RS: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

What was the most important difference between professional models and amateur models?

First of all, their sensitivity to the lens.

Most of the models who came for today’s Fashion Entertainment shoot weren’t well known. Zhu Wei was one of the more famous ones, and in some ways, Ming Yu could be counted as well.

Catwalks and taking photos were the basic things for models. However, even with the basics, people showed different temperaments, images and atmosphere.

When Ming Yu started the photo shoot, the photographer treated him like the other small models. He took four or five images before letting Ming Yu change his posture, telling him to pay attention to the lighting, look at the lens, don’t look at the lens, etc.

However, once he took 20 or 30 photos, the grumpy photographer slowly closed his mouth and let the young man act freely. Sometimes he couldn’t help shouting “Good!” when a nice photo was taken. As time went by, the frequency of his shouts increased.

There were three photography stations in the studio, so Ming Yu was naturally watched by a lot of people. Originally, the models and staff members who first saw the teenager wearing such clothing were surprised. Was this youth? It was too dark!

However, if a bright vitality was called youth, a gentle and simple temperament was called youth, a lively and lovely nature was called youth, a handsome and poised appearance was called youth… why couldn’t this rebellious and ostentatious display be called youth?

Once the teenager appeared in front of the lens, everyone was surprised to see the original beautiful elegance transform. It was like sunlight suddenly appearing in the darkness. The dark and rebellious young man with provocative eyes watched the camera, exuding the unlimited energy and vitality of the young.

Sometimes he slightly raised his head, the curves of his lips became bigger, sometimes he looked sideways. However, he always had proud eyes. Against this pure white background, the black-clothed teenager seemed alive and vivid, displaying a distinctive and rebellious youth!

For a supermodel, they could show a different temperament just by a little change in their facial expression or even a gesture. And Ming Yu was an expert master.

In his previous life, he was a Chinese person who walked in the fashion circles of Europe and the United States. His appearance was handsome in the eyes of the Chinese people, but many European and American people appreciated the ‘Oriental’ small eyes and thick lips.

If you wanted to be the world’s top supermodel? There must be something different!

Ming Yu took three years to know every bit of his face and body, trying to show different gestures with every muscle and joints. He had long mastered such techniques. In this body that he only inhabited for a short time, he could show 70% of it.

It was only 70%, but this was enough to make others stunned.

“Good! That is great!”

The photographer put down his SLR with these compliments. He was no longer impatient as he looked at Ming Yu. Now he called out excitedly, “These photos are so beautiful! This is youth! I will immediately copy the photos to the computer, so go and change to the next set of clothing! Your current state is good, so let’s take the next set quickly!!”

Many people let out a cry at his words and turned to the photographer with surprise.

Ming Yu was also dumbfounded as he reminded the photographer, “Brother Luo, today each model only has one set of clothing, so I have finished my shots.”

The photographer, Brother Luo was surprised for a moment before murmuring, “Ah yes, today isn’t a shoot…”

A photographer’s emotions were always closely related to the photos they took. If the photos were beautiful, they were excited. If they were bad, the photographer had a headache. As long as they weren’t at a terrible level, the photographer would keep taking photos.

Originally, Brother Luo had been very depressed throughout the morning. How terrible! What type of posture is this? Who let you put your hand on your chest? You are so flat, what do you want to cover? Hey, don’t be flirtatious! Is this youth?!!

Brother Luo had been haggard after taking so many painful photos. He didn’t have much reaction to Ming Yu, only thinking he was another small model. How many times had he seen this?

But as the saying went, the gap became bigger when contrasted with something! Looking at the youth… what was his name? Ah yes, Ming Yu! Looking at Ming Yu, every pose was placed just right, taking advantage of the lighting, camera and background. He even thought that this photo shoot was no longer controlled by him, it had completely turned into this young man’s world.

Brother Luo thought this and couldn’t help lamenting. “Ming Yu ah, you are very talented. If you want, I have an invitation from a magazine to do a set of photos with them. It is a group of four men, and two have already been selected. One is Wu Yuzhen and the other one is Liu Qian. I think that you are also very good!”

The models inhaled as soon as this remark was dropped, staring at the young man who hadn’t left the centre of the photography set.

They didn’t know the name of the magazine but… this was Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian! The two of them were new stars in Huaxia’s fashion industry in the past two years. The former was tall and handsome, while the latter was gloomy and feminine. With their unique features, the two people were selected as super newcomers this year!

A magazine that could get these two people was definitely not a regular magazine! It was most likely a domestic first-tier!

Huaxia’s first-tier was equal to a global first-tier magazine!!  Even if it was a group of four, this was still a great honour!

It wasn’t surprising that Brother Luo was the one with the invitation, since he was the most famous of the three photographers invited today. However, he took the initiative to introduce this opportunity to a small model like Ming Yu!

Blessings, praise, envy and jealousy filled the eyes of those staring at Ming Yu.

What was Ming Yu thinking at this time?

He was thinking… who were Wu Yuzhen and Liu Qian?

The reaction of the crowd let Ming Yu know that they were ‘big.’ However, his lack of knowledge couldn’t be blamed on him. The memories of the original owner were focused on Cheng Su, and this duo were people who only appeared in the past two years. They had to be very good to leave an impression on the original owner.

After a long pause, Ming Yu was about to open his mouth when a sneering voice was heard from the side. “Brother Luo, aren’t you too impulsive? Giving out an invitation after only a few photos, I think it is better if you think about it more.”

Brother Luo wanted to become angry when he heard this, but he swallowed down his anger after seeing the owner of the voice. “This doesn’t have anything to do with Fashion Entertainment. It is my personal business. I won’t mention it for now, and will wait until this photoshoot is over.”

Brother Luo knew that Zhu Wei and the deputy editor had recently started a relationship. He might be a well-known photographer in the industry and could pick up many jobs, but he was still a photographer of Fashion Entertainment. He didn’t want to offend such people, since they were working for the same magazine.

Since Brother Luo backed down himself, Zhu Wei no longer continued.

Ming Yu didn’t care about this type of posturing. Easily offending people, Zhu Wei was too naive.

He prepared to leave the set as he thought this. However, Ming Yu had only walked a few steps when he heard an old voice. “Hey Kid, can you wait a while and let me take a few more photos?”

Ming Yu paused while setting down his foot and turned to look at the side. He saw a high penetration Pentax SMC lens and an old face behind it. The old man, dressed brightly and fashionably, looked to be 60 years old. However, he didn’t have the air of old age around him.

There were a few snapping sounds. Ming Yu was slightly startled and hadn’t responded when he heard some cries. “You are Master Fei!”

They no longer paid attention to Ming Yu. Putting aside the excited models, even Brother Luo and the other two photographers excitedly ran towards ‘Master Fei.’

Zhao Rui took advantage of this to come over and speak. “Ming Yu, you did very well today. I will go to talk to him about his invitation, so you don’t have to worry about this matter.” Zhao Rui followed Ming Yu’s line of sight and asked with a smile, “Are you wondering why Master Fei came here?”

Ming Yu replied, “Ah, I think it is very strange.”

…In fact, he didn’t know who Master Fei was.

Zhao Rui took Ming Yu’s confusion as him not understanding Master Fei’s intentions. He explained, “I might not have a high position in the company, but I still have the resources of Muse. I know some things that ordinary people don’t. For example, have you ever wondered… these designs are wonderful, but how can a 23-year-old designer show her clothes in a second-tier Huaxia magazine?”

Ming Yu was slightly startled. “Why?”

He did think about this, but he just thought the designer was a second-generation heir to a rich family.

Zhao Rui cried out, “Why? Because she is the daughter of  Huaxia’s top photographer, Fei Zhennan!”

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5 years ago

“Why? Because she is the Huaxia’s top photographer, Fei Zhennan!” [‘daughter’ is missing] —> “Why? Because she is the daughter of Huaxia’s top photographer, Fei Zhennan!”

5 years ago

Also, thank you very much for translating this novel!!!

4 years ago

Now, more opportunities waiting for him….

4 years ago

The MC confusion kind of reminds me of the past me in elementary…. I would always study and read books all the time so I barely knew the famous celebrities. I was all like ‘Who’s Selena Gomez? One direction?? Tailor Swift??? (aka Taylor Swift) What’s with that name? So weird.’ I was so ignorant back then and in middle school when everyone started to use words like idk, btw, lmao, and etc., I didn’t even know what they were saying at all. I didn’t even know what hashtag was and my cousins go to Instagram a lot and I would read the hashtag as number because that was what I learned in math. 😂😅 I would always call it hashbrown and you don’t know how surprised I was when I realized that I said hashtag wrong this whole time and that it was the number sign that I learned in math. 😂😂😅

4 years ago

This novel very good, thank you for translated it😍

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