RS: Chapter 191

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Chapter 191

It had been one week since the Jiang Kaiyang ‘background incident.’

Since Jiang Kaiyang’s scandal photos came out, everyone started ignoring him. They didn’t know if Ming Yu went through the back door or did the unspoken rules, but it was clear that Jiang Kaiyang was a person who engaged in the unspoken rules!

Now Jiang Kaiyang’s reputation in Huaxia plummeted all the way to the bottom. No one felt sympathy for him anymore. Even if someone thought of the handsome person they once liked in their heart, the only one that came to mind was the person in bed with old women.

The fans naturally didn’t know that three days after the incident, Jiang Kaiyang put on a lot of makeup and left Huaxia by plane. He really no longer intended to come back after receiving a huge silence fee. Together with Jiang Kaiyang’s own savings, it was enough for him to live in a small city in a small country where no one knew him for the rest of his life.

25 million yuan, this was Cheng Su’s life.

Cheng Su didn’t expect to be forced to this result when he went looking for Jiang Kaiyang.

It could be said that he was kicked by Jiang Kaiyang and he also never thought that Jiang Kaiyang had these photos.

Between the three of them, only Ming Yu didn’t receive any losses. Jiang Kaiyang’s dirty water on him were considered as whispers. Jiang Kaiyang lost his reputation but he received a huge sum of money in return.

Only Cheng Su! He didn’t get anything and also lost a lot of money in vain!

How could Cheng Su not be furious?

However, Jiang Kaiyang recorded the words that Cheng Su said and really had a hold on it. Cheng Su was reminded of the days when he borrowed money from everyone and was eventually forced to go to that place. Should he just let Jiang Kaiyang publish it?

However, after a decade of decadence and finally being able to make money, Cheng Su firmly suppressed this idea.

It wasn’t worth gambling his future on Jiang Kaiyang!

Thus, this seemingly troublesome thing was slowly forgotten by people. After a week, the An Li crew released another set of HD photos and then the first wave of promotional videos!

This was too rare!

It was only halfway through November and two months from the spring festival! Director Xu was releasing the promotional videos like this?

Everyone wanted to see what An Li’s promotional video looked like. When they clicked on the video, they were really unprepared and shocked by such a majestic scene!

On the computer screen, they saw  black five-claw dragon flying from one side to the other. The background was a dark black but the black dragon had countless silver scales, like stars dotting the night sky. This made it very eye-catching.

The sound of horns could be heard. The sound was bleak, sorrowful, magnificent, choked up music with the low sigh of a human voice. When the black dragon hovered in the centre of the screen, all the scales instantly turned into a silver light!

The silver light slowly dimmed and everyone saw two magnificent silver character appear in the middle of the screen.

[An Li].

The words were written with enthusiasm and were unrestrained. the brush strokes of the two characters were sharp and amazing.

This was just an ordinary promotional video but Xu Yizhong was extremely particular about the quality of the video. It was exquisite and gorgeous.

The video showed the border towns of Huangshan Mountains, the patchwork of waterways in Jiangsu where the grass grew long, palaces and pavilions, as well as steep and dangerous towering mountains and precipitous ridges.

Numerous lights and shadows passed swiftly in front of the audience, accompanied by a burst of background sound before finally stopping at a red palace. This palace was built on top of the mountains, like fire, shocking everyone’s eyes.

After the overall background scenes, the video showed a variety of fighting scenes that dazzled people, making them unable to tell who was fighting. At the same time, all types of lines emerged.
『 Li Ninghan, you have lived for more than 20 years yet you have lived such a cowardly life? 』

『 An Yucheng, I am coming for revenge. Get out of the way or don’t blame my sword for aiming at you! 』

『 There are so many sorrowful and resentful women in the world. Have you ever thought that what you may have seen is just a mirror of the water and the moon. What you heart might just be a foggy voice? Wake up you idiot. 』

『 There will inevitably be many things you are willing to part with or reluctant to let go of in life. If you really don’t want it, are you willing to leave this Jianghu with me and no longer dream of revenge? 』


As these lines rang out, the characters in the movie were presented one by one. Whether it was the white Fang Liangxiu, the cold-faced Xiao Biqing or several other supporting roles with rich personalities, each one was enough to attract people’s attention.

Then in the last 10 seconds!

In the case that everyone couldn’t catch it!

The original fierce background music suddenly stopped. In the bleak and chilly wind, everyone saw a full moon covering the screen. Under the man, a red figure half sat on the roof.

His black hair blew gently in the wind, his red clothing was like a ghost. With that beautiful face, his red lips slightly opened as he whispered—

『 You are like the dust on this earth. I want to kill you, what other reason do I need? 』

The moment these words fell.

The whole promotional movie came to an abrupt end!

But the youth’s last words echoed in the hearts of the audience, so that they couldn’t regain their composure for a long time.

Five minutes later—

【 Ahhhhhh!  Why is my Mushroom so enchanting? Why is my Mushroom so enchanting? 】

【 I knew it when I saw the stills. I should’ve known when I saw the stills QAQ! How can Ming Xiaoyu be so beautiful! I can’t wait to go to the cinema and watch the face of my mushroom! I want to see it on the IMAX screen! No one can stop me from licking the screen!!! 】  

【 Although I think the cinema’s staff will drag the LS girl out in silence, I want to say… Ahhhh, I also want to go to the screen and lick it!!!  The phone is still small and the computer isn’t enough! I want the IMAX screen ahhhhh! 】……

Xu Yizhong was amazing!

In just three hours, this promotional video exceeded 10 million views! Even in the hundreds of thousands of comments, there were many foreign friends who expressed their admiration in English, Japanese, Korean and other languages.

Huaxia and the United States were the two most prosperous countries in the global film industry.

However, Huaxia’s film market was far from the United States’ market.

Not that such a beautiful promotional video was seen, don’t mention the Huaxia people who understood the style of Huaxia martial arts. Many foreigners who didn’t know anything about martial arts or understood the Chinese lines were deeply attracted by the shocking photos and scenes.

Yes, Xu Yizhong deliberately didn’t make a bilingual version!

This unexpected grand occasion was a bit impressive but it was also expected by the director. Many of the crew members and actors, including Fang Liangxiu, forwarded the video. Ming Xiaoyu was shooting a set of photos for Yizhi but he also took the time to forward the video.

Five hours later, apart from Xiao Biqing who was flying to the UK to attend a party, all the people related to An Li made a recommendation regarding this video.

Such cohesive promotions quickly gave this video a wider publicity.

Among them, the promotions of Director Xu Yizhong, camera director Old Qi, male lead Fang Liangxiu and fourth male lead Ming Yu were the most effective. The first three were in a high position in the entertainment industry while Ming Xiaoyu gained a lot of fans over the past six months. If it was just on the national level, maybe he was better than Fang Liangxiu!

Since their gods and goddesses were so dedicated, the fans certainly had to join in.

A few hours later, Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo received hundreds of thousands of forwards and comments, many stars and models supporting him by also forwarding it.

【 Support Mushroom! Mushroom is the best! 】

【 I will definitely go to the cinema to support Ming Xiaoyu. This is Ming Xiaoyu’s screen debut! 】 【 That’s right! Such a beautiful long-haired Mushroom in red, I have two tickets and must certainly watch!! 】……

These comments were still very normal and there weren’t too many problems. Fans were happy to discuss what type of story the movie would have. Ming Xiaoyu was the villain of the movie and he might be killed.


Right at this time!

There was a very familiar and famous Mushroom fan who forwarded Ming Xiaoyu’s Weibo, while at the same time saying—

【 Xiao Xiao Yu Yu: Haha, although I was so tired during filming that my fingers were broken, it is really great to see this promotional video! You must come and see it~@Ming Yu: The promotional video of An Li has come out. Have you found me?  [/video link] 】

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5 years ago

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Aerilistarylia Sae
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