said, “There won’t be such a situation. I don’t like to wipe the things in my own home.

The confused Ming Yu, “…?”

The two people chatted for a while. Ming Yu learned that Xi Ze needed to attend a party nearby tomorrow, so he chose to temporarily stay at his apartment here. After all, the traffic jams in the capital were well known, so being nearby was always good.

While they were talking, Xi Ze looked down at the script that was beyond recognition and asked, “Were you reading a script? Is it for CX Entertainment’s MV?”

Ming Yu had long known that this guy often abused his privileges to look at Ming Yu’s jobs. Therefore, he wasn’t surprised when Xi Ze knew about the MV for CX Entertainment. He just honestly replied, “Ah, I have been filming for six days already. There are only three scenes left tomorrow.”

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow at the words and looked meaningfully at the youth.

In general, for MV filming, the scenes weren’t long and filming one shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes. Three scenes added up to only half an hour. Given the time needed to prepare the lights and cameras, it should be finished in an hour.

Why did it need to be dragged out to the next day? It meant there was something wrong.

Ming Yu didn’t try to hide it. “The penultimate scene, I got a NG 20 times.”

Xi Ze, “…”

He was probably very shocked by this number. After a long time, Xi Ze said, “This scene, can you act it out for me?”

Ming Yu was stunned. “You will act?” After a moment, he added, “I remember that you never shot any movies or TV shows. Can you act?”

The handsome and elegant man looked up at the words, his lips curving. “I might not have shot movies, but I don’t think I will continuously NG…ah… 20 times.”

Ming Yu, “?_?”

What are you trying to say? Just say it! I dare you!!

Ming Yu showed the script to Xi Ze. Xi Ze didn’t look at the contents of the script. Rather, he stared at the small writing for a long time. It was a pity that the words were too small. Xi Ze couldn’t read what they said, he only felt like there was something wrong.

He didn’t pay any more attention to Ming Yu’s words, Xi Ze looked at the script and turned to the youth, asking with a raised eyebrow, “Which scene do you need to NG…um, more than 20 times?”

“…It was 20 times, not more than 20!”

The not very sincere Xi Ze, “Oh, 20 times.”

Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Yu made an expression that said ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ and pointed to the scene. Xi Ze studied it carefully for a while, before he couldn’t help asking, “There is a hugging scene between you and the heroine?”

Ming Yu said, “…You seem to be concerned about the wrong thing.”

Xi Ze acted like he couldn’t hear anything. He looked back at the script for a moment before stating, “Let’s try to act it out.”

Ming Yu was stunned and reflexively asked, “You want me to stand on the sofa to hug you?”

He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was 10cm shorter than this man. After all, Ming Xiaoyu believed he was youg and could still grow, while this man was old meat. Unless he wore high hells, he wouldn’t break through 2 metres.

But Ming Xiaoyu, you are forgetting that you wouldn’t break through 2 metres even if you wore high heeled shoes…

Under the bright lights, the youth looked surprised while Xi Ze showed a light smile. Since getting to know the youth, Xi Ze knew that this young man wasn’t as simple as he looked. He was clever and cunning, a fish that was difficult to capture.

Thus, little fish, little Yu.

This name was really good.

After Ming Yu’s question, Xi Ze rolled up his sleeves, revealing beautiful wrists and replied like it was obvious, “Can you act well standing on the sofa?” Xi Ze didn’t wait for Ming Yu’s reaction. “Of course, I will play the male role and you will try the female role.”

Ming Yu asked, “…Do I look like a woman?”

Xi Ze replied lightly, “A good actor should easily be able to play the opposite sex.”

“But I’m not a good actor.”

Xi Ze smiled. “Oh, an actor should easily be able to play the opposite sex.”

Ming Yu, “?_?”

Do you think I will listen if you just get rid of a word?

In any case, Xi Ze wanted to help him figure out the emotions. Before, Brother Yuan had also said that if he couldn’t figure out the emotions from his character, he could try the other role to see if he could find the feeling.

Therefore, Ming Yu agreed to Xi Ze’s request. Xi Ze’s memory was very good and he didn’t have many lines, so he quickly memorized it. On the other side, Ming Xiaoyu was writing a dense series of notes on the script!

The words were so small that Xi Ze could only see it as a mass of shadows. He couldn’t imagine words so small, to the extent of… cough, anyway, it showed how seriously Ming Xiaoyu was trying to figure out the script.

After a minute, the two people were ready to act it out.

This scene was when the female teacher, after learning the truth, requested the see the youth before he received the death penalty. During the meeting, the female teacher tried to make him speak but he kept his head bowed down. He didn’t look up even when the female teacher asked if it was because the psychologist left him alone.

Just as the police arrived to take the youth away, he finally said something to the anxious teacher.

“What is your name?”

Xi Ze’s voice wasn’t similar to a teenager. However, when he spoke, there was the sensation of something being suppressed in his throat, as if it was rubbing against rough sandpaper.

Ming Yu was startled when God Xi suddenly looked up.

These eyes were ruthlessly cold, as if they were a deep pool of ice and melting wasn’t possible.

Ming Yu remembered his line but he couldn’t help hesitating for a moment. Then he replied, “My name is Luo Qiong Yao.”

The moment he finished speaking, Ming Yu felt a dead silence spread from the man’s body. The momentum was too powerful, the murderous feeling and unnatural coldness making Ming Yu feel unprepared. He felt like his blood had suddenly solidified.

It was the first time Ming Yu had seen Xi Ze at such a close distance.

Affected by the other person’s momentum, he held his breath and looked closely at the man in front of him.

Xi Ze’s facial features were really good, different from Ming Yu’s exquisite beauty. In particular, Xi Ze’s long eyebrows and slanted eyes came him almost a mixed-blood look. He had a high nose, eyes that were a deep black colour and thin lips…

Ming Yu’s gaze involuntarily stopped at the man’s lips. The distance was too close, so his heart started to thump thump thump.

Every designer pursued the ultimate beauty. Then what about supermodels?

They also pursued beauty.

At this moment, Ming Yu suddenly saw a pale and beautiful boy who captured his heart with the beauty of impending death. The figure of the youth overlapped with Xi Ze. Ming Yu didn’t quite understand it. Did XI Ze choose to give this youth a decadent dying beauty, or did the youth really take over Xi Ze?

At this time, Xi Ze spoke. “Qiong Yao, a beautiful jade. This name is very good. My mother was also called this.”

Ming Yu was slightly startled and reflexively cried out, “You have a serious antisocial personality disorder. If you use this as a point of appeal, you can get life imprisonmet or other penalties.  You…”

“Luo Qiong Yao.”

Xi Ze interrupted Ming Yu.

Xi Ze raised his eyes, earnestly looking at Ming Yu. There was no smile on his face, but his eyes weren’t as cold as before.

He said, “Luo Qiong Yao, can you give me a hug before I die?”

Xi Ze opened his arms as he said this, looking down at the boy still sitting on the soft. Ming Yu started dumbly for a moment before getting p and hugging the man. His hands tightly held onto the other person as he honestly spoke his line. “You really can’t die, you can’t die, you…”

“Luo Qiong Yao, you can…”

Xi Ze spoke again, while Ming Yu felt the other’s hand gently on his waist. According to the script, Ming Yu looked up, waiting for Xi Ze’s next line.


The moment he looked up, Ming Yu felt something warm touch his forehead.

It was a warm and delicate touch, with the other person’s breath emitting heat. Ming Yu was stunned as Xi Ze calmly removed his lips and continued, “Can you give me a kiss?”

Ming Yu, ““##%##$#$!!”

Why are you changing the script?

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