RS: Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Liu Qian didn’t have any good feelings towards Zhu Wei and there were even traces of disgust. However, the other person had lowered his attitude to this extent so Liu Qian didn’t deliberately make things difficult. He glanced at Ming Yu, who smiled lightly and gave him a reassuring look. Therefore, Liu Qian left with a “I’ll see you later.”

The shooting location that Character chose today was a holiday villa on the eastern outskirts of Beijing. The blue and cloudless sky, mountain on one side and water on the other and the lush vegetation made the villa a rare beauty in Beijing.

Ming Yu had actually noticed Zhu Wei before he came. He had to admit that Zhu Wei was truly a handsome and tall male model. But from Ming Yu’s point of view, Zhu Wei’s future path would be narrow if he didn’t change his temperament.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Ming Yu felt compassion towards Zhu Wei. The handsome and elegant young man smiled and asked, “Why are you looking for me, Zhu Wei? The make-up people are already in place and will soon begin, so what is so urgent?”

The youth’s tone was as calm as always, not showing any likes or dislikes.

Zhu Wei stared at Ming Yu for a while, then suddenly bowed. “Ming Yu, I came to apologize to you! Our encounter in Fashion Entertainment was really my fault, then I asked my friend to suppress your photo. I did many wrong things, I really regret it now! Thinking about it now, I really feel like a villain! I should compete with you with strength, not do these crooked things! Ming Yu, I implore you to forgive me!”

Ming Yu couldn’t help making a startled expression as Zhu Wei bowed and apologized.

Zhu Wei’s voice wasn’t loud, but his bowing appearance could be seen by everyone on the scene. Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian were staring with astonishment from not far away, while Zhao Rui was ready to come over and see what was going on.

Zhu Wei suddenly bowed to Ming Yu?

Wasn’t there a conflict between them?

The thought ‘Ming Yu is bullying Zhu Wei’ appeared in the minds of some staff members. Then Ming Yu suddenly stepped forward, raising a hand towards the apologetic Zhu Wei and said mildly, “Zhu Wei, I don’t blame you. I don’t care about things in the past, so you don’t have to do such things.”

Ming Yu’s voice was modest but it spread throughout the area, letting some of the staff members having crooked thoughts realize what happened.

Zhu Wei made an amazed expression, “You will really forgive me?”

Under the bright sunshine, the young face showed a brilliant smile. Ming Yu’s eyes curved as he looked at Zhu Wei, but his eyes were dark. He laughed, “I never blamed you so how can I forgive you?”

Zhu Wei replied urgently, “You must forgive me Ming Yu! I really want things to be good between us! I will show you with my actions!”

Ming Yu was speechless at the words. His eyes slightly sank and his smile became slightly more brilliant.

For the rest of the day, Zhu Wei used actions to prove to Ming Yu that he really wanted to be friends.

For example, when applying the make-up, Zhu Wei took the initiative to choose a dressing room next to Ming Yu and also gave the first chance of make-up to Ming Yu. Another example was when Brother Luo wanted two people in the shoot. Zhu Wei volunteered to be in Ming Yu’s group and took it seriously, passing on his considerable experience in front of the camera to Ming Yu.

When everyone was eating together at noon, Zhu Wei took the initiative to eat at the same table with Ming Yu, chatting with him about recent news. He also revealed some of his next itinerary to Ming Yu.

This was the act of getting to know each other as friends and even repenting.

Finally, Zhu Wei went to take photos and Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian walked up quickly. Liu Qian looked at Zhu Wei taking photos not far away and said emotionally, “At first, I thought that guy was faking. However, Zhu Wei’s temperament has really gone through a big change in one day! The typesetting news that caused an uproar in the fashion circles for two days must’ve hit him really hard, causing him to change? But this is a really good change. If I knew that this kid could become better after being hit, I would’ve done it earlier!”

Naturally, Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian knew about ‘Fashion Entertainment’s typesetting event’. This morning they had congratulated Ming Yu, as he had been blessed by a disaster. Naturally, they knew that Zhu Wei was the other protagonist of the typesetting incident.

Ming Yu smiled while listening to Liu Qian’s words and didn’t saw anything.

On the other hand, Wu Yuzhen gazed at Zhu Wei for a long time. He hesitated for a moment before turning to Ming Yu. He said, “Ming Yu, I once encountered something interesting on a photo shoot in the UK.”

Ming Yu didn’t speak and Liu Qian asked curiously, “What is it?”

Wu Yuzhen explained calmly, “The location I was shooting at had bad weather, so we stopped temporarily. I was bored and playing on my phone, while I suddenly saw an ant pushing a bug.” Zhu Wei continued, “As you know, ants are Hercules and they can lift 60 times their own mass. So, when I saw an ant pushing a bug that was 100 times its own mass, I was curious and continued to watch.”

Not far away, Zhu Wei had started on his last shots. Wu Yuzhen continued with a smile, “The way I saw it, this bug was too big and the ant wouldn’t be able to push it more than two centimetres. I watched it move around the bug several times before leaving.”

Liu Qian interrupted, “Did it give up?”

Wu Yuzhen smiled and shook his head. “I also thought that it gave up at first. But after five minutes passed, I saw a large group of ants suddenly emerge and move the bug together. Okay, I’m done. Isn’t it interesting?”

Liu Qian glared at him. “So dense… this is disgusting. Your story wasn’t interesting at all!”

Wu Yuzhen didn’t care about the mocking of his friend. He just turned to Ming Yu and asked with deep eyes, “Ming Yu, do you think this story is interesting?”

The young man calmly raised the corners of his lips and said, “Indeed… it is very interesting.”

Wu Yuzhen and Ming Yu smiled at each other, causing Liu Qian to feel dismay. However, Zhu Wei came over at this moment and Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian went to shoot their own photos. Zhu Wei was still ‘dedicated’ to Ming Yu, causing a few staff members to think ‘Zhu Wei is chasing after Ming Yu.’

The location shooting ended in the end and everyone was about to leave, when Zhu Wei suddenly proposed. “I know a good clubhouse nearby. We are tired from today’s shooting, so why don’t we go there for a meal and celebrate the shoot ending?”

Brother Luo responded first, “Are you talking about Ruoshang Hall?”

Zhu Wei nodded. “Yes, Brother Luo, it is Ruoshang.”

Brother Luo replied, “The food is great but entering is somewhat inconvenient.”

Zhao Rui immediately cried out, “I have a friend who is familiar with the manager. It is still the off-season, so I should be able to get a table!”

Many people became excited at Zhu Wei’s words. Ruoshang was a clubhouse opened by a well-known designer that many people in these circles knew. The interior decorations were fashionable and the dishes were widely acclaimed.

Since Zhu Wei had a way in, everyone naturally wanted to try it. Anyway, now they had consumed ‘Character’s public funds and they took photos all day, so couldn’t they enjoy a little dinner?

It wasn’t too late and once Zhu Wei confirmed that they got good seats, the group headed there.

Among the crowd, Zhao Rui happily introduced the classic dishes of Ruoshang to Ming Yu, while Ming Yu listened with a smile.

After everyone entered the hall, they sat down and enjoyed three rounds of drinks. Apart from Liu Qian who was allergic to alcohol, everyone turned red as they drank, even the minor Ming Yu.

Zhu Wei sat next to Ming Yu and kept giving him alcohol. Seeing Zhu Wei looking at him while raising the glass, Ming Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed. He took advantage of the opening to stand up and say with a laugh, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Everyone in the room was busy eating and drinking. Zhao Rui was the only one who said to be carefully and then Ming Yu finally left the loud atmosphere of the room.

It was finally quiet, so Ming Yu sighed gently and raised a hand to his hot cheeks.

He was still a minor but he had also drunk red wine. It was only a few glasses of red wine, but his face turned hot and his head became dizzy.

In these circumstances, Ming Yu sensibly decided to go out and sober up his mind.

However, his quiet time only lasted a moment. Ming Yu hadn’t even reached the corner of the corridor when he heard a male voice shouting from behind him. “Ming Yu, wait for me! I have to go to the bathroom as well!”

Ming Yu sobered up in an instant and subconsciously increased his pace, ignoring Zhu Wei’s cry from behind him. However, Zhu Wei also accelerated his pace, like a beast chasing after his prey to swallow him.

Ming Yu turned left, Zhu Wei turned left. Ming Yu turned right, Zhu Wei turned right.

The two people passed several signs indicating the bathroom, but no one entered. Ming Yu headed deeply inside the hall, while Zhu Wei was less than 10 metres behind him.

Ming Yu’s sharp intuition didn’t allow him to slow down. Then he saw a ‘repair’ sign hanging from a bathroom door and he didn’t hesitate to push open the door, locking it behind him.

It was a bright and luxurious bathroom with no foul smell, just a faint fragrance. The tall teenager leaned against the door and gently panted. His crimson face and bright eyes made his beauty more exquisite and he looked seductive.

The tricking of water sounded in the quiet room.

Ming Yu sighed with relief when he heard Zhu Wei’s footsteps hurrying past the door, then found the strange water sound in the room. He glanced up in amazement and saw the man washing his hands at the sink.

The golden light shone on the man’s black hair, making it look covered in a layer of gold. The handsome three-dimensional features and strong oppressive aura meant that even standing in this ordinary place, the man’s temperament didn’t diminish at all. In fact, it he made the mediocre environment look even worse!

He was completely absorbed in washing his hands, from his fingernails to the raised bones on his hands. The white jade hand under the water were clearly clean without any signs of dirt, but the man was still cleaning in a paranoid manner.

In the quiet bathroom, the dazed Ming Yu stared at the man in front of him without saying a word.

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Sora Tsukiko
Sora Tsukiko
5 years ago

I wonder who it was.

5 years ago

Ming Yu smiled while listening to Liu Qian’s words and didn’t s̶a̶w̶ [say] anything.

Wu Yuzhen explained calmly, “The location I was shooting at had bad weather, so we stopped temporarily. I was bored and playing on my phone, while I suddenly saw an ant pushing a bug.” Z̶h̶u̶ ̶W̶e̶i̶ [Wu Yuzhen] continued, “As you know, ants are Hercules and they can lift 60 times their own mass. So, when I saw an ant pushing a bug that was 100 times its own mass, I was curious and continued to watch.”

Thanks for the updates! >w<

5 years ago

lmao, the first meeting with the male lead is in a public restroom….. (crying)

4 years ago

Does he just escape from a wolf to a frying pan.. Thanks.

4 years ago

Is it Xi Ze? 😏

Worldwide handsome Jin

I hope Ml doesn’t misunderstand ming for trying to hook up with him or something…

3 months ago

I never understand the prevalence in these novels of drinking alcohol when it’s clearly a bad idea. The word ‘no’ exists for a reason… and forced social drinking is a great application of it. Especially when one of the parties is underage.

19 days ago

You could see the danger miles away

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