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Chapter 229

At the end of last month, Yizhi had announced that it would replace its global spokesperson.

Yizhi had cooperated with Ming Yu for two years and both sides received a lot of benefits. The change in spokesperson now might seen sudden but other people thought it was natural.

Many luxury brands changed their spokesperson in one year or even half a year. It was because there were fluctuations in the reputation and achievements of the spokesperson in different time periods. For example, if there was a spokesperson with a six months contact who didn’t have any good results in six months and had a decline in fame, the brand would naturally change the spokesperson.

This was different from Ming Yu. In the past two years, he had a fast and unstoppable rise. This allowed Yizhi to eat a lot of sweetness and they decided to sign with Ming Yu for two years.

But this time, Ming Yu reached the top of the world supermodel rankings. If they wanted to sign another contract with Ming Yu, the cost for Yizhi would be really too big. At the same time, the two year cooperation also made it necessary for Yizhi to change to a fresh face, which might be able to bring them a new user base.

Facts proved that Yizhi took a step backwards but it was a story for a different time.

Late last month, Ming Yu ended the contract with Yizhi. In mid-December, he was suddenly announced as the spokesperson for Ji and Ya. Once many Yizhi executives saw this news, they spat out blood and became dizzy.

It was no wonder why Ming Yu was so refreshed when talking about ending the contract!

He originally left a long time ago.

There should be the most basic trust between person and person. (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻!!

In any case, Ming Yu’s popularity suddenly soared after the publication of this announcement by Ji and Ya. In fact, when Xi Ze cancelled the contract with Ji and Ya, many fans noticed that Ming Yu had cancelled the contract with Yizhi. But the announcement of his retirement was issued the next day and shifted everyone’s attention.

Ji and Ya was one of the world’s top luxury brands and its development was very comprehensive. Whether it was couture dresses, jewellery, skin car, bags or watches, Ji and Ya was at the top in many fields.

Ji and Ya’s female clothing might be more famous than the menswear but this didn’t mean that Ji and Ya’s global spokesperson must be a woman. For example, the former global spokesperson Xi Ze was a man and he endorsed them for eight years.

【 Why do I suddenly feel that Small Mushroom has received the protection of God Xi’s territory _(:з」∠)_ 】

【 LS It definitely isn’t your illusion. This is the first time that I thought God Xi was an overbearing president! 】

【 When is God Xi not an overbearing president? 23333 He has always been a king of heaven! 】……

The endorsement of Ji and Ya was definitely a milestone in Ming Yu’s career.

The world’s major newspapers and magazines talked about the incident and started to analyze how long the contract between Ming Yu and Ji and Ya was.

You know, Ming Yu was only 19 years old and he would be 20 in half a month. He was a year or two older than when Xi Ze became Ji and Ya’s spokesperson but for a supermodel, this age definitely wasn’t old.

Being first in the world at 19 years old, this meant that Ming Yu had unlimited possibilities.

He still had many things to do, he still had a lot of awards and achievements to gain. He didn’t have to take care of a designer’s career like Xi Ze so he might completely surpass Xi Ze as a model, to the people that people couldn’t even imagine!

2019 ended with this chaotic situation. The global spokesperson of Ji and Ya was replaced, Xi Ze retired, Ming Yu reached the peak… The fashion industry experienced countless earthquakes this month. By the time 2020 arrived, fashion lovers around the room were a bit numb.

They would be very calm even if a comet hit Earth or Mars exploded.

What else could touch the fans in the fashion industry after being bombarded by such big news?

Hehe, unless Xi Ze chose to return to the industry again.

Thanks to the various explosions in December, the beginning of the new year seemed very dull. The world supermodel rankings wouldn’t be announced until March. Even if it was announced, there would be no major changes. The new world supermodel rankings contained several Huaxia faces and the fans of these models were happy.

In January, Ming Xiaoyu and Ji and Ya began their formal cooperation. They shot many photos and posters. Amidst the Ji and Ya promotions, he also appeared on the covers of Edith, Suyi and Bartlett!

Appearing on three first-tier magazines in the same month, no one in the industry could achieve such results.

This time, Ming Yu was on the cover of three top tier magazines in the same month!

These were the top five leading magazines in the world, the pinnacle of the global fashion magazines!

For a time, fashion enthusiasts all over the world were in a uproar and some people even said in an amazed tone: 【 I used to think that Xi Ze was the only big variable among Huaxia’s supermodels. I never thought that after Xi Ze left, Huaxia would unexpectedly still have Ming Yu! He has become the only king of this circle! What about the other models? 】 This ‘mushroom threat’ theory was soon ridiculed by a group of fans.

Ming Xiaoyu’s strength was undeniable but who said that those who were strong would definitely bully others? Who said that a strong person would steal other people’s resources?

Ming Xiaoyu was a mushroom, not a god. He didn’t have three heads and six arms so it was impossible for him to steal the resources of the global fashion world!

This type of ‘powerful is dangerous’ speech really made the Huaxia people sick. After all, others used this type of speech to promote the so-called ‘Huaxia threat theory’!

However, these sunspots were right about one thing. It was that Ming Yu’s current momentum went beyond Xi Ze’s eight years in just a day.

In February, not only did the three top magazines use Ming Yu as their cover, many of the world’s media and newspapers started to introduce Ming Yu one by one.

These reports sprang up like mushrooms. As long as the newspapers had a fashion section, they would introduce Ming Yu. His influence and popularity in the world was too high. It had only been four years since he rose to the present but he reached an area that countless people couldn’t reach in his lifetime.

At the end of February 2020, Ming Xiaoyu also received the annual Outstanding Youth Medal from the Ministry of Culture and Industry in Huaxia.

This medal was also given to Xi Ze once but it was awarded to Ji and Ya’s chief designer, not the model.

This time, the Ministry of Culture awarded the medal directly to the world’s first ranked supermodel Ming Yu.

This medal looked ordinary and it didn’t cost much, but in the eyes of the Huaxia people, it was the country’s affirmation of Ming Yu!

The country acknowledged Ming Yu’s contribution to the country in the fashion industry. They thanked him as a top model of Huaxia, winning supreme glory for Huaxia in the world.

It was unique for a supermodel to reach this point.

Gradually, Ming Yu’s name became one of the representatives of the Huaxia fashion industry. There was Du Ruo and He Chaoman for the female supermodels while the male supermodels had Ming Yu, Luo Cheng and the fashion godfather Xi Ze. For a time, Hauxia’s position in the world fashion industry was unparalleled.

Under these circumstances, the fashion month of May arrived.

London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week started in the same month, while the famous American brands such as Rosalind and Karma held high-end shows at home.

This time, except for  Garcia and Yizhi, all high-end shows chose to display womenswear. Despite JI and Ya just signing Ming Yu as the global spokesperson, they also announced at the end of February that their high-end show in March would be a female show.

At the start of March, Ji and Ya published the list of invited supermodels on their official website. The opening model was Du Ruo while the finale model was He Chaoman. As for the last wedding dress model, it wasn’t announced but people guessed it was either Cecilia or Adenes.

Only these two supermodels weer above He Chaoman and Du Ruo and could showcase the wedding dress. Moreover, these two people once wore Ji and Ya’s wedding dress and received applause from the audience.

The fashion lovers who saw this didn’t think too much. A few days later, they went to the World Supermodels Organization’s website.

As they thought, the men’s list hadn’t changed at all. Only the name Xi Ze was missing. On the women’s list, Adenes had once again reached the top, Cecilia was second and He Chaoman third.

In another reporter’s interview, Adenes cried out with a sullen expression, “I really don’t want to climb to the top. You see, Cecilia is the third party between me and He Chaoman!”

This newspaper was small and the source wasn’t necessarily accurate.

But Adenes’ fans didn’t deny that this sentence came from their god… cough, from their goddess. After all, they knew that Adenes never acted in accordance to common sense.

She was willful ╮(╯_╰)╭.

Time passed and the day arrived for Ji and Ya’s high-end March fashion show.

March 16th, 2020, the eyes of the world gathered on Ji and Ya’s high-end venue in the capital, waiting for the opening of this luxurious and dazzling high-end show!

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Silver Lotus
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2019 ended with this chaotic situation. The global industry experienced countless earthquakes this month.
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> Whether it was couture dresses, jewellery, skin [care], bags or watches, Ji and Ya was at the top in many fields.

> He didn’t have to take care of a designer’s career like Xi Ze so he might completely surpass Xi Ze as a model, to the [point] that people couldn’t even imagine!

> Despite [Ji] and Ya just signing Ming Yu as the global spokesperson, they also announced at the end of February that their high-end show in March would be a female show.

> Only these two supermodels [were] above He Chaoman and Du Ruo and could showcase the wedding dress.

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