RS: Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

That night, Ming Yu didn’t suffer from insomnia. He didn’t toss and turn all night, instead having a sweet sleep. In the morning, he was full of vitality as he woke up. After washing up, Luo Ru’s car was downstairs, so he quickly prepared to leave.

It was as if nothing had happened yesterday. Ming Yu didn’t feel anxious about the name ‘Xi Ze’ and rushed to work as usual.

Luo Ru was an attentive person, but she didn’t find any anomalies in Ming Yu. She saw Ming Yu in the rearview mirror and opened the door. At the same time, she handed him a bag of hot breakfast and said, “Ming Yu, Brother Zhao has gone to CX Entertainment today to talk about the MV cooperation. The negotiation might take a long time, so he won’t be able to be present for the next two days. Today, we are going to make a series of advertisements for Shuyue Lemonade. You will be doing this for the next two days.”

Ming Yu took the paper bag containing breakfast with a ‘thank you.’ After hearing Luo Ru’s words, he replied, “Yes Sister Luo. I know. Then I will thank you for following me over the next two days.”

Luo Ru smiled and shook her head. “This is my job.” After a pause, Luo Ru added, “Come on, eat while it is hot. The meals that the crew provides might not be good. You need more nutrition, so today, I will give you five cups of the nutritional drink to help you grow taller quickly.”

Ming Yu, “…”

Ming Yu wilted at the thought of the medicinal drink. That stuff was so terrifying that Xi Ze was just a slag compared to it.

A whole mess of things were put in the medicinal drink. Ming Yu had been drinking it for almost a month and he thought he could taste it, but Luo Ru always said it was just an illusion.

Ming Yu’s mouth slightly twitched as he ate the soft bun, while turning to look at the sky outside the window.

The car slowly headed west and soon disappeared in the crowded traffic, no traces of it being seen.

Ming Yu didn’t tell Luo Ru that he met Xi Ze last night, and he naturally didn’t tell Zhao Rui. He could imagine what Luo Ru and Zhao Rui’s reactions would be if they learned of the incident.

Zhao Rui would definitely worry. He had a good relationship with Ding Bo and would wonder if Ming Yu should really become the exclusive model. Luo Ru was even simpler. She would be very much in favour of Ming Yu cooperating with Xi Ze, and would work hard to make it happen.

Ming Yu’s eyes slightly narrowed as he thought about it, looking up at the yellow orange sky out the window.

As Xi Ze said last night, the easier way to rise to the top of the fashion industry was to become his exclusive model. He was Xi Ze, his high fashion show was always at the peak of the industry, with each invited model being from the industry’s top supermodels. Out of the 200 people on the supermodel list, Xi Ze invited at least 150.

As long as you appeared in Xi Ze’s fashion show, you would naturally get many endorsements, advertisements and other jobs. These excellent jobs could quickly make you popular in the industry. He Chaoman appeared in this high-end fashion show not long after her debut, allowing her to miraculously be ranked 32nd on the female top supermodels list in two months!

But this time, Xi Ze’s invitation to Ming Yu wasn’t as simple as ‘please appear in my fashion show.’

He was proposing: “Please only be mine.”
It was a terrible agreement.

To any designer, their muse was the source of their inspiration. They would frantically grab this person and make them the most special person.

Xi Ze didn’t elaborate during last night’s speech, but Ming Yu could hear his meaning. Xi Ze wanted Ming Yu to become his exclusive model, and only walk in Xi Ze’s shows.

In fact, this wasn’t a bad thing. How many people dreamt about becoming Xi Ze’s exclusive model? After all, Xi Ze only did four shows a year. Each show had more than 100 pieces, so it wasn’t a small amount of work for a model.

But this wasn’t what Ming Yu wanted.

At least until he possessed the power not to be affected by the name ‘Xi Ze,’ he would never have that brand before his name.

『 In the fashion industry, Ming Yu would never be Xi Ze’s Ming Yu. 』

Ming Yu looked out the window at the skyscrapers flying by and drank the last of the soy milk. He sighed softly, put the paper bag on the seat next to him and leaned back against the soft chair, getting a small rest.

In the driver’s seat, Luo Ru heard Ming Yu sigh and looked at him, but couldn’t find anything unusual.

Soon, the car arrived at a studio located on the West Fourth Ring Road. The staff members had waited at the door for a long time and hurriedly brought Ming YU and Luo Ru inside. Along the way, the staff members couldn’t help looking at Ming Yu.

Today, Ming Yu was wearing a light blue coat over white-blue jeans, with a pair of leather boots on his feet. He was fair-skinned and handsome. The youthful style of clothing made him look more vibrant, plus he had an outstanding temperament. Once Ming Yu entered the studio, many eyes couldn’t help falling on him.

Today, Ming Yu was going to shoot a series of advertisements for a beverage. Like many advertisements, this one intended to use ‘love’ as a line that was interjected through the ads. So, there would be two protagonists today. In addition to Ming Yu, Luo Ru said there was a second-tier actress.

Ming Yu just entered the studio when the deputy director hurried up to greet him.

As the deputy director, Cheng Yongzhi was responsible for on-site coordination. He was busy and became anxious over why the actress hadn’t arrived yet. Therefore, he was delighted when he saw that Ming Yu had arrived half an hour early.

“Are you Ming Yu? Hello, you came very early today. Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

Ming Yu was surprised by this enthusiastic attitude. He naturally didn’t know that just before, Chen Yongzhi had received a call telling him that the actress was stuck on the East Second Ring Road. How could he not be impatient? Now that he saw Ming Yu arriving early, he was so elated that he couldn’t help feeling a touch of affection for Ming Yu.

Ming Yu smiled and reached out to the other person. “Hello, I have already eated. Are you Deputy Director Chen? Should I go to make-up now? I think by the time I finish the make-up, the timing will be similar.”

Chen Yongzhi made a strange expression at these words and he gulped. “That… Ming Yu, you go to make-up. Later, if Yang Lala hasn’t arrived yet, we will shoot you first. After all, you have a few solo shots.”

Ming Yu sent Chen Yongzhi a meaningful look after hearing those words. After a long while, he gently smiled and nodded. “Yes Deputy Director Chen. Then I will now go to make-up.”

Chen Yongzhi asked, “By the way Ming Yu, you have read the script, right?”

Ming Yu nodded. “Rest assured, Deputy Director Chen. I have spent the past few days reading the script.”

At this point, Chen Yongzhi let the staff bring Ming Yu to the dressing room, while leaving to supervise the site layout.

Ming Yu and Luo Ru walked in the direction of the dressing room. On the way, Luo Ru laughed and asked, “The script should be good, right? Ming Yu, do you have many lines? Have you memorized them?”

Ming Yu was dumbfounded when he heard this. “Sister Luo, you must be joking. This script, I basically have no lines!”

That’s right.

No lines— This was why Ming Yu’s choice of advertisement was very important.

Ming Yu knew that his acting was really… He couldn’t bear to look at it. So, in order to not jeopardize others and for his own self-esteem, he didn’t want to get involved in the entertainment industry. He was honestly about his abilities, and didn’t want to harm the public.

In this advertisement, Ming Yu played a man selling drinks in a small roadside shop. When the heroine was distracted, he was responsible for delivering a bottle of Shuyue Lemonade to the heroine. When the heroine was excited about finding a job, he was responsible for delivering a bottle of Shuyue Lemonade to the heroine. The heroine was sad, he handed her lemonade. The heroine was grieving, he still handed her lemonade…

Handing over lemonade, handing over lemonade, handing over lemonade…

Such a simple job, he could still be just a beautiful face.

Ming Yu chose this advertisement for this reason, but Luo Ru was somewhat unhappy. “Well, this will earn points with advertisers and increase your exposure.”

At this time, the two people arrived at the dressing room and the staff leading them went back to work. Ming Yu chuckled and raised an eyebrow at Luo Ru’s words. “Sister Luo, why do you think I have no lines?”

Luo Ru was surprised and didn’t know how to react. “What did you say?”

Ming Yu gave a low laugh, highlighting his exquisite facial features. He asked, “Do you know why Shuyue Lemonade looked for me to be in the advertisement?”

Luo Ru thought for a moment and replied. “Your popularity has risen lately. Your popularity among young people is even higher, so you are deserving to be chosen.”

Ming Yu shook his head and spoke lightly, “That isn’t the most important reason.  The most important and core reason is that they know I don’t need a speaking part. They want my sense of presence.”

Lou Ru’s expression said: I don’t believe that your acting is so good!

Ming Yu’s face darkened and he quickly explained. “I mean that just by standing there, I will give off a presence…”

Even though he had never seen the actress, Ming Yu believed that he knew what type of attitude was required when handing over the lemonade… He needed to maximize his sense of presence, while not destroying the story of the advertisement.

The two people entered the dressing room. The make-up artist’s method was good but her movements were a bit slow. Therefore, Ming Yu took 20 minutes to do his make-up.

His make-up was so light that it could hardly be seen with the naked eye. However, this simple modification made his face look younger and more handsome.

After putting on a T-shirt and jeans, forget among the staff members’ amazed eyes. Even Luo Ru couldn’t help staring at him before she praised him. “You really look good. Now that you are dressed like this, I finally believe that you are a 17 year old boy.”

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At least he is not delusional…Thanks.

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In the fashion industry, Ming Yu would never be Xi Ze’s Ming Yu.
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btw if you follow kpop idols, you know will know what i mean