RS: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The 38th and 39th floors of the Muse building belonged to the company’s image shaping department. The dressing room towards the rear of the 39th floor had bright lighting and was clean, showing that it clearly had a careful owner. Ming Yu looked at the nameplate on the door—

Muse’s chief stylist, Zhou Wei Zhuo.

“I personally think that your style right now is too feminine. Having personality is a good thing, but it will be hard if your personality doesn’t fit the image.” Zhou Wei Zhuo said as he sat Ming Yu in front of a mirror. He looked Ming Yu up and down a few times and asked, “Do you have any thoughts?”

When going out, Ming Yu had specifically styled his too long hair in order to make him look less feminine. However, the original appearance really leaned towards femininity. If the person with such a good appearance didn’t have a certain amount of aura about him, it would just turn out to be a disadvantage.

Ming Yu thought for a moment before asking, “Sister Zhou, can you neatly cut my hair? I want to seem more capable.”

Zhou Wei Zhuo raised an eyebrow at the words. “Are you sure?”

Ming Yu smiled lightly. “I’m sure.”

Zhou Wei Zhuo started to move once it was agreed upon. As Muse’s chief stylist, it was reasonable that Zhou Wei Zhuo wouldn’t help such a small model change their image. But at this moment, she took out a flat tooth comb and scissors in order to take care of this handsome young man.

The scissors went ‘snip snip’ and the original shoulder length hair was cut by half. Once the hair cut was finished, a beautiful face was uncovered.

For people with an average appearance, long hair could cover the defects on the face, making it seem more outstanding. But during the hair cut, Zhou Wei Zhuo repeated several times, “What do you saying about keeping this long hair? Can’t a weave be put it?”

She said this but after looking at the result of the hair cut, Zhou Wei Zhuo felt startled. In the face of such a handsome man, she couldn’t hide the amazed look in her eyes.

A long time ago when Ming Yu just debuted, Zhou Wei Zhuo evaluated his face like this: sufficient to be an evildoer.

At the time, Ming Yu was only 14 years old but he already had an appearance that was different from ordinary people. Now after three years, if someone asked Zhou Wei Zhuo to make an evaluation, she could only say: I have no idea how to describe it.

Although the body and temperament were also important elements that made up a super model along with appearance, it was hard to find five people with a more impressive face. Zhou Wei Zhuo secretly thought, ‘If this young man can have some aura around him, he will be…’

Zhou Wei Zhuo’s thoughts suddenly paused.

The originally sitting youth had stood up. His height of 181cm didn’t make him seem burly. Rather, he stood tall and straight like a pine. She didn’t feel it when he was sitting, but now a sharp and fierce aura was coming from Ming Yu’s light-coloured eyes.

The brilliant light of the room shone through the clean and clear eyes of the youth.

Zhao Rui stepped forward, muttering “How is his hair cut?” However, his words slowly trailed off.

When Ming Yu was discovered by the company, Zhao Rui used a lot of effort before signing him as his model. This face and height of 175cm at only 14 years old, Zhao Rui was confident that this person would become big!

The other things weren’t worth mentioning, but Zhao Rui thought it was true that the god of luck really made fools of people. Ming Yu had a good face, but that didn’t mean his temperament and heart were comparable. Zhao Rui could only watch as he mixed in with the wrong people and muddled through life.

And now…

“Why aren’t you speaking?” The nice and clear voice rang out in the open room, like there was an echo. Ming Yu smiled. “Is my current appearance so bad? I think it is really good. Thank you Sister Zhou. You have really skilled hands.”

Zhou Wei Zhuo awakened from her blank state at the youth’s respectful but not flattering attitude. She waved her hand and said again, “Very good, very good. Ming Yu, don’t wear your previous clothes any more. Those clothes…they aren’t bad, but this is more suitable for you now.”

Ming Yu couldn’t help laughing as he said “Okay Sister Zhou.”

It is obvious that Zhou Wei Zhuo had also been shocked by his previous ‘beyond the ordinary’ aesthetic.

Zhou Wei Zhuo spoke a few words about future styling, then Ming Yu and Zhao Rui left the dressing room. Zhou Wei Zhuo and couldn’t help asking as they reached the door. “Ming Yu, today… you seem quite different from before.”

Ming Yu paused for a moment, before asking with a laugh. “Sister Zhou, the last time we met seemed to be around six months ago right?”

Zhou Wei Zhuo nodded. “It should be more than six months.”

Ming Yu’s smile became more brilliant at these words. “So… Sister Zhou, it has been so long that I have grown up.”

He giggled lightly and left Zhou Wei Zhuo standing stupidly for a long time. It was only after a while that she discovered that she was alone in the quiet dressing room. Zhou Wei Zhuo opened her mouth. “Only 17 years old, what growing up? That kid!”

Although she spoke like this, Zhou Wei Zhuo couldn’t help blushing and awkwardly coughed twice. Zhou Wei Zhuo was already in her late 30s and had seen countless beauties, but she admitted that she was captivated by that kid’s smile.

It wasn’t just a matter of appearance. It was due to the temperament that Ming Yu showed just now, as if he had undergone countless ups and downs. The infinite beauty that made a person gaze into the past.

Zhou Wei Zhuo let her assistant pack up the things and recalled a very different Ming Yu. She nodded and sighed, “It looks like Zhao Rui will be very busy.”


If Zhou Wei Zhuo was amazed, what about the other Muse employees? As Zhao Rui and Ming Yu moved from the dressing room to the elevator, the many make-up artists, assistants and models they encountered along the way were surprised to see such a handsome young man. Some even turned back to look at him.

The jade skin was without any blemishes, as if a skilled hand had covered up all the flaws of the past. This fine jade thoroughly showed off his elegant manner.

Of course, Muse wasn’t lacking in beauty. However, the most beautiful people were always busy around the world, so they rarely appeared in the company. Now that they could see a beauty, who wouldn’t appreciate it?

People were visual animals, so there was no mistake involved in them enjoying beauty.

“Little…Little Chen, who was that person just now?”

“Hey?  You don’t know? That is Ming Yu, a model of our company.”

“Really? He is also a model? He must be newly signed, otherwise how have I never seen him before?”

“No, Ming Yu was signed a long time ago. You actually don’t know this. I will slowly tell you…”


In the car, Ming Yu put on his seat belt as Zhao Rui harshly asked him. “This… Ming Yu, what really stimulated you today? The air around the current you and the you in the past… it is really different.”

Zhao Rui couldn’t describe what if felt like. He could only see that when he first saw Ming Yu today, he felt like the young man had really changed. Then after Zhou Wei Zhuo cut off the long hair, he felt like the youth had become even more outstanding.

After picking up Ming Yu in the hospital and learning that he wanted to change his style, how happy was Zhao Rui? But how many people would change like this unless something drastic happened?

Ming Yu had only shown a little bit of his aura when he first saw Zhao Rui. After his image change, he let go without any reservations.

Ming Yu thought of this and careless put the blame on Zhou Wei Zhuo. “I’m not affected by any stimulus. I just wanted to accept the situation and move on. As for why I’m different from the past… Sister Zhou helped me change my image, so of course I’m not the same as before.  Brother Zhao, don’t you think so?”

Zhao Rui smiled and nodded. “Yes, it makes sense. Her hands are very good.”

Zhou Wei Zhuo who wasn’t present: ……

She just changed the image, not a face-lift! How could she do something so miraculous?

Fortunately, the original owner was only very close to Cheng Su and didn’t care about Zhao Rui. Therefore, Zhao didn’t find any anomalies. He only thought that ‘Cheng Su’s magazine interview’ and the ‘change in appearance’ made him look more mature.

This was really good. Ming Yu would get good jobs, become popular and they would drink later!

Zhao Rui accompanied Ming Yu to his apartment and reminded him. “Ming Yu, don’t forget there is a photoshoot for a magazine tomorrow. Wake up early to prepare, understand? You might just be a clothing model, but it is a second-tier magazine. You should wear today’s clothes. Rest well tonight and I’ll pick you tomorrow morning.

Ming Yu smiled. “Okay.”

Zhao Rui’s mood became even better after receiving a position reply from the youth. Zhao Rui said goodbye to Ming Yu and the care drove off. He didn’t know that despite telling Ming Yu to get a good rest, the youth didn’t fall asleep right away. Instead, he found a thick magazine.

“Tomorrow… the photoshoot is for you?”

Ming Yu flipped through the magazine, briefly analyzing the style and content of the magazine. Then he turned off the lights and fell asleep. The next day, he arrived at ‘Fashion Entertainment’ Headquarters and stopped in surprise.

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5 years ago

I like it so far.. 😀😀😀

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It made me want to see what he looks like in person, if only….

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I’m guessing he kind of looks like Jian from 19 Days

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Thank you for the translation

The plot is getting very excited 😆

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Every time when I read about descriptions of beautiful people and their reactions, I want to see it so badly! How beautiful does the person look? For me, whenever I see a beautiful or handsome person, I can’t really tell and they just look normal to me. I also want to see the people’s reactions when they see a beautiful person because I’m pretty sure their reactions will be really funny with their agape and dazed looks.

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
3 years ago

Reading this for the second time 😍😍😍😍

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