RS: Chapter 193

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Chapter 193

【 Although Ming Xiaoyu’s global endorsement for Yizhi hasn’t been released yet, it was officially announced that it would begin in December. It probably won’t be soon enough for the world supermodel rankings in December but I think that the World Supermodels Organization should count it in the score a little bit? Then I guess that Ming Xiaoyu will advance into the top 30! 】

【 Yesterday Edith officially announced it! Mushroom will become the cover of December’s issue of Edith! Now among top five magazines in the world, Ming Xiaoyu is only missing out on France’s Elektra and Italy’s Bartlett. It is an achievement! 】

【 There is also An Li! The promotional video for An Li was released! It should also be calculated in the score 233333!!! 】……

There was still a week until the announcement of the new supermodel rankings and the mushroom fans were already hungry and thirsty!

There had been many notices about Ming Xiaoyu recently and they were all very good. Unfortunately, several of them would be published after the release of the world supermodel rankings, so the fans couldn’t assess Ming Yu’s ranking.

Along with differences, there were natural comparisons. Some people thought that these achievements should be taken into account, allowing Ming Yu to fly up. However, some people believed that these were only official announcements and not the final results. They shouldn’t be included in the ranking results.

More and more fans joined in the discuss about ‘Mushroom’s ranking. Later, it was unknown who opened a gambling game. Many fans would join in and gamble.

【 If Mushroom enters the top 30, I will draw a picture of my fellow fans! 】

【 If Mushroom enters the top 25, I will film a mushroom feast video! 】……

All sorts of bets joined in, with things reaching a small climax with Xiao Biqing’s participation.

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: If Mushroom can enter the top 20, I will randomly pick 100 people from among those who forward this and will give them tickets to An Li! 】

【 Goddess, you are too half-hearted! Also giving a small advertisement [/Laugh and Cry] 】

【 Even if Goddess Xiao Xiao doesn’t ask us to see it, I have to see it! No, I want Goddess’ signature! 】

【 I want the signature and kiss of Goddess Xiao Xiao! If would be even better if I could have Mushroom’s signature _(:з」∠)_

Ming Yu was naturally very supportive of the activities of these fans. Therefore, Ming Yu had Luo Ru officially post a red stickied message on the Muse official fan forum, welcoming all fans to reply on this post with the bets, providing them an official betting venue.

The pink circle naturally became livelier and expanded.

This event was quite interesting. It was only three or four days until the world supermodel rankings would be announced. Suddenly, the always great God Zyu violently appeared.

【 Zyu:I bet he will enter the top 15. I will give a collection of all of Ming Yu’s magazines to those who correctly guess the ranking. 】

The group of people immediately felt shock and awe!

Top 15! This was an astronomical number. Ming Xiaoyu’s fans believed that their mushroom would enter the top 10 sooner or later, even the top 5 wasn’t impossible. But to directly enter the top 15 on his second time? Even Luo Cheng wasn’t that fast!

Was God Z’s brain not working? Although his bet wasn’t particularly expensive, he had to send a magazine set to everyone who guessed the ranking! How many magazines had Ming Yu appeared in since his debut? It wasn’t 20 but there had to be at least 10 right?

If it was just the magazines that he shot as the cover person, there were absolutely no less than 10!

This was really too much, causing many fans to be shocked.

Luo Ru naturally told Ming Xiaoyu about God Z’s behaviour. When she said this, Zhao Rui’s eyes opened in horror and he couldn’t believe it. “Due to the nature of the betting event, not all people participating in this event are fans. Even so, aren’t there hundreds of thousands of people? Even if one out of twenty people guess correctly, there must be at least 10,000 people? Does this mean that Zyu will give a full set of your magazines to 10,000 people? This is really a true love tyrant fan!”

Luo Ru, “…”

Ming Yu, “… (/=_=)/~┴┴”

Zhao Rui didn’t know about what Ming Yu asked Luo Ru to do, therefore he didn’t understand what Ming Yu’s current expression meant. In fact, Ming Yu was 80% certain about Zyu’s identity and only needed direct proof.

Now this Zyu took the initiative to show that he had nearly 10,000 copies of every magazine Ming Yu appeared in since his debut!

How much was this?

As the penniless person who just paid off his mortgage, smoke emerged from Ming Xiaoyu’s mouth and he almost fainted.

That evening, Luo Ru and Zhao Rui didn’t know that Ming Xiaoyu secretly registered a side account. He spent more than 30 minutes to pass Muse’s 100 questions and formally became a member.

After becoming a member, the first thing he did was to reply under Zyu’s post.

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: I think that Ming Yu should get 16th place this time, I swear it! 】

‘I want to break my wife’s leg’ just replied to God Zyu’s post and didn’t say anything remarkable. God Z and even the other fans didn’t pay much attention. At most, they just felt that the name of this fan was quite funny.

But after three days, a glittering ‘16’ appeared next to Ming Yu’s name. The thousands of fans who guessed the ranking danced excitedly while the other fans who didn’t guess correctly were also excited.

【 16! The 16th rank!!  Ahhhh!! No, no! How is my mushroom so great?! 】

【 Lick Small Mushroom! Lick the soft and 16th ranked Small Mushroom!!! 】  

【 Ming Xiaoyu is really great! As a business fan, I have never eaten such great cooking!!  I want to evolve into Ming Xiaoyu’s dead loyal brainless fans, don’t stop me!!! 】

For the fans who were passionate about the career, Ming Yu really brought too many surprises to them in the past year. Their male god was constantly advancing. They would work hard to support him, hoping to see him go higher and further.

As these fans were celebrating, a handsome and elegant man was sitting in Ji and Ya’s studio. he looked at the golden number after the youth’s name and after a long time, he laughed helplessly.

It was only one worse. Xi Ze really didn’t expect it.

Then do you think Xi Ze would personally send a private letter to the fans who guessed ‘16’, asking them to send him their address in order to receive the magazine? It was absolutely impossible! Xi Ze was busy so this type of ‘small thing’ must be handed over to his capable agent and assistant.

Ding Bo, “… I am paid an annual salary of millions to help you do this type of thing?!!!(╬ ̄皿 ̄)凸 ”

After spending two days of hard work, Ding Bo and his assistant gave notice to the more than 8,000 fans who guessed the ranking. Three or four people directly refused Xi Ze’s gift and one even replied with a righteous statement. Ding Bo laughed at this and showed it to Xi Ze.

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: Mr. Z, I thank you for your kindness but I don’t want to receive your magazines. Recently, my wife has been very wasteful and I am deeply saddened. I think you should consider your wife’s thoughts. If you like Ming Yu, you can buy more magazines. But buying a house or something… 】

When he saw the name ‘I want to break my wife’s legs’ Xi Ze’s eyelids jumped and his heart became nervous.

Then he calmly commanded Ding Bo to reply casually to the other person and not care too much.

However, after a few minutes, Ding Bo burst out laughing and quickly showed Xi Ze again. “This break his legs is too funny! What does his wife being wasteful have to do with you? Did you keep defeating this guy so that he can’t even see God?”

“…It is ‘I want to break my wife’s leg.’”

Ding Bo sighed. “If you read this name too seriously, don’t you feel that it is weird?”

Xi Ze raised his eyebrows, “I am a bit flustered.”

Recently, Ming Yu had flown to S City with the person in charge of Yizhi to carry out promotional activities throughout Huaxia. Therefore, he wasn’t home at this time. Once Xi Ze got home at night, he turned to Ding Bo’s conversation with I want to break my wife’s leg and carefully watched it for a long time.

Finally, XI Ze’s eyes stopped at ‘I want to break my wife’s leg.’

【 I want to break my wife’s leg: My wife is a very wasteful spender. As his husband, I am very anxious. This year, I just paid off the mortgage and didn’t even buy a car. For my wife to be so wasteful, it really makes me sigh helplessly. Mr. Z, you might have money but you should think about how your other half feels. ^_^】

Xi Ze, “…”

Why did he feel… flustered and panicked?

Xi Ze could get to this position with his family and talent. But at the same time, he also had a keen intuition. In some cases, he could avoid danger and choose a better way.

From the moment Ding Bo had showed him this ‘I want to break my wife’s leg’, Xi Ze’s eyelids had been twitching, as if something was wrong.

He sat on the sofa and thought for most of the night. Finally, Xi Ze made a phone call to Ding Bo. He ignored the other’s complaints about waking him up and solemnly ordered, “Investigate ‘I want to break my wife’s leg’ for me. Who is he?”

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maryam amirah
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