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Chapter 185

Yizhi was founded in 1912 and was one of the oldest fashion brands in Huaxia.

Before the rise of Ji and Ya, Yizhi could be considered the peak of the Huaxia fashion industry with a strong power that represented Huaxia. It held a certain position in the global fashion industry. In recent decades, there was a ‘downhill’ trend but Yizhi was still the top luxury brand in Huaxia except for Ji and Ya.

Yizhi would only hold three high-end shows every year. The fall and winter show in October was their last one for 2017.

If in the past, Ruth Mary only invited ranked supermodels apart from Ming Yu, then Yizhi only invited famous supermodels on the rankings, with no exceptions.

There was no problem for Yizhi to invite Ming Yu.

But what if Yizhi invited Ming Yu to participate in the fashion show as their opening model?

At the beginning of November, the last Yizhi high-end show of the year took place as scheduled.

Fashion lovers from all over the world gathered in the capital of Huaxia. Lights kept flashing in the dark as countless luxury cars slowly stopped at the entrance of the venue. Pairs of beautiful high heels and shiny shoes stepped on the red carpet. There was the sound of the camera shutters as the guests entered the venue one by one.

The guests who could get Yizhi’s invitation letters were famous design masters, photographers and supermodels in the industry. This Yizhi fashion show was for men’s clothing so among the invited guests was the world class model, Adenes Clark.

The world’s ‘s second-ranked male model had long blond hair, a beautiful appearance and a unique feminine and neutral temperament.

As Adenes walked the red carpet in a white high-end outfit, the reporters immediately took photos excitedly. When Cecilia stepped on the red carpet, they were so excited that they kept pressing the shutter and regretted that they didn’t have more hands.

Xi Ze was one of the last few to show up.

When this handsome and elegant design master appeared in the reporters’ field of view, some people couldn’t help exclaiming. But this didn’t affect Xi Ze’s calm pace. A calm aura slowly enveloped this narrow red carpet, so that people could keep taking pictures but their breathing was weak.

Once the tall figure disappeared into the venue, a new reporter said to himself, “Xi Ze’s momentum is much stronger than Adenes and Cecilia…”

Inside the venue, there was a huge crystal waterfall wall.

The rock palace was carved out of a whole piece of crystal like a crystal treasure. Under the surrounding lights, it shone brilliantly. Clear water poured down from the rock palace like small waterfalls, giving the illusion that the ‘Milky Way is falling.’

Once Xi Ze entered, there was less than 20 minutes until the opening time. He simply left his name on the signature wall, walked to the door of the venue with Ding Bo, raised an arm to let a beautiful woman hold it and they entered together..

Once this golden couple entered the inner venue, the reporters could only speculate at the situation inside. After seeing this, the reporters who followed Xi Ze all this way reluctantly shook their heads and went back.

“The relationship between Xi Ze and He Chaoman is so good. It has been so many years? Why haven’t we heard any news about a scandal?”

“Yes, He Chaoman debuted in the Ji and Ya show. I thought that these two people must have an ambiguous relationship. How has it been so many years without any news leaking out?”

“Hahaha, how can Xi Ze not feel how beautiful He Chaoman is? I don’t believe it! Unless he is gay!”

The two reporters smiled at each other and didn’t take this joke to heart.

He Chaoman didn’t disclose her relationship with Xi Ze because she didn’t want to be tied too much to him. Due to the fact that she had her mother’s surname, no one though that He Chaoman would actually be Xi Ze’s little aunt.

Despite there being not much news about the two of them in the past few years, there were still speculations. After all, Xi Ze wasn’t close to anyone (because his vision was too high) and He Chaoman never had any dating news (because she was always at home). If they didn’t get together, who would they be with?

“Oh yes, I’ve found that Ming Yu’s news have always been related to Xi Ze in the past year.” A small reporter suddenly thought. “For example, the RAmer Charity Gala and Xi Ze always seems to be at Ming Yu’s fashion shows!”

Another reporter waved his hand and didn’t care. “It is because those are occasions that Xi Ze must attend. What is strange about it?”

“Oh, yes…”

Near 7 o’clock, Xi Ze linked arms with He Chaoman. The two of them whispered together as they walked to their seats. In other people’s eyes, they seemed to have a good relationship as they walked and chatted. In fact, they were talking about—

“Aren’t you slightly jealous that this is the first end-end show Ming Yu is participating in as an opening model?”

“Why? Jealous of what?”

“Jealous that it isn’t your show.”

Xi Ze gave a slight smile and said, “This is just the beginning. I have many more days with him.”

Everyone was seated and at exactly 7 o’clock, the lights in the venue were instantly extinguished. There was no light apart from the ones below the stage. This sudden darkness didn’t surprise any of the guests present. It was because in the next moment, 16 dim lamps were lit on both sides of the stage.

Yes, they were lamps not lights.

These 16 emerald glazed lanterns were modelled after the oldest octagonal lanterns in Huaxia. They had a three-layered overlapping structure and the shape of the eight sides were polygons. The 16 lamps were lifted on a white-jade like platform, exactly 10cm above the height of the stage, and sparkled with a hazy light.

There were just 16 lamps. Naturally, it was impossible for them to illuminate the entire show. There were also eight high-wattage spotlights from above, merely lighting up the stage but not the surrounding seats. It made the audience in the dark feel a classic and elegant atmosphere. It felt like they could hear the gurgling sound of bridge water.

The theme of Yizhi’s high-end show was ‘5,000 Years.’

These words were simple and many foreigners probably only thought it was a number. But the people of Huaxia immediately thought of the 5,000 glorious years of Huaxia culture.

In the quiet venue, the mottled bamboo shadows swayed on the background wall. The clear and smooth background sounds of flowing water gradually flowed up, enveloping the hearts of the audience and smoothing out any anxiety.

Standing behind the background wall, there was a tall and handsome male model and several Yizhi designers.

One of the designers in the first row nodded at the youth. The latter smiled and didn’t hesitate to step out.

Once Ming Yu appeared on the stage, his original smile had disappeared.

There was no expression on the young man’s handsome face. He seemed like a god on a frosty day as he walked calmly among the 16 lanterns. His long black hair was fixed to the left with hair gel, revealing the bright and white face and delicate ears.

Long black string earrings fell from the tiny hole in the ear towards the boy’s shoulder. The thin line was made of black silk and a green jade the size of a thumb hung at the bottom.

As the opening model, Ming Yu’s outfit was naturally very important. The outfit was obviously an authentic suit style but the pure black camel cloth had a silver dragon outlined in silver thread. The dragon head and dragon tail were placed ingeniously, as if it was really living in the clothes.

The jade earrings, silver dragon, Huaxia style and the simple and clean makeup.

It made everyone present think that this youth was an ancient man walking through millennium, using the indifferent aura that couldn’t be described to show Huaxia’s independent style.

Ming Yu turned to go back and the audience burst out clapping.

Mr. Xi, who just raised his hand to clap, looked slightly stunned. Then he turned to look at his clapping female companion and said quietly, “Little aunt, this is my wife.”

He Chaoman, who ended up clapping first, nodded calmly. “Yes, I know this is my nephew’s wife.”

The models that appeared next in the show wore the pendant earrings like Ming Yu. They also wore clothes that had a variety of ancient Huaxia elements.The 16 glazed lanterns reflected of each other and created a subtle visual effect.

Although not all the models were from Huaxia, they all had a purely Oriental face.

For the Huaxia people familiar with their own culture, this style naturally surprised them as they found something that was balanced between fashion and classical. For the Western audiences who weren’t deeply aware of Huaxia culture, such a high-end show made them open their eyes!

There might be some immature places and some design flaws, this idea was ingenious enough to win the applause of the audience!

In the fashion show that lasted just over 20 minutes, there was a total of five applauses.

One time was for a model that appeared in the middle, two times was for the finale model Luo Cheng and two times for the opening model Ming Yu!

An absolutely perfect opening!

An equally excellent closing!

Once all the models came back on the stage to start the large performance curtain call, the audience excitedly stood up to give the outstanding chief designers applause.

Xi Ze gazed deeply at the youth standing among many models and whispered, “You can still show such a style.” At the same time, he kept clapping.

On Xi Ze’s other side, the chief editor of Muse, Song Chuci smiled slightly and said meaningfully, “The more brilliant the stage, the more it can reflect the glory of the pearl.”

Xi Ze was slightly stunned by the words. Then he smiled and asked, “Luo Cheng?”

Song Chuci calmly replied, “There is also Ming Yu.”

The Yizhi ‘5,000 Years high-end fashion show in November officially came to a close!

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Iriana Romani
Iriana Romani
5 years ago

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5 years ago

Xi Ze gave a slight smile and said, “This is just the beginning. I have many more days with him.” …Then he turned to look at his clapping female companion and said quietly, “Little aunt, this is my wife.”
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Aerilistarylia Sae
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