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Chapter 216

[Ji and Ya].

This name represented the world’s top fashion standards.

Ji and Ya were different from Yizhi in that they specialized in women’s clothing instead of men’s clothing. However, the two years of accumulated work was enough to make this behemoth a top luxury menswear brand. The high-end menswear show this time attracted countless people’s attention.

There were the chief design masters of the world’s top luxury brands, the world’s top supermodels, the editors of the best magazines and many fashion darlings who roamed the world in luxury.

In early July of 2018, the dark blue sunset hadn’t completely disappeared from the sky when beautifully dressed men and women laughed and appeared at the Ji and Ya dedicated large venue, waiting for the fashion show to start.

If they were the best in some way, they didn’t need to use special methods to attract attention from others. For Ji and Ya, their venue layout was quite simple. There was no need to decorate it in the complex ‘Huaxia ancient style’ or steampunk style’ like Yizhi.

Like the name ‘Ji and Ya’, it was noble and elegant.

Simple luxurious crystal chandeliers hung from a high convex dome. There was a single wide ‘T’ catwalk, with bright blue lights arranged to shine when the model walked on the stage of tempered glass. These blue lights were the only decorations for the audience.

Ji and Ya didn’t like to go too big but they carefully considered the details. For example, the gradient of the lights over the audience seats would gradually change, becoming as beautiful as blue waves.

Once Luo Cheng and Song Chuci sat together in the first row of seats, the only world’s top supermodel not invited snorted coldly. “I’m telling you Song Chuci, he didn’t dare invite me. If he dared invite me, I would let Ji and Ya know my strength!”

Song Chuci was stunned at the words but he finished arranging his own jacket before laughing. “You are poor.”

Luo Cheng asked, “Do you think so? I am just giving Xi Ze face. After all, he is my predecessor. But Ming Yu is his wife. His wife and I have a good relationship. As long as I saw a few words to Ming Yu, Xi Ze would definitely have to come find me and beg.”

Song Chuci smiled. “Then you might as well whisper in my ears. My relationship with Xi Ze is also good.”

“…Who will whisper in your ears?!!!”

Not long afterwards, an old acquaintance sat next to Luo Cheng. Sitting on Luo Cheng’s left side with a v-shaped dress and an open back, he… cough, she was a beauty with long hair and a exquisite face. The delicate and beautiful face was as bright as a spring flower and the words coming from the red lips—

“What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen such a beautiful woman before?”

Luo Cheng, “…(>﹏<)!!”

Why did he have to sit between these two people?

The signal of the start of the fashion show was the whole venue turning dark before blue lights turned on. Elegant music started to slowly flow out. As the background music became faster and faster, spotlights turned on and a male model appeared on the T stage.

Kelson Eddie, 28 years old and France’s top male model, ranked third in the world.

Kelson was tall with long blond hair and three dimensional facial features that made him look like God’s most exquisite carving in paintings. His eyes were deep and his nose was high. As a Westerner, he had the wide shoulders of a European and American person. Now he was wearing a light grey windbreaker and was a walking hanger.

To be able to be third after Xi Ze and Adenes, Kelson’s temperament was naturally quite good.

Once he appeared on stage, the eyes of the audience gathered on him. His light was more dazzling than the spotlights, causing his old rivals Adenes and Luo Cheng to feel appreciation.

This light grey windbreaker was in the most classic polo style, with a large collar and fine edge tailoring. It was designed so that the naked eye could see the delicate textures and style, especially the carved patterns. If they hadn’t look closely, they wouldn’t be able to see the smooth handmade lines that were low-key luxury.

Once Kelson walked to the middle of the runway, the audience clapped.

This was just the opening model!

It was just the first outfit but it already received praise from everyone present.

Even Ji and Ya’s oldest rival and the chief designer of Rosalina, Raymond nodded to the young assistant designer with him. “This style of menswear is very difficult to ponder on. But look carefully at the buttons and collar of the coat, especially the collar. The lines are very round and must by handmade by Ji and Ya.”

The opening model Kelson Eddie was so shocking that the audience became more interested. Then the world’s top male models appeared in order. First it was the white-grey series, then the golden camel series, the blue-green series, the red-yellow series and finally the black series.

Once Harriman Owen’s figure appeared on the runway, the mood of the audience reached a climax again. However, many people were quietly looking at the rear of the T stage as they waited for the next person’s debut.

Ming Yu finally stepped onto the stage and gained the attention of the entire audience!

Ming Yu’s good looks had already spread around the world when he participated in Nidelan’s May fashion show.  A male model with deep Western facial features and a delicate and soft Oriental style, there really wasn’t a lot of them in the world.

Luo Cheng had some Western blood in him while people ignored Xi Ze’s looks because his momentum was too high. Ming Yu’s appearance wasn’t as beautiful as Xi Ze but he had a better harmony. His pure appearance made him look like a beautiful boy who came out of an oil painting.

In his past shows, Ming Yu wore green, red, yellow to white. The colour he wore least was black.

In addition, Ming Yu rarely wore such a wide jacket.

Ming Yu’s latest height data on the Muse official website was 189cm. This height was definitely not short for a Huaxia mode. However, compared to Europeans and Americans (Kelson was 194cm tall), Ming Yu really wasn’t tall.

A gap of one centimetres could be seen intuitively.

However, a gap in heights was just a gap in heights. Today, no one felt that Ming Yu was worse than the previous Kelson and he might even be better!

This black shelled-lined coat had a close fitted design, while the back fur at the collar had a sheen to it. When the youth walked, his soft hair drew a beautiful ripple in the air.

There were three gold buttons set in the centre of the coat. Unlike many models who wore shell-lined coats, Ming Yu didn’t buckle his clothes. Instead, he opened them and made it lost the stereotype of stiffness and seriousness.

His pace was fast but steady. It might be called fast but it felt very slow for the people watching.  He headed towards the end of the T stage, blue lights flashed at his feet to imprint a layer of blue light on his clothes.

This black and gold youth was like a noble emperor. Every step made a person held their breaths as they watched his every move. He was like a black hole that could suck everyone’s eyes towards him, mysterious until—

The next person suddenly appears on the catwalk!

As Ming Yu turned, Xi Ze stepped onto the runway.

This was the first time that the two men had formally met on the catwalk. Xi Ze was calm and there was no expression on his cold and beautiful face. He wore a coat in a similar style, the black camel fur shimmering in the light.

A pair of black leather shoes collided with the glass stage, making a creaking sound. The black belt was tight but didn’t pull the man’s slim waist taut. This man made the long and wide coat feel not as cumbersome.

Xi Ze’s height of 195cm was enough to attract the attention of the audience.

A calm and restrained temperament gradually dissipated outwards as he raised his feet. Every step was very slow, graceful, elegant and solemn. Like his ranking, the world’s first supermodel’s aura matched his reputation!

Despite not appearing on the stage in many years, the audience found that he was no different from two years ago!

When the man approached, you could only feel your breathing become weaker while your heart beat faster. When this man left, you felt a type of fierce momentum that swept out everything. Only this dazzling man was left in the world and even the sun couldn’t compete with him!

Xi Ze moved to the end of the T stage while Ming Yu headed towards the entrance of the T stage.

The two men had a brief meeting in the middle of the T stage.

The two people didn’t turn to look at each other, they didn’t even look at each other in their peripheral vision. However, Ming Yu blinked several times while Xi Ze’s lips gently curved. Then they passed by each other, each moving in their own direction.

The first round of the Ji and Ya 2018 July show closed, ending the round of windbreaker displays.

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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> Instead, he opened them and made it [lose] the stereotype of stiffness and seriousness.

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