RS: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

The bright and spacious studio, full of equipment and employees walking around. The high quality SLR camera snapped as they shot photos, while the models in the lens showed off their most dazzling side.

In the middle of the crowd, Zhao Rui listened to Ming Yu’s words and couldn’t help feeling a trace of guilt. He sighed and said, “Yes, when I went to get your clothes, I found out that Fashion Entertainment decided to change your image.”

Ming Yu’s eyes narrowed, “Was it the deputy editor?”

“Well, the deputy editor is Zhu Wei’s lover. Sister Lin’s words were true and Zhu Wei has been acting ostentatiously lately. He is probably angry at your previous behaviour, causing this to happen.”

Zhao Rui paused before continuing. “Ming Yu, I am also to blame. I don’t have a lot of weight in the company, so I can’t fight for more rights for you. In fact, they wanted you to shoot with an explicit style, which was really too much. I managed to negotiate with them and it was replaced with the present clothes.”

Ming Yu looked at the clothes in Zhao Rui’s hand. He pondered for a moment before saying, “Brother Zhao, this incident was caused by me. It is my fault so don’t take it to heart. I think that this type of style is also very good.”

Zhao Rui listened to these words and thought Ming Yu was trying to comfort him. He immediately took responsibility. “How can you say that you caused it? I, as your agent, couldn’t stand up and help you when you are being humiliated. Now that you are deliberately oppressed by the magazine, it is obviously my fault!”

Ming Yu was surprised by Zhao Rui’s solemn tone. He glanced at the red face of his anxious agent. Slowly, his heart that had been floating in the air since coming to this world finally stabilized completely.

The youth couldn’t help showing a brilliant smile on his beautiful face. Ming Yu nodded. “Yes yes, I was wrong. Brother Zhao… shouldn’t I quickly go and change clothes? It is my turn to take the photos now.”

Zhao Rui nodded and they walked together to the changing room.

There were too many models today, so the studio had set up a lot of temporary changing rooms. The changing room only had a few curtains to cover the inside, with no locks, so Zhao Rui stood guard at the door while Ming Yu changed.

One was a male model who once appeared in a first-tier magazine, and the other person was the agent of a popular model. Now the two of them were reduced to this. It really was like starting from scratch.

Today, Ming Yu decided to take this inexperienced agent with him towards the top of the fashion industry.

Zhao Rui was a hard-working agent and dedicated to his models, fighting for resources. However, he was still a little young and inexperienced, not throughly understand the nature of this work. Cheng Su could rise because the company took the initiative to give a lot of resources to Ming Yu, while Cheng Su stole. Then Cheng Su dumped Zhao Rui as his agent…

Ming Yu sighed. He felt like his agent’s capacity wasn’t sufficient.

However, he didn’t forget his history. Zhao Rui had been really good to him and fought for resources. Ming Yu realized it. This world was real. There were many good and pure people in the world. Since he came here, he naturally had to make some changes.

The youth opened the curtain and walked out of the changing room. Zhao Rui, who was waiting outside the curtain, stopped with surprise for a moment, but slowly recovered.

From three years ago to now, Zhao Rui witnessed the birth of a ‘top supermodel.’ The reason for the quotation marks was that this young man had the qualities to become a top supermodel. However, now only had he failed to become world famous in three years, he gradually took a downhill path.

Zhao Rui never thought to blame Ming Yu for the failure. On the contrary, he considered this downward path was due to his actions as an agent. Sometimes Zhao Rui thought that if he hadn’t tried his best to put all the resources into Ming Yu, what would the youth look like now?

However, there was no point wondering about what ifs.

“Brother Zhao, what’s wrong?”

The youth’s slender fingers waved in front of Zhao Rui’s eyes a few times. The latter woke up and laughed dryly. “The design of these clothing is still good. It is made by a cutting-edge designer, so you look very nice.”

As they walked, Zhao Rui explained, “The designer isn’t famous yet, but it is thought that this girl will soon become a first-rate designer.”

Ming Yu couldn’t help feeling a little interested. “Oh? How old is this designer?”

Zhao Rui smiled. “It seems she is only five years older than you, so the designer is very young. He didn’t talk any longer about this topic. Zhao Rui’s smile gradually faded as he frowned. “Ming Yu, the clothing suits you but for today’s magazine theme…”

Ming Yu’s lips slightly tilted and he asked in a calm tone, “Brother Zhao, if the clothing isn’t suitable for today’s theme… why is it in the studio today?”

Zhao Rui was suddenly tongue-tied. “That…”

Ming Yu maintained his smile as he spoke meaningfully. “Things might not be as bad as we think. Maybe… this is actually a turning point.”

Zhao Rui had known this body for three years, but Ming Yu suddenly became more dazzling this days. Zhao Rui had some immunity, but he couldn’t help feeling amazed the moment Ming Yu opened the curtains.

If Zhao Rui was surprised, other people wouldn’t be able to accept it so easily!

Ming Yu was still young, but he was handsome and tall, with a straight posture. He was even one or two centimetres taller than some of the models present. The general black jacket with the high collar fell to just below his hip bone and integrated with the black trousers.

The hem of this jacket was a little longer on the left, giving it a distinctive asymmetrical design, creating a beautiful mess of confusion. The small suit was made of high grade cotton with excellent transparency. Inside was a light grey linen shirt with an overall dark tone, but there was an amazing peacock blue scarf around the neck.

The scarf wrapped beautifully around the clavicle. It didn’t take away from the overall sense of the clothing. The only bright colour embellished the body just right, creating an impressive effect.

Anyone who saw this young man would involuntarily think that this man was made to wear clothes.

Yes, the laymen always said that models were clothes rack. However, clothes racks were also divided by quality. In a designer’s hands, a beautiful piece of clothing could be arranged to produce different results. However, Ming Yu had already achieved what the designers should do.

Despite using a shabby changing room with no mirrors, Ming Yu had calmly worn the clothing, placing the thin scarf and jacket at the appropriate angle to match the overall style. Before leaving the dressing room, he had picked up an invisible hair clip that someone had dropped on the ground. He deliberately clipped up his hair on the right side, revealing an excellent jaw line.

Zhao Rui had been talking to Ming Yu while walking, so he naturally didn’t figure out that the young model’s hairstyle had changed a bit. But for other people, they saw this dazzling teenager from an overall perspective!

Temperament, or aura, was an important factor that distinguished top supermodels from other models.

For example, one of the top three major modelling agencies in Huaxia, Lanka Company had Du Ruo, who was fully deserving of being called a supermodel. When the world’s third ranked female supermodel walked on a stage, she could charm the crowd with her charming smile, elegant curves of her body and every gesture while walking, so that they were intoxicated.

The studio wasn’t a runway, so Ming Yu deliberately didn’t show his aura. However, once he walked, he unconsciously revealed a bearing that was unique to top models. This made many people feel startled.

“That guy looks really good… is he really a magazine model?”

“His name is Ming Yu and he is from Muse. It seems he did a few big shows when he first debuted, so he is a little famous.”

“No wonder this person’s temperament is so good…”


And so on, similar words were heard in every corner of the studio. Sister Lin heard this and stopped her hands that were powdering someone. She looked up and froze when she saw the young man not far away.

…Ming Yu’s hair style?

No, the point was— Ming Yu changed clothes?

At the beginning of Ming Yu’s make-up session, Sister Lin had helped him with his hair, matching it to the clothes he was wearing today. However, Sister Lin was surprised to find that not only had Ming Yu changed clothes, even his hairstyle had changed!

Don’t underestimate this little change. It allowed the original young style to undergo enormous changes. Sister Lin even doubted if this young man was the person she had just talked to!

He was gloomy but handsome, pale but not decadent.

The theme for the next installment of ‘Trendy Fashion was ‘At the age of 18.’ It was a bit vague, but it clearly referred to the youthful style that highlighted a youthful look.

Ming Yu’s original clothing was bright jeans, with a punk style black and white hat, easily showing off the nature of young people.

But now this style…

Sister Lin frowned and couldn’t help feeling worried.

At this moment, Ming Yu and Zhao Rui arrived at the place where their shoot would take place. They had one day to shoot a thousand photos, so the magazine’s photographer didn’t put in a lot of effort to discuss with the models. The photographer just said a few words to Ming Yu, then the latter headed to towards the centre of the white set.

The youth looked back with his lips slightly raised, revealing a touch of an imperceptible smile.

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5 years ago

Aww Zhao Rui is such a sincere guy! I like him. It’s good to see characters who try their best to treat others well and wholeheartedly do their job.

4 years ago

It is nice to have people who really cares about you. Thanks.

Loser Me
Loser Me
4 years ago

Is the MC the shou??? Please tell me he is!!! I love shou MCs.

4 years ago

His agent gonna be sky high wid him

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